Transportation Tokens Special Lots.
Collect Transit Tokens - Transportation Tokens - Bus Tokens - Streetcar Tokens -Railroad Tokens.

  Transit Tokens - Transportation Tokens - Bus Tokens - Streetcar Tokens - Atwood Books.  
  Transportation Tokens Special Lots.

Collect Transit Tokens, Transportation Tokens, Bus Tokens: Are you interested in the BEST selection and quality? Try one of our famous 100 different lots of collectible US transportation tokens, bus tokens, railroad tokens, toll tokens, a fascinating area with thousands of collectors world-wide. Priced low enough for dealers to resell, these lots are priced right! Collectors and Dealers alike will appreciate the great value of these interesting lots. The best possible offers at our lowest wholesale prices! Try a lot today. Your 100% full satisfaction is guaranteed.

All items are POSTAGE PAID to the US.
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  Collector and Dealer Lots of Transit Tokens -
Transit Tokens - Transportation Tokens - Bus Tokens - Streetcar Tokens -Railroad Tokens.
  100 Different U.S. Transportation Tokens
Our most popular lot! We sold many of these lots to collectors and dealers alike. You can now get 100 different mostly metal transportation tokens for only $32.50, a great price. Our flea market sellers report excellent sales, with scarcer pieces bringing catalog or higher, and about half the rest at $1 each. I've seen some actually sell at $4, with reports of sales at $10 each, which I think is too high for the more common pieces, but the dealers report satisfied customers. For the collector, this lot is an excellent way to get started at a low price for a great selection. We must sell in bulk and pass the savings on to you. Less than 35 cents each! All lots are postpaid to US addresses. These are mostly dime to quarter size. Super! (Not all different issuers, includes some metal varieties). Condition is mostly excellent, but a few pieces may have minor to modest corrosion or crud. Due to the difficulties in obtaining these, supplies are very limited.

We use the words TRANSIT and TRANSPORTATION interchangably, all to refer to tokens used on various transportation systems. MOST of these are bus tokens, used in various USA city bus systems, from about 1920 to date. Tokens exist from earlier times, but are not sufficiently common to include in these lots at these cheap prices.

Lot of 100 Different Transit Tokens
Our most popular lot, at a great price. Postpaid to all USA addresses. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Lot ONE: ALL METAL $36.50. Limited supply.
Different sizes, mostly 16mm and 23mm.
Lot TWO: MOSTLY METAL, some plastic or wood $32.50.

Lot TWO: 10 Lots of 100 Different Transit Tokens (Mostly metal):
Each lot will be virtually identical, NOT 1000 different. $305.00 postpaid, as above

World Shipment: 100 Different Transit Tokens AIRMAIL to the World: $(checking prices!).


Making Jewelry?
If you are seeking inexpensive tokens with holes-as-made, this lot is for you. Ten different metal U.S. transit tokens, six of each, or 60 tokens for only $32.50 postpaid. With cut-out Letters or Shapes, various sizes (generally 16mm or 23mm), generally brass and nickel-silver, average nice condition, some may have some minor crud.

2500 Mixed DEALER Lots of Transit Tokens:
2500 Nice-Mixed U.S. Transportation Tokens: Dealer Special
Our Finest bulk Lot! Still contains much duplication. This is NOT 2500 different, sorry! A special DEALER lot. ALL METAL tokens. Our dealers retail these in small lots for 40c to 50c and up per token. These are counted by weight, and your lot may have a few extra or a few missing. Tokens in these 2500 mixed lots are not carefully inspected, and some may have spots, dings, minor corrosion or other minor problems. BUT, these are nice lots! Cheap Lot! Due to heavy demand, we are usually sold out of this Nice-Mixed Lot, but we currently have a limited supply postpaid to any US address for only (currently sold out)

2500 Less-Mixed U.S. Transportation Tokens: Dealers ONLY
Contains LOTS of duplication, with only a few different tokens. Dealers ONLY. Collectors will not be happy with these lots, sorry! All metal, postpaid to any U.S. address for only (Currently sold out)
Transit Token Books - Transportation Token Books - Bus Token Books - Railroad Token books:
Transportation Token Reference Books ******************
  These comprehensive catalogs list all the known transportation tokens, and are the standard references in the hobby. Volume I is a MUST for all Collectors and Dealers and is strongly recommended.
These three transit books are the latest, most recent books available.

