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The Ore Vacketta Collection of 11000 Different Illinois Trade Tokens.


NCTA Mail/Email Sale 5.
Closed 13 March 2007

RARE and Scarce Trade Tokens from the VACKETTA Collection and others, all ILLINOIS.

This is a MAIL/Email BID SALE of Illinois Trade Tokens. A trade token, or "Good-For" token is a metal, plastic or wood token with the merchant name, usually with city and state, and a denomination. Tokens are similar to coins, but were used due to a shortage of coinage, or to encourage return business. Tokens without city/state are mavericks, with some being identified as Illinois tokens and depicted below with the city within brackets, ie. (Chicago).

If you are interested in buying any of these, you must place a bid prior to or on the closing date. See below for bidding rules. If you bid severeal days PRIOR to the closing date, I will send you a link to a daily-updated custom web page showing your bids, if you are the high bidder or have been outbid, and the new opening bid. To bid, you MUST send me your name, address and phone number. If you are successful, I will mail you a statement at the end of the sale with the balance due.

This is the VACKETTA Collection: The late Ore Vacketta was the author of the standard book on IL Trade Tokens (I have copies if you need one). These tokens are consigned to me by the family for sale to the highest bidder. The descriptions below ASSUME you have the book, with "V" numbers and abbreviated descriptions. Where there is only one token from a merchant, I have only briefly listed the merchant name. This is a ONCE in a LIFETIME Opportunity to buy! While there are common tokens from IL, this collection has many scarce to rare tokens, and represents a VERY RARE chance for you to acquire new tokens for your collections, at YOUR price. There are NO minimum bids, other than the excessively cheap $4 per token. While the larger lots of 20-50+ tokens might seem initially to be expensive, careful consideration will reveal this is truly a rare chance to buy! Try buying scarce to rare tokens for $4 or so from your local coin dealer! Don't miss these sales, bid today!

WOODEN NICKELS: I have recently gotten another box from the family with Good-For wooden nickels, and have incorportated them into the lots below. Generally the wooden nickels in the descriptions below have a stated denomination, NOT just the implied 5c reverse. The GF woods are generally fairly scarce, and should be more widely collected (as should the plastic tokens). If you collect a regional area, you really need to buy the woods and modern plastic tokens, as they quickly go out of business and become rare. Don't limit your collecting to the metal tokens!

Estimates: There are none, sorry, but there is a $4 minimum bid per TOKEN for the metal tokens. Generally, the smaller the town and the less tokens known from the town, the higher the value. Bids in the $20-50+ range are usually successful on most tokens, but some rarer towns have been bringing $100-250+. I strongly recommend you bid early and check your daily updates, and increase your bids as necessary.

Estimates and Small Towns: While there are no estimates, I have noted the existance of rare towns, and suggest the relative value of the lot by the amount of capitalization of the comment. Thus a token described as "VERY RARE SMALL TOWN" should be worth more than one listed as "Small Town"

This SALE: I have put a number of tokens by CITY into single lots. If you collect that city, but only need a few tokens, please be sure to bid to get your desired tokens, and sell the balance to your local collectors. I don't know every collector, and some lots in every sale go quite cheaply. Don't miss this chance to buy!

BIDDING RULES and Information:
Usual NCTA rules, no bid reductions, except bids over $100 are reduced (but not to less than $100 and not more than by 50%)
MINIMUM BID: $4 per metal token for all lots, with some exceptions (unless otherwise specified: MB=Min.Bid). Bids below the minimum bid cannot be entered into our computer, sorry. Please note that lots with two tokens have a MB of $8, three a MB of $12, etc., even if there is no MB specifically stated for that lot. $4 per token is very cheap and only a few lots sell for the minimum bid.
Information shown within brackets ( ) is NOT on the token.
The town name is ON each token, but the state is sometimes missing, except as follows:
Where the listing is, for example, IL (Chicago), the city AND state are NOT on the token.
AND, where there is more than one token in a lot, AND it is listed in Vacketta, the existance or not of the town name is not further noted. Unlisted tokens are generally FULLY described obv/rev. However, I have not given the exact line arrangement for the reverses, nor have I noted the size. Note that unlisted tokens are fully described within quotes ("xxx") and IF the city name is on the token, it is so listed. Some unlisted tokens were attributed to the stated city by Vacketta and do NOT have the city name on the token (a maverick). If the grade is not shown, the token is in average condition. I have attempted to comment on low-grade and/or damaged pieces, especially if rarer.
Vacketta numbers are shown on IL tokens, R1-6 rarity scale for Illinois tokens:
R1=common, R2= 30-50 known; R3=20-30 known, R4=Rare, 10-20 known, R5 Very Rare, 5-10 known, R6 Extremely Rare, 1-5 known.
Abbreviated descriptions!!
You do NOT have to be a NCTA member to bid. Your name/address/phone MUST be on file to bid.
Please bid your maximum amount via email to me at
Postage and insurance are extra. $1 for 1-3 tokens, about $2-4/postage for 4 or more tokens, plus insurance.
Payments by CHECK or money order ONLY (NO Paypal, Sorry!)
EMAIL Me if you have any questions!


Metal: BR: Brass (bronze), AL: Aluminum, N-S: Nickel-Silver
obv/rev: Obverse/Reverse.

