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The Ore Vacketta Collection of 11000 Different Illinois Trade Tokens.

NCTA Mail/Email Sale 6.
Closed 9 May 2007

(Date revised from 8 May to 9 May, due to family emergency)

RARE and Scarce Trade Tokens from the VACKETTA Collection and others, all ILLINOIS.

This is a MAIL/Email BID SALE of Illinois Trade Tokens. A trade token, or "Good-For" token is a metal, plastic or wood token with the merchant name, usually with city and state, and a denomination. Tokens are similar to coins, but were used due to a shortage of coinage, or to encourage return business. Tokens without city/state are mavericks, with some being identified as Illinois tokens and depicted below with the city within brackets, ie. (Chicago).

If you are interested in buying any of these, you must place a bid prior to or on the closing date. See below for bidding rules. If you bid severeal days PRIOR to the closing date, I will send you a link to a daily-updated custom web page showing your bids, if you are the high bidder or have been outbid, and the new opening bid. To bid, you MUST send me your name, address and phone number. If you are successful, I will mail you a statement at the end of the sale with the balance due.

This is the VACKETTA Collection: The late Ore Vacketta was the author of the standard book on IL Trade Tokens (I have copies if you need one). These tokens are consigned to me by the family for sale to the highest bidder. The descriptions below ASSUME you have the book, with "V" numbers and abbreviated descriptions. Where there is only one token from a merchant, I have only briefly listed the merchant name. This is a ONCE in a LIFETIME Opportunity to buy! While there are common tokens from IL, this collection has many scarce to rare tokens, and represents a VERY RARE chance for you to acquire new tokens for your collections, at YOUR price. There are NO minimum bids, other than the excessively cheap $4 per token. While the larger lots of 20-50+ tokens might seem initially to be expensive, careful consideration will reveal this is truly a rare chance to buy! Try buying scarce to rare tokens for $4 or so from your local coin dealer! Don't miss these sales, bid today!

WOODEN NICKELS: I have recently gotten another box from the family with Good-For wooden nickels, and have incorportated them into the lots below. Generally the wooden nickels in the descriptions below have a stated denomination, NOT just the implied 5c reverse. The GF woods are generally fairly scarce, and should be more widely collected (as should the plastic tokens). If you collect a regional area, you really need to buy the woods and modern plastic tokens, as they quickly go out of business and become rare. Don't limit your collecting to the metal tokens!

Estimates: There are none, sorry, but there is a $4 minimum bid per TOKEN for the metal tokens. Generally, the smaller the town and the less tokens known from the town, the higher the value. Bids in the $20-50+ range are usually successful on most tokens, but some rarer towns have been bringing $100-250+. I strongly recommend you bid early and check your daily updates, and increase your bids as necessary.

Estimates and Small Towns: While there are no estimates, I have noted the existance of rare towns, and suggest the relative value of the lot by the amount of capitalization of the comment. Thus a token described as "VERY RARE SMALL TOWN" should be worth more than one listed as "Small Town"

This SALE: I have put a number of tokens by CITY into single lots. If you collect that city, but only need a few tokens, please be sure to bid to get your desired tokens, and sell the balance to your local collectors. I don't know every collector, and some lots in every sale go quite cheaply. Don't miss this chance to buy!

BIDDING RULES and Information:
Usual NCTA rules, no bid reductions, except bids over $100 are reduced (but not to less than $100 and not more than by 50%)
MINIMUM BID: $4 per metal token for all lots, with some exceptions (unless otherwise specified: MB=Min.Bid). Bids below the minimum bid cannot be entered into our computer, sorry. Please note that lots with two tokens have a MB of $8, three a MB of $12, etc., even if there is no MB specifically stated for that lot. $4 per token is very cheap and only a few lots sell for the minimum bid.
Information shown within brackets ( ) is NOT on the token.
The town name is ON each token, but the state is sometimes missing, except as follows:
Where the listing is, for example, IL (Chicago), the city AND state are NOT on the token.
AND, where there is more than one token in a lot, AND it is listed in Vacketta, the existance or not of the town name is not further noted. Unlisted tokens are generally FULLY described obv/rev. However, I have not given the exact line arrangement for the reverses, nor have I noted the size. Note that unlisted tokens are fully described within quotes ("xxx") and IF the city name is on the token, it is so listed. Some unlisted tokens were attributed to the stated city by Vacketta and do NOT have the city name on the token (a maverick). If the grade is not shown, the token is in average condition. I have attempted to comment on low-grade and/or damaged pieces, especially if rarer.
Vacketta numbers are shown on IL tokens, R1-6 rarity scale for Illinois tokens:
R1=common, R2= 30-50 known; R3=20-30 known, R4=Rare, 10-20 known, R5 Very Rare, 5-10 known, R6 Extremely Rare, 1-5 known.
Abbreviated descriptions!!
You do NOT have to be a NCTA member to bid. Your name/address/phone MUST be on file to bid.
Please bid your maximum amount via email to me at
Postage and insurance are extra. $1 for 1-3 tokens, about $2-4/postage for 4 or more tokens, plus insurance.
Payments by CHECK or money order ONLY (NO Paypal, Sorry!)
EMAIL Me if you have any questions!


