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Please check these different link-pages established for:


National Organizations:

American Numismatic Association Coins, Paper Money, Tokens, Medals, Etc. The largest national group for collectors. Monthly publication with ads. Recommended for serious collectors. The ANA offers photographic certificate authentication of coins, tokens, medals and Slave Tags, in the Authentication Bureau.

American Numismatic Society Coins, ancient coins, some medals, etc.

Smithsonian Institution National Collection of coins (some medals). No publication.

Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada Collection of coins (some tokens and medals). No publication.

APIC American Political Items Collectors. Monthly publication.

State, Regional or Topical Organizations with Publications:

Token and Medal Society Issues 6 large journals annually, advertising, free classifieds to members.

Civil War Token Society Deals with C.W. tokens, plus Sutlers, etc. Quarterly publication, ads, free classifieds to members.

Sons of Confederate Veterans Membership information, more. (back link 3/00)

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Membership info, events, etc., including info on GAR and other CW organizations.

Early American Coppers Covers US coins and Hard Times Tokens. Mostly info on joining.

Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club Mostly coins, but some bi-metallic tokens. Maintains a catalog. Also includes encased coins and gaming tokens. FREE e-mail list, with printed catalog available at nominal cost bi-monthly. LOTS of pictures, very slow to load.

Canadian Association of Wooden Money Collectors Membership information, more

The Colonial Newsletter Previous issues, mostly colonial coins and tokens, fairly old (1995)

Cabinet des Médailles The Bibliothèque nationale de France (go to Coins, Medals page), in English.

California State Numismatic Association The principal source of numismatic leadership in California, covers coins, paper, medals, etc.

Canadian Association of Token Collectors Study of Canadian tokens and exonumia, some articles on-line.

American Medallic Sculpture Association Encourages the development of medallic art by providing opportunities for communication among artists, comissioners, producers, collectors and scholars of the medal.

British Art Medal Society Makes it possible to buy original sculpture by a wide range of contemporary artists extremely cheaply. Issues a journal The Medal, published twice yearly and containing illustrated articles on historical and contemporary medals; organises regular meetings and conferences and gives advice to individuals or companies who wish to commission medals.

Vereniging voor Penningkunst Dutch Art Medal Society, in Dutch. The Dutch Art Medal Society was founded in 1925 and annually commissions an art medal. Issues the bimonthly journal De Beeldenaar, published in collaboration with the Royal Society for Coins and Art Medals.

FIDEM Fédération Internationale de la Médaille was established in 1937 to promoting and diffusing medallic art internationally, increasing knowledge of the art, technology and history of the medal through publications, organizing international competitions and organizing a Congress and an international exhibition of medallic art every two years.

ISALC: Internation Society of Animal License Collectors, (dog tags) email Editor Bill Bone at, quarterly publication is Paw Prints, yearly dues $10 US, $15 foreign.

International Society of Antique Scale Collectors Collectors of old scales, quarterly journal.

Southeastern Token Society An educational organization with interest in the historical aspects of tokens, medals, and other exonumia from the Southeastern United States. We promote token collecting, encourage research and publish stories representing all SE States. Regular membership annual dues are $7.00.

Florida Token Society Educational organization, with publication.

NSCA National Scrip Collectors Association, issues Scrip Talk publication, a non-profit organization, to promote the collecting of coal company store scrip (metal and paper) and related tokens.

The Elongated Collectors, with publication. Mostly modern pieces.

Original Hobo Nickel Society Hobo nickels, including many modern ones.

Chopmark Collectors Club Printed journal, yearly dues $10.

CATC Canadian Association of Token Collectors

Jewels of the Craft Masonic jewels collectors' and study circle (limited to Masons, but lots of pics online)

The Transport Ticket Society Paper tickets, mainly of the UK, but also the world.

Numismatic Bibliomania Society Collectors of numismatic books. Join the NBS E-Sylum weekly email Link

Guild of Medal Art in Finland Finnish Art Medal Society (FAMS) - was founded as a connecting link between artists, collectors, art museums and similar institutes to promote medal art.