Grades: Unc: Uncirculated
AU: About Uncirculated
XF: Extremely Fine
VF: Very Fine
F: Fine
VG: Very Good
G: Good

GF: Good For (denomination)
IT: In Trade, IM: In Merchandise
Tokens from the Ore Vacketta Collection, author of the IL Trade Token book.
About 11,000 Different IL tokens, to be sold on eBay, NTCA and World Exonumia mail/email sales.
PLEASE email me your 'wants' to get on my mailing list. LOTS more coming up!


NOTE! Some towns might be out of alphabetical order, sorry! Please check carefully.

909. IL Fairbury: 5 with Bakery. Milo Betz; Hurt's Tavern (2pcs); H.K. Meyers Bakery, nice old pre-1914 AL R6, a bit cruddy; Roy's Tavern. All AL, 5pcs. (MB $20.00)

910. IL Fairdale: RARE Single Variety Town, ca. 1900. E.J. Larson with town name in "U" shape, neat! Scalloped brass, toned choice XF. Rare.
911. IL Fairfield: Unlisteds! Grand Billiard Parlor, V-01 red fiber; "The Grand/G.E.Elson/Prop./Billiards//GF5cIM" AL scalloped, crud on obv. (2pcs); "Keen Norris Drug/Fairfield,/Ills.//GFone5cCigar", AL. 4pcs, 3 unlisted. (MB $20.00)
914. IL Fairmount: 2pcs. F. Recreation A01-5 AL (damaged, corr.); Mack's Place, AL R5. 2pcs.
915. IL Fairview Heights. Earl's T.V. V01, AL Unc.
916. IL Farina: Merchant Set of 15. Ferrill & Crandall 5, 10, 25 (3pcs), 50 (2pcs), BR, spotted; N.L. Gant c/m'd Ford Bros, V02, V03, BR; E.B. Hitch 1c,5,10,25,50,$1, AL. 15pcs, dups. (MB $60.00)
917. IL Fieldon: Complete Set. All 3 merchants: Norside Tavern, Frank Rosenthal, Ike Walsh, all BR, nice. 3pcs.
918. IL Fithian: Single Variety Town. Hunter's Cafe, AL nice VF.
919. IL Flanagan: King's Tavern. Lot of 3, V01-5 BR (2pcs), V01-10 AL, VF-XF.
920. IL Flora: Rare Town, UNLISTED Merchant. "A. Medley/Flora/Ill.//GF5cIT", AL, VF, but crud, pitting.
921. IL Forest: Single Merchant Town. H.H. Tavern V01-5 AL.
922. IL Forrest. "Cady's/Tavern/Forest/Ill.//GF5cIT", V01 BR; "L.R. Gagnon/Forest, Ill.//GF5cIT" V02 N-S with SHAMROCK Cutout, Neat! 2pcs
923. IL Fort Sheridan: Military. N.C.O./Fort/Sheridan//1.00. V-01 R5 AL XF/AU.
924. IL Forest Park: 7 Different. Gianotti's Tavern VA05 BR; Mel-O-Dee V05 5c, 25c, $1 BR; Select Billiard Hall N-S V-06; Forest Park Highlands, large AL; Forest Park GF5c 1956 Centennial wood. About XF. 7pcs. (MB $25.00)
925. IL Frankfort: Two Unlisted Merchants, 5pcs. Frankfort Tavern V01 AL; "Joe Nicholas Cen-pe-co Klenz-Lub Oil-Paint" wood (2pcs); "Worth 5c at State Savings Bank" wood (2pcs). 5pcs.
926. IL Fox River Grove. Johnson's Dead End, V01, AL.
927. IL Franklin County - Orient Coal. "Chicago, Wilmington & Franklin Coal Co./Orient/Franklin County/Coal/Sole Producers//Illinois Coal (map of IL). BR, toned AU. (Not a GF).
928. IL Franklin Grove: Rare Single Variety Town. Geo. S. Ives, AL, F/VF, wear.
929. IL Franklin Park: Full Town Set! All listed varieties: Fun Casino 10c,25c; P/WOW 5c,10c; Sunset Arms Hotel. 5pcs (MB $20.00)
930. IL Freeburg: Unlisted Merchant, 3pcs. Burgard's Tavern V01 AL; "Kasse's/Tavern/Freeburg/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL scallops; Valentine's V03. All AL.
931. IL Galatia: Merchant Variety Set. Limerick Bros. V02 5c,10c,25c,50c,$1,$5, BR all R6 (!), F/VF, crud, pitting, probably dug. 6pcs. (MB $25.00)
932. IL Galena: RARE LOT, Many UNLISTED MERCHANTS! "The/Blue Room/Cafe//GF5cIM" AL 6-sided, minor crud; Same, but "//10c" AL, scr.; "The Brunswick/Galena,/Ills.//GF5cIT" BR, spots; "H.B.Favor/Galena, Ill.//GF5cIT" a Photographer ca. 1902, BR XF; Galena Recreation V01 BR; J.J. Genz VA02 (a saloon ca. 1914) BR R6 (Vacketta Plate); "Henning's/Vienna/Bakery//GF1LoafHomeMade", AL scalloped; Logan Hotel VA03 R6; Old Post Office VB03. 9 diff, nice lot! (MB $50.00)