Metal: BR: Brass (bronze), AL: Aluminum, N-S: Nickel-Silver
obv/rev: Obverse/Reverse.

Grades: Unc: Uncirculated
AU: About Uncirculated
XF: Extremely Fine
VF: Very Fine
F: Fine
VG: Very Good
G: Good

GF: Good For (denomination)
IT: In Trade, IM: In Merchandise
Tokens from the Ore Vacketta Collection, author of the IL Trade Token book.
About 11,000 Different IL tokens, to be sold on eBay, NTCA and World Exonumia mail/email sales.
PLEASE email me your 'wants' to get on my mailing list. LOTS more coming up!

Some towns might be out of alphabetical order, sorry! Please check carefully.

1061. IL Canton SALOON. "Thompson's/Elk/Saloon//Good For/5c/In Trade", BR 20mm. Old style '5' with dots in body, neat! Vacketta notes 'Later The Elk & Thompson's Hotel & Cafe'. TAMS maverick #12575. Somewhat darkish VF.
1062. IL Cherry SALOON. Vito Cervi Saloon, V-B01. AL R6 Vacketta p. 55 PLATE specimen! See plate, about VF, possibly cut down as the edges are ragged. Rare!
1063. IL Danville Saloon. J & S Saloon, 2 1/2 cents in Merchandise, V-B57 AL R6. Nice XF. Scarce!
1064. IL Rutland SALOON. "F.C.B./Saloon//Good For/5c/Drink/At the Bar" AL 25mm. Vacketta notes 'F.C. Blandin, ca. 1900'. Well worn G/VG. Rare.

