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The Ore Vacketta Collection of 11000 Different Illinois Trade Tokens.

NCTA Mail/Email Sale 4.
Closed September 9, 2006

This sale is in TWO PARTS!

RARE and Scarce Trade Tokens from the VACKETTA Collection and others, all ILLINOIS.

This is a MAIL/Email BID SALE of Illinois Trade Tokens. A trade token, or "Good-For" token is a metal, plastic or wood token with the merchant name, usually with city and state, and a denomination. Tokens are similar to coins, but were used due to a shortage of coinage, or to encourage return business. Tokens without city/state are mavericks, with some being identified as Illinois tokens and depicted below with the city within brackets, ie. (Chicago).

If you are interested in buying any of these, you must place a bid prior to or on the closing date. See below for bidding rules. If you bid severeal days PRIOR to the closing date, I will send you a link to a daily-updated custom web page showing your bids, if you are the high bidder or have been outbid, and the new opening bid. To bid, you MUST send me your name, address and phone number. If you are successful, I will mail you a statement at the end of the sale with the balance due.

This is the VACKETTA Collection: The late Ore Vacketta was the author of the standard book on IL Trade Tokens (I have copies if you need one). These tokens are consigned to me by the family for sale to the highest bidder. The descriptions below ASSUME you have the book, with "V" numbers and abbreviated descriptions. Where there is only one token from a merchant, I have only briefly listed the merchant name. This is a ONCE in a LIFETIME Opportunity to buy! While there are common tokens from IL, this collection has many scarce to rare tokens, and represents a VERY RARE chance for you to acquire new tokens for your collections, at YOUR price. There are NO minimum bids, other than the excessively cheap $4 per token. While the larger lots of 20-50+ tokens might seem initially to be expensive, careful consideration will reveal this is truly a rare chance to buy! Try buying scarce to rare tokens for $4 or so from your local coin dealer! Don't miss these sales, bid today!

WOODEN NICKELS: I have recently gotten another box from the family with Good-For wooden nickels, and have incorportated them into the lots below. Generally the wooden nickels in the descriptions below have a stated denomination, NOT just the implied 5c reverse. The GF woods are generally fairly scarce, and should be more widely collected (as should the plastic tokens). If you collect a regional area, you really need to buy the woods and modern plastic tokens, as they quickly go out of business and become rare. Don't limit your collecting to the metal tokens!

Estimates: There are none, sorry, but there is a $4 minimum bid per TOKEN for the metal tokens. Generally, the smaller the town and the less tokens known from the town, the higher the value. Bids in the $20-50+ range are usually successful on most tokens, but some rarer towns have been bringing $100-250+. I strongly recommend you bid early and check your daily updates, and increase your bids as necessary.

Estimates and Small Towns: While there are no estimates, I have noted the existance of rare towns, and suggest the relative value of the lot by the amount of capitalization of the comment. Thus a token described as "VERY RARE SMALL TOWN" should be worth more than one listed as "Small Town"

This SALE: I have put a number of tokens by CITY into single lots. If you collect that city, but only need a few tokens, please be sure to bid to get your desired tokens, and sell the balance to your local collectors. I don't know every collector, and some lots in every sale go quite cheaply. Don't miss this chance to buy!

BIDDING RULES and Information:
Usual NCTA rules, no bid reductions, except bids over $100 are reduced (but not to less than $100 and not more than by 50%)
MINIMUM BID: $4 per metal token for all lots, with some exceptions (unless otherwise specified: MB=Min.Bid). Bids below the minimum bid cannot be entered into our computer, sorry. Please note that lots with two tokens have a MB of $8, three a MB of $12, etc., even if there is no MB specifically stated for that lot. $4 per token is very cheap and only a few lots sell for the minimum bid.
Information shown within brackets ( ) is NOT on the token.
The town name is ON each token, but the state is sometimes missing, except as follows:
Where the listing is, for example, IL (Chicago), the city AND state are NOT on the token.
AND, where there is more than one token in a lot, AND it is listed in Vacketta, the existance or not of the town name is not further noted. Unlisted tokens are generally FULLY described obv/rev. However, I have not given the exact line arrangement for the reverses, nor have I noted the size. Note that unlisted tokens are fully described within quotes ("xxx") and IF the city name is on the token, it is so listed. Some unlisted tokens were attributed to the stated city by Vacketta and do NOT have the city name on the token (a maverick). If the grade is not shown, the token is in average condition. I have attempted to comment on low-grade and/or damaged pieces, especially if rarer.
Vacketta numbers are shown on IL tokens, R1-6 rarity scale for Illinois tokens:
R1=common, R2= 30-50 known; R3=20-30 known, R4=Rare, 10-20 known, R5 Very Rare, 5-10 known, R6 Extremely Rare, 1-5 known.
Abbreviated descriptions!!
You do NOT have to be a NCTA member to bid. Your name/address/phone MUST be on file to bid.
Please bid your maximum amount via email to me at
Postage and insurance are extra. $1 for 1-3 tokens, about $2-4/postage for 4 or more tokens, plus insurance.
Payments by CHECK or money order ONLY (NO Paypal, Sorry!)
EMAIL Me if you have any questions!