933. IL Galesburg: Very LARGE Lot! With UNLISTEDS: "Illinois/42/S. Cherry/St./E.G.Baird//GF5cIM" BR (3pcs); F.L. Bradley V05 with spade CUTOUT BR; "Ernie's Tasy Grill" wood (3pcs,2diff); Unlisted Galesburg News, as V10 but uniface AL; H&H V14a; Harry's V17-10 (2pcs); J.F. Mills V23 with oval c/m; "T.J.M./Galesburg//GF5cIT" (Thos. J. Murphy, soft drinks pre-1914) AL; Olson Bros. 5pcs; The Puff V33; Royce Delivery VA36; "Saratoga/J.F.Mills/No. 12 E.Main St.//GF5cIT" BR 2pcs; "Fosgate Bros./Union/Hotel/Galesburg,Ills.//GF25cIT" BR old style; White Elephant, 9pcs. AL. Nice lot, 32pcs, dups. (MB $125.00)
934. IL Galesville: Rare Single Variety Town. Thompson AL R6, VF, super tiny clip.
935. IL Galva: 6 pieces. Berg's Tavern V01; Frank G. Bomley V02 BR R5 (2pcs); Joe's Tavern V07, V08, V09. 6pcs (MB $25.00)
936. IL Gardner: Two R6 Merchants. L.G. Horree V01, C.J. Onsen V02. AL.
937. IL Geneseo: Large Lot. Deck Plaza 5,10 (2pcs, one damaged), 25; Earl's Tavern V02 (corroded, obv. nice); V03, V04; Frank & Edna's V05-5, -10; Friendly Tavern V06, V07; "GF5cIT At Mac's Specialty Store" wood, 2pcs; Ott and Van DeVeire V09; Slim's Place V10; The Greenroom V12; Van Den Berghe V13. 17pcs, nice lot! (MB $70.00)
938. IL Geneva: Lot of 10, Unlisteds. Andy's Place V01; set of Blue Room V02 5,10,25c; "GF One Free/Diner/Onut" wood (2pcs); "Fox Toggery Ltd 10% Discount" wood (2pcs); James Giles V04 R5 BR. 10pcs (MB $40.00)
939. IL Georgetown: Rare Lot with UNLISTEDS. "Georgetown/American/Legion/Post 203//Service to/Country/and/Community" 4 diff. plastic colors; "American Legion Post 203/Bar Token" wood, 3 distinct varieties; Baron V01; Harry Clark's V04,V05, V06 5c (2var),10c,25c,50c,$1, A07; Diamond Tavern V07; "Grab-it Food Markets" wood; Jarnagin Cafe VA08; North Town Tavern VC08; John Peel (Vacketta PLATE) V08; State Laundry (neat incuse tag); "M. Zielinski/GF5cIT" incuse, oct. AL, corr. ca. 1900 grocery store. 24 different. (MB $100.00)
940. IL Gibson City: Nice lot. Brownie's IGA as VA01, but 5c, wood, 2var, 3pcs; Gibson Canning V01a & unlisted, same, but Octagon BR, V01c; "Ken Rost Ford", i.d. tag; Zander's V03-5. 8pcs. (MB $20.00)
941. IL Gifford. Harry's/Pool Hall/Gifford, Illinois V01b wood.
942. IL Gillespie: Single Variety Town. Domino Parlor V01, 2 different, large & small "5" AL R6.
943. IL Gilman: Unlisteds. Dutch Mill V01-5, -10; "Old Boys & Girls Reunion/4 Dice Tavern 1965" wood 2 diff, 2/ea; "(same, but: Mize's Tavern" wood, 1965 wood 2pcs; (similar, but 1960) wood, 2pcs; Mosher Bros V03-100 BR R6. 11ps. (MB $40.00)
944. IL Gladstone: Single Variety Town! Book Graham AL R5 Unc.
945. IL Glen Carbon. The Tavern V02-25, AL Unc.
946. IL Glen Ellyn: Full Set! Heintz Drug Store (2pcs); Nix Billiard Hall 2 1/2c AL. 3pcs.
947. IL Godley: Unlisted Town! "Clara's/Tavern/Godley,Ill.//(buffalo)" wood, obv. silver. Unlisted!
948. IL Golden: Lot. F.M. King, all 4 main varieties, 12pcs, some apparently unlisted, dups. 12pcs (MB $40.00)
949. IL Goreville: RARE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN! P.M. Co. V01 BR R6, somewhat dark, still nice. Rare!
950. IL Goreham: RARE Single Variety Town! C.A. Killian, BR R6, choice XF+.
951. IL Grand Ridge: Single Variety Town. Wright's Tap AL R5 UNC.
952. IL Grand Tower: Scarce 2 Merchant Town. Al and Blanche's; Puny's Tavern. Both known varieties!