Illinois Trade Tokens:
Bulk DEALER Lot:1065. IL 100 Different Non-Chicago. Nicer lot of 100 all-metal IL tokens, good variety, some scarcer towns. Great lot for the beginner or the dealer for resale. Includes common pieces of course! Some duplication by merchant, all different denominations. (MB $250.00)
1066. IL Cazenovia: Unlisted Dual Town. See lot under Metamora.
1067. IL 55 Chicago: J. Eggstein. A SALOON at 508 Wells. Brass, early style, VF. (MB $10.00)
1068. IL Chicago: 100 Different. Nice lot of 100 different all metal trade tokens, various issuers, some early. (MB $300.00)
1069. IL Chicago HARD RUBBER & Fiber Lot. Neat lot of ca. 1920-1945 tokens, including "The Owl Club" VO38, a hard-rubber or hard plastic blue token; Bryn Mawr $1; club Detour 10c; Duet OVAL 5c, 25c' Jefferson Park Times; Longwood Club 5c, 25c; Red Rooseter $1; Schulien's $1; Silver Frolics 5c, hole; Wieboldts One Wampum (3pcs,2diff). 14pcs (MB $30.00)
1070. IL Chicago: Tokens with CUT-OUTS. Interesting lot of Chicago tokens all with cut-out letters, shapes, holes-as-made, etc., including Star, triangle, "B", clover, diamond, c/h as-made, etc. 25 different, BR, AL, nice average. (MB $75.00)
1071. IL Chicago TAVERN Tokens. All with "Tavern" on the token, 5 Brass, 5 AL, average. 10 all different. (MB $40.00)
1072. IL Chicago: Storecards. Interesting lot of post-1900 Chicago non-trade tokens/storecards, etc., including neat BULL DOG from Inglish's; State Bank of Chicago; Palmolive soap; Spiegels $50; House of Rothschild; Chicago Fire anniv.; ring marker, etc. Average, some older, nice lot of 25pcs. (MB $25.00)
1073. IL Chicago: $1.00 Pictorial Token Lot of 37 Different. Choice lot of old mostly silver-dollar sized $1.00 Chicago tokens, 10 pictorials including Chez Paree, Ivanhoe, Town House, Northwestern Rathskeller, etc., 2 with scallops, mostly Brass, N-S, 2 AL, 2 with holes-as-made. Nice lot, should be all different, average, some choice, a few poor. 37pcs. (MB $75.00)
1074. IL Chicago: Under $1 Pictorials. Interesting lot of Chicago tokens denominated under $1 with line-drawings or pictorials, some minor duplication, includes Morris B Sachs (3); Marks Bros (2); Ivanhoe (4); Trade Winds (3); Tom Murray (4), etc., BR/AL/N-S/plastic, average, some poor, damaged. 51 pcs.
1075. IL Chicago Aluminum Lot. Interesting lot of various merchants, all without "Chicago" on token, some older, minor duplication by merchant, average condition, 50pcs.
1076. IL Chicago Brass Lot. Interesting lot, various merchants, all brass, without "Chicago" on tokens, minor duplication, 2 bi-metals, average condition, 50pcs
1077. IL Chicago. Hotel Bismarck, bottom part of badge (top missing), busts//inscr., 2pcs, XF.
1078. IL Chicago Lot. Interesting lot all with "Chicago" on token, mostly AL, some BR, various denominations, some older, minor duplication, average. 50pcs.
1079. IL Chicago: Drink Tokens. Lot of Chicago AL & BZ 15c drink tokens, average condition, some cruddy/damaged/cut-down/holed, many without 'Chicago', mostly 'GF 15c Drink', or '10c & Check GF Drink', etc. 46pcs
1080. IL Danville: Lot of BI-METALS. Nice lot of C.S. Paxton, Grab It Here, V43: 5c (3 diff.); 50c Unc.; $1.00 (2 diff.). 6pcs. all different varieties. (MB $60.00)
1081. IL Danville: Grab It Here: Full Set in Fiber. Neat green fiber set V44, 5c,10c,25c,50c,$1, 5pcs, about VF/XF. (MB $15.00)
