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The Ore Vacketta Collection of 11000 Different Illinois Trade Tokens.

NCTA Mail/Email Sale 9.
Closed 1 December 2007

RARE and Scarce Trade Tokens from the VACKETTA Collection and others, all ILLINOIS.

This is a MAIL/Email BID SALE of Illinois Trade Tokens. A trade token, or "Good-For" token is a metal, plastic or wood token with the merchant name, usually with city and state, and a denomination. Tokens are similar to coins, but were used due to a shortage of coinage, or to encourage return business. Tokens without city/state are mavericks, with some being identified as Illinois tokens and depicted below with the city within brackets, ie. (Chicago).

If you are interested in buying any of these, you must place a bid prior to or on the closing date. See below for bidding rules. If you bid severeal days PRIOR to the closing date, I will send you a link to a daily-updated custom web page showing your bids, if you are the high bidder or have been outbid, and the new opening bid. To bid, you MUST send me your name, address and phone number. If you are successful, I will mail you a statement at the end of the sale with the balance due.

This is the VACKETTA Collection: The late Ore Vacketta was the author of the standard book on IL Trade Tokens (I have copies if you need one). These tokens are consigned to me by the family for sale to the highest bidder. The descriptions below ASSUME you have the book, with "V" numbers and abbreviated descriptions. Where there is only one token from a merchant, I have only briefly listed the merchant name. This is a ONCE in a LIFETIME Opportunity to buy! While there are common tokens from IL, this collection has many scarce to rare tokens, and represents a VERY RARE chance for you to acquire new tokens for your collections, at YOUR price. There are NO minimum bids, other than the excessively cheap $4 per token. While the larger lots of 20-50+ tokens might seem initially to be expensive, careful consideration will reveal this is truly a rare chance to buy! Try buying scarce to rare tokens for $4 or so from your local coin dealer! Don't miss these sales, bid today!

WOODEN NICKELS: I have recently gotten another box from the family with Good-For wooden nickels, and have incorportated them into the lots below. Generally the wooden nickels in the descriptions below have a stated denomination, NOT just the implied 5c reverse. The GF woods are generally fairly scarce, and should be more widely collected (as should the plastic tokens). If you collect a regional area, you really need to buy the woods and modern plastic tokens, as they quickly go out of business and become rare. Don't limit your collecting to the metal tokens!

Estimates: There are none, sorry, but there is a $4 minimum bid per TOKEN for the metal tokens. Generally, the smaller the town and the less tokens known from the town, the higher the value. Bids in the $20-50+ range are usually successful on most tokens, but some rarer towns have been bringing $100-250+. I strongly recommend you bid early and check your daily updates, and increase your bids as necessary.

Estimates and Small Towns: While there are no estimates, I have noted the existance of rare towns, and suggest the relative value of the lot by the amount of capitalization of the comment. Thus a token described as "VERY RARE SMALL TOWN" should be worth more than one listed as "Small Town"

This SALE: I have put a number of tokens by CITY into single lots. If you collect that city, but only need a few tokens, please be sure to bid to get your desired tokens, and sell the balance to your local collectors. I don't know every collector, and some lots in every sale go quite cheaply. Don't miss this chance to buy!

BIDDING RULES and Information:
Usual NCTA rules, no bid reductions, except bids over $100 are reduced (but not to less than $100 and not more than by 50%)
MINIMUM BID: $4 per metal token for all lots, with some exceptions (unless otherwise specified: MB=Min.Bid). Bids below the minimum bid cannot be entered into our computer, sorry. Please note that lots with two tokens have a MB of $8, three a MB of $12, etc., even if there is no MB specifically stated for that lot. $4 per token is very cheap and only a few lots sell for the minimum bid.
Information shown within brackets ( ) is NOT on the token.
The town name is ON each token, but the state is sometimes missing, except as follows:
Where the listing is, for example, IL (Chicago), the city AND state are NOT on the token.
AND, where there is more than one token in a lot, AND it is listed in Vacketta, the existance or not of the town name is not further noted. Unlisted tokens are generally FULLY described obv/rev. However, I have not given the exact line arrangement for the reverses, nor have I noted the size. Note that unlisted tokens are fully described within quotes ("xxx") and IF the city name is on the token, it is so listed. Some unlisted tokens were attributed to the stated city by Vacketta and do NOT have the city name on the token (a maverick). If the grade is not shown, the token is in average condition. I have attempted to comment on low-grade and/or damaged pieces, especially if rarer.
Vacketta numbers are shown on IL tokens, R1-6 rarity scale for Illinois tokens:
R1=common, R2= 30-50 known; R3=20-30 known, R4=Rare, 10-20 known, R5 Very Rare, 5-10 known, R6 Extremely Rare, 1-5 known.
Abbreviated descriptions!!
You do NOT have to be a NCTA member to bid. Your name/address/phone MUST be on file to bid.
Please bid your maximum amount via email to me at
Postage and insurance are extra. $1 for 1-3 tokens, about $2-4/postage for 4 or more tokens, plus insurance.
Payments by CHECK or money order ONLY (NO Paypal, Sorry!)
EMAIL Me if you have any questions!


Metal: BR: Brass (bronze), AL: Aluminum, N-S: Nickel-Silver
obv/rev: Obverse/Reverse.

Grades: Unc: Uncirculated
AU: About Uncirculated
XF: Extremely Fine
VF: Very Fine
F: Fine
VG: Very Good
G: Good

GF: Good For (denomination)
IT: In Trade, IM: In Merchandise
Tokens from the Ore Vacketta Collection, author of the IL Trade Token book.
About 11,000 Different IL tokens, to be sold on eBay, NTCA and World Exonumia mail/email sales.
PLEASE email me your 'wants' to get on my mailing list. LOTS more coming up!

Some towns might be out of alphabetical order, sorry! Please check carefully.


1525. (AZ Lowell): Midway SALOON. Unlisted, possibly AZ: "At the/Midway/Saloon/Mike Maier, Proprietor//Good For One/5c/Drink/Or Cigar" BR old style. Vacketta says either Lowell, AZ or Beeville, TX. Nice!

1526. (IL LaSalle or NV: Tonopah) HUB SALOON. Listed in the NV Book with this exact inscription/size, but attributed to LaSalle IL by Vacketta (probably on the basis of V-C24 "Hub"). "Hub/Saloon//Good For / 12 1/2 / Cts /In Trade", Oct. AL. XF with some scratches. $100.00-200.00+


1527. IL (Chicago) James White SALOON. V-WA29 Fully incuse uniface early Brass, small hole at rim, XF but dark, crud. $100.00-200.00+


1528. IL Clinton: SENATE SALOON: ENCASED 1901 Indian Cent! Great Encased Cent SALOON! At the Senate Saloon 113 N Monroe Street. Clinton Ill. Sparks & Raymon. V-02 R6. Rare, Neat! About F/VF. $125.00-200.00+

1529. IL Wilmington: SALOON. Curley's Last Chance SALOON V-01 wood.


1530. IL 100 Different CHICAGO Metal Tokens. Interesting lot of 100 all-metal Chicago tokens. Includes some duplication by merchant. Great lot for the collector or dealer. Average condition, some identified mavericks. (MB $250.00)

1531. IL 100 Different Non-Chicago. Nicer lot of 100 all-metal IL tokens, good variety, some scarcer towns. Great lot for the beginner or the dealer for resale. Includes common pieces of course! Some duplication by merchant, all different denominations. (MB $300.00)


1532. IL Cardboard: Cisne. W.H. Barth SET: V-01 5c,10c,25c,50c Set of 4 c/b G-VF, wear. Scarce Set!

1533. IL Cardboard: Gifford. Hoerner's Pool & Lunch Room V-03 25c. VF. Scarce!

1534. IL Cardboard: Gifford. Matt's Pool & Lunch Room V-05 Orange. VF. Scarce!

1535. IL Cardboard: Okawville. A.L. Schlich SET V-01 5c,10c,25c,50c (w/signature, barely visible), $1.00 (2pcs: w/, w/o sig.) V:ca. 1914. Cardboard, 6pcs, G-VF, worn, some very worn. RARE SET.

