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Mining, UMWA, Carbide Mining Lamps, Oil Wicks, Etc.

I am Buying all MINING Tokens and Mining Medals, Carbide Lamps, Mining Candlesticks, Candlestick lamps (Sticking-Tommies), Oil Wick Lamps (Sunshine Lamps), Mining Safety Lamps, Blasting Cap Tins and Mining Union Ribbons, Mining Badges and Banners, Old Mineral collections and other similar mining-related items, such as mining spoons, mining postcards, mining ribbons, mining badges, mining medals, mining tokens, candle boxes, etc.

NOT WANTED: I am NOT interested in any lamps with a glass lens (usually bike or auto lamps). Sorry, I cannot help you with any information, links or values on such lamps, and I do not want to buy them.

I WANT to buy the following CARBIDE LAMPS, and will pay $100 minimum to $1000 and up for EACH. SHIP any of the following for my top price (You WILL be happy with my offer!). Due to the extreme numbers available, I am not much interested in Justrite, Auto-light, Butterfly or Guys Dropper lamps (MOST are valued in the $10 range to me). If your lamp is not listed below, please e-mail me for my estimate. I am MOST INTERESTED in buying these lamps. PLEASE ship any of these for my top offer. SORRY, no offers on these lamps via email:

Abercrombie & Fitch
Anton Carbide
Oshkosh Carbide
Arnold's Carbide Candle
Premier by Hardsocg (PA)
Funk Brothers
Dry Lite Carbide
Red Star Carbide:
Beall Bros.
Scranton Carbide
Imperial by Hardsocg (PA)
Snell Carbide
Justrite # 77 Stick Lamp
Standard Carbide
Hansen Carbide
Larimore Carbide
Norleigh Diamond Carbide
( Non-Justrite) Victor Carbide
Nathan Carbide
Force Feed Carbide
Copper Queen Carbide
Anaconda Special Carbide What Cheer
Maple City Carbide
Union Carbide
Schneiders Carbide
Sure-Lite Carbide
Maumee Duplex Carbide
American Carbide

COMMON Lamps are not really wanted. I will pay $10 to $15 for these, more if mint with box. All are very common:
Guy's Dropper

I want to purchase UMWA: United Mine Workers of America ribbons and badges: UMWA Badges, UMWA ribbons. Top prices paid. Especially want Western Federation UMWA, Western Federation of Miners WFM. Mining candlestick lamps, folding candlestick mining lamps, old wood candle crates, old wood candle boxes wanted. Buying mining postcards, mining spoons with mining scenes, old miners, gold-diggers, etc. Old mineral collections, old mineral specimens, etc. WANTED. Please email me at or call!

FAKES: There are a number of fake and fantasy items available. Check out this link.


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