Metal: BR: Brass (bronze), AL: Aluminum, N-S: Nickel-Silver
obv/rev: Obverse/Reverse.

Grades: Unc: Uncirculated
AU: About Uncirculated
XF: Extremely Fine
VF: Very Fine
F: Fine
VG: Very Good
G: Good

GF: Good For (denomination)
IT: In Trade, IM: In Merchandise
Tokens from the Ore Vacketta Collection, author of the IL Trade Token book.
About 11,000 Different IL tokens, to be sold on eBay, NTCA and World Exonumia mail sales.
PLEASE email me your 'wants' to get on my mailing list. LOTS more coming up!


NOTE! Some towns might be out of alphabetical order, sorry! Please check carefully.



Modern Plastic Tokens

Includes UNLISTED Towns!

  Lots 701 through 823 are modern plastic tokens, alphabetical by city. What? You don't collect plastic tokens? Why not? The modern plastics are actually quite difficult to find, they quickly become obsolete and are thrown out by bar owners and are not widely collected. These are CHEAP, if purchased today when they are still available.

Yes, yes, I do love my metal tokens. But, if you collect tokens, you really should collect metal, plastic and wood tokens. There really are not that many of them, they are still quite reasonable, and they can only go up in price. Try finding a token from your local bar issued only five or ten years ago! Just like the metal tokens, they quickly become obsolete and get trashed by new owners. Wooden nickels are bringing over $10 each (in sale #3). Buy now, while they are still affordable.
  All these modern plastic tokens are marked "MP" (Modern Plastic).  

MINIMUM BID on lots 701-823 is $3.00 PER LOT.