1082. IL Danville: Vacketta's Collection Part ONE. One of Vacketta's favorite towns! With unlisteds. Aetna House V01 BR R6; "Alhambra Bar/26/E. Main St.//GF5cIT" BR sq/diamond, ca. 1930, but early style, R6; "American/(dingbats)/Cafe//5c" BR '129 N Vermillon ca. 1920' dark; "Bailey's (i)/5c/Pool Check (i)//(blank, c/m'd "J. Clark" BR, John T. Clark B&S ca. 1914, early style; Burger Chef B-11; "J.W. Cherry/Liquors/14 Main St./Danville, Ill.//GF5cIT" BR, dark, was a saloon, ca. 1914; City Club V13; Club Manhattan V-16-10; College Inn Tavern V17; Dairy Queen 40c (maverick, listed various cities); "Danville/Billiard/Parlor/Danville,/Ill.//GF5cIT" BR nice; "Dixie Theatre Concession/GF/5c/IT/Danville, Illinois" wood, silver; Dock & Bert V24 neat "5" Cutout!; Dwyer & Moore VB28 HEART SHAPED, a saloon ca. 1914; "Elliott's/Cigar/Store//GF5cIT" AL 'W.J. Elliott Mfg Cigars, Bradstreet 1915; The Embassy V32-10 & V33; "Esquire/Pub//25" BR, wavey edge, ca. 1930's style, BR (2pcs, 1 poor); "Esquire/Cocktail/Lounge/Danville, Ill.//GF5cInDrinks" OVAL BR; "Esquire Cocktail Lounge/Danville,/Ill.//GF25cInDrinks OVAL BR. 21pcs, many early unlisteds! (MB $100.00)
1083. IL Fort Sheridan: Military. N.C.O./Fort/Sheridan//1.00. V-01 R5 AL XF/AU.
1085. IL Harvard. "Ray & Nancy's Tap/(motorcycle)/Harvard, IL//106 E. Front St./GFOneDrink..." Blue plastic
1086. IL Hartford (Relisted). Incorrectly listed in Sale 5 as 5c & 10c, corrected: Johnson's Tavern V02 5c (scratches), 25c. 2pcs.
1087. IL Kings. "Shakey/Rooster/Rt. 64/Kings, IL//GFOneDrink(cup)" Red plastic, nice.
1088. IL Ladd: Choice Lot! Toby Barrys Tavern V01-25 (2pcs, one coated?) R5; Mike Grivetti UNLISTED as VB02, but 25c, BR; Ladd Moose VA03 5c, 10c (3pcs); Lanutti's Tavern VC03 R6 BR (c/h), unlisted "Lanutti's Tavern/Ladd/Ill.//5cIT" BR; Dom Negro AL R6; Piacenti and Lanzi VC03 BR R5; Rip's Tavern V03; V05 (3pcs); unlisted "Rip's Tavern/Ladd, Ill.//GF5cIT" BR 8sided; "Scrub's/Pub//GFOneDrink" wood; A. Vignali V10 R6. 18pcs, many rarities. (MB $150.00)
1089. IL LaSalle: Wasilewski Lot - Lithuanian. Nice lot of Lithuanian tokens: Wasilewski's Tavern V46 5c,10c,25c; V47-5b 5c, 10c; VA48 (unlisted with double center holes); VA49. BR, toned XF-AU. (MB $30.00)
1090. IL LaSalle: The Vacketta Collection: PART THREE: 88 pcs. A rare opportunity to buy! Hi-Way Tavern VB23-5; Holiday Inn VB24 (2diff, 1 unlisted); Hub VC24; Jack & Helen's V24, VA25 (2pcs), same but 8sided zinc, VB25, same but 5c BR; Jack "O" Lantern VC25 5c,25c; T.F. Jagodzinski V25 (saloon ca. 1914) BR R6; Jakse Fritz VA27; Joe's V27; Johnny's Tap V28; Felix Jozwiak VA29 R6 (2pcs); Kaycee club VC29, D29-50; Keys VI29 beat, VJ29; "Kinnegars/East of/LaSalle/on U.S. Rt. 6//GF5cIT" BR; Knotty Pine Tavern VN29 5c,25c; "Kozy/Inn/Joe Korte//GF25cIT" zinc, scallops; Lincoln Tavern VP29, Q29; Little Orchard VR29-5 (4pcs), -25; The Lodge V29 5c,25c; Marinangeli's VB30, VC30, VD30; Mel's Service Station VE30; Mox & Molly's V30 5c,25c; F.J. Murphy V31 BR R6, VA32 R6 (saloon ca. 1914); Noonan's V32; "Noonan's/Rialto/Club/LaSalle/Ill.//GF5cIT" BR/sq (2pcs); Nut House VA34, VB34; Oko's VC34; 101 Club VD34 5c,25c; Orsinger's BREAD (Bakery ca. 1914) 5c (3pcs), 10c (3pcs); F.J. Panneck V34, VA35 (saloon ca. 1914) both OVAL; Paramount Club VB35 (3pcs); Pete's Tavern all 5 vars, 10pcs; Ray Pikula's Tavern V37, VA38 5c,25c; Frank Pirnat VB38-5; Pla-Mor Bowling VC38; Rainbow V38-5a,-10,-5b (2pcs), VA39 Half-Moon Cutout, VB39; R&S Tap VC39 5c,10c; Ravnikar's Tavern VD39 5c(2pcs),10c,25c Choice lot! 88 mostly different. (MB $350.00)
* Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --
1091. IL Manito: Unlisted, Was Two Variety Town. Smith & Bishop Soft Drink Parlor, as V02, but unlisted GF50cIT AL, scallops, UNC.