1536. IL ROUND Cardboard: Petersburg. I paid $10 each for my examples back in 1973! Neat round c/b with old-style imprint; Nelson & Lucht. V-04 50c,$1. 2pcs, VF. Scarce!

1537. IL Cardboard: Urbana Unlisted. "Good For/10c In Trade/Broadway Lunch Room/John Wooters" rectangular green cardboard, XF, "Urbana, Ill" on rev hand-written.


1538. IL Anna: Unlisted. "V.F.W./3455/Anna, IL//(blank)" Yellow plastic.

1539. IL Benton & West Frankfort Dual Town COAL SCRIPT Set. Young's V-02/03 5c,10c,25c,50c,$1, BR/scallops 5pcs. (MB $20.00)

1540. IL Brereton: COAL SCRIP. Brereton Mercantile Company V-01 10c,50c,$1 R4/ea (MB $12.00)

1541. IL Broadlands. Delong Motor Co. $1 on Tire V-02 AL R6 edge cut, wear. scr., corr.

1542. IL Chicago: Unlisted Wood. "Midway/Stamp & Coin Mart/4122 W. 63rd St./Chicago 29/GF5c/etc." Oldie!

1543. IL Chicago: Wood. "Worth 25c Towards Purchase of Ticket/To Our Next Date Nite Dances/Teen's/World/Ltd/etc." wood.

1544. IL GIANT Chicago Trade Token Lot. The balance of the Vacketta collection of Chicago tokens, includes mostly all trade tokens, but a very few storecards/etc. also. Mostly brass and aluminum, a few N-S, fiber, etc. Mostly nice, many choice, but a fair number are dark/toned and/or cruddy, a few with holes or other damage. From the Charles Lipsky collection, prior to Vacketta, and some ex-Odesser, others unknown sources, some with prices paid. MANY marked as unlisted in the book (but not checked), a number of identified mavericks (also not verified). MOSTLY Different, but some duplication, a very few with more than two pieces, but no hoards or large quantities of the same variety. Should be about 1355+ pieces, impossible to replace at any reasonable price. An incredible opportunity to acquire a great collection. As-is. With so many unlisted pieces, the buyer is requested to help with any future book on IL trade tokens!

1545. IL Chicago Storecards. RR Fair 1949, 3pcs; M-26 Pearson & Dana XF/scr; Hanna & Hoag; WW Walter; Gus's/pig; Town House in bezel; R. Cooper Jr. Inc., 1952 in cast plastic. 9pcs.

1546. IL Chicago: Lot. BB Shoe House, worn; Jos.S.Price; Majestic Bar; HCFisher; Frank Candler; Mahoney Bros; Shine; H.C.Smith/Pick; James J. O'Neil; United Tailoring; Paul Volk; M&M Billiard/BBC; Mills Edisonia (well worn). Nice lot, 13pcs

1547. IL Chicago/IL Tokens/Tags/Etc. Belvidere: Plane & Jennison BZ/damaged; Elgin Watch W-M; Chicago: Peacock; McIntosh Battery & Optical Co id tag; Pearson & Dana; Electrial Inspectors N-S 1953; Memorial Craftsmen id; Foley & Williamson; IL State Fair,Springfield. 9pcs

1548. IL Chicago: $1.00 Pictorial Token Lot of 37 Different. Choice lot of old mostly silver-dollar sized $1.00 Chicago tokens, 10 pictorials including Chez Paree, Ivanhoe, Town House, Northwestern Rathskeller, etc., 2 with scallops, mostly Brass, N-S, 2 AL, 2 with holes-as-made. Nice lot, should be all different, average, some choice, a few poor. 37pcs. (MB $75.00)

1549. IL Danville: Good For $1.00 on a SUIT. Chas. W. Payne V-89. AL R6 Must be rare, Vacketta collected Danville avidly. XF, but dings, minor corr., crud.

1550. IL Danville: Unlisted Woods. 3 Different: "Royal Donut/Worth/10c On Doz./Donuts/Danville,Ill.//(buff)" Wood, 3vars woods.

1551. IL Danville: Unlisted Woods. "Skyway Drive-In Theatre/10th/Anniversay/1949-1959/Valuable/Danville, Illinois//(Ind)"; "GF/10c/IT On Any/Purchase over 35c/Top Boy/Danville, Ill./One to a Patron//Two Wooden Nickels/Top Boy/10c" 2 woods.

1552. IL Danville WOODEN Nickels. Nice lot of various issues, some duplication. Includes Royal Donut 10c on Doz; Illiana Antique Auto, various years; Bob Jones Political; D. Coin Club; etc. 34pcs

1553. IL Danville: The Vacketta Collection Part FOUR. One of Vacketta's favorite towns. With unlisteds, rare lot: Bernhardt & Westfall Tavern V-04 5c BR R5; Joe's Tap V-59-10; Johnson's Billiards and Cigars V-A60 BR R5; "F.E. Jones Jr. /So. Side/Lcunh (sic) Room/308/So. Main St./Danville, Ill.//GF5cIT" AL early style, crud; Dave Jordon's V-61 5c; K&C Smoke Shop as V-62 but unlisted $1.00 AL; V-63; "K&S/Cigar Store/3/W. Harrison/Danville, Ill.//GF10cIT" AL; Carl Kienast V-64 unlisted 5c, 10c (2vars), V-65 5c,10c, unl 25c, V-A66; Lamplighter V-68 5c; Leath's V-69; Leonard's Tavern V-71; "Lincoln Lanes/(bowling pin)/Futurisic Gaming"/etc. BZ; "M.S.Q./Rec./312 N. Logan//GF5cIT" AL (V: Madison Square Rec.); Madison Square Cafe V-74 unl: 50c; "Majestic Hotel/Danville, Ill.//GF5cIM" Old OVAL BZ, ca. 1920; Meade's Manhattan V-A77; "Ray McCubbin/Danville,/Illinois//GF10cIT" BR oct; McQuitty's Smoke Shop V-75 BR hole, c/m; "Ohl's/Club/Aetna/Danville, Ill.//GF10cIT" AL scallops, cruddy V:ca.1935, Lewis Ohl; Palace Cigar Store V-A85, V-85 unl: $1.00 BR spot/rev; "Palace Hotel Bar//GF5cITAtBar" Old AL, cut-down; Pappas & Kiriakos V-A87 BR OVAL R6; "Pappas & Co./193/E. Main St.//GF5cIT" AL V:Bakery ca. 1910; Paradise Gardens V-87. 32 different, Nice!

1554. IL Danville: Beard ICE Co. Coupon Book. Coupon book with sheets of 25# coupons, cover, serial #, for 500 Lbs. Near mint, complete.

1555. IL Danville: Mixed Lot NOT Tokens. Odd lot of different items: "The Hegeler Zinc Company" i.d. badge with pic; Musebeck Company i.d badge w/pic, no pin; "Saratoga Hotel" Danville old brass Key tag; "Taxi Drivers License 1972 184 Danville, Illinois"; Marsue Furniture modern oven grill scraper. 5pcs.