953. IL Granite City: Large Lot. Butzies Tavern V01 5c,10c; "Carver's Cities Service" wood 2diff, 2/ea; Cohen's Food Markets V 02 10,25,50; D.A.V. A04 5c, 25c (2pcs); W. Gattung C04, UNLISTED 5c, 10c (2pcs), 25c; Wm. F. Hommert (a saloon) VE04 BR R6; Johnny's V04 1c,5c,10c,25c,50c, $1; A. Killan V06; Millie & Mickey's (listed as Michey's) V07 10c,25c; Tri-City Grocery V08,V09 1c (2pcs), 5c; Victors Tavern V10. 31pcs. (MB $110.00)
954. IL Grantfork. Donald Kloss V01 BR R5
955. IL Granville. Farmers Tap V01; Empire Lunch VB02 oval BR; Joe Kurtz "Favorite Stock 1 Peru Beer" (neat!), AL R6 corrosion, pitting; "Aragon Tavern/B. Ziano/Granville, Ill.//GF5cIT" BR. 4pcs. (MB $20.00)
956. IL Grayslake. P. Horhenadel Canneries Husking V01 AL R6, minor pitting, a bit dark; "Lake Co./Coin/Grayslake/Il. 2238287//GF25cIT" Green plastic square (2pcs). 3pcs.
957. IL Grayville: Lot. "The Bowman Stores/Gen./Mdse/Grayville, Ill.//GF10IM", set of 10c (2pcs),25c,50c,$1, AL, neat old ca. 1900 style; Ronalds & Ronalds VA02, 10c, $1. 7pcs, all AL, VG-VF, minor pitting.
958. IL Greenup. Mac's Service Station VB01 damaged; J.W. Ward 5c, 10c worn. 3pcs.
959. IL Green Valley. Ray Kohlbacher V01; Joe Lewandowski; J. Viviano V04 & V05. 4pcs.
960. IL Greenview: Unlisted, was a Single Variety Town. P.A. Balbach, as V01, but unlisted 25c, AL. V01-R6. Scarce town!
961. IL Greenville. Thos. D. Scheske V01 Vacketta PLATE specimen. R6
962. IL Gridley: Nice Lot. Peanut's Tavern VA01-5 BR (3pcs), VA01-10 AL (2pcs); H.O.Sachtjen GF 5c Drink at Bar, BR R6, old style, scratches; Von's Grocery set 1c,5c,10c,25c,50c,$1. 12pcs (MB $50.00)
963. IL Guilford: Single Variety Town. Martin Blum GF 5c when returned with empty beer bottle. R6.
964. IL Gulfport. Sunset Gardens GF 25c One Drink Up To (odd!) V01; V02. BR, R5/each. 2pcs.
965. IL Hamel: Single Variety Town. John Dinzler BR R5
966. IL Hamilton: All 4 Known Merchants. C.E. Barnum; Mission Pool (neat old style); W.H. Stonesifer "54 Pint Bottles GF $1.25 (large oval, odd denomination!); Russell Swigelson. 4 BR R5-R6/each, 4pcs.
967. IL Hampshire: RARE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN - BAKERY. Cook & Son Bakery V01 R6 Loaf Bread, BR, minor toned scratches.
968. IL Hanna City: Small Town! John Sargent V02 R6.
969. IL Hanover. Whalen's Rec. (Schmidt) AL R6.
970. IL Hanover Park: Unlisted. "GF 5c IT at Pic-N-Pay Walgreen..." wood (Silver obv.) 2 different.
971. IL Hardin. H.E. Fisher V01; Smith's Tavern V05. 2pcs.
972. IL Harrisburg: Rare town, Unlisted Set. "GF5cIT Rees Turner Funeral Home..." wood, 2 varieties. 2pcs.
973. IL Hartford. Johnson's Tavern V02 5c (scratches), 10c. 2pcs.
974. IL Hartland. Peredna's Tavern V01-5 R5
975. IL Harvard: 5. Beardsley's VB01; Bopp's Place VD01-10; Hub Lounge V03; Nolan's Tavern V05-a (2pcs). 5pcs
976. IL Harvel: Single Variety Town. Trinity Lutheran Sunday School V01 R4.
977. IL Harvey. Bowl Center 5c,10c,25c V01; Green Shingle Garden (green fiber) V02; Harvey High School VA03; Rialto Conf. V04 (neat old style)
978. IL Harwood Heights: Unlisted Town! "Meyer & Wenthe/7220 W. Wilson/Harwood Heights, Ill./60656/312-867-7575//Family/Amusement Token" BR.
979. IL Havana: Large Lot. Abe Aden V01; Becker & Long V02 5c, 25c (2pcs) BR OVAL; Citron's V03; Joe Deprato V04; John Eady (Note: Vacketta says "HT", but it is a HEART design, not the letters "HT") VA05; Ed. Johnson V05; C.H. Luk V07; Mar-Tel V10; McFarlin & Lemasters Pool Room VA11; McFarlin & Lane VB11; "The National Bar/Havana,Ill.//GF5cABar" with "5" cutout, neat! BR;S.M. Riggins V11 (2pcs); B. Roesch Cigar Store V12; Earl Strode V13a & -b (3pcs). 19pcs. (MB $75.00)