1092. IL Macomb: Unlisted Merchant. "Merchants Lunch Room,/Macomb,/Ill.//GF5cIT" R6, AL, VG dings, scr.
1093. IL Madison: Lot of 3. Cowboy's V01 BR R4; T. Racheff Subway Bar BR V04 & V05, R5/ea, 3pcs.
1094. IL (Madison County) Unlisted Town. "Chain of Rocks/Fun Fair/(Ferris wheel,carosel, etc.)/Park//GF10cIT No Refund" AL 38mm V-R5. An amusement park near St. Louis, MO.
1095. IL Magnolia: Small Town. Wellman Tavern V02 AL R6. All 4 varieties of the town are R6. VF/XF, minor scr. rev.
1096. IL Mahomet: Single Variety Small Town! Don Lindsey, AL R6, XF, some uneveness, minor rev. dings.
1097. IL Makanda: Scarce Town! Ridgeway Bros. R6, BR, center obv. worn/VG.
1098. IL Malta: RARE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN! Garnet Reid V01, AL R6, nice VF, slight dirt obv. RARE TOWN!
1099. IL Manhattan: Single Variety SMALL TOWN! Rudy's Tavern AL R5, XF/AU.
1100. IL Maplewood: Single Merchant Town! Club Rendezvous V01-10 Zinc R5, VF, minor zinc pest on edge.
1101. IL Marion: Unlisted Merchant! "Worth 5c on your next purchase/At/Cline-Vick/Pharmacy/.../Marion, Illinois, etc.//buffalo" Wood.
1102. IL Mark. Mike Bosnich VA01 R6; Sports Tap V03 5c,10c,25c,50c R4/ea; Toellen's Tavern. 6pcs (MB $24.00)
1103. IL Markham: Single Variety Town. Joe's Liquors V01 R5
1104. IL Marseilles: Lot with Heart-Shaped. Bolatto Bros V01 AL R5; Jim Ford A03 wood (2pcs); Happy Corner VC03, neat Heart Shaped, Unc. 4pcs (MB $12.00)
1105. IL Marshall: Single Variety Town - Confectionery. Hilakos Confectionery V01 R6. Nice XF, darkish.
1106. IL Martinsville: Set with Unlisted $1, ca. 1902. E.C. Miller General Merchandise V01 1c,5c,10c (V01-10b, 2 rev. varieties), plus same, but unlisted $1.00. All AL R5/ea., listed in 1902 Dun. 5pcs (MB $25.00)
1107. IL Martinton: Single Variety Town. Cozy Tavern V01 2 1/2c R5
1108. IL Mascoutah: Nice Lot. Buddy's Place V01; Corner Tavern V02; Hund's Tavern V03 and unlisted: "Hund's/Tavern/Mascoutah//GF10cIT" BR 8sided; Red Hen. 5pcs (MB $20.00)
1109. IL Mascoutah: 3 Kolb, ca. 1890. Rulau lists as ca. 1890's, K. Kolb & Son, V06 5c,25c,$1. AL, all with neat early reverses. 3pcs
1110. IL Mattoon: DRUG - SODA. Finerocks Drug Store, GF5c Cigar or Soda (Odd!) V03 R5 VG, worn.
1111. IL Mattoon: INGLE. Unlisted: "A.L. Lewellen/50//(Ingle)" Counterstamped "R", N-S.
1112. IL Maywood: Lot. James Giles 5c Drink or CIGAR VC01 BR R6; Primrose V01,02,03; W.P. Ridgway V04 R6. 5pcs (MB $20.00)
1113. IL McHenry: With Unlisted. "First Draft/Rt 120 & Court/McHenry, IL//GFOneDrink" Black plastic; Pa's Tavern VL01; Palace Recreation VM01-10c,15c; VFW V02 10c. 5pcs (MB $20.00)
1114. IL McNabb. Andy's V01 R5 VF, minor zinc pest.
1115. IL Melrose Park: Lot with Unlisted. "C.R. Broadstock, Inc./Free/Anniversary/Cocktail/Melrose Park, Ill.//(buffalo)" wood ; H. Frederickson V01. 2pcs. (MB $10.00)
1116. IL Melvin: Rare Dated Token, 1901. Gus Martens, 1901 V01, AL R6, VF, dings.
1117. IL Mendota: Large Lot. Clyde & Doris' Tap V03 5c, 10c (2pcs); The Exchange V05; Hotel Farber V07, V08; Johnson's News Stand V09 5c, 50c (3pcs); Johnson's Tavern (7pcs, vars); McDonald's V13 25c,50c,$1,$2; McDonald & Neilson (6pcs, vars); Reichardt's Buffet V22; The Up To Date, V26, V27. 30pcs (MB $110.00)
1118. IL Meredosia. "Berger Bros./Meredosia, Ill.//GF100IM", BR; Berger Bros. V01, 50c, dark, cruddy. 2pcs.
1119. IL Metamora & Cazenovia: UNLISTED DUAL Town 2pc Set. "G. & B. Stores/Metamora/&/Cazenovia/Ill.//GF5cIM" and same, but $1.00, AL, nice VF/XF. 2pcs, unusual dual towns!
1120. IL Metamora: Unlisted. "Herb's/Farm/Market/Metamora, Ill.//Wooden Nickel/(Indian)" wood, silver obv.
1121. IL Milan. Nice TV Sales, V-03, wood R4. Early piece with "7-3171" phone number!
1122. IL Milford. Leverentz Tavern V05-10 BR.
1123. IL Milledgeville: RARE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN! Mest & Queckboerner, V01 AL R6, legend in tight circle, "Ill." at bottom, early style. Strong F/VF, heavy tiny dings/scr, but appears to be mostly to fields, not letters (possibly a poor planchet).
* Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --
1124. IL Mill Shoals: RARE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN. J.E. Berridge & Co., 1 CENT! BR, R6.