1556. IL Vacketta's DANVILLE Research Info, 1906-. Nice lot, great for the Danville collector, probably very rare! Includes ca. 1906 "Directory and Rating Book -B- Danville, Illinois", basically a CITY DIRECTORY, listing everyone in Danville AND AREA with address, occupation and credit rating, alphabetic. Hardbound, with repairs with duct-tape to spine, inside (!), probably fixable, otherwise good leather corners, some wear, minor writing, Vacketta imprint. Plus: "Vermilion County 1882 & 1893, photocopies of Dun/Bratstreet directories, used; "A Remembrance of Old Danville Through Bottles", Shwon/Brown, paper; "The Indians of Vermilion Valley" 3 copies; "At Home in Forest Glen". Plus extras: Old "Scrip Talk", etc. Over 8pcs, some autographed. Rare lot, great research! $100.00-200.00+

1557. IL Freeport: Unlisted. "GF One Domestic Bottle Beer/Rich's Roadhouse/815-233-6292/1802 Crossroads Lane, Freeport Ill//(same)" I visited it last week, Rich is gone, but his partner still runs it. A moderately rough bar. Nice guy! Red plastic.

1558. IL Lincoln: Wood. "10% Off/Any Purchase/Lincoln/Antiques,/Inc./etc." Wood

1559. IL LaGrange: Unlisted Wood. "GF $1.00 On Any/Sudoma Coin/85 S. LaGrange Rd./LaGrange, IL/etc." Indian wood.

1560. IL Loves Park: Unlisted. "B&B Park Bowl/633-8824/Loves Park, IL//(same)" White plastic octagon

1561. IL Machesney Park: Unlisted. "Racer's Edge/(car) Lounge/Machesney Park, IL//815-636-8747/GF/One/Drink/Machesney Park, IL" Orange Plastic. Gone!

1562. IL Peoria: Wood. Larry's Antiques 15% Off V-A31. wood.

1563. IL Ottawa: Large Lot. K.J. Allen V-B02; Bayuk's Tap V-02 5c; BPOE 588 as V-A04, unl: 25c & 50c; Burlington Tap V-05 25c; "The/Court//JCZ (initial, intertwined, very old style)" BR V: Jacob C Zeller, Saloon ca. 1914; "10c (written)/Curtin's" on paper; Dunn's Tavern V-A10; Flynn V-C10 5, unl:25 BR R6/ea; "Gibson's Tavern (i)/GF5ctsIT//(Schmidt)" BR; Alex L Gray V-B13; Frank & Marty Less Tavern V-15, similar/unl. BR; Lukens Place V-17 5c,25c; "Mitch's/Cigar/Store//GF25cIM" BR V:Taylor R Pyle 1924-40, Marshall B. Mitchell, Cigar Mfg, ca. 1900; "Parkway Tavern/Ottawa/Ill./Fred Hartkorn//GF10cIT" AL; Raths Keller V-27; "Otto/Sticklen/604/Columbia St.//GF5cIT" Neat old AL, but beat up; "Thomas's/Tap/Ottawa/Ill.//GF25IT" Blk, 40c: Red, 60c: Green (3pcs), older!; G.D. Whitney V-A35 BR R6. 26pcs

1564. IL Ottawa: Unlisted Wood. "Your Nickel Buys/More at/Don's Paint Store/GF 5%/Discount...etc.//(buff)" wood.

1565. IL Peru: Vacketta's Collection PART TWO. Gammy's Tavern, 18pcs, dups; Henry's Tavern V-A11 5c,25c; Hillside Tavern V-B11; Phil Klabel V-F11, spots; Klinger's V-G11 5c,25c, V-H11; The Maples V-11; Niben Bros V-C12 50cWithCase,large AL R6, holed; Parat's Tavern V-D12 (2pcs); Perk's Parkview V-E12 10c; Peru Products V-F12 50cWithCase, large AL R6 (2pcs); Peru Turner Hall V-12; Pirc's Tavern 5pcs; S&B V-13; Sajnaj's Buffet V-14 5c,25c, V-15. 42pcs.

1566. IL Poplar Grove. Bill's Place V-01 BR R4 Small town.

1567. IL Poplar Grove: Unlisted. "B&B/Pub/Poplar Grove, IL/815-765-0077//GFOneMixedDrink/(glass)" Green plastic

1568. IL Rockford: Unlisted. "St. Ambrose Club/(knight on horseback)/Rockford, IL//802 Montrose St./GF/One Drink/Rockford, IL" Set of 2: red & green plastic, 2pcs (MB $7.00)

1569. IL Roscoe: Unlisted. "Croc's/Roscoe, IL//Draft/Beer" Blue plastic

1570. IL Sadorus: Unlisted Merchant, Small Town. "Woodie's Tavern/Sadorus/Ill.//GF10cIT" AL, XF.

1571. IL St. Anne: Unlisteds! Jack's Tavern V01, BR R5; S.J. James, V02 (2 distinct varieties), BR, R5/ea, 2pc.; Les's Tavern V03 BR; "Jasper Sparcia/St. Anne,/Illinois//GF5cIT" AL; "H. Sprimont//GF5cIT" (Vacketta: Herman) AL; "Herman Sprimont/St. Anne/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL; "H. Sprimont/Billiard/Parlor//GF5cIT" AL. 8pcs (MB $40.00)

1572. IL St. Charles: Scarce Town. VFW V01; John Satula V02 R6; Gus VanGlabeke V03 R6. 3pcs (MB $15.00)

1573. IL St. David. Chick's Tavern VA02 (dark) R6; V02 R5; Elaine Tap V05, V06. 4pcs (MB $20.00)

1574. IL St. Elmo: Small Town. Atkinson's Store 1c V01 BR R6 VF.

1575. IL St. Maries: Unlisted Town. "Good For/25c/In Trade At/Kootenai/Inn/St. Maries//A Round Tuit", wood.

1576. IL St. Paul. Mercanitle V01 5c,10c; V02 25c,50c (2pcs),$1. AL R4/each, mostly well toned. 6pcs (MB $24.00)

1577. IL St. Peter. Brauer & Co. V01,V02,V03 (small hole). 3pcs, VG-F, R6/each. Scarce lot! (MB $20.00)

1578. IL St. Rose (Milwaukee, WI). St. Rose Home Show V01 (now attributed to Milwaukee!). BR XF.

1579. IL Salem: Unlisted/Lot. Community H.S. V02; The Club VA03 BR R6; "The/Club//Salem,/Ill." AL. 3pcs (MB $15.00)

1580. IL Sandwich: Lot/Unlisted/CWT. Bannister's V01; Bill's Smoke Shop V02; Sandwich Bank VB03 (Civil War Token) F/VF, needs cleaning R6; "Meet Me/At/The/Pizza Place/Sandwich/Illinois//25c/etc." wood; Thompon's VC03-25; United Cigar Store V03; Warner's C04 $1, $5 (MB $45.00)

1581. IL Savanna. Kennedy's V06; CH Pinckney CIGAR STORE V07; Preston's Tvern V08; Frank Runyan's Tavern V09; VFW VB12; Warner's V13. Nice grades! 6pcs (MB $30.00)

1582. IL Schram City. H.C. Rucker VB01 AL R5

1583. IL Seatonville. Gussy's V01 (2pcs, one w/corr.); Lou's Hilltop Tavern V05. 3pcs (MB $12.00)

1584. IL Secor: SMALL TOWN. Doc's Tavern OVAL Zinc V01 R5, minor spots.

1585. IL Seneca. Louis Barla V01 BR R6 VF.

1586. IL Seymour: UNLISTED TOWN: LUMBER. "The Best in Town/Karr/Lumber Co./Bldg. Material/& Hdw./Ph. 3882/Seymour, Ill.//Wooden Nickel/etc." wood. 2 vars: Indian, Buffalo. 2pcs. Early phone number!

