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Bulk Lots of Video Arcade Tokens FOR SALE.

I have the following Video Arcade Tokens in stock, ready for immediate shipment.

VIDEO ARCADE tokens, Parking tokens and Car Wash TOKENS:
In addition to these listed quantities, I have LOTS of additional stock not yet sorted and counted. I recently supplied 25,000 tokens, all the same, to one customer. Over 1,400,000 tokens SOLD so far! We also offer UNSORTED VIDEO ARCADE TOKENS. Some of these tokens are mint/new, most are used, worn, some dirty, scratched or used, etc. Mint condition specimens may be available for collectors upon request.

POSTAGE: For token lots add $4 cash per ORDER for postage, insurance (NOT per lot!), for up to 20 lots. Subject to prior sale.

NOTE! ALL of these video arcade tokens and other tokens are ORIGINAL, genuine tokens. We do not sell counterfeit or replica tokens.

Available Description/Quantity Price/lot
20+ 100 "Chuck-E-Cheese" Tokens
Consists of ONLY Chuck E. Cheese Tokens, about quarter size, all brass.
9 100 "ShowBiz Pizza" Tokens
Consists of ONLY Show Biz Pizza tokens, about quarter size, all brass.
5+ 100 Chuck-E-Cheese/ShowBiz/Celebration Station/Generic Tokens.
Consists of mixed Chuck E. Cheese Tokens, Show Biz Pizza tokens, Celebration Station tokens and other same size, generic tokens, brass and nickel-silver.
50+ 100 "Dennis, The Place For Games" Tokens
Based in Chicago, IL. All brass, about quarter size.
3 100 "Treasure Chest" Tokens,
Chicago. All brass, about quarter size.
4 100 "Galaxy Game Center" Tokens.
Illinois. All brass, about quarter size.
10 100 "XXX" ADULTS ONLY Flipper Tokens: Heads and Tails Tokens.
Heads/Tails (nude female) flipper tokens, various varieties, all brass, mixed varieties. About quarter size, some minor variety in sizes.
2 100 "XXX" ADULTS ONLY Flipper Tokens
As above, but corroded, for use in machines ONLY! Non-collectible.
10+ 19 Different "XXX" Flipper and Sex-Position tokens
For collectors, all the best condition available (not all are fully mint, some used). Nice collector lot! A popular lot with collectors. I've sold over 100 lots, with slight variations in price over the years! Add $2 postage for this lot only if you only buy this lot.
20+ CAR WASH & Parking Tokens: We have thousands of tokens in stock, and can often supply you with exact tokens to fit your machines. Please send sample and quantity desired. I'll return your sample, and quote prices that will save you cash. We do NOT manufacture these, and generally will have a few to a few hundered tokens available. If you need thousands, see Commercial Link  

  • OTHER TOKENS If you are seeking other sizes or types of tokens, please send a sample of the size you want, for availability. Prices usually start at $15 per 100, FOB. Your sample will be returned, with a price quote.

    PLEASE Write or e-mail at for confirmation on your order. Mail Order Only. Subject to prior sale. These tokens are available year round.


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