Love Token Society Love Tokens, engraved coins. Publication.

Contemporary Counterfeit Capped Bust Half Collectors Includes Collectors Corner articles, Census of known specimens, etc.

LINK DEAD: International Organization of Wooden Money Collectors Wooden money, list of makers, application, etc.

LINK DEAD: British Conder Token Collectors Club Information on Conder tokens, images, chat room, message board.

LINK DEAD: The Mark Token Collector's Club Masonic Chapter Pennies, based in England, covers the world. CD offered.

Other Print Publications or Web Resources:

Worldwide Holey Tokens and Coins Collectors Club For collectors of coins, tokens with holes.

Magic Tokens Listing of Houdini magic tokens issued after the book.

Canadian Olympic Medals A tally of Canadian medals at the Nagano Winter Olympics

Coin Masters On-line coin club, mostly coins.

Wooden Nickel Collectors Organization Free web-based club for wooden money collectors.

Politics1 Identify every candidate for Governor, U.S. Senator and Congress -- from all 50 states -- who ran as third party or independent candidates, quit or died before the elections, or lost the nomination in the primaries or at the conventions.

H. Gietl Verlag Munzen, Medaillen & Papiergeld (in German).

Trade Token Discussion Free Board Room Parker's free board room for Trade Token Collectors (slow to load!). Main page.

Chicago Historical Society A privately endowed, independent institution devoted to collecting, interpreting, and presenting the rich multicultural history of Chicago and Illinois, as well as selected areas of American history, to the public through exhibitions, programs, research collections, and publications.

Ask About Antiques General resource for antiques, lots of links to various sites, some articles, etc.

Medal News English monthly publication mostly devoted to orders and decorations, some tokens and medal.

Metals Used in Coins and Medals Lists known metals used to make coins and medals, with detailed info.

Silver Marks Find the manufacturer of your silver item. Possibly of use on countermarks and other items!

Liberty Numismatic Society Offers annual medal for sale.

Guernsey Tokens Including spurious tokens of the Channel Islands occupation 1940-45.

Bi-metal tokens and coins Forum Post your message.

Numismatica Links to articles on numismatics, the study and collecting of coins, some on exonumia. Some interesting links, but unfortunately, the site is quite old and many links are dead.

Silversmith marks Pictured.

Liberty Bell Museum With images of bell items. A private collection.

Coins of Panama Catalog of coins, tokens, medals, and bills from the Republic of Panama or the Canal Zone.

Museum of History of Money in Köln, Germany. In German, but check out the neat cherub on the main page. Coins from the beginning, primitive or better Traditional Money, coin scales, and even piggie banks.

MPC Gram A free almost daily newsletter not only about Military Payment Certificates, but many other military financial instruments. Email and request a subscription to the MPC Gram.


Leaden Tokens Telegraph Features mostly English and European lead tokens.

United Kingdom Token Corresponding Society Club Collection and Communication French based free classified ad site, mostly coins, etc. (link dead 3/1/00)).


Commercial Sites Offering Exonumia:

World Exonumia This site! Main Page.

Paul Cunningham Exonumia Massive TRADE TOKEN auction, closed 31 August, 2000.

Anything Anywhere A wide variety of world tokens, medals and collectibles. (back link)

C & D Gale Collecting Exonumia. (back link 3/00).

Exocoin Has the largest list of tokens and exonumia at fixed prices on the www. (back link 6/00)

Ted Hake Hake's Americana and Collectibles. (back link 7/00)

Civil War Badges G.A.R., U.C.V, other CW badges, etc. (back link 9/00)

Surfinamma's Collectibles Fixed price list of tokens, chauffeur badges, medals, etc. (back link 7/01)

Nome Coins - Alaska Mint Modern medals. (back link 1/2003)

Art Bars, medals, rounds Ken Potter: silver art bars, errors. Fixed price list. (back link 1/2003)

Mike Vosper 17th Century English tokens for sale, plus coins, etc. (back link 1/2003)

Civil War Tokens Fixed price list, with pictures, information. (back link 5/2003)

Bob Butler Offers Novelty Notes and Reproduction CSA Banknotes for sale, and a partial view of his Token Collection. (back link 7/2003)

Roy's Coins Alaska Tokens, Etc.

