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Internet and Mail Bid Sales Rules

Covering Mail, Phone, Fax and E-Mail Bids.

This is a INTERNET and MAIL BID sale of EXONUMIA: Tokens, Medals, Buttons, Badges, Political, Masonic & Fraternal, World's Fair and MORE!

1. Your Satisfaction is our GOAL! While mail bid sales are not approval sales, we will work with you to correct any mistakes on your part. Please write or call immediately should any difficulty or disagreement arise. We will cheerfully refund your purchase price, your full return postage and send a $10 credit on any future purchase for any misattributed lot. We try very hard to have all pieces correctly identified, and we apologize for any errors. We DO appreciate your business!
2. There is NO buyer's charge! There is NO fee to enter bids. By submitting bids, you agree to the following terms of sale. With a few exceptions, there are NO MINIMUM bids. You do not need a catalog to bid. The entire Brunk collection of countermarks and other material is sold without reserve.
3. This is a mail bid sale of Historical Americana, tokens, medals and other collectibles. You cannot be present to bid, this is only by mail, phone, fax and internet. Your bids are accepted per lot, with the winning bidder receiving the item at a small increment over the second high bid.
4. The Bidding Deadlines are
Lots 101-999 7 pm on 29 June 1999
Lots 1000-3608 7 pm on 30 June 1999
Call in your bids at (815)226-0771; fax in your bids to xxx; or send your bids via e-mail (with one line per lot and bid) to me at Bids will be accepted past the closing time until a half hour passes without any calls. Please call EARLY! Bids must be RECEIVED by the closing date. The opening bid will only be available to previous bidders, beginning 25 June. The opening bid is the minimum increment over the second highest bid. The opening bid is ONLY available to bidders who have already bid on that lot, at least 60% of low estimate, or at least 50% of the opening bid for lots without estimates. To avoid numerous closing night call-backs, which we feel are unfair to underbidders, only the opening bids as of noon the closing days will be available, and subsequent bids will not be revealed. Due to "limit-bids", "group-bids" and "one-lot-only" bids, the opening bid may not be fully accurate prior to the auction close. Bidders are encouraged to submit their maximum bids and trust in our computerized bid reductions. Special Note: You may bid ANY amount, but once you have gotten the opening bid, no bids below that amount are accepted. We regret we are unable to cancel any bids after 25 June 1999.


IF and ONLY IF you have submitted your bids prior to 27 June, we will e-mail or fax to you a list of your bids with the current information, opening bids, etc., on 28 June. The opening bid will only be revealed if you have bid at least 50% of it. Obviously you need to specify your e-mail address or fax number on the bid sheet.

ALL FAXES will be acknowledged: Please include a non-important cover sheet. Due to occasional problems, please include your phone and fax numbers in the body of all faxes, and resubmit if you do not get an acknowledgment within 24 hours (even if after the closing date). We are not responsible for incomplete or unreadable faxes.
5. All items are UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED to be authentic and genuine. There is NO time limit on this guarantee. Should any item prove to be a copy, replica, fantasy or counterfeit, it may be returned at ANY time for a full refund. In addition, we will pay for any reasonable authentication service charge in the event any item is shown not to be original, plus your postage. Lots sold "AS IS" are not returnable, nor are any items described as a copy, replica, counterfeit, shell or fantasy. This guarantee does not extend to attributions, which may change.
6. GRADING is an art, not a science. We have attempted to conservatively grade each item. The amount of grade description is proportional to the value. Please do not expect every minor flaw to be described on a Fine-condition $10 token. Persons interested in subtle variations of grade should inspect the lots, or call/write for additional information or a FREE picture (see below). Tokens and Medals are NOT coins, graded on a Mint-State scale. A "Choice Unc." token may and probably will have minor spots, micro-hairlines, rub or wear on high spots and other minor problems visible with a glass. Exonumia is RARE in high grades. Sorry, no returns are generally allowed on the basis of minor grade opinion differences.
7. No Tie Bids; the earliest postmark gets the lot. Please bid in odd amounts: $10.28 vs. $10.00.
8. The Minimum Bid on every lot is $4.00. All bids are in U.S. Funds. Bids under $4.00 are ignored.
9. We reserve the right to withdraw lots and reject unrealistic bids (although we seldom do so!). In a very few cases we have duplicates of a lot. We reserve the right to sell a duplicate in the same grade as the lot description to the underbidder. Photographs are generally the item being sold.
10. ALL BIDS REDUCED: All lots will be sold to the highest bidder at a modest advance over the second high bid. Our computerized system automatically reduces your bid whenever possible, saving you money and allowing you to bid your maximum bid. Bid with confidence, as hundreds of bidders have done. By reducing your bids, we offer you the convenience of allowing you to bid your top limit, knowing we will reduce your bids as much as possible. Bids under $20.00 will not be reduced, nor will bids be reduced to under $20.00. All bids over $20 ARE reduced to 10% over the second high bid. Bids over $5,000 are reduced to 5% over the second high bid. No maximum bids are reduced over 40%, and bids are not reduced below 90% of the low estimate. We REDUCE your Bids!
11. The GUIDE PRICE or Estimate is to be used as a GUIDE ONLY. These estimates are based on my research and knowledge and are the estimated market prices only. Please feel free to bid higher or lower. Your bids WILL be reduced! Aside from the general minimum bid of $4 per lot, there is NO minimum bid per lot, and ALL bids at any level are welcomed. If you feel my estimates are too high, please bid at half, a quarter or less! You cannot insult me, and ALL bids are solicited. PLEASE bid what the item is worth to you, a fraction of estimate, or a multiple. Every sale has items selling for 10% of estimate, or less. All the lots in this sale are for sale to the highest bidder, regardless of the estimates. If you don't bid, you won't get anything! Except for the countermarked coins, lots without estimates are generally estimated to bring under $20.