701. IL Massive Collection of over 1425 DIFFERENT Illinois Tokens at 50 CENTS each! If you have ever considered collecting modern IL plastic tokens, here is a rare opportunity to acquire an excellent collection at a low price! About 1425-1450+ Illinois modern plastic tokens, all virtually mint, some varieties by merchant, various types, sizes, colors and includes some SALOONS. Choice collection impossible to duplicate from the bars/etc.! Just try going to all locations and buying these tokens at the current price of a drink! (Let's see, 1450 times roughly $3/each, hmmm! And, don't forget the cost of gas). A few duplicates possible but unlikely. Only about 25 from Chicago. Don't miss this chance to get in on the future of trade tokens! (MB $700.00)
702. IL 100 Different Illinois Tokens at 75 CENTS each. If you can't afford the above 1400 different, buy this lot of 100 different Illinois merchants, all modern plastics, various towns including some very small towns. Priced right for the collector or for resale. All virtually mint. Nothing from Chicago. (MB $75.00)
703. IL Abingdon. Mainstreet Restaurant & Pub/One Shot. MP
704. IL Addieville. Eagle's Nest//BAA. MP.
705. IL Aldeo. Maloney's Sports Bar (Irishman)//1mixedDrink. MP.
706. IL Altamont: Small Town. Schuetzenfest (crossed guns)//$2.00. MP.
707. IL Alto Pass: Unlisted Town! Hartine Orchards//1. MP.
708. IL Amboy. Wayne's Trackside//OneBottleCanBeer. MP.
709. IL Ashkum. Waterfront Lounge//GFTapBeer. MP.
710. IL Atlanta. Phanny's//A.C.H. Tavern. MP.
711. IL Bartonville. Puppy Dog's (dog)//GFDomesticBottleCanBeer. MP.
712. IL Bath: Small Town. Check it out at Checkers//Thank You. MP.
713. IL Beckemeyer: Unlisted Town! American Legion Post #1227//(blank). MP.
714. IL Berwyn. Bill & Ed's Maple Inn//(blank). MP.
715. IL Big Foot: Unlisted Town! Snitch A Drink At Snatches//GFBottleBeerOrRailDrink. MP.
716. IL Bishop Hill: Unlisted Town! Colony Inn//GFOneWine. MP.
717. IL Bridgeview. Ye Olde Cactus Club//GFOneBottleBeer. MP.
718. IL Carbon Cliff: Unlisted Town! Track N Sports Bar (crossed flags)//GFOneDrink. MP.
719. IL Campbell Hill. The Pit Stop//GFOneBeer. MP.
720. IL Carbon Hill. Bum's Bar & Grill/Bottle//(same). MP.
721. IL Carpentersville: Lot of 5. Instant Replay Sports Bar/Rt. 25//GFOneDrink. 5 colors. MP.
722. IL Centrailia. Skipper Inn//GFOneDraft. MP.
723. IL Chebanse. Jim's Inn/Jim & Sue Bauer//Bottle. MP
724. IL Chester. Time in a Bottle//GFOneDraft. MP.
725. IL Chillicothe. Bailey's Pub//(blank). MP.
726. IL Coal Valley. Food & Spirits/Joe's Place//(blank). MP.
727. IL Columbia. Tiny's 602 N Main (Palm Tree)//GFOneMixedDrink. MP.
728. IL Cooksville: Unlisted Town. Long Branch Again//GFOneBottle. MP.
729. IL Cornell. Maurie's Tap//GFOneCanOrBottle. MP
730. IL Crescent City. East Main Tap//GF1Can(can). MP
731. IL Cresthill. Tammie's Tap 1622 Broadway//GFOneShot. MP.
732. IL Cuba. Boagies//Una Bebida. MP
733. IL Dallas City: Unlisted Town! The Edge of the River//GFOneBottleBeer. MP
734. IL Deer Creek: Small Town. Village Tap Jim/Diana//(blank). MP
735. IL Divernon: Unlisted Town! Papa Joe's (elk)//GFOneDraft. MP
736. IL DuBois. Mule Barn/(mule head)//(blank). MP.
737. IL Dunlap: Lot of 3. E.B.'s Eagle Nest//(denomination). 3 different, MP.
738. IL Dunlap: Small Town. Post 1078//GFOneTopShelf. MP.
739. IL DuQuoin. Lodge 884/(BPOE logo)//(flag). MP
740. IL Earlville. Poka's Bar & Grill//$1.00. MP.
741. IL East Brooklyn: Unlisted Town. Reco's Tap//1. MP.
742. IL East Hazel Crest: Unlisted Town! 1511 W. 171st//A Friends Place(glass). MP
743. IL Elgin. American Legion Post No. 57 (logo)//(blank). MP.
744. IL Effingham. The Great American Bagel//(blank). MP.
745. IL Elmwood. Christi's Den (woman on bar)//GFOneDraughtBeer. MP
746. IL Flanagan. Falcon Food & Spirits, Inc.//GFTopShelfOne. MP.
747. IL Flora. VFW Post #3999//GFOneFreeDrink. MP.
748. IL Franklin Park. Mike O'Donnell's Bar & Grill//GFOneDrink. MP.
749. IL German Town Hills: Unlisted Town! Kouri's GF 1 Call Drink//$2.50. MP.
750. IL Gilman. Pinky's 122 N Central//(same). MP
751. IL Goofy Ridge: Unlisted Town. And, yes, there is a town named Goofy Ridge! "The Hialeah Club//GFOneDrink". MP
752. IL Granite City. Knights of Columbus Lounge//Monday Bingo Drink Chip. MP
753. IL Hamel: Small Town. Scotty's/(Rte 66 sign)/Bar & Grill//GFOneBottleBeer. MP.
754. IL Havana. 324 W. Dearborn/Happy/"Our"/Liquor//GF50cOff. MP
