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Thanks for your interest in talking with me.

BEFORE you call,

  If you want to SELL Exonumia: YES, I am BUYING ALL tokens, medals, badges, buttons, etc. Thanks for your interest in selling! I am always interested in BUYING all sorts of items. Send me an email or CALL ME (see below for my phone number)  
  If you want to SELL FRANKLIN MINT or other MODERN MINT items,
YES, I'm most interested in buying! But, I don't have 1000+ different prices memorized, so if you call, I really don't have instant information to give you, sorry! PLEASE send me an email at with a brief list of what you have. DO NOT SEND pictures. I can then respond with the EXACT PRICES I will pay, my references and full shipping information.
AFTER you get my email, if you have further questions, email or call me to discuss your material. I do want to BUY!
  If you want to BUY BOOKS: If you've seen my BOOK LIST and want to buy books, PLEASE send me an email at, so I can verify I have the books you need, in stock. I really have a hard time accepting credit cards, other than through PayPal, sorry! I WILL accept credit cards for non-US residents. And, on some book orders, I can save you money on postage.  
  If you want to BUY Exonumia: Please send me an email at so I can check my inventory. PLEASE include your NAME and ADDRESS, so I can add you to my mailing list. Or Join NOW!JOIN my email list.  
  If you want info on your SLAVE TAG or INDIAN PEACE MEDAL, DO NOT CALL:
I generally CANNOT help you by phone,
Please DO NOT call.
Please send me an email at with a brief description of your item.
Please DO NOT
send photos in your first email.
MOST of the time, I will ask you for a $10 fee to briefly authenticate your item, See VERIFY.
  If you want FREE INFORMATION on your material,
On some items, I can provide BRIEF information for free, via email ONLY. For MOST items, I DO charge for information, as I do NOT have unlimited time to reply, sorry! PLEASE see this LINK before emailing.
Please DO NOT CALL me for free information, sorry!
I apologize if this is too blunt, but I have been flooded with calls from people wanting my time and free advice, and I've literally run out of time!
If you are willing to pay a nominal charge of $5 to $10, I can often tell you if your SLAVE Tags and some Indian Peace Medals are fake or fantasy items. YOU GET the $5-10 as CREDIT towards any future purchase. If they are NOT an obvious fake/fantasy, all such items need to be VERIFIED.

Please call ONLY from 11am to 10pm
Central Time

at 815-226-0771

  Join our exonumia e-Mail list today!  

Rich Hartzog
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