1125. IL Millstadt: Unlisted Pair. "GF 5c At Bar/Millstadt/Bowl/Millstadt, Ill.//Wooden Nickel/(Indian)" wood, and same, but 25c. 2pcs.
1126. IL Milton: Unlisted Town! "F.J. Adamson/Milton, Ill.//GF5cIM" Square BR, carefull 4-punch mark center cancellation marks. Nice VF+.
1127. IL Minonk: Large Lot. Buy Eaco Flour of GH Cassens V01-10 (2pcs, one marked 'Var', but I don't see any!), same, 25c; "The Comet/Minonk/Ills.//GF5cInDrinks", same, 25c, both Zinc, 6sided; "Copp's/Tavern/Minonk, Ill.//5cIT" AL; George Drain VC02, R6, early; Janssen's Tavern D02 5c, 10c; Pete's Tavern VF02 25c (2pcs), UNLISTED same, but 5c, AL Sq.; VG02, 5c oval; Tom Pickard & Co V02 AL R6; "Snedden's/Billiard/Parlor//GF 2 1/2c IM" AL, ca. 1915, John S. 15pcs (MB $60.00)
1128. IL Moline: Large Lot, Unlisteds. Bill's Corner Cafe VA02-5 (2pcs); "Coppen's/Tap/1712/7th St./Moline, Ill.//5cIT" AL; Dan Dee V03; Jordan's VB10; "Old Timer Inn/1901/7 St./Moline, Ill.//GF5cIT" AL; Pete's Place V10; J.N. Reyes V12; Snyder & Wolf VA14 BR (beat); Chas Van Coillie V15; Wells Fargo Lounge V17 R5. 11pcs (MB $50.00)
1129. IL Monmouth: Large Lot. College Grocery V02 (2pcs); Cort V04 5c (3pcs, vars), UNLISTED "Cort//10cIT" BR; Empire Cigar V07 (2pcs); Frank's Smoke House V08 5c, 25c (dark); Jones Alcazar V12; Palace V20 (7pcs); V21, dark; Smoke House V23-5; "Whitman Jewelry/Worth/5c..."etc, wood (2pcs). 22pcs (MB $75.00)
1130. IL Morris: Large Lot. Carson Hotel V02, 03, A04; Ed. Garrity V06; J. James V07; Pete's Tavern V11, same UNLISTED as 5c, BR; LINCOLN TOKEN, Rotary Club, 1920 R6 Toned UNC; Shock Bros. VB12; Pete Slovick V13. 10pcs (MB $40.00)
1131. IL Morrison: RARE Town, Unlisted Merchant. "Kallenbach's Conoco/GF/$1.00 Gas With/Lubrication/And Oil Change/Morrison, Ill.//Wooden Nickel/(Indian)" wood.
1132. IL Mt. Pulaski. Zah, V-02 AL F, dark, cruddy.
1133. IL Mt. Vernon: All Unlisted! "American Legion/Post/141/Mt. Vernon, Ill.//GF20cIM" AL; "GF a Cup of Coffee at/Brown's/North Side/Drugs..." black ink wood; same, red, Indian (2pcs), Buffalo (2pcs); L.O.O.M. #755/Mt. Vernon, Ill.//GF25cIT" BR, 8-sided. "Anniversary Coin/of the/Mammoth/Store/etc.1879-1934 (good luck rev), BR. 8pcs. (MB $25.00)
1134. IL Mounds: Small Town, Both Varieties. Imperial Cafe V01 5c, 10c. Both BR, R6/each, VF-XF, 2pcs. (MB $10.00)
1135. IL Mundelein - Rolling Meadows dual City! Holiday Inn V02, only 2 variety town! AL, R3 XF+, rev. dirt.
1136. IL Murphysboro. "The/Bench/Murphysboro,/Illinois//GF 1 Mug of Beer" wood (2pcs); Leon Wanstreet V07, V08. 4pcs (MB $15.00)
1137. IL Naperville: Mostly Unlisted! "Curran Oil Co./GF/5cIT..." wood, Indian (2), Buffalo (2); GF 5% Off on any Purchase/At/DuPage/Glass &/Mirror/Naperville, Ill.//wood" Indian (2), Buffalo (2); Kroehler Mfg. Co. V02, V03 16c Check (ODD denomination!), same, but unlisted "25c", all 3 AL, all with holes, probably as issued; Kunzer's Inn V04; Fred Mistici V05, choice!, V06; Naperville Lounge Co 17c (ODD!) AL R6, holed; "Parkside Cafe/Naperville//GF10cIT" AL center hole; "Parkside/Tavern/Naperville//5cIT" AL; "VFW 3873/Naperville//10cIT" AL. 18pcs, rare lot! (MB $70.00)
1138. IL Naplate - Ottawa: Dual Town Tokens! Al's Place, V01 Zinc R5; Hank's Tavern V04 BR R5. Both with both city names on each token! XF.
1139. IL Naplate: Nice Lot. Bill & Lena's VA02 (3pcs); Curly's Tap VB02; Glady's & Jim's Tap V02 5c, 10c; Middy's Tavern V05 gem BU; Casimiro Monterastelli V06 5c,10c; Lyle Poundstone's Tap V07 Unc. Nice lot of 10 (MB $40.00)
1140. IL Nashville: Lot. Ahlf's General Mdse. VA01 50c, $1.00 ca. 1900 R6/each; Bob's Tavern VB01-10; M.E. Gutzler V02 2 1/2c early! R6; C.A. Reidelberger V04. 5pcs (MB $25.00)
1141. IL Nauvoo: Unlisteds. "D.A. Datin//GF5cIT" Miron A. Datin, listed in 1902 Dun, but later style of a slot machine token, mfg. cigars, BR, c/h, nickel sized; J.A. Kraus V01 (same slot machine style, c/h); "Sieleman's of Cedar Hill/Worth/5c on Gifts/at Nauvoo, Ill/1955-1965/Tenth Anniversry.//Wooden Nickel/(buffalo)" (2pcs). (MB $15.00)
* Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --
1142. IL New Baden: 5 sided Token. Alfred Brown's Tavern V02, R5 5-sided AL