12. PERCENTAGE INCREASE: Bidders may use the "Increase Boxes" on the bidding form to increase their bids by ANY percentage. This is a useful technique for advancing your mail bids as if you were bidding on the floor in competition with other bidders. It will only be used if necessary. This applies to bids over $20.00 only. If you do not have a bid form, please carefully specify the increase percentage for ALL or selected lots. You can have a different percentage for each lot, if you wish to do so.
13. LIMIT BIDS: Bidders may limit purchases by specifying the maximum amount they wish to spend. Please list your lots and bids in the order of preference. Your bids will be executed in that order until your purchase limit is reached. Please DO NOT bid up to only your dollar limit, as you most likely will NOT get every lot you bid on! Please feel free to bid up to TEN times your limit, or more.
14. GROUP BIDS: You may place one bid on any sequential number of lots, provided you also bid on each lot. Your individual bids are ignored when figuring the group bid, but the group bid must exceed the total bids of the individual lots by the minimum increment.
15.ONE LOT ONLY Bids: You may bid any amount on several lots, and specify only one lot. Please mark your bid sheet carefully. You can combine these options.
16. All lots are shipped upon receipt of full payment. We regret we are unable to make any exceptions, even to our best customers. This insures we are able to pay our consignors in full and on time. All invoices are payable within FIVE days after receipt. Past due accounts are subject to a service charge of 1.5% per month.
17.All lots will normally be sent by U.S. Mail, with all items over $20 sent via insured or registered mail. Postage, insurance and packaging will be added to all lots.
18. Auction sales ARE NOT approval sales! All returned lots must be made within five days of receipt. Your errors are your responsibility and ours are ours. The only legitimate reason for returning a lot is if it has not been correctly attributed. Any return must be insured for the full value and the reason for the return given. I do pay postage both ways for my mistakes (see #1). There is NO RETURN of bulk lots of 5 or more items, which are sold AS IS.
19.If you are not sure what a lot is, or need more information, please write, call or e-mail for a photo or further information. Within reasonable limits, I can now offer FREE PHOTOGRAPHS of any lot by mail or on the internet. Photos on the internet will be in color; printed photos are black and white. Frankly, I do not know what the demand will be for this service, and may need to limit requests. Please e-mail, write or call as soon as possible! Requests for photos within the last few days of this sale are unlikely to be met, due to time restraints.
20.Time payments are available. Send an advance deposit of 20% of your total limit, and we will arrange reasonable payments for the balance due.
21.The Prices Realized are published, at $5.00. The top bid before reduction, the purchaser or other bidders are confidential and are not revealed.
22.Most photographs are at 90% of original, with those at page bottom at 45%. Sizes are usually in millimeters. All photos have been enhanced to better show details.
23.All bidders must supply full mailing address and home phone number (we are unable to accept bids from e-mail addresses alone!). Bidders with post office boxes are asked to supply confidential street addresses. References are desirable for new bidders. Previously unknown internet bidders may be asked for confirmation of bids by mail.
24. We reserve the right to refuse bids from anyone.
25.Your comments on bidding rules, auction format and lot descriptions are most welcomed. We have changed all areas over the years based on our customers suggestions, in order to serve you better.

Grades, in decreasing order of quality:
B.U. Brilliant Uncirculated. Choice, like new.
Unc. Uncirculated. Nearly as issued, but may have minor problems.
A.U. About Unc.: Not quite, slight wear.
XF Extremely Fine: Wear to high points, all details still visible, quite collectible
VF Very Fine: Wear to all devices, all legends and devices clear.
F Fine: Considerable wear, high points worn, details lost, legends and devices still mostly readable.
VG Very Good: Getting well worn, details lost, legends may not be fully readable.
G Good: Very well worn, fine details lost.
AG About Good: Lettering missing, devices and major detail gone.
Poor Unless rare, wait for a better specimen!

Silver and Gold are spelled out.
AL Aluminum CU Copper
BR Brass BZ Bronze ( similar to BR)
NI Nickel, magnetic
N-S Nickel-Silver, appears to be NI

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