1587. IL Shannon: Small town. Billiard Hall, V01 BR R5. CHOICE UNC!

1588. IL Sheffield: Unlisted Wood. Joe's Place V01; "Worth 10c In Trade/At/Joe's/Place/Sheffield, Ill.//Wooden Nickel/(Indian)" 2pcs; Palace Tavern V03. 4pcs. (MB $15.00)

1589. IL Shelbyville: Unlisteds. Chas. H. Beetle, (comma after name) VA01, city name in "U" shape, early style! AL R6; Broverman's V01 5c,25c (early) R5/ea.; "At Busy Bee/Shelbyville, Ill.//GF5cIT" BR 2pcs, one corr.; Hinton's Cafe VB02; "J. Wm. Klauser/& Co./Shelbyville,/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL, minor corr.; R.O.C. V02. 8pcs. (MB $40.00)

1590. IL Sheldon: Unlisted Town Wood. "5% Discount/Kusman's/Pool Center/Sheldon, IL./etc//TUIT" wood.

1591. IL Sheridan: Unlisted - PRISON TOKENS. "Nugent's/6543//GF25cInDrinksOnly" Sq. BR AU; IISB V02 5c,25c. (Illinois Industrial School for Boys: Zara #IL15, L18. 3pcs. (MB $20.00)

1592. IL Shiloh: Rare Town, Unlisted Merchant! Panter Tavern V01 AL R6; "M. Hornbostle/Shiloh/Ill.//GF5cIM" AL, oct. XF. Rare. (MB $25.00)

1593. IL Shinkle: RARE TOWN. L.F. Bilbruck V01, single variety town, BR R6 VF, well toned.

1594. IL Shobonier: Rare Town! Schaefer & Schoal V01 5c, 10c. VF. 2pcs. R6/each. (MB $30.00)

1595. IL Sidell. Quality or Central Cafes V03 5c, 10c VF 2pcs. (MB $8.00)

1596. IL Sidell. Scotty Cafe V04 5c, 10c, V05. AL R4/ea, damaged. 3pcs (MB $12.00)

1597. IL Sigel: Unlisted. "Sigel/GF10CtsIT (in center)/Booster Club (i)//(Schmidt mark)" Sq AL; Kaufman & Rodgers VA02 SET of 5 BR R6/ea. 6pcs. (MB $20.00)

1598. IL Skokie. Fred's Custom Sunoco VB02; Hugo's V02 Unlisted "5", 10, Unlisted "1.00"; White Elephant V07. 5pcs. (MB $20.00)

1599. IL Skokie Valley: Small Town, Unlisted. The New Gateway V01-25, Same/unlisted $1.00 BR 38mm, AU. 2pcs. (MB $20.00)

1600. IL Sleepy Hollow (?) Unlisted TOWN - DAIRY (or NY?). Vacketta attributed this to Sleepy Hollow IL, and Mapquest lists a SH near West Dundee. An internet search reveals several hits to this title, one in MO and one in IL. Reiter lists a variety to Canaan NY, with a fairly good match to info, so it is possible this is NY. Regardless, an interesting piece: "Sleepy Hollow/Stock/Farm//Good For/1 Gal./Milk" Oct. BR, XF, small spots. No warranty as to city, sorry! (MB $25.00)

1601. IL Smithshire: RARE SMALL TOWN! C.E. Rosenbalm V01, AL R6, Choice AU. (MB $25.00)

1602. IL Smithton: Small Town. Silver Moon Tavern, V01 AL R6, XF minor spots. (MB $15.00)

1603. IL Somonauk. Eastman's Tap V01 R5; Weber & Hanson V04 R5. 2pcs (MB $10.00)

1604. IL South Beloit: Unlisted. "The/Ace Tap/460/Blackhawk Blvd/So. Beloit, IL/GF/One/(beer mug)" yellow plastic

1605. IL South Beloit: Unlisted. "Crocker's/Gardner St./S. Beloit, Ill/389-8945/Prime Spot//GFOne/Beer" Green plastic

1606. IL South Brooklyn: SMALL Town! Edith & Reco's Tavern V01 Single Variety town. AU. (MB $10.00)

1607. IL South Chicago. H. White V05 AL R5, AU, edge pinch

1608. IL South Standard: Single Variety Town. Mo's Tavern V01 AL R5 VF/XF

1609. IL South Wilmington and Brooklyn: DUAL Town. Bottino Bros. OVAL AL V01 R6 Darkish VF+.

1610. IL Spring Bay: Rare SMALL Town. Fred Loser with HEART Cutout, Choice XF, V02 BR R6.

1611. IL Springerton: Single Merchant Town. G.W. Adams V01 Odesser: population 418. 10c, 25c. XF/AU, AL crud. 2pcs. (MB $8.00)

1612. IL Springfield: Unlisted Woods. "Worth 50c On Your Next Prescription/At/Mummert's/West/etc."; "Nick & Vi's/GF/5c/IT/etc."; "Bowl 1 Free Game A Day/Strike/'N/Spare/etc." All with city name, 3pcs. (MB $10.00)

1613. IL Springfield: 3 Unlisteds. "Buccis//GF10cIT" AL TAMS maverick 12898; "Wm. Kuckel/1601/So. 10 1/2 St./Springfield (in "U")/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL; "United/U.T.S./Trade/System//GF5IT" BR. 3pcs (MB $20.00)

1614. IL Spring Valley: LARGE LOT #2. Mule's Tap VD07-5c (2pcs); North End Tap V-F07; same, but 25cIT BR unlisted; VG07; Pep Frasco V07, V08-10, V08-50 RECTANGULAR (2pcs); Prosperity club V10 TRIANGLE SHAPE! R5, V11, VA13 (triangles!); E.B. Saad V13 VACKETTA PLATE SPECIMEN; "Saad Bros./Spring Valley/Ill.//GF10cIT" old BR, Ca. 1900; Sally's VB14, "Sally's/Spring Valley/Illinois//GF50cIM" BR oct; V14-5a (2 vars, one AG); as A15, but 25cIM, BR; Adolph Seghetti VB15 BR R6; Senate Inn V15 VACKETTA PLATE SPECIMEN BR R5 OVAL!; Ship Cafe VA16-10b STAR C/o BR R6; Boat Club V-C16; V-D16; same as V-D16, but 10c BR; Steve's VF16 5c,10c,25c; Tap'n Grill V-16; Tieman's Tavern V-E17-25; Tuffy's Tavern VH-17 5c,50c; Verucchi's Tavern V-O17 R6; Webster Park, as V-R17 but 25c BR; White Front Tavern V-S17, V-T17. Choice lot of 36 with unlisteds, plates! (MB $160.00)

1615. IL Stallings: RARE SINGLE MERCHANT TOWN! J.F. Diekmann, old style BR, R6. A bit dark brown, mottled, counterstamped "3" on reverse, minor scratches. RARE! $100.00-200.00+

1616. IL Standard: Nice Lot. T. Bertoni V01-5a, pitted R6; Blanche & Sis's Place VA02 R5; Lui Passini V03 BR R6; Pitch's Tap VA04; Roma Inn VC04 R5; Willy & Tina's V04 5c,10c,25c. 8pcs (MB $40.00)

1617. IL Staunton: Unlisted Merchant. "John Chapman,/Pool Room//GF5cIT" BR, c/h, ca. 1920, R6.

1618. IL Steeleville: Was Single Variety, New Mechant! Hapke's Tavern V01 R6; "F.A. Stahlberg/General/Merchandise/Steeleville, Ill.//GF10cIT" oct. AL, dug, dings, edge dings, VF. (MB $20.00)

1619. IL Steelton: COAL SCRIPT SET. H. Snider V01, full set: 5c,10c,25c,50c,$1 (2pcs, no c/m). AL R6/each. 6pcs (MB $30.00)