755. IL Herscher: Unlisted Town. Mike's Wildlife Inn//GFOneDrink. MP
756. IL Hickory Hills: Unlisted Town. Kowal's Bar & Grill//GFOneBeer. MP
757. IL Hillside: Small Town. Brauerhouse//GFOneBarMixer. MP
758. IL Hinsdale. Belluominis Spirits & Grill//Import Beer. MP
759. IL Hoopeston. Ruby Nell's Eatry & Spirits//Mixed Drinks. MP.
760. IL Island Lake: Small Town. Porten Rd. Pub//Bottle Beer. MP.
761. IL Joliet: Lot of 7 Different. "East Side/A.C./701 Abe St.//(denomination, varies). 7 different colors.
762. IL Justice: Unlisted Town! 8531 W. 79th St. Bridges//Beer Special. MP.
763. IL Keithsburg: 2pcs. Beethovens Old Time Pub//GFOneBottleOrCanBeer. AND: Kricket's Bar & Grill//YaGottaDraftCommin. MP.
764. IL Kewanee. Shamrock Club/(shamrock)//(blank). MP
765. IL Kinsman: 2pcs. Kinsman Bar & Grill//GF1Draft. AND: Papa John's/GF/One Beer//(blank). MP.
766. IL Lake Zurich. Scoreboard Bar and Grill//(same). MP
767. IL Lexington: Unlisted Town! Kemp's Upper Tap//YaGottaDraftCommin. MP.
768. IL Lockport. Adams Pub//GFOneMixedDrink. MP
769. IL Lombard. O'Neill's Pub//(blank). MP
770. IL London Mills. CJ's Corner Tap//GFOneBottleBeer. MP
771. IL Macomb. Post 1921/(VFW logo)//(blank). MP.
772. IL Marietta: Unlisted Town! Lorri's Tap//GFOneCanBeer. MP.
773. IL Metropolis: Small Town! Moose Lodge #262/(moose)//(blank). MP.
774. IL Milford. Hangout//Beer. MP.
775. IL Moline. Roy's Watering Hole//(blank). MP.
776. IL Mt. Carmel. Aerie 3066/(FOE logo)//GFOneSoda. MP.
777. IL Mt. Morris: Unlisted Town! Cousin's Bar & Grill Go Cubs//GFOneFreeDrink. MP.
778. IL Naplate. Sips Bar & Grill//(blank). MP
779. IL Nokomis. Bernardini's/GF One Drink//(same). MP
780. IL Orion. WeeDee's Pub 'N Grub//GFOneBottleBeer. MP
781. IL Palos Hills. Philly T's/9750 S Roberts Rd//(blank). MP
782. IL Pana. Moose Lodge #1015/(moose)//GFOneBeer. MP
783. IL Park City: Unlisted Town! Silly Rabitts//GFOneBeer. MP.
784. IL Pinckeyville. #2522/(FOE logo)//GFOneBeer. MP
785. IL Princeton. Cadillac Ranch//(blank). Unusual SQUARE Shape. MP.
786. IL Quincy. Mr. Bill's/538 S. 12th St./One Free Beer//(same). MP.
787. IL Raymond: Small Town. Green Tree Lounge//(blank). MP
788. IL Red Bud. Sporto's Pub & Grill//(blank). MP.
789. IL Reynolds: Unlisted Town! One Free Drink Riscky's//(blank). MP.
790. IL Riverton. Village Tap//(blank). MP
791. IL Robinson. Lodge 1188/(BPOE logo)//GFOneBeer. MP
792. IL Rochelle. Da Place//GFOneBottleBeer. MP.
793. IL Rockdale. Glory Days Bar & Grille Special//$1.25. MP.
794. IL Rock Falls. American Legion Post 902//(blank). MP.
795. IL Rockford. Verdi Club/(GVS)//Redeemable in Merchandise/75c". Red MP.
796. IL Rockford. Verdi Club/(GVS)//GFOneDrink". Red Plastic
797. IL Roseville: Unlisted Town! Homer's House//GFOneMixedDrink. MP.
798. IL Roselle: Set of 4. Post #1084/(flag)//(blank). 4 different colors.
799. IL St. David. Phillips Station//GFOneBottleBeer. MP.
800. IL Scales Mound. Pop-A-Tops Again//GFOneMixedDrinkOrBeer. MP
801. IL Seneca. JD's Bar & Grill//BottleBeer. MP
802. IL Somonauk. Peddler's Den//Den Dollars/5/No Cash Value. MP.
803. IL South Roxana. "Almost Home 1112 Madison/(dice)/S. Roxana, IL//(blank)" MP.
804. IL Spaulding. Dockers Rt. 54//(blank). MP.
805. IL Springfield. Bogie's//510 W. Maple Ave. So." MP.
806. IL Spring Valley. West End Tap/GF/1/Drink//West End Tap/NY". MP.
807. IL Summit: Unlisted Town. 7600 60th Pl. Corner Joynt//T.M.L.M.-T.B.G.B/(child). MP
808. IL Toluca. Toluca Lanes//(bowling pins, ball). MP
809. IL Toulon: Small Town. The Bar//GFOneDrink. MP
810. IL Trenton. Papa Whellie's Sports Bar//GFOneBottleBeer. MP
811. IL Urbana. Post 630//GFOneCanSoda. MP
812. IL Wadsworth: Unlisted Town! Duck Inn//GFOneTapBeer. MP
813. IL Warren: 2pcs. Gasoline Alley//GFOneDrink. AND: KT's Place/105 E Main//(same). 2pcs MP.
814. IL Watseka. Westside Lounge//Can Beer. MP.
815. IL Wedron: Rare Town. Opie's Sports Bar & Grill//(beer). MP.
816. IL West Peoria: Unlisted Town! Crusens/Mixed/Drink//(same). MP.
817. IL Willow Springs: Unlisted Town! CC's Grove//GFOneBeer. MP.
818. IL Wilmington. (no name)/GF One Mixed Drink. MP
819. IL Winthrop Harbor: Unlisted Town! VFW Post 7448//GFOneDrink. MP.
820. IL Womack: Unlisted Town. Industrial Tavern//(blank). MP.
821. IL Wood River. Moose Lodge #1349//#1 Can. MP.
822. IL Woodstock. D.C.Cobb's Bar & Grill//50c. MP.
823. IL Yates City: Unlisted Town! Half's Brew Room//GFOneBeer. MP.