Cash Coin Connection Military, Gaming and Far East Asia

Swappers & Collectors Pages Everything for collectors! Search engines, 1000ís sites & collectors listed, newsgroups, message board.

Steve Alpert Simple page offering latest catalog.

Dick Powell Alaska Tokens for sale.

Kanawha Coin Shop Monthly mail bid sales of coins, exonumia, etc.

Shenandoah Exonumia Some tokens, medals listed at fixed prices, photos.

Regency Coins Some Civil War Tokens and Hard Times for sale.

Phoenix Enterprises World coins and tokens at fixed prices.

The Elusive Spondulix World coins and tokens (Hard Times, Civil War, C/M, Political, World's Fair, Irish medals) at fixed prices.

Jewish-American Hall of Fame Issues limited edition commemorative medals. Page on Einstein, shows numerous medals, etc.

Bowers and Merena, Inc. A changing list of high priced rarer exonumia.

Paradise Coin and Gift Some tokens, medals for sale, with pictures.

R Ingram Coins Mostly World's Fair items, tokens, medals, badges, etc.

31 Centuries A number of tokens and medals for sale. Lots of Coins.

Bob Reed Introductory information, a few pieces for sale. Pictures of tokens and medals. RR Rare Coins.

Anthony's Currency, Coins and Collectibles Paper money, coins, stamps, exonumia, ephemera and other collectibles. Online catalogue with well over 1500 images

Americana Resources Large fixed-priced site, political, World's Fair, more.

Norrtelje Mynthandel Swedish coin dealer, extensive price list of Swedish tokens with pictures (in Swedish).

Sterling Gambino Mostly coins, only a few tokens listed, hard to view.

WCS Bulk lots of tokens, etc.

The Southeast Asian Treasury Covers coins, banknotes, tokens, etc.

Ingrid O'Neil Olympic items. Auction catalogs with listings, photos, etc.

The International Sports Collection Olympic items, fixed price.

Ancient Gold Civil War Relics A few tokens at fixed price (if you want any of the Maxwell LA tokens, write me first for a much better price!)

Simon Cordova Hawaiian tokens, medals, British conder tokens and other items.

Hawaiian Islands Stamp & Coin A few HI related items.

British Royal Commemoratives Various items, mostly ceramic/glass, at fixed prices, in England.

GBIE Coins British coins and tokens, at fixed prices.

Lone Star Wooden Nickels 50-State Collection.

Rust Coin Morman tokens and script for sale.

HD Rauch Coins, Military and Medals In Austria, in English, a few medals for sale, prices in Austrian ATS.

Numismatik Lanz München Specialized auction house devoted to rare coins and medals (orders and decorations), in Germany, mostly in German.

Galata Coins Coins, coin-weights (esp. British), tokens, medals, in England.

Art in the Hand Gallery of various medal designers, sculpture, for sale: Cory Gillilland.

Stefano Johnson Gallery of medal designers in Italy, for sale.

Theo van de Vathorst Sculptor and medallist, lives in The Netherlands. Medals pictured.

Barry Johnston Sculptor and medallist. Medals pictured.

Lion Coins England: coins, medallions, tokens, banknotes and cigarette cards for sale.

Collector's Corner Australia: coins, medals, tokens for sale.

History by George Mostly military orders and decorations, some table medals, at fixed prices.

Andrew McKaig Numismatics: Canadian tokens, etc., a few listed.

Simmons Gallery In London, England, some tokens, medals and coin weights for sale, and in mail bid sales.

Vatican Medals Vatican, Italy and San Marino coins, papal medals and stamps. Lots of photos.