1620. IL Steger: RARE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN: OVAL, PLATE! Anton Wolff, V01, neat BRASS Oval, Vacketta PLATE specimen p. 503, nice XF. RARE! $100.00-200.00+

1621. IL Sterling. Bargain Junction VA02 wood 2pcs; Huber Bros. V02 AL R5, G/VG, dings/wear. 3pcs (MB $15.00)

1622. IL Stewardson. This and That Outlet V02 wood.

1623. IL Stockton. Brown Bros. Billiards V01 VACKETTA PLATE Specimen BR R6, old, XF; T.A. Hicks VC02 AL R6. 2pcs.

1624. IL Stasburg: Full Set. J.E. Weber V01 1c,5c (2pc),10c,25c,50c,1.00,5.00. nice AL 8pcs (MB $25.00)

1625. IL Strawn: Small Town. C.F. Andreas V01 AL R6

1626. IL Stronghurst: Single Variety Town. Senior Food Stand V01 R6.

1627. IL Sublette. Toot's Place V01, V03. 2pcs

1628. IL Sullivan: Scarce Town. Philphot's 1966 BR R5

1629. IL Summerfield: RARE Town: Single Variety! Geo. C. Anheuser VF/XF, a few minor scr. AL R6. Ca. 1914 Grocery.

1630. IL Streator: Vacketta's Collection PART TWO. Chalkey's Tavern unlisted wood (2pcs); H. Daugherity V-25 5c, 25c; E.B. Davies V-24 5c,25c; Chas. Devine V25 TRIANGLE; East End Cigar VB27 but 25c unlisted, $1.00; "Elk's Club//GF5cIT" AL, "Elk's/Club//GF5c IT at Cigar Case" AL, "BPOE 591 (around)//2 1/2c" AL scallops, "Streator/Elks/591//GF5cIT" AL; Elko's Tavern VB28; Peter Faletto V-28 2.5c! AL R6, V-39; E.J. Farmer V-30 5c,25c V: Saloon ca 1914; FOE No 645 V-31; Andy Guttalo V-32 R6; Hirkala & Galick V-34 V: Saloon pre-1914; Hotel Republic VA-36 BR R6; Hunter's Tavern V-36 5c, V-37 10c, 25c; Jodies full set! V38,39 5c,25c,40 5c,10c,25c, 41 (2pcs, BR, holed); Klinger's Tavern VB43 R6; Knox's V-43, V44; Koenig's V-A45 25c,$1 and unlisted 5c AL oct. V:Saloon pre-1914; Krier's Tavern V-B45 5c,$1; RARE FIBER SET! Leonard Brothers V-C45 5a/5b/5c V:Saloon! R6/each; "Liberty Inn/Streator/Ill.//GF25cIT" AL; Louden Tavern V-45-25; Martin's Tavern V-46 5c,10c,25c; Bill Mathieu V-47 (2pcs); Alex Miklos V-48 5c,25c; Miller's Cigar Store V-A49 OVAL ZINC, V49; Monroe Tap Room V-50 5c,10c,25c, V-51; "Morris Drug/Store/Streator/Ill.//GF10cIT" old AL; Neitzel Buffet V-52 V:Saloon!; Andrew Novak V-A53 R6; Novak & Rettof V-53 BR V:Both Saloons! R6; "The Old Hickory/B and B/1134/Hickory St.//GF10cIT" BR V:Saloon ca.1900; Paddock V-A55 LARGE OVAL $1.00, V-B55, V-C55-5a; "Panama/Streator//GF5cIT" BR sq; "Parkway Club/110/N. Park/Streator, Ill.//GF5cIT" AL, same but 25c red fiber. 70pcs, Unlisteds, Saloon era! Nice lot (MB $300.00)

1631. IL Swansea: Rare Single Variety Town. Helen's Tavern V01 5c Drink AL Scalloped R6

1632. IL Sycamore: Lot. Bergie's Tavern V01; C.O. Samuleson V03-5a BR R6, -5b AL R6; E.S. Sims V-B04 BR R6 dark. 4pcs. (MB $25.00)

1633. IL Table Grove. C.H. Haist & Son V-02 10c and $1., both "H" c/m, BR R6/ea. 2pcs (MB $15.00)

1634. IL Tallula. J.P. Foster V-02 50c,$1.00, V-3 GF ONE LOAF. AL R6/ea, 3pcs. (MB $15.00)

1635. IL Tamms: SCARCE SMALL TOWN. J.W. Joynt V-01 2 1/2c IT, VACKETTA PLATE SPECIMEN p504, BR R6, nice. V:Saloon, ca.1914.

1636. IL Taylor Springs: Single Merchant Town. VFW Post 1306 V01 5c BR, 10c AL. 2pcs

1637. IL Taylorville: Wood. S & J Coin Shop GF5cIT V-03. wood

1638. IL Taylorville and Chicago: PIANO. Peter Apostle Piano Co (Chi AA35 R5) dual city, coin-op 'Dealers in Electric "Coinola" Pianos and Orchastras'. BR, VF/XF, mottled.

1639. IL Taylorville: $1.00 on TIRE and TUBE or BATTERY. Large Dollar-sized AL 38mm, B&Z Garage V-A01 R6. dug, pitted, dings, corr.

1640. IL Taylorville: Unlisted Wood. "Glass Key Inn (on key)/824-9687/Routh 29 & 48 Taylorville, Ill.//GFOneFreeBeer" wood

1641. IL Tazwell County: SCARCE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN. Retail Liquor Dealers V01 AL R5. Early 2 1/2c. VF/XF, dirt.


1643. IL Teutopolis: SCARCE Single Merchant Town. J.H. Uptmore V01 5c, AL R6, XF.

1644. IL Texico: RARE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN. Parchen & Rollinson V01 BR R6, VG dug dark pitting, mottled.

1645. IL Thomson: RARE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN. L.J. Greeley V01 AL R6 Nice XF.

1646. IL Thornton: VERY RARE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN, Early! Dan Budimija V01 BR R6, early style "At the Bar", toned XF.

1647. IL Tilton: VERY RARE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN. Burris Bros. V-01 AL R6, Dug, pitted, edge chunk, corr./damage. But RARE!

1648. IL Tinley Park: Unlisted Wood. "Silver Dollar Horse Shoe Bar/(horse)/etc/Tinley Park, Illinois//(Silver$)" red on white, wood.

1649. IL Tiskilwa: Small Town. Borg Tavern V-01 R5.

1650. IL Toledo: Small Town, Unlisted. Bean & Prather V-02 BR R6 dark pitted VF; Honey Bucket V03 R6; "C.W. Humphrey/General/Merchandise/Toledo, Ills.//GF1cIM" Early BR scallops, dug/dark/pitting; Toledo Amuse. V05 (not really from Toledo IL). 4pcs. (MB $30.00)

1651. IL Tolono: SCARCE Town. Harden Rec. V01 BR R6 Choice XF.

1652. IL Toluca: Nice Lot, Unlisted. L. Capponi V-B01 BR R6; Caps Tavern V-C01 BR R5; Citron Department Store V-D01 AL R6 (3pcs); Imm's Tavern V-E01 BR R5; M.B. VG01 R5; Mona's Tavern V01; "Angelo Monari/Sample/Room/Toluca, Ill.//GF5cIT" BR 4scallops, AG; Tom Rolando V-02 BR R5; Adolph Seghetti V03 BR R6. 11pcs, nice (MB $75.00)

