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Video Arcade Token Hoard of
Over 8 TONS of Tokens! 1.5+ MILLION TOKENS.

I recently got ANOTHER 1200 pounds of tokens and coins, and I thought you might be interested in one of these amazing unsorted lots. (And WHY!)

I also now have SORTED lots of tokens:


Sorted Lots of Video Arcade tokens:

Chuck E. Cheese Tokens
ShowBiz Pizza Tokens
Celebration Station Tokens
Dennis, The Place For Games Tokens
Treasure Chest Tokens
Galaxy Game Center Tokens
Parking Tokens, Car Wash Tokens
Heads and Tails Tokens, Flipper Tokens, Sex Tokens.


STOP! Do you have KIDS? Do your friends or neighbors have KIDS? Consider TOKENS as a great gift to use in your local video arcades. If you don't like paying 25 cents for each token at the arcade, read on for the best deal possible.

It started several years ago with a call from a Chicago-area vending machine operator. They had accumulated THREE THOUSAND POUNDS of tokens mainly used as quarters in their customer's machines, in parking meters and other sources, and was I interested? Naturally! After a lot of samples and correspondence back and forth, we finally agreed on a price. The initial 3000 pounds (over A QUARTER MILLION TOKENS) arrived on a 40-foot semi-trailer. The neighbors were wondering what could possibly be arriving. Too much weight to carry to my basement office, and too many to sort! Try moving 8 tons sometime! (SPECIAL NOTE to Investigative Reporters: All material is legally held, paid for by check to authorized sellers. Call me with further questions).

My ex-wife wasn't too enthusiastic about the huge quantities involved and all the overflowing barrels in the garage, but the price was (and is) right. When you see the price, you'll agree this is a bargain for you. The response to the announcements in the numismatic press and my ads has been enthusiastic, with many orders and reorders. I soon sold over 2000 pounds, and was becoming concerned with selling out. Then my supplier called with another TWO THOUSAND POUNDS, delivering them in the back of his groaning van. That followed with ANOTHER 2500 pounds of tokens AND foreign coins. Then another ton and another ton! I've now purchased over 18,000 POUNDS of tokens and world coins!

ALMOST SOLD OUT! Please note that I can no longer get tokens or coins from my original source, and I'm almost sold out, with under 500 pounds available.

I recently took a sample bag of tokens, weighed out 10 pounds and found the following tokens. There were 881 total pieces, with 760 arcade, and about 141 different TYPES of tokens throughout. Please NOTE that some customers have written to say their bags are different from my assortment and counts. THESE ARE MIXED AND UNSORTED LOTS, and your lot will be different, of course. We do not remove anything from these lots, except obvious junk.

Parking 12 Bouncing Betty 51 Old Slot Machine 1
Foreign Coins 20 Transportation 12 Car Wash 4
Junk 4 Zodiac/Sex (5 diff) 7  

Of the 760 video arcade tokens, there was an excellent variety in types and sizes. You should realize that many minor varieties exist, but I counted only the major types. There were 57 different major types, the largest group being Show Biz Pizza varieties. There were 86 from Chuck E. Cheese with various types and dates. Also 15 major types with over 10 each, with some varieties. There were 4 each of 3 pieces, 3 each of 9, 2 each of 24 and 65 singles. In addition there were 83 pieces with 5 to 9 each, with the balance Show Biz. Also included were two tanning bed tokens, one Las Vegas Dollar token, one peep show, and two plastic tokens. Please note this is somewhat different from my previous surveys, which had higher concentrations of Parking, Transit and foreign coins. These do vary from shipment to shipment, and from bag to bag.

An interesting assortment! Collect these by variety, sell to other collectors, use these at your local arcade or sell to the many arcade users. PLEASE use the tokens issued by that arcade only! The total count was 881, or 88.1 per pound. Assuming an equal mix throughout the entire 50 pounds, there should be 5 times the above numbers, or roughly 4400 tokens per bag. Now it should be realized that the smaller tokens have probably shaken down to the bottom of the bag, and I scooped this sample off the top and sides. Naturally, your counts will vary somewhat from this. My previous survey was estimating 4700 per bag, so you can see these bags do vary. The composition of these lots has changed over the past several years, too. A Dealer special!

Special Prices on Unsorted Tokens
Almost sold out! Going fast (11/2016)!

So, help yourself to a FUN and profitable deal. POSTPAID in the continental US via USPO. I can offer these unsearched lots:

  • 5 pound TOKEN lot $34.95 POSTPAID via UPS in continental US.
  • 10 pound TOKEN lot $67.50 ppd


Your personal check is welcome. Please see payment options for more information. We guarantee your complete satisfaction on ALL items we sell.


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