1143. IL Palatine. E.F. Schmidt, Lot of 2: 10c, 25c IT. BR. Unc.
1144. IL LaSalle: Lithuanian Tokens. Zita's Tavern, V-17 5c and 10c, VF/XF, R5/each. 2pcs (MB $10.00)
1145. IL Stillman Valley. "Brennan's/East End Tavern/(beer, wine pictorial)/Stillman Valley, IL.//GFOneDrink" Blue plastic. VF, used.
1146. IL Stillman Valley. "When Your're At Your Whits End/"Be Here"/J & S/East End/Stillman Valley/645-9834//(blank)" Black plastic.
1147. IL 65 Different Plastic Tokens. All different from the lot of 1400 different in sale 4. Modern. (MB $35.00)
1148. IL Illinois Storecard Lot. Various cities, non-Chicago: Aviston Milling Co, dark/holed; Cole's Bank, Bushnell, pitted; Savill & Fafferty's Cigar, Canton, holed; J.A. Oberto on i.d. tag, Cedar Point, black; Moose Lodge Dedication Souvenir Danville, AL; H. Post & Son, Decatur; Rust Oleum, Evanston id tag, modern; Interstate Hay Palace, Momence, badly pitted/corroded, dark, poor; Sattley Mfg. Co, Springfield, hole; Witt Merchantile bi-metal, center missing; G. Nolls, Alton, poor. 11pcs. (MB $20.00)
1149. IL Bank Tokens & Spinners. 5 spinners, 4 bank tokens, mostly Chicago, ave. (MB $10.00)
1150. IL State Fair Badges. Almost complete set of (mostly) two-part badges, 1897-1916, missing 1898, some damaged with top loop broken, a couple with rev. pin re-added. Ave. VF-XF. 19pcs
1151. IL Chicago Badges. Unveiling of Logan Monument 2-part BZ badge, horse & flag; Laying of Cornerstone, Chicago Post Office, 2-part BZ badge; Chicago Daily News American Patriotism Summer School award badge, 4-part; Our Choice Taft and Sherman fob. About VF, minor damage, toning. 4pcs.
1152. Encased Coins: Part I. Aurora Old Second Nat'l Bank 1955 (2); Calument City Hand, 1962; Chicago Drakes 1950; Danville Black Cat Liquor, 1946; Barkman Chevrolet 1948; Georgetown Crawford, cut/cent-gone; Mattoon Coin Club; National Bank 1953 VG; Newton Peoples 1950; Paris DeWitt Isley 1949; Deluxe Cab 1949, poor; Paxton Gene's Barber 1967; Springfield IOOF 1924; Central IL Numis 1964; Villa Grove Tondini 1963 (2). 17pcs, dups, ave.
1153. IL Encased Cents Lot - Part II. Large lot of Chicago and various cities, mostly modern, Chicago: 1933 Century of Progress (2); Max Siegel; Go To Ben's; Cook County Rambler; Czechoslovak Legion; Leath's Furniture; Alton Bank; Funk Bros. Seeds, Bloomington; etc; 3 with Indian cents: Barnerd Levin, Paris, AG/damaged; Royal Tailors, Chicago, AG/G, worn; Ikes Levin, Danville, VF; 44pcs, ave. F-XF, a couple with replaced cents, plus 27 Fankhauser issues
1154. "Illinois Guide and Gazetteer". Rand McNally 1969 HB book on every city in IL, 718p. Invaluable information with brief history, population, etc. for each city. Used, Vacketta stamp on front page.
1155. Mixed Lot Maverick Tokens. Includes "Paul Darzink" BR, 22pcs; "D E" early ca. 1900 style (3pcs); 23 mixed mostly metal mavericks, perhaps half identifiable at best. 48pcs (MB $10.00)