1653. IL Tonica. Chum's Cigar Store V-A01 25c AL R6; Kniffen V-01 5c,10c,25c. R5/ea. 4pcs. (MB $20.00)

1654. IL Tower Hill: SCARCE Single Merchant Town. J.W. Selby V-01 10c BR VACKETTA PLATE SPECIMEN p505 R6.

1655. IL Tremont. Hitt & Studyvin V-01 BR R6; T.M. Ryan V02 BR R6. 2pcs (MB $20.00)

1656. IL Triumph: Small Town. Pete Debolt V01 10c XF.

1657. IL Trivoli: Small Town. O.L. Glasford VA-01 10c AL R6 VF+

1658. IL Trowbridge: Complete Town Set! Doll & Kennedy V01 5c,10c,25c,50c,$1 AL R5/each 5pcs. (MB $20.00)

1659. IL Troy. Lydies Place V-02; Noah's Place V-03. 2pcs (MB $8.00)

1660. IL Troy Grove: Small Town. Stewart's Lantern Shop V01 10c BR R6, XF.

1661. IL Tuscola: Coin Show Wood. Okaw-Valleye Coin Club V01 R3

1662. IL Tuscola: Unlisted Wood. "Dutch Hutch/Restaurant/Tuscola, Illinois//Wooden Nickel/(Indian)" wood

1663. IL Tuscola: Unlisted. "Moose Club/729//GF5cIT" AL dark/crud.

1664. IL Urbana: Unlisted Wood. "Good For 5 Nickels on Your Next Prescription/Bongart's/Pharmacy/Urbana, Ill.//Wooden Nickel/etc." wood

1665. IL Urbana: Wood, Unlisted. Fireside V-B03; "The/Office (in outline)/A Drinking Establishment/214 W. Main St. Urbana IL 61801//5 Gets You 2 For 1 Drinks/etc." wood. 2pcs

1666. IL Urbana: Lot. Broadway Inn V-A01 R5; Broadway Tavern V-01 VACKETTA PLATE SPECIMEN p505 (2pcs); D.A.V. #8 V-A-310b (3pcs); Mallows V-04 BR R6 c/h; "Rustler/(miner's pick)/Silver//Redeemable for/(bldg)/No Monetary Value/Premium Only" AL (3pcs); Shin's Tavern V-06. 11pcs (MB $40.00)

1667. IL Utica: Woods, Unlisteds. "GF 5c Any Time At/Bennett/Skelley/Service/MO 7-7192/Jct. 6 & 178-Utica Ill." Indian; Buffalo; Ralph's V08 10c, 15c. 4pcs. (MB $12.00)

1668. IL Utica: Large Lot. "Bennett's/Tap//GF5cIT" BR; Bob & John's V-01 5c,10c,25c; Buzz's Town Tap V-02 5c,10c,25c; Day's Trail's End V-03 5c,10c; 25c (holed at edge); Farrar's Tap V04; J.H. Hannan V-05 BR R6, V-06 V:Saloon ca.1914; Hickey's Tavern V-07; Shamrock Tap V-09; Starved Rock Hotel V-10 R6; Town Tavern V-B11; E.W. Woodbury V-11, V-13 (2pcs), V-14 5c, -10a, -10b. 23pcs. (MB $100.00)

1669. IL Valmeyer: Small Town. Cowbell Tavern V-01 BR R5.

1670. IL Vandalia: Unlisted Wood. "First National Bank/(serial # in red)/of Vandalia//Wooden Nickel/(buffalo)/etc."

1671. IL Vermont. Casey's Recreation V-01 R3

1672. IL Victoria. Andy's Tavern V-02, V-03; Marion Ponder V-07. 3pcs (MB $12.00)

1673. IL Villa Grove: Lot. Wilbern Cox V-01; Foster's Recreation V-02, V-03; Harvey's Recreation V-04,V-05,V-06 25c,50c; Pete's V07. 8pcs (MB $30.00)

1674. IL Villa Park Woods. Jubilee Headquarters V-01, V-02, 1965 woods. 2pcs

1675. IL Virden: Unlisted Woods. GF One Cup of the Best Coffee in Town Fiesta Resturant, etc., 2 different, black, red, diff. wording. 2pcs

1676. IL Virginia: Unlisted. "H.T. Bell (i)/GF5cIT//(blank)" AL Harry Bell, Cigars, Billiards, ca. 1914, dug/pitting/damage; Country Club V-B01 5c; E.J. McGuire V-01 old, BR R6; Wm. Stafford V-03 BR R6 ca. 1914, dark/crud. 4pcs (MB $20.00)

1677. IL Waggoner. J.E. Vignos BR V-A02 with center hole as made (not listed as such in Vacketta, but probably the same). R6 minor crud.

1678. IL Warrensburg: Small Town TRENCH Canning Factory. Warrensburg Canning Co V-01 2 and 3, BR R6/ea, 3:Beat, dings. 2pcs. (MB $20.00)

1679. IL Warrenville: Single Variety Town. The Village Tavern V-01 AL R5 Unc. (MB $10.00)

1680. IL Warsaw: Lot. "C & H/Tavern/Warsaw,/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL oct; Criswell & Sharpe V-03 AL R6 (2pcs); Jumper's Tavern V-04 (V lists as BR & CU, but probably only BR) 2pcs, 1poor, V-05-5a; Ringhouse Inn V-08,-09,-10; Spin's V-11; Albert Wisch V-12 BR R6 V:Saloon, ca.1914 (4pcs). 14pcs (MB $60.00)

1681. IL Washburn: Unlisted $-Sized AL FORD/FORDSON. "O.F. Dyar/Ford/and Fordson/Sales and Service/Phone 62/Washburn, Ill.//GF$1.00OnAPurchaseof$20.00orOver" AL 38mm, XF+. (MB $20.00)

1682. IL Washburn: Lot. Ehringer Rec. V01 BR R6 XF; Evans & Lusher V-02 AL R6 XF; Fitschen & Quiram V-B03 AL R6 (2pcs,1cruddy); Fitschen Tavern V-03 AL R6 VACKETTA PLATE SPECIMEN; "A.C./Martini/GF5cIT" BR (2pcs), "A.C. Martini/Washburn/Ill.//GF25cIM" BR V:ca.1914; Zenzen's Tavern V-05. 9pcs (MB $45.00)

1683. IL Washington: Wood Bowling Alley. East Side Lanes V-01

1684. IL Waterloo: MILK. M. & O. Milk Co. GF 2 1/2c IT. AL R6 VG.

1685. IL Watseka. American Legion 23 V-A01; Art Caron V-01 VACKETTA PLATE, V-A02,; Doran's Lone Oak V-02; Little Casino V-03; Peck's Pub V-04. 6pcs (MB $25.00)

1686. IL Watson: Unlisteds. P.N. Martin V-01 5c/pitted, 50c (2pcs, 1 AG); "J.D.D. Williamson/Groceries/And/Insurance/Watons,Ill.//GF5cIT" AL scallops, same, 10c, 25c V:ca.1914. 6pcs. (MB $30.00)

1687. IL Wauconda: Wood. Wauconda Beach Hotel V-04.

1688. IL Waukegan: Lot. Darrow & Barron 1 BATCH V-A02 BR R6; Tim Kelley Buffet ca. 1914 V-A03 AL R6 G; Lithuanian V-B03 7pcs,mixed, "Lithuanian Auditorium/Waukegan,/Ill.//$1.00/Deposit" Oct; Meister Brau Tavern V-C03. 11pcs (MB $40.00)

1689. IL Wenona. Donnnelly's Tavern V-A01 Dark; Kane's Smoke House V-01 5c BR R6 (2pcs); Marks Bros. V-02 5c,10c. 5pcs (MB $20.00)

1690. IL West Brooklyn: Lot. Bunk's Tavern V-01 5c,10c,25c; Geo. Meurer V-A02 10c AL R6; Vickrey's Tavern V-02 5c,10c, R6/ea. 6pcs (MB $25.00)

1691. IL West Chicago: Unlisted Wood PHARMACY. "GF 5cIT/Conley/Pharmacy.../West Chicago,Ill.//(buff)" wood.

1692. IL West Frankfort COAL SCRIPT. West Frankfort Mercantile Co. V-02 10c,$1.00 BR R5/each, XF. 2pcs.

1693. IL West Frankfort: Unlisted. "Hampton & Kelly Inc./122/West Main/St./West/Frankfort/Ill.//GF1cIM" AL old! cleaned VF, edge clip.