980. IL Held: Set of 4. F.G. Folken 5c,10c,50c,$1 R6/each AL. 4pcs.
981. IL Hennepin: Lot. Neat old style: Louis Bonucci VC01 R6; Florid Inn V01; Gene & Al's V02-25; Ray's Place V03, V04 5c,10c. 6pcs (MB $25.00)
982. IL Henning: Scarce Single Merchant Town. Frank Brown 5c. General store & resturant. R6 VF.
983. IL Henry: Small Town. Blue Ribbon Tavern V02 R5 VG.
984. IL Herrin: Incuse BREAD. "Brenner Bros./GF1Loaf/Bread" incuse around center, uniface BR. Bakery, ca. 1915. Unlisted.
985. IL Herscher: Unlisted TOWN! "Thos. Fritz./Herscher/Ill.//GF5cIT" Small old-style BR, nice.
986. IL Highland. Helvetia S.S. VA03 (probably 'Singing Society') Schmidt; Marquarot Tav. V03 BU AL. 2pcs.
987. IL Highland Park. Nesbitt's V01 BR R6; "Powell's Camera Mart" wood (2pcs). 3pcs.
988. IL Highwood: Single Variety Town! Lorraine Gardens AL Unc.
989. IL Hillsboro: Neat OLD BAKERY Unlisted. "Henry/Brungger/Hillsoboro/Ill.//GFOne5cLoaf Bread", Bakery, Resturant ca. 1915 Dun), neat old style AL; Dairi-Bar V01 wood (2pcs). 3pcs.
990. IL Hillside: "GF 1/4 of Drink" Single Variety Town! One of the oddest denominations, probably a joke! Horse & Buggy Lounge, V01 R6 AL AU.
991. IL Hollywood: Single Variety Town! Morrie's Grill AL R4.
992. IL Homer: Lot. "Botts Recreation Room" incuse GF5cIT AL uniface scalloped, Schmidt, Same but 10c; Homer Post No. 290 V01 (2 different reverses, 2/each); Sailors Recreation V02 5c (2pcs), 10c, 25c, V03 - 25c, V04 -50c; "Vince's IGA Foodliner" silvered obv wood (2pcs). 14pcs (MB $40.00)
993. IL Hoopeston: Large Lot! American Legion VA01; Bergstrom VA02 AL Old style R6; R. Burton VB02; "Carmin's/Coffee/Shop//GF5cIT" BR R6; Darb's Cigar Store (5 diff); Illinois Canning V06-1 BR R6; "King's Kastles Drive-In" wood; Nat. Sweet Corn VA08 (2pcs); Occidental Canning VB08b BR R6; Rice & Gocking BR V08-10; Rodgers Club VA09 BR R6; Staff Bros VB09 BR R6 (probably canning); Staths Club V09-10, V10-50; Wayne's Place (4 diff); Whitman's Cigar V12 BR R6. Some rarities, 24pcs (MB $100.00)
994. IL Hopedale: RARE Single Variety Town! Sands Bros. Pool Room (pop. 600), AL R6.
995. IL Hoyleton. Farb Brothers VA01 25c, 50c, $5 (2pcs). 4pcs.
996. IL Humboldt: Single Variety Town. C.C. Baird 2 1/2c IT. R6
997. IL Huntley: Small Town. Ed. Papst V01 Vacketta Plate token, R6. A saloon in 1916.
998. IL Hurst: Small Town. Hurst V01 BR R6.
999. IL Ingleside: Single Merchant Town. The Nut House V01-5. (pop. only 100). Scarce.
1000. IL Iuka: Scarce Single Variety Town: BREAD. Chas. L. Mills, V01 "Loaf of Bread", BR R6, old!
1001. IL Jacksonville: Large Lot with Unlisteds! Club Billiard Parlor 5c,10c,20c (2/each,6pcs); "C.A.Cawson & Co. Lumber" wood (2pcs); Randall/Drexel V03, V05; Dunlap Motor Inn V06; "Fernandes/Redeemable at/5c/In Trade/Tavern" AL uniface; "Pieper's/Cigar/Store/Jacksonville,/Illinois//GF25cIT" 4 scalloped zinc; Randolph & Lindemann V09; "Geo. F. Salby/The Rex"//GF5cIT" AL scalloped (2 vars, 1 poor); (same: /Jacksonville, Ill.//GF25cIT" Large AL; "Schumm and Lonergan/123//GF5cIM" (2pcs AL), same 25c (4pcs); Steele Bros. Tav. V10-25 (punch marks rev); "40th Anniversary Mrs. Tuckers Shortening"/etc. BZ anniv.; "White Front/Jacksonville/Ill.//GF5cIM" BR. 26pcs, many unlisteds! (MB $100.00)
1002. IL Jamaica: RARE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN! Ray Fitzsimons V01 BR R6, old, rare!
1003. IL Jerseyville. Gene and Maries V02 R4
1004. IL Johnsburg. Johnsburg Tavern V02-5 R4
1005. IL Johnston City: All R6 !! W.J. Harris V02-10, V02-25 (2pcs); unlisted: V02-100 (2pcs) Note that VB02 probably does not exist, as Vacketta's specimens are identical to V02, but $1.00 denomination; C02-10 (2pcs), C02-50. 8pcs, all R6. (MB $30.00)
