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Political Links: A link-page of articles, news-groups and mailing lists on political related items. Check this section for advertising buttons.

Topical: of CURRENT Interest:

CAMPAIGN BUTTON REVIEWS The editors of DarkHorse2000 cast a fishy eye on the candidates' campaign buttons and ponder the aesthetic ramifications of those ubiquitous little public declarations of political support.

National Organizations:

APIC American Political Items Collectors. Monthly publication.

White House: Presidents All presidents, with brief biography

Other Print Publications or Web Resources:

Politics1 Comprehensive links to Presidential, Gubernatorial, US Senate and Congressional candidates and political parties across the spectrum. Some political buttons for sale. Identify every candidate for Governor, U.S. Senator and Congress -- from all 50 states -- who ran as third party or independent candidates, quit or died before the elections, or lost the nomination in the primaries or at the conventions.

The Caucus Devoted to the collecting of campaign buttons.


Ulysses S. Grant Various Grant items pictured, articles.

Benjamin Harrison Various Harrison items pictured, articles.

The Presidential Library Includes the inaugural addresses of all U.S. president

Bush Political Items Collectors. Ron Wade, President.

Clinton Political Items Collectors. Philip J. Ross, President, 8226 McNeil Street, Vienna, VA 22180. 703.698.5883 E-Mail:

Democratic Political Items Collectors. Doug Kelley, Secretary, 910 Sunset Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. 734.662.1731. E-Mail:

The Kennedy Political Items Collectors. Harvey Goldberg, P.O. Box 922, Clark, NJ 07066. 732.382.4652 E-Mail:

Republican Political Items Collectors. Jonathan A. Binkley, President, 1786 Bucklew Drive, Toledo, OH 43613. 419.472.1912 E-Mail:

Campaign Chronics: Stories behind political buttons and other political Americana.

Political Information A search engine for politics, policy and political news, with over 5000 web sites indexed.

Political Graveyard Names and brief information, burial sites, etc. on over 50,000 candidates, etc.

WSAPIC (Women Suffrage and Political Issues Chapter) Ronnie Lapinsky Sax 9820 GLenolden Drive Potomac, Maryland 20854 E-mail Clinton Political Items Collectors Encourages the collection, preservation, and study of political memorabilia that pertains to the election, inauguration, term of office, or other activities of Bill Clinton. (link dead 12/2000)

Commercial Sites Offering older Exonumia:

World Exonumia This site! Main Page.

Ted Hake Hake's Americana and Collectibles. (back link 7/00)

Cresswell's List Political buttons, labor, etc. on-line price list with pictures.

Buttons and Ballots On-line Webzine on Political Collectibles, by Cresswell (see above). Maverick political buttons pictured, articles on politicians, lots of button pictures.

Baby Rhino Collectibles Political and non buttons for sale. Fixed price list.

Gator Trading Co Advertising Pin Back Buttons. Fixed price list.

Ameribilia 19th Century Abolitionism and Transcendentalism, 20th Century Beats, Counterculture, and the Civil Rights Movement, Political/ Cause/ Advertising Pinback Buttons. Fixed price list.

Jon Bevans Collectable Pins One page of PEP, Green Hornet, Quaker Oats, Cigarette, other advertising pins for sale.

The Campaign Headquarters A few nicer, earlier political pins for sale.

Drew Julian Some political pins for sale.

LeDoux's Buttons and Collectibles Political pins for sale, auction (no pictures), items wanted.

Gary Cohen Political buttons, mostly modern. Fixed price sales.

eBid World - Political Memorabilia Political buttons, about 100 items listed in on-line auction. Formerly known as ePolitical

Virtual Vintage Pinback Buttons Political buttons, very modern items.

Campaign Buttons-Etc.Com Modern political collectibles, buttons for sale at fixed prices.

Ameribilia Over 600 political buttons, collectibles, books for sale at fixed prices.

The Republican Store, Shopping place for unique GOP apparel and novelties, bumper stickers.

Earl Dodge Some older, classic political buttons.

Politics1 Political buttons, small on-line auction.

Cresswell's List Political buttons, labor, etc. on-line price list with pictures.

Buttons and Ballots On-line Webzine on Political Collectibles, by Cresswell (see above). Maverick political buttons pictured, articles on politicians, lots of button pictures.

Baby Rhino Collectibles Political and non buttons for sale.

History Guild Political memorabilia.

Political badges and medals American campaign and inauguration badges and medals, beginning with the 1824 campaign and ending with the first campaigns of the 20th century.

Legacy Historical Antiques Offers artifacts of cultural, social and political migrations, movements and upheavals, or connected with important events or persons of prominence, from antiquity to the modern era. Political buttons and more.

Capitol Coin Political items. Inauguration and Political Memorabilia, inauguration covers, inaugural programs, tickets etc. NEW Listing! The Presidential Connection From Presidents and famous faces, to White House memorabilia and unique political collectibles. Modern items. (link dead 12/2000) Americana Resources Political and non buttons for sale, as well as thousands of other items. Fixed price list. (link dead 12/2000)" Canadian Button Lady Collects, some political buttons, labor and other buttons pictured for sale. (link dead 12/2000) Ohio Boys Political Suffrage Auction Political and suffrage items at auction, catalogs available.

Commercial Sites Offering modern Exonumia:

Be In Buttons Clinton buttons for sale.

Earl Dodge Selection of Reagan, Carter, Ford and Russell buttons.

Auction Sites:

World Exonumia Over 3000 lots of fine quality Tokens, Medals, Badges, Ribbons, Masonic, Political, Indian Peace Medal, Slave Tags, More! A massive collection of countermarked coins & more. Mail bid sale closed 29 June 1999.

CampaignCollectibles On-line auction house for American political campaign collectibles, including political Americana, pins, buttons, bumper stickers, posters and more! On-line auctions of pin-back buttons, etc.

Pages featuring Political Exonumia by Individuals:

Ron Wade Buttons, Pins and Presidential Memorabilia from all eras for sale.

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