1694. IL Weston: Single Variety Small Town. Weston Pool Hall V-01 AL R6 XF.

1695. IL Westville. American Legion Club 51 V-03 AL R4

1696. IL Westville. Charlies Place V-11 10c BR R6

1697. IL Westville: PHARMACY Wood. Kindig's Pharmacy V-A20 in black & purple. 2pcs.

1698. IL Wheaton: PHARMACY Wood. Hawthorne Pharmacy V-A02 wood.

1699. IL Wheaton COLLEGE CURRENCY. Wheaton College V-02 AL

1700. IL Wheeling: Unlisted GF Wood. "Kelley's Ranchwear/GF/5c/IT/Wheeling,Illinois//Wooden Nickel/(Indian)"

1701. IL Williamsfield. Dave's Place V02; Herk's Place V03. 2pcs.

1702. IL Willisville: Scarce Small Town. T.J. Smith V01, V03. 2pcs

1703. IL Wilsonville: UNLISTED TOWN. NE of Alton: "Wilsonville/Pool/Room//GF/2 1/2c /IT" AL old style, XF, minor scratches reverse.

1704. IL Windsor. Jones Pool Room V-01 BR

1705. IL Winfield: Rare SMALL TOWN. John's Buffet J. Karwoski Prop. V-01 5c. AL R6.

1706. IL Witt: Scarce Small Town, Older! Circolo Simpatico V-01 BR R5 old, dug, dark; Joseph Zucco V-02 AL R6, very old style rev., neat! Rare (MB $25.00)

1707. IL Woodhull: Unlisted Merchant, Was Single Var. RARE TOWN. "Woodhull Plaza/10/Woodhull, Ill.//(same)" AL XF+

1708. IL Woodridge: UNLISTED TOWN: Wood. "Rob Pllick's/...Woodridge, Ill./Landscape Maintenance//Wooden Nickel/(Indian)".

1709. IL Wood River. H&H V-02 (V: Ham Richardson); So Ho Cafe V-05 10c, 25c UNC. 3pcs (MB $12.00)

1710. IL Woodstock. C.W. Ritt V-03 R6 AL crud; The Smoke House V-06. 2pcs

1711. IL Wyoming: Lot. "Ray Colgan/Wyoming,/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL oct; Colgan's Tavern V-B01 5c,25c R6/ea; Sword's Tavern V-03 20c OVAL, V-04 20c. R5/ea. 6pcs. (MB $25.00)

1712. IL Zearing: Single Variety Small Town. M.& A. Oasis V01 BR R6 XF/spot.

1713. IL Ziegler: Unlisted Town (!). "Curley's/Smoke/Shop/Ziegler, Ill.//GF5cIT" AL pitting. Probably should be Zeigler.

1714. IL Zion: MILK PICTORIAL. Neat BIRD! Zion Creamery V01 AL R6 VF w/tiny hole.

1715. IL Mixed/Unsorted IL/other Tokens. Mostly trade token extras, loose and unsorted, mostly very common, mostly AL, some plastic, BZ & fiber, various shapes, mostly nice but some cruddy/poor, some personals, Transit, Parking, etc.. Mostly IL but a few other states. Large lot of over 200pcs, MUCH duplication. (MB $25.00) $20.00+

1716. IL Illinois COIN CLUB Wooden Nickels. Nice lot of mixed IL woods, various cities, mostly different but some dups, includes the first ever MINT SET of 5 woods for the Greater DuPage Coin Festival 1965 (where I was Treasurer for the Wheaton Coin Club, the instigator of this 5-club show, and, as I recall, I helped design the set. The Wheaton wood is the 5c one! One cracked, with serial #2181. We had an auction with catalog at the show, and the late Ralph Winquist (famous supply dealer) decided he had to have the first 10 serially numbered sets. Somebody ran him up, and I believe he paid over $100 for set #1). 28pcs.

1717. IL Mixed Illinois Woods. Interesting lot of various (mostly) IL non-centennial woods, various issuers/towns, includes Decatur; Belmont; Arcola; Rossville; Galesburg; Batavia; Hoopeston; Chicago, etc. 20pcs, minor dups.

1718. IL Lot of Illinois Wooden Nickels. Nice lot of non-GF woods, all IL, plus 2 metals. Various antique stores, coin shops and coin clubs, etc. 2 1967 Starved Rock BZ, Unc. medals. 1964-72, 20pcs, some dups.

The Vacketta Collections!

1719. IL Illinois Wood Centennial FLATS. Evanston-Northwestern 1951 1 (4pcs); Kankakee 1953 5; Rantoul 1954 5. 6pcs.

1720. IL The Vacketta Collection of CENTENNIAL COMMEMORATIVES of Illinois: Part I: 83 WOODEN NICKELS. Vacketta assembled one of the finest collections of IL Municipals/Centennials and published a TAMS Supplement in 1994 listing the metal, woods and pins/badges. This PART I is EVERY ONE of the WOOD NICKELS listed in the book. It is assumed that any serious collector of these already has the book (available from the auctioneer). MOST of these are the TAMS PLATE SPECIMENS, however some are actually better than the plate pieces! See the next lot for duplicates from this lot. In addition to the TAMS LISTED pieces, this lot includes unlisted woods from (total # from town listed, not just unlisteds): Camp Point, Capintennial (?); DeKalb: Ed's Tavern (3diff); Donovan Lumber 1971; Earlville Eder's Knotty Pine Tap (2diff); 3 diff. Ford Co.; 2 diff. Forest Park; 3 diff. Mound City; 2 diff. Okawville; Roberts; Hartings Mkt. Rock Falls; 3 diff. Sheldon; Springfield; Sycamore; 2 diff. Waterman; Will, 115yrs Witt/Andries. Incredible collection of 83 DIFFERENT IL Centennial Wooden nickels, ALL the TAMS listeds and unlisteds, condition generally excellent. A rare opportunity! (MB $400.00) $450.00-600.00+

1721. IL Duplicates of Vacketta IL Centennial Wooden Nickels. Nice lot of dups from the above collection: Annawan (2), Chenoa, Ford, Woodward's & McCarty/Hull, Lostant, Matoon, Mitchellville, Morrison 7.5c, Okawville, Ridge Farm, Rock Falls, Shannon, Sheldon (2), Trenton (2), Wenona. 18pcs. (MB $75.00)

