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Token and Medal Auction Sites.

A comprehensive site list to internet auction sites featuring tokens, medals, buttons, badges, ribbons and other small collectibles, including topics such as Political, World's Fair, Americana, Franklin Mint®* and other modern mints, etc.

If you know of additional sites, please send me an e-mail at

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Auction Sites:

World Exonumia Over 3000 lots of fine quality Tokens, Medals, Badges, Ribbons, Masonic, Political, Indian Peace Medal, SLAVE TAGS, More! A massive collection of countermarked coins & more. Mail bid sale closed 29 June 1999. Printed sale catalogs with prices realized are available

Paul Cunningham Exonumia Massive TRADE TOKEN auction, closed 31 August, 2000.

Jake's Marketplace, Inc. On-line, no tokens listed as of 11/01/2000, but he is a nice guy!

Presidential Coin and Antique Company Americana: Tokens, medals, inaugurals, more!

American Coin and Stamp Brokerage Mostly coins, trading cards, stamps, some tokens with high estimates. Also issues print catalogs.

Yahoo Exonumia Auctions On-line: About 75 current exonumia items listed 11/1/2000, but lots of stock certificates and cheap stuff, with few bids.

U.S. Cents Mostly copper coins, a category for tokens, but few listed.

Centennial Auctions Mostly coins and currency, but some exonumia in public on-site auctions (available on-line)

Bonhams Auctions Mostly coins and currency, but some exonumia in public auctions. Difficult to view.

Anderson Americana On-line Political Americana fixed-price and auctions listings.

Whyte Ireland's leading firm of public auctioneers of coins, tokens, banknotes, medals, militaria, stamps, postal history, postcards, cigarette cards, trade cards, books, manuscripts, autographs, photographs, maps, posters, ephemera, toys etc. Very slow to load, lots of images. Ireland.

Hakes Auctions Mail-bid sale catalogs, on-line items for sale, political items, collectibles, books (also available from me on my books page).

Bertoia Auctions Mail-bid sale catalogs, on-line items: TV Idols, Music Memorabilia, Super Heroes, Rings, Watches, Detectives, Action Heroes, Toys, Doorstops, Advertising Items, Jewelry, more . On-line auctions of pin-back buttons, etc.

Antikören Mynthandel Swedish site with some tokens and medals, in Swedish only, mostly coins, etc.

KIAC Global Numismatics A few tokens up for sale or bid.

Coubertin Olympic Items On-line auction.

Spink On-line Covers coins and banknotes, stamps, medals (military orders and decorations), and fine European, Indian and Islamic Art. England.

Playle's Auctions On-line auctions, virtually no exonumia.

Live Auctions On-Line On-line auctions, virtually no exonumia.

A F BROCK and Co Ltd Public auctions, coins, orders and decorations, some exonumia, on-line catalog, England. New Zealand Online Auctions and Classifieds - shopping website. NEW Listing!

Search Engines to FIND Exonumia on multiple web sites:

NONE of these auction-search services are perfect, all have problems, but most make searching for wanted items somewhat easier than using the search in the actual auction web site.

Ruby Lane Search lots of auction and fixed-price sites plus the Ruby Lane site, get results immediately only, no emails. Does NOT search eBay. Totally different search methods from eBay, so you have to redo your searches, but does searches sites other search engines do not.
Bottom Dollar Search Engine Will search on-line fixed-price sellers (and auctions ?) and return list of all key-word matches.
Bidder's Edge Will search on-line auctions
Auction Octopus Search 3 auction sites (eBay, Yahoo, Amazon), get results immediately, or by email, etc. Not as good as Auction Rover. INVALID
Internet Auction List Over 2500 auction services listed, search for types or locations of auctioneers.
IAL Products Search Over 6,000,000 items listed on multiple sites, search by word, etc. Limited use, a search on 'exonumia' gives 1200 matches, to the category, not the word in the description! Does not search eBay. Daily alert is available.

This site gives priority to sites offering back-links. Please HELP if you know of any sites not listed, and send me an e-mail.
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