1006. IL Joliet: Many Unlisteds! "B.P.O.E./Joliet, Ill./Elks Club/No.296//GF5cIT" AL (2pcs), same, 10c (2pcs), same, 25c; "C & C/Tavern/Cass & Collins St./Joliet/IL//GFOneDrink" Older green plastic; "Gib & Bernies/525/Broadway/Joliet//GF10cIT" AL; "Golden Horseshoe/Tavern/Joliet, Ill//GF10IT" AL; E.E. Henry V02 RARE DENOMINATION! "This Check buys 50c worth of Goods for 45c", neat! AL R6; G.E. Jarvis Clothier, neat ca. 1900 AL R6; L. Maddis Cigar Store VH04 (neat old style); Makovec & Bozic BR R6; John Martin V04; "Slim Moore/Farmers/Inn/28 N. Joliet St/Joliet, Ill.//GF10cIT" AL R6; Arn Nelson's VA07; Raynor Tavern VA08; "S. Reshan/220/Meeker Ave.//GF5cIT" AL 8scallops ca. 1914 Saloon, old style, R6; "Schneider's/Tavern//GF5cIT" AL Carl Schneider, ca. 1917 Saloon, R6; "Shepley/28/N. Joliet/Joliet, Ill.//GF10cIT" AL; J.S. V-A09 AL R6; "Sonny's Service Phillips 66 GF5c" wood; Speed Boys V09; W.B. VC10; "Wolfs Tavern/507/Theodore/Joliet, Ill.//GF10cIT" BR R6; Woodruff Hotel 7 diff. V11, V12; Woodruff Inn Cigar Stand V13 10c, 25c; Zobel's (a saloon ca. 1914) BR R6. 34 pcs. (MB $130.00)
1007. IL Jonesboro: Small Town. L.B. Tavern V01-5 BR R5
1008. IL Kampsville: Single Variety Town. Ralph's Market V01, rarer than R3, probably R5. BR.
1009. IL Kangley: All Known Varieties! Baietto's Tavern VA01-5, -10 R5/each; Pollak & Fabina (with neat cutout '25'), R6. All 3 listed.
1010. IL Kankakee: Large Lot. BPOE 627 V01, V02; Brown Jug V04, VA05; P.J. Clifford (a saloon ca. 1914); "Fox & Bowden/Kankakee,/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL 8scallops (2pcs); L.C. Auto VB07; Lafayette Grill V07 BR; Olivet Nazerene College V12; "D.H. Omara//GF10cIT" BR 4 scallops R6; Rialto Gardens As VB14, but unlisted 5c (2pcs) & 25c, BR; Russ & Rosie's V15; "Silver Tap Tavern/1953/Kankakee, Ill.//GF25cIT" BR (2pcs); Tony Thomas V16; Paul Vandenberg V17; "Verchio & Son" wood (2pcs). 21pcs. (MB $80.00)
1011. IL Kansas. W.C. Wooten V03-10. AL R6. All 4 varieties of the town are R6. Small town.
1012. IL Keithsburg: Small Town. Jone's Place V01 AL R4.
1013. IL Kenney: RARE Small Town. J.W. Turner V01 AL R6. Old style, XF but dark.
1014. IL Kewanee: Large Lot. A.G.B. V01-10c (A.G. Baltrashaitis Gro. & Meats ca. 1914) BR R5; "The Aluminum Man Dick Lang GF $20" wood (2pcs); Brown Derby V06; C&A Smoke Shop V07; Ceil & Oscar's V08; Danube Inn V09; DeClerk Bros. V10; Gamble's V12/etc. 7pcs, 1 dup, 1 poor; Geo. & Doc's Pastime V16; K. of C. V18; Kelley Bros. V19/20/21 3 diff.; Midget Smoke Shop V22; "Richard Naseef/Confectionery/Cigars/Tobacco/& Fruits/Kewanee/Ill.//GF10cIT" & Same, but 25c, AL; Pyle Bros. V23/etc, 9pcs, 2 dups; Richards Smoke Shop V29,30,31; Skoot Inn Tavern V33; Henry Styne V34; Ray Styne V35-10, V36; United Cigar Store V38, V39, V40; United Smoke Shop V41, V42; "The/Wooden/Shoe//GF10cIT" AL. 45pcs (MB $175.00)
1015. IL Kincaid: UNLISTED TOWN! "Mush's/Tavern/Kincaid,/Illinois//GF5cIT" BR. Rare.
1016. IL Kingston. H.E. Johnson V02 5c & 10c. 2pcs. R5/each.
1017. IL Kingston Mines: CONFECTIONERY. J.T. Winn V02 AL R6. One of only 2 varieties for the town! Scarce Town!
1018. IL Kinsman. E.R. Prindiville V04 5c & 10c, 2pcs R5/each.
1019. IL Knoxville: RARE Single Variety TOWN! George Collins V01 AL R6. Nice! Rare Town!
1020. IL Lacon: Lot. Craig's Tavern V01-5a, -5b (2pcs); Joe's Tavern VB02; Legion Lounge VC02. 5pcs. (MB $20.00)