1156. Mixed Lot Maverick Tokens. Includes "(outline of horse)/1007//GF5cIM" BR, 13pcs, probably amusement; 80 mostly metal mavericks, many without street names, initials, etc. perhaps a few identifiable. 93pcs (MB $10.00)
1157. Mixed Lot GAR, WRC, Veteran Badges. Sons of Union Vets Past Dept. Pres badge; Sons membership badge & Aux. (2); 1906 Nat'l Encapment MN badge; WRC 1913 Indianpolis Badge; FCL small WRC badge & GAR badge; Cuba SpanAm 1931 Encampment badge; IN GAR-WRC badge bottom; GAR members badge (2, one poor ribbon); small Gratia badge; Major AP Davis, ME badge; Chicago GAR 1900 Cannon badge, broken; 1913 NY-Gettysburg 2-part Meade badge. 15pcs, mostly good.
1158. Military Medals Lot. US Korean Service medal, no ribbon, dirty; New Haven CT 2nd Co. Foot Guard badge, ribbon/detached; Past President Aux. badge; 1914-1918 on cross/swords; 1821 French Napoleon Badge, ribbon; Al Merito, on cross/wreath. Ave.
1159. IOOF Badges Lot. Interesting lot of 2 & 3 part badges, most 3-part with ribbons, etc.: 1900 Richmond VA Rep. & Grand Marshall badges; 1901 Indianpolis/PA; 81st Session 1905 Phila. cello center; 1906 Toronto/TX Grand Lodge & PA/Toronto; IL/St. Paul 1907; Seattle 1909 AR (2), WV (2), VA, Official; 1911 Indiana/NV, MA, ME; 1913 Minneapolis MN Grand Sire, WY. 18pcs, dups, nice.
1160. Mixed Lot of Badges. Interesting lot of various badges: 2 Volksmarsch, 1974; LaGrange Police Pistol (3diff); Insurance Commissioners, 1916, Chicago; Rebeckah Assembly 275 IL; modern AAU National Master; Masonic white cross, modern; Safety Congress, KC, MO 1937; Flags of the Nation trail; 1960 IN State Police; new IOOF; AmLeg 1933 33rd Div. Gold Special Team CU card; American Fletcher Bank, Indy, IN BZ ppwt; Lincoln oversized 1c, New Salem; UAOD badge; Chicago Piux XI 1926 Congress (5); Nashville IN Yellowwood Trail; Detroit 1934 BPOE; Deepwater Convention, NO, LA, 1909; West Bend Council KoC; several others. 40+ items, some junk, average.
1161. Vacketta's Transit Duplicates. While Vacketta sold his collection of tts years ago, he still had his bulk duplicates. About 70# of tts, some in coin tubes with 1-100+ of each, some in 2x2" envelopes. Many tubes broke open in transit, and perhaps half the lot is loose, a wonderful opportunity to look up each one! Average condition, huge duplication.
1162. Atwood/Coffee Transit Books: Vol. One: 1958 Edition; 4th Ed. 1983; 1977 Supplement, 1994 Supp.; Vol. Two, History & Encyclopedia, 4th ed.; Personal Tokens, 1975; Quarter Century Index, 1973; Detroit Trolleys and Interurbans. 8pcs, used.
1163. Parking Token Books. "Feisel's Catalogue of Parking Tokens", 1966; Same, but 1983, loose pages. 2pcs, used.===== end of sale.

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