Older Tokens

  Lots 824 - 908 are the older metal, plastic and wood tokens, mostly listed in the Vacketta book, generally 1880-1990. Some pieces are unlisted and are so noted.  
  MINIMUM BID on lots 824+ is $4.00 PER LOT. Some lots have a Minimum Bid ("MB") which generally is $4 per token or less. Please note most lots bring substantially MORE than the minimum bid. BID EARLY!  

  Introductory and DEALER Lots:  

824. IL 100 Different Non-Chicago. Nicer lot of 100 all-metal IL tokens, good variety, some scarcer towns. Great lot for the beginner or the dealer for resale. Includes common pieces of course! Some duplication by merchant, all different denominations. (MB $275.00)
825. IL 100 Different CHICAGO Metal Tokens. Interesting lot of 100 all-metal Chicago tokens. Includes some duplication by merchant. Great lot for the collector or dealer. (MB $250.00)
826. IL (Chicago) 20 Different w/ "TAVERN" on token. Nice lot all with word "Tavern" on the lot (scarce!), a few varieties by merchant. (MB $100.00)

  SALOON TOKENS: All with the word "Saloon" on the token.  

827. IL SALOON: Danville. J & S Saloon, Danville, 2 1/2c IT, AL oct. V-B57, R6. Nice XF, very minor rev. spots.
828. IL SALOON: (Nokomis) UNLISTED TOWN! "L. Janos (incuse)/GF5ctsIT/Saloon (incuse)" on octagonal AL, Schmidt rev. XF.
829. IL Lenzburg SALOON: UNLISTED TOWN! George Reitz/Saloon/Lenzburg, Ill.//GF A 5c Drink. Brass. Nice XF.
830. IL Forreston: SALOON. "Josh's/Saloon/Forreston, IL//GF One Draft" White Plastic, Modern Plastic.