Vol. I: Catalog of United States and Canadian Transportation Tokens, The Listing, Atwood-Coffee
2016 7th EDITION: Detailed descriptions with retail prices for each variety. Highly recommended for all collectors and dealers. Hardbound, Seventh edition, new large size, about 800 pages (INCLUDES some FREE Transit tokens). Retail: $69.95, Special Price: $52.95 postpaid.

2007 6th EDITION: Detailed descriptions with retail prices for each variety. Highly recommended for all collectors and dealers. Hardbound, Sixth edition, 870 pages (INCLUDES some FREE Transit tokens). Retail: $49.95, Special Price: $38.99 postpaid.

Vol. I: Catalog is Also Available in the FIFTH Edition (retail $47.50) at a special price (INCLUDES some FREE Transit tokens) of $27.99 postpaid

Vol. II: The History and Encyclopedia , Atwood-Coffee
Contains many articles, detailed research (including mintages, dates struck and in use, ordering information, etc.) on most tokens. Interesting! Thousands of photographs. Hardbound, 1984, most recent edition, 776 pages. $33.00 ppd.

Vol. III: The Die Variety Encyclopedia, Atwood-Coffee
Detailed examination of minor die varieties, with lots of photos. Loose-leaf, 1986, most recent edition, 960 pages. $52.99 ppd (Hardbound is out of print)

Car Wash Tokens
, Ford/Coffee
Hardbound, 1997, 260 pages. Detailed list of known car wash tokens, with some photos, price guide for each variety. $48.00 ppd.

Feisel's Catalogue of PARKING Tokens of the World
, Pernicano
Hardbound, 1998, 338 pages. Detailed list of all known parking tokens, price guide for each variety, index. $32.95 ppd
World Transit Books - World Transportation Token Books - Foreign Transit Token Books - Foreign Transporation Token Books
World Transportation Token REFERENCE BOOKS:
  WORLD TRANSPORTATION TOKENS and PASSES except North America, Smith. Original catalog, some pictures. Loose-Leaf for 3-ring binder, 1967, 270p. Detailed descriptions, Standard Reference, $23.00
Same, Hard-Bound $48.00

All non-North American water transit tokens, historical information. Hard-Bound 1981, 202p. $23.00

Some photographs. Hard-Bound 1990, 183p. Price Guide Detailed descriptions, $23.00

Smith books on World Transit tokens: $65.00 postpaid to the USA.
World Shipment: $85 via AIR MAIL to the World. Single world book via AIR: $22.00/postage/each.
SPECIAL OFFERS ********************
Transit Tokens - Transportation Tokens - Bus Tokens - Streetcar Tokens -Railroad Tokens.
  A. Beginning Transit Token Collector Special
Take both the Atwood/Coffee LISTING , Vol. I 5th ed. ($50 retail), AND 100 Different Transit Tokens ($27.50) AND the book on Car Wash Tokens ($48.00). Get started collecting at the best price. Total retail value of $123.50 for ONLY $89.95 ppd.

SAVE $42 to 135+ !!!

CLICK HERE for CHEAP offers on Transit Books and Tokens

  B. Transit Token Book Special
If you value information, take THREE important books ( 6th edition Listing, History, Car Wash ), a $131 regular retail value, for the low price of only: $99.95 ppd.

C. Serious Transit Token Collector Special

Get all THREE important Books ( 6th edition Listing, History, Car Wash ), AND the WORLD HORSECAR book. A $153.95 retail value! Become an instant expert. Have all the information at your fingertips. $119.95.

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Transit Tokens - Transportation Tokens - Bus Tokens - Streetcar Tokens -Railroad Tokens.

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