Kurioses Notgeld Devoted to German paper notgeld, picturs, etc., in German. French coin site, with lots of jetons, etc., partially in English. 55,000 images on-line, search available.

International Mint European bi-metal tokens for sale: car wash, gaming, etc. Exceedingly slow to load due to numerous images.

Peter Gaby A few tokens for sale.

Harvey Abrams Olympic books, items, World's Fair/Exposition material, mostly paper items.

Olympian Artifacts Pins, paper, medals, etc.

French Medals Various medals for sale, in French.

Norman Flayderman Specialist in military weapons, publisher, author. A few Lincoln and other items.

Joel Anderson Some tokens for sale.

A la Carte Paper Collectables Hans and Beate Rauch: paper notgeld, world banknotes, paper ephemera, war bonds, tobacco card albumsand cards, propaganda leaflets, Dupont mylar currency holders.

Peter Morris Coins, some early English tokens and medallions for sale. England.

Alpha Numis French medals and jetons, other world coins. France (in English).

Le Site du Collectionneur - The Site of the Collector Coins, Banknotes, Medals, Tokens, stamps, Champagne caps, phone cards, etc. France, in French.

P&D Medallions Medals for sale, sales list available. England.

Alaska Tokens and AYPE memorabilia Items for sale.

Civil War Tokens Buying and selling, very limited listing.

Latter Investments Civil War tokens, sutlers, Hard Times tokens, at fixed prices.

Cheap Slab Store Mostly coins, some tokens, medals.

Streamwood Scouting items.

Banknote Heaven A few tokens and medals for sale.

Sanda Lipton Antique Silver and Medals, England. Pictured and priced.

The Butternut Company Some CWT, HTT, other tokens and coins at fixed prices.

Stack's In New York, auction firm, current catalog on-line, no pictures.

Bobs Coins Sales tax tokens, coins, etc.

Coubertin Olympic medals and other items auction.

Twin Brooks World's Fair items, and other collectibles, at fixed prices.

EBW Coin A very few tokens for sale.

Paul and Paul Collectibles World's Fair paper items.

Gasoline Alley Historical Americana: World's Fair, political, etc. for sale.

Fred Holabird Western Americana, mining items, bottles, tokens, etc.

Mary's Antiques A few World's Fair items for sale. Some World's Fair items for sale.

Masonic Collectibles Fixed price listing of older Masonic items.

Historical Medals Mostly English medals, for sale at fixed prices.

French Tokens and medals Jetons, coins, etc.

Banknote 1 Some tokens, medals and pocket mirrors (under Featured Notes).

Kenrick A. Claflin & Son Nautical Antiques Antiques of the U.S. Lighthouse Service, Life Saving Service, Revenue Cutter Service and Coast Guard.

Endagnered Species Specie is real money backed by gold or silver and the people who collect these real monies. Creates many pop-up windows!!

Schredds of Portobello English medals, mostly hand engraved early pieces, for sale. England.

Drexel Grapevine Antiques Fraternal collectibles, fishing and hunting licenses, Scouting collectibles and more.

Grogan Tokens Early British tokens, Conder tokens.

British Coin Collectors Mostly coins, some tokens, Conder tokens.

Bonavita Canadian municipal trade tokens, books, listings.

The Antique Shop A few paper and other World's Fair items.

Crow River Trading Co. A few 'tune' tokens for sale.

Lakeview Numismatics. CWT and other tokens for sale.

Bud's Medallic Art Medals by the creator.

Theo van de Vathorst Sculptor and medallist, medals pictured. The Netherlands

Belgium Art Medal Explained, pictures, links.

George Manz Coins Canadian tokens and medals, some world medals.

German WWI Notgeld In German.

Libnick Coin A few tokens for sale.

World Art Medals Items for sale.

Napoleonic Medals Pictured, information.

The Forum Antiques Mall Over priced tokens (write me if you want any!)

Coins International Highly overpriced tokens/medals for sale.