  Illinois Trade TOKENS: By Town (check carefully)

Minimum Bid $4 per lot, or as marked "MB"

831. IL Alta: Single Variety Town. V01 W.A. Pollocks Tavern AL, nice.
832. IL Arlington: Lot of Two, One UNLISTED. "Jay/Thompson/Tavern/Arlington/Ill.//GF5cIT", AL, AND V01-25 25c, BR, R3.
833. IL Ashland. John Gutmann, V02, AL R6
834. IL Belgium Town: Unlisted POKER CHIP. "CM" in center of chip, for 'Club Marchanas', rev. "$1.00". Old ca. 1940's style. Black.
835. IL Bunker Hill: Two Variety Town. Zepponi's Tavern, V02. BR, R5
836. IL Catlin: Choice Lot of 13. Cook Bros, as VA01 but Unlisted as GF5cIM, AL, R6; Carl Cook VB01 2 1/2c BR R6; H.G. Dickerson VD01, 1c AL, R6; J.A. Dickerson V01 2 1/2c AL R5 (2pcs); Clarence G Hall V-A03 wood R4; Mary's Tap V04-10 2pcs, different sizes, one unlisted! R4; Tom Shutich V-A05, AL R6; Stamos Tavern, 10c V-05 R5 (2pcs); Whities Tavern, V06, 10c, AL R4 (2pcs). 13pcs (MB $50.00)
837. IL Champaign: Lot of 6. Johnnie Walker Red/University of Illinois 1970 Football schedule, AL; National Bank 1986 wood; Arrowhead Lane wood (2pcs); Watch it Wash wood; Champaign-Urbana Coin Show 1985 wood. 6pcs.
838. IL 7 Chestnut, UNLISTEDS. Unlisted "Grimes Tavern/Chestnut, Ill.//GF5cIT",Sq BR (2, 1w/spots); LF McCann; Williams (all 3var, 1 dup). 7pcs. (Incorrectly listed in V3). (MB $20.00)
839. IL (Chicago) Unlisted Merchant. "Alhambra Inn/Cocktail/Lounge/2301/W. Madison St.//GF5cIDrinks". Brass.
840. IL (Chicago) Unlisted Lot of 2, ODD Shape! "Maternity B.V.M./$1.00/Merchandise Token//(same)", Unevenly 8-sided. AND, Same, but 25c, rounded-triangle, very unusual! 2pcs. Supposedly a Maternity Hospital.
841. IL Clifton: Full set of 5pcs, one Unlisted. A.L. Morel & Sons, set of 5 with dup: Brass 1c (2pcs); 5c; 25c Unlisted AL; 50c; $1.00. 5pcs,1 dup, 6pcs. R6/each (MB $25.00)
842. IL Clinton. Newby's Fair Trade, VB01-25, 25c BR.
843. IL Coal City. L&M Pizza V-03 (2vars, 2dups); "Ulivi-Bros. Furniture 1961 wood (2). 6pcs.
844. IL Colchester: Lot of 4, Two Unlisted! Farmer & Smith V-01, BR R5; unlisted: "Farmers Cash/Exchange/Colchester,/Ill.//GF5cIT" BR; H.Stone, V02 BR R5; "Terrill Bros/Merchandise/Colchester, Ill.//GF$1.00IM", oct. AL, bright AU, large.
845. IL Conant UNLISTED TOWN: 5c. "A.F.Beck & Sons/General/Merchandise//GF5cIM" Oct. AL
846. IL Coulterville: Vacketta Plate Specimen, 3 Different, 2 Unlisted. G.E.Purdy (signature in script), Brass V01 R6, plate! And: "J.C. Tate/Coulterville, Ill.//GF25cIM", & 50c, both unlisted, AL, 4 scallops, Octagonal. 3pcs. (MB $20.00)
847. IL Coulterville: UNLISTED Set of 5. "Tate & Powell/Coulterville,/Ill.//GF5cIT" Set of 5: 5c (round), 10c (squarish), 25c (oct.), 50c (4 scallops), $1 (scallops). XF/Unc. (MB $20.00)
848. IL Dalzell: 12 Different! Jimmie's Tavern, 25c, oval Brass, holed VB01-25; Unlisted "Judy's/Place/Dalzell, Ill//25cIT", AL; old style Louis Lanzi BR R6 V01, dug/pitted; Morandi's Tavern GF 1/2 Gal. Beer; Tonelli's Tap V-03-10 R5; Tonelli's Tap, 5c,10c,25c, 50c; Town Club 25c V06-25 BR; oval Virgil's Tavern BR V07-25; Yattoni's oval V-09, R6. 12 diff. (MB $50.00)
