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The Ore Vacketta Collections of
11,000 Different Illinois Trade Tokens

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WANTED to BUY! Illinois Tokens WANTED with specific prices paid.

The late Ore Vacketta was the author of two books Trade Tokens of Illinois, which I published. He had about 11,000* Illinois trade tokens, and other tokens in his collection. Now his massive collection is up for sale in two main venues:

NCTA/Mail-bid/e-mail Sales: There will be a number of items offered in mail and email bid sales, via on-line sales on this web site. You do NOT have to be a member of NCTA to bid.

NCTA Mail Sale 1: Closed 30 May 2006. Some BBC, Chas. Pick and other billiard manufacturer identified tokens, as well as about 200 better Illinois trade tokens.
NCTA Mail Sale 2: Closed 24 June 2006. More RARE Illinois towns!
NCTA Mail Sale 3: Closed 29 July 2006. By City A-C, some RARE Illinois towns!
NCTA Mail Sale 4: Closed 9 September. 2006. By City D-E, some RARE Illinois towns!
NCTA Mail Sale 5: Closed 13 March 2007 By City F-L, some RARE Illinois towns!
NCTA Mail Sale 6: Closed 9 May 2007 By City M-N, Chicago, bulk lots, some RARE Illinois towns!
NCTA Mail Sale 7: Closed 29 May 2007: Different states, badges, ribbons, bulk lots, Rare IL.
NCTA Mail Sale 8: Closed 16 August 2007: Saloons, Rare IL, various cities.
NCTA Mail Sale 9: Closed 1 Dec 2007: Saloons, Rare IL, IL Centennials/Muncipals, mixed lots.
NCTA Mail Sale 10: Closed 2 Dec. 2008: Many INCUSE IL tokens, others.
NCTA Mail Sale 11: Closed 19 Jan. 2010: Many IL tokens.
NCTA Mail Sale 12: 25 Jan. 2011: Saloons, Small Towns and More!

eBay: For ALL my current eBay auctions. This does include some items that were not Vacketta's, but this link should be easy to view.

There May be other mail auctions. BE SURE to let me know of your interest in the Vacketta sales via EMAIL

** The number of 11,000 is a rough estimate!

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