Coins of Beeston Mostly English tokens and medals, some world items for sale.

K.I.A.C. Global Numismatics Topical Ship Coins, Tokens and Medals.

The Copper Corner English and American coins and tokens. Our specialty is "emergency coinage," issued to fill a need for small change in society. Listings of 17th through 19th century issues, primarily coppers.

Alnwick British and Colonial Coins and Tokens English, Scottish, Colonial and World Commercial Tokens.

The Hobo Nickel Guy Hand carved hobo nickels.

Masonic Medal Millenium Masonic Dollar in silver, for sale.

Shawnee Coin Company Virtual Coin and Token Library: Mostly coins, with new section on tokens for sale, featuring Hard Times Tokens, with information on selected pieces, plus images.

Daniel Fearon Mostly English coins and medals.

Collection de Pièces Françaises French site, with a few hundred notgeld ("nécessités") with a quite large section of encased stamps ("timbres-monnaies"). In French.

Eagle Eye Rare Coins Selection of CWT

Heraldic Art Medals Bill Swoger.

Inaugural Medals Information, pictures.

Political and Inauguration memorabilia Postal cover, programs, other inaugural items.

Victorian Coins and Tokens England, fixed price list.

Rusty Pennies Some world tokens/medals for sale at fixed prices. Magic Shop Information on magic tokens, a few for sale.

Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum On-line museum of Masonic items, and other fraternal organizations.

Scott Semans Odd and Curious, ethnographic, unusual world coins, exonumia, literature.

Schredds of Portobello English medals and badges of office.

Austrian Coins Interesting page on Austrian encased coins. Austrian and world coins, tokens and medals.

Conder Tokens For collectors

World's Fair Auctions Medals and other Exonumia.

Dead Links: Hawaii Tokens Modern, recently issued tokens (listed as coins). (link dead 3/1/00) Low-cost mail order site for the frugal collector: some tokens and medals (link dead 12/00)

Australia Day Medallion Centenary of Federation, 2001. Link dead 9/01.

Canadian Test Tokens Single page, tokens for sale. (link dead 3/21/00)

Parkers Metal Detectors Some trade tokens for sale.(link dead 9/01)

Ron Feuer Rare Coins Some Colonial and Hard Times tokens(link dead 9/01)

Daryl Essency Some political and World's Fair items for sale. (link dead 9/01)

NumisART Galleries Mostly coins, a few world tokens listed.(link dead 9/01)

Western Mountain Coin Shop NH Town medals and some other exonumia. (back link 3/00).(link dead 9/01)

B-Squared Coins Some fractional gold coins/tokens. (back-link 3/00) (link dead 9/01)

A-Z Coins A very few exonumia items. (link dead 1/2003)

Modern Mint Issues, including Franklin Mint®*, Danbury Mint, &c.:

World Exonumia Modern Mint Franklin Mint®*, Danbury Mint, Wittaneur Mint, other Modern Mint items.

Franklin Mint

Auction Sites:

World Exonumia Over 3000 lots of fine quality Tokens, Medals, Badges, Ribbons, Masonic, Political, Indian Peace Medal, Slave Tags, More! A massive collection of countermarked coins & more. Mail bid sale closed 29 June 1999.

Paul Cunningham Exonumia Massive TRADE TOKEN auction, closed 31 August, 2000.

Links to Other Auction Sites

Other LINK Pages to Coin, Token, Medal Web Pages:

Coin Shows Listing of all coin shows: U.S. & world.

CoinLink A link to other numismatic sites

Numismatic Network Canada Links to Canadian coin, paper money and token web sites.

Numismatic Passioin French site, with links. Opnes lots of small windows, not recommended!

Fankhauser Encased Coins Information, pictures on encased coins.

Curioscape Antiquing and Collecting Directory

Tias Worlds Fairs and Expos

Bomis Tokens and Medals Ring List of Token and medal sites.

Commercial Exonumia Manufacturing: Sources to manufacture tokens, medals, wooden coins, elongated coins, etc.

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