849. IL Dana: 4 Different, Unlisted DUAL TOWN! R.E.Grimm, as V01, "Dana & Flanagan", but unlisted AL 5c, beat, dinged up; C.E. Schwartz 25c; VG Smith, Smitty's Tavern. 4pcs. (MB $20.00)
850. IL Danville DAIRY. Baumgart Dairy, 1 Qt. Milk, V-B04 AL R5, dug, dirty, rev. pitting, corrosion.
851. IL Danville: DAIRY Triangle Shape! Bredehoft Dairy Phone No 2 GF Five Cents when returned with bottle. V-E09, BRASS Triangle, Neat! R6 Rare.
852. IL Danville: DAIRY. Illiana Dairy, GF 5c When Returned With Bottle. Brass, old style, V-H56a, R6, somewhat dark, minor pitting.
853. IL Danville: Bi-Metal Set. Nice set of Grab-It-Here bimetals: 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c (2 varieties), $1.00. 6 different, about F-XF. (MB $60.00)
854. IL Danville: The Vacketta Collection, Part ONE: 38 Different. Nice lot of all different: A&P Food Stores 5 fibre (probably used elsewhere, but Vacketta id'd to Danville; Aetna House V01 BR, R6; George Allen, V-02 BR R6; Black Cat V-06 BR R4; John Bohland V-07 BR R5; Bond's Cafe, 2 1/2c Beer V-A08 AL R6; Walter J. Bord 1c V-08-1 BR R4; Bottis Tavern, VA09 5c, 10c BR, R3; Brown Bros. VF09, AL R5; Brown Derby V-09 5c, 20c; Burger Chef B11 AL; unlisted AL Burger Chef; Chuck's Tavern A13 R5; Clifford's Cigar Store V14 AL R5; Club Manhattan V-16-10 AL; College Inn Tavern V-17 BR; unlisted "Cosat's Recreation", etc. green plastic 10c; Country Cousins V-A20 (2 diff. one unlisted); Dairy Queen (attr. to D. by V.); Danville Coin Club wood; unlisted "DH" both sides, attr. to DHS School; unlisted "Dixie Theatre Concession GF5cIT" wood; Dutch Mill V-27 BR R4; Dutch Mill, as V-A28, but unlisted 10c AND 25c; Enco (attr. to D. by V.); Mr.s Jennie Hanna V-45-10 AL R5; Holiday Square IGA as V-A53 but unlisted 1c; Illiana Anquite Automobiel Club, 1964; Joe's Tap V-59-10; Lincoln Lanes arcade token (attr. to D. by V.); unlisted "The Presciption Shops GF50cIM" wood (attr.); Royal Donut, Worth 10c on Doz. Donuts, 2 var. woods; Skyway Drive-in Theatre 1959 wood. 38 Different! (MB $100.00)
855. IL Darwin: Full Town Set! J.E. Frakes, 5c,10c,25c, V-01 R3/each. AL, worn.
856. IL Decatur: 19 with Unlisteds! Decatur 507 V-A03 AL R5; Decatur Federal Savings wood, unlisted (2pcs); Decatur Men & Boys Shoppe Free Parking wood, unlisted; Downtown Decature 1985 GFOneBeer unlisted wood; unlisted "Green Front/Inn/914/E. Wood St./Decatur//GF5cIT" AL, minor pitting; Hotel Orlando Cigar Stand V07 BR R5; unlisted "Jimmy's Tavern/1134/E. Wood/Decatur, Ill.//GF25cIM" BR, old; John's Tavern V-08; unlisted Terry Stokes Kilborn's wood (2pcs); unlisted: "Monti Cafe/5505/Pershing//5c" (attr. to D. by V.), AL; Pete's Place V-09 BR R5 (Vacketta Plate)(2pcs); Pete & George's V-A10 5c (2pcs) & 25c, AL; unlisted "Scovill/$1.00/Rebate Check//Illinois/Good For/Premiums/Only/Greatest House Furnishers" AL (Attr. to D. by V., ca. 1914) AL;Young's Dairy Lane food stamp 1c. 19pcs (MB $50.00)
857. IL Deer Creek: Rare One Variety Town! Neat old token "J. Rediger", BR, scallops, R6, toned XF, minor toned spot.
858. IL DeKalb: Lot of 17 with Unlisteds. DeKalb County Schools, VA01; unlisted "Ed's Tavern GF5c" wood (3pcs, 2 diff); J.Ed. Johnson V-03 BR; J.E. Johnson V-04