1021. IL Ladd: Lot. Toby Barrys Tavern V01-5, -25; Mike Grivetti VB02-5b (2pcs, 1 poor); Ladd Cafe and Bar V02; "Armondo Lanute/Ladd,/Ill.//GFa5cDrink" AL square; Lanuti's VB03 (star cutout); Alex Pistono VH03 (Saloon ca. 1914, neat old style) AL R6; Rip's V03 OVAL w/Diamond cutout BR (2pcs); Rip's V04; Torri V08 R6; A. Vignali V10 R6. 13pcs. (MB $50.00)
1022. IL Lake Bluff: Scarce Town! Murphy's Tavern V02 BR, scallops, R5
1023. IL Lake Forest: Unlisted. "The Great Waldo Plum - GF 1 Free Beer" wood.
1024. IL Lakewood: Set of 6 R6. Incorrectly listed in Vacketta as McHenry Co, is Shelby Co. C. Weakly & Co. V02 set 1c,5c,10c,25c,50c,$1. AL R6/each. 6pcs. (MB $25.00)
1025. IL Lamb: Small Town! Price & Scott Bros. V01 AL R6. Only a 2 variety town!
1026. IL LaRose: Scarce Town. Cliff's V01; Cliff Illiff V03 (2pcs, 1 poor); Pete's Tavern V04 (2 distinct varieties) BR. 5pcs (MB $20.00)
1027. IL LaSalle: The Vacketta Collection: Part TWO: 91pcs. A rare opportunity to buy! Alsters Tavern VA01 R5; Joe Alster VC01 with "A" cutout BR R5 (3pcs); Al's Tap V01 5c & 25c; Henry Allen VA02 "GF 1 Drink at Bar", Crescent & star cutout, neat old piece BR R6; Balestri's VE02 5c,25c; Bank Buffet VF02 R6 old, beat, 2 1/2c; "Baugherty Hotel" wood; Baz's Tavern VG02 R5; Beanie's VI02, V03 5c (HEART shape), 25c (HORSESHOE shape), A04; Bernardi's Log Tavern VA05 5c, 10c, VB05; B O VD05 (oval fiber! 2 holes); Bootie's VE05 5c,10c,25c; Brennan's Tavern VF05 5c,10c, H05-25; K. Cawley V08 $1 with "1.00" cutout, V08-5a, rectangular 5c V08-5b, -5c, -25; Chip's Tap VA10-5b (2pcs), -25 (but "25c/IT"), Unlisted 50c BR; "City Limits/Inn/LaSalle,/Illinois//5cIT" BR; Clancy's Drug Store VC10; Club 359 VA12 w/Spade cutout; Club Devon VA13 5c, 10c; "Cole's/Shangri' La//GF5cIT" zinc (listed as Chicago CA109, but in Vacketta's collection as LaSalle); Columbia Hall Tavern VA13-5; "Columbia//$5.00" Oct. BR (V: Joseph F. Tadych) R6, rare high denonination, a gaming check?; The Corner VB13, VC13 OVALs; Val Czapski 5c At the Bar, (Saloon ca. 1900, neat primative style), sq AL R6; V.C. VE46 (V. listed under "V", but is Val Czapski, BR R6; Deluxe Liquor VF13 (2pcs); Dew Drop Inn VH13 full set of 4, zinc, minor spotting; Dom' Rainbow Tavern VI13, VJ13, VK13; "Ducks/Place//GF$1IT" AL; Duffy's Tavern VM13,VN13 OVAL BR; E&M Tavern VO13; Eddie's Tavern V13-5,VA14; Essl's Tavern, 7pcs/vars; 1st Street Tap VA18 5c, 25c (2pcs); Frank's Cigar Store V18 "25" cutout, V19, VA20, VB20; "Frank's/Cigar Store/8th St./LaSalle, Ill.//GF5cIT" BR 4scallops; Furar's Dom CUTOUT VC20 BR R6; Marion Gawarecki VE20 R6; John Glessner V20 BR R6,holed; Joe Goreshek VA21 5c,25c (2/each, 1 holed); Happy's Tavern 7pcs,1 dup. Choice lot! 91pcs (MB $350.00) $400.00-500+
1028. IL Laura: Single Variety Town. J.H. Hillor Proprietor, nice old BR R6.
1029. IL Lawn Ridge: Scarce Single Variety Town. W.H.E. Predmore AL R6 nice.
1030. IL Lawrenceville. Big Four Pool Room V01 2.5c oval worn R5, old; BPOE 1208 V02; Lawrence recreation V03 2.5c, -5a, -5b; LOOM 779 VA04; The Lounge V04, V05; West Side Billiard Room V06-2.5, -5, V07. 12pcs. (MB $50.00)
1031. IL Lebanon. Mike Koebel (should be "GF 5c Drink", but c/h is on top of '5c'), AL R5; Restawhile V03 (rev. not blank: "&" (incuse)), R5; "Weber Bros. (i)/GF5cIT" AL oct. 3pcs.
1032. IL Lee: Small Town! Guy Irving V02, AL R6 scarce!
1033. IL Leland: Single Variety Town. Larsons Cafe V01.
1034. IL Lemont. Club Ilene V01; Peter V. Nona Billiard Parlor V02 BR R6. 2pcs.