1722. IL The Vacketta Collection of CENTENNIAL COMMEMORATIVES of ILLINOIS: Part II: 221 Metal/Other. Consists of ALL the pieces listed in the TAMS Supplement, other than WOOD, including metal, celluloid, badges, ribbons, etc., except as listed below. A massive collection, virtually impossible to duplicate, most items are VACKETTA PLATE SPECIMENS (or better). PLUS includes these UNLISTED PIECES: Bellflower pinback; Bloomington New City Hall; Brockton; Lincoln Memorial Champaign; 2 pinbacks Chrisman; Clark County; 150yrs Clinton; 100yrs Dolton; 150yrs Evansville; 150yrs Farmington; Lincoln-Douglas 100yrs Freeport; SILVER Georgetown; Granite City; 50yrs Hartford; 100yrs Highland Park; pinback & ribbon, Indianola; 150yrs Knoxville; 100yrs First Baptist Marion; 1935 100yrs Marshall; 1963 IL Day 50yrs Mooseheart; 125yrs Ogden; 100yrs Pecatonica; IL 150 Peoria County; Lincoln-Douglas 1958 Quincy; AL Rankin; Belle Pinback 1974 100yrs Ridge Farm; 100ys St. Elmo; 20yrs Sauk Village; 100yrs BZ Shabbona w/INDIAN; 100yrs Shiller Park; IL State Toll 10yrs 1958; 100yrs 1957 Woodhull; US Bicent IL 1976 Medal; IL Sesqui IL-NA 9th Anniv. Missing are: Chanute Antique Silver; Chenoa; Cicero; Hoopeston; Mt. Pulaski; Round Lake; Sciller Park; Walnut and the front-cover plastic set. Includes 6 SILVER medals. An incredible collection, in generally excellent condition, much better than average. 221 DIFFERENT, an incredible opportunity to acquire the Vacketta IL Centennail TAMS Plates, rare Silvers, Metal Centennials and buttons/badges. 221diff. (MB $900.00) $1000.00-1250.00+

1723. IL Vacketta's IL Centennials DUPLICATES. Good mixed lot of IL METAL. 36 different medals, 86 total, duplication, generally nice. 86pcs (MB $80.00)

1724. IL Illinois Sesquicential/Etc. Common Lot. Good dealer lot: 1968 IL official medals 3/ea 2vars; Lincoln Heritage Trail 10pcs; First Chicago Built Ford 2pcs. 18pcs.

1725. IL Book: "Centennial Commemoratives of Illinois". The TAMS Supplement, Vacketta's copy (unmarked). Good/used.

1726. Wooden Nickel: Centennials, Etc. Neat small lot of woods: Hanover PA 1968; 6th Coinarama San Diego CA 1963; Gray CO 1961 KS; Canton OH Decade of Progress; 1968 YMCA Centennial 1968 Portland OR; Haleyville 1965 AL; Iowa Falls 1959; Montgomery PA 1962; Crawforsville IN 1985, 2pcs; Pomona CA 1975, 2pcs; Elkhart IN 1958; neat small size: Niagara Falls, Ont. 14pcs

1727. Mixed Centennial Medal Lot. Special dealer lot: Bismarck ND 1961 (2pcs,spots); NM 50th; Seattle 1962; CA bi-cent 1969, bear; IN 150yrs; OR 100th Klamath Co 1959; OK 50yrs 1957; Crawfordsville IN 1965 (11pcs, some w/crud). 20pcs.

1728. Mixed State Centennials/Etc. Set of 5 AL Sesquicentennials in c/b, plastic, N-S, 3sets; Montgomery AL N-S; Carlisle Minute Men Route to Concord Bridge, BZ 1978; Thunder Bridge Carlisle MA 2pc set in album, BZ, 1970; Estabrook Trail Walk set of 6 BZ in album. 20pcs

1729. CA Mixed Lot CA Trade, Cliff House Orchestron. K-S11, pic of Cliff House, early "Tune" token, BZ, XF, part dark; 5 Elk AL of Brawley; LA, SF, Sacramento. Ave. 13pcs.

1730. Elongated Lot. Mixed lot of modern elongated coins, 19pcs.

1731. Fankhauser Encased Lot. Apparently all different, 20pcs, possible dup, NICE grade.

1732. Small TRANSIT LOT. Mixed lot of 15 tts/tt-personals, plus 40pcs AL 800F Druid City Lines. 55pcs

1733. Mixed MARDI GRAS Doubloon Lot. Interesting lot of 153 mixed, mostly different, older AL, various colors. Ex-Vacketta.

1734. Political Medal Lot. Nice lot of recent medals: Reagan 2.75" BZ Inaugural in box, mint; (Reagan) Republican Task Force Medal of Merit in box (2pcs), Mint; US Mint F.Roosevelt 3" BZ; " Eisenhower 3" BZ. 5pcs.

1735. Mixed US COIN CLUB Woods. Nice lot of various club woods, 29pcs, dups.

1736. COIN CLUB Medals, Etc. Interesting lot of various state Coin Shows, Coin Club, numismatic medals, all metal but 1 elongated, 1 pinback, 1 plastic, mostly BZ, some AL. Mostly different, nice grade!,

1737. Large Lot WOODEN NICKELS. Large group, various topics, duplication, includes: 7 Texas; 7 Personals; 8 Boy Scout; 37 Fraternal; 66 other. 127pcs.

1738. Abe Lincoln Tokens/Medals. Memorial 1965 (2pcs); NY WF 1964 (2pcs, cruddy); Heritage Trail 1970; small S-P Centennial 1909, top loop; small incuse Cent. 1909. BZ, 7pcs.

1739. Hall of Fame & Other Medals. All HoF are the small BZ: G Stuart; C Cushman; R Choate; Presidential Art Medals: 4 religious; Medallic Art Santa Fe (2pcs); Apollo 16. 10pcs BZ.

1740. IL 1976 US Centennial PERSONALS. Back in 1976 you could order a custom personal from the PATRICK MINT of CA, with a stock reverse in quantities 100-1000. If you ordered under 1000, the mfg would sell the excess to other collectors. Copper, cent-sized, 250+pcs, dups possible, but appears to be mostly different. Many AVA and TAMS members included! I had several made for me! Nice lot. Near mint.

1741. IL Illinois 1976 Patrick Mint PERSONALS. As above, but 10 different from IL, all in 2x2" holders, thus very nice, includes one from me! 10pcs BZ

1742. Vacketta's PERSONAL TOKEN Hoard. As a transit token collector, Vacketta (as most tt collectors) had personal tokens made, and exchanged them with other collectors. Large lot of mostly different metal, plastic and wood, elongated personal tokens, plus some club issues, ca. 1960-1991. Interesting lot! 160+pcs. $150.00-200.00+

1743. Mixed Books. "Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society" 1954; "American Legion Medals" TAMS, Vacketta; "Trade Tokens of Wisconsin" Johnson, HB; "Handbook of US Municipal Trade Currency" Cote, 1967. Most with Vacketta imprint.

1744. Older Slot Machine Tokens: Large Lot. Interesting lot of almost 4 POUNDS of older slot machine tokens, many with center hole, mostly mavericks, many apparently dug/cleaned, otherwise many dirty, but some nicer. 3#,13oz. Probably 300+pcs, but AS-IS.

1745. Mixed Lot Tokens. An interesting bulk lot with transit, sales tax, elongateds, some foreign coins, parking, OPA, amusement, etc. About two POUNDS, mixed condition.

1746. Mixed Lot Tokens/Medals. Lot of mixed tokens and medals, various types, some poor. Includes Good luck; ID tags; Franklin Mint; phone; Centennials; Masonic; Mardi Gras; MWA badge/poor; expo; Personals; WW ID; 2 lead impressions from seals; Heraldic Art IL Statehood, silver; 2 large lead medals, poor; 2 WPA tags; storecards; etc. About 71pcs, dups. AS-IS.

1747. Large Mixed Lot Tokens/Medals. Interesting mixed lot, mostly different, various types, etc. Includes some American Legion pins; FM UN medals; 4 HI Dollars (Hilo, Kauai, Maui, HI); Mt. St. Helens $ w/dust; Good Luck; amusement; political tokens, pins; swastika; personals; phone; tags; space; expo; scatter tag; coins; etc. Mostly nice, some junky, neat lot for resale. Over 116 pcs. AS-IS

.===== end of sale.

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