1035. IL Leonore: Nice Lot. Edward Brunsbeck V01 (saloon ca. 1914) BR R6 STAR CUTOUT; Chas. Pflibsen CRESCENT CUTOUT BR R6; Smith Bros. V05 -5, -5a (unlisted, but is VA06-5b, which does not exist), -10a (2pcs), 25c (2pcs); Smitty's Tavern V06 5c (2pcs), 10c (3pcs), VA07 5c, 10c (bent), VB07 (2pcs), V07-25; Vogel's Tap V08, V09. 21 pcs. (MB $80.00)
1036. IL LeRoy: One Unlisted. John L Smith V02 with Indian Head & Buffalo reverses, 2pcs.
1037. IL Lewistown. Lewistown Cash Grocery Co. V04, nice old style!
1038. IL Libertyville. James W. Brown V02 R5; "Tap & Tote GF 15c IT" wood (2pcs). 3pcs.
1039. IL Lincoln: Several Unlisteds. "Boss Drug Store GF5cIT" wood (3pcs); Lincoln Lodge/(elk)/914/Lincoln, Ill.//GF5cIM" AL (3pcs, 1 poor), same but 25c; "(elk)/Lincoln Lodge//GF5cIM" AL (4pcs, poor); "(elk)//BPOE/5c/914" poor; "Lincoln/Tavern/Billiards//GF5cIT" AL; Killien Meyer V04 worn; E.C. Molloy V05 5c (4pcs, 1poor), 25c (2pcs); McCarthy's Western Cigar Store (saloon ca. 1914) BR HEART SHAPED! Neat R6; Stuckel's Western Cigar Store (ca. 1914) BR HEART SHAPED! Neat R6 (both the same variety of heart). 22pcs (MB $100.00)
1040. IL Lincolnwood: Small Town. Kenilworth Inn V01 BR R5
1041. IL Litner: RARE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN! Duncan Bros. V01, nice old style rev. AL R6.
1042. IL Lisbon: RARE Two Variety Town. J.T. George V02 BR R6 nice, a tad dark.
1043. IL Lisle: Single Variety Town. Town Tavern AL Unc. R5.
1044. IL Litchfield: Large Lot. BPOE 654 VA01 (2pcs); "Wayne P. Brauer" wood (2pcs); Buzzards Roost Cigar Store V01 R5; Dairy Queen V02 (2vars); Herman's Rec. V04 (2pcs); Howdy Pap VA05 HEART SHAPE AL R6; "Johnny's Sporting Goods" wood (2pcs); "Litchfield (i)/GF5cIT/Lodge No. 654 (i)" uniface AL, same, but with center hole (3pcs); "Midway/Tavern/Litchfield, Ill.//5cIT" AL, pitted; Park Tavern VD05 (2pcs), VD05 HEART SHAPE. 20pcs. (MB $80.00)
1045. IL Livingston. Art's Tavern V01, choice AU.
1046. IL Lockport. "Freehauf's/823/State/St./Lockport//10cIT" BR; Skeldon's Tavern V01. 2pcs.
1047. IL Lomax. Buck's Tavern V01; Flood's Tavern V03 (2vars), V04. 4pcs.
1048. IL Lombard. Land of Electronics V02 1c, 10c (2pcs); "Davies Coins & Rocks GF 5c" wood (2vars); Incentives Premiums V03. 6pcs.
1049. IL Lone Oak: VERY RARE GHOST TOWN, Single Variety! C.L. Beals, V01 BR R6. RARE!
1050. IL Long Point: Scarce Single Variety Town. Stoke's Smoke Shop V01 AL R6.
1051. IL Loran: Scarce Single Variety Town. Beyer's Store V01 BR R6.
1052. IL Lostant. Wm. Adamson VA01 R5; The Boston Store, full set of 5, R5/each, old style; Hank's Tavern V02; Joe's Tap V03-5; Max's Tavern VB04.
1053. IL Lovington: Unlisted Town. "50th Anniversary/Curry's/Dollar/Wise/Store/Lovington, Ill.//Wooden Nickel" wood
1054. IL Lynwood: Single Variety Town. Svoboda's Tavern V01 AL.
1055. IL Lyons. Baldi's Rest. V01, V02; Bar Ranch V03 (2pcs), V04; Cottage Inn VB05; Deejacks V05; 47th St. Billiards V06; Gold & Silver Club V07, V08-50; Lyon's Billiard VA09; "Lyons Chateau/Billiard Hall//GF5cIT" AL; Lyons Orrie's V09; Lyons Pharmacy VA10 (2/each of 3 vars); LaGrange Orrie's VD10; Marty6 Potokar VD10; Whooper-do-Inn V11. 22pcs (MB $80.00)
1056. IL Mt. Carroll. H.H. Backenkeller V01-2 1/2c. AL R6, minor spots
1057. IL Mt. Carroll: Unlisted Soft Drink. "GF/5c//IT/Oscar Weber, Prop.//Palace of Sweets/Candy/Cigars/&/Soft Drinks" AL
1058. IL Naples: Unlisted from Small Town! "Boatel/Naples,/Illinois/217-754-3984/River Mile 65.5//GF$1.00IT" BR, A.U.
1059. IL Peotone: Unlisted. "Bob & Walt's/Tavern/Peotone//GF5cIT" Zinc, 4scallops.
1060. IL Rock Island. Louie's Liquor Store VC16 AL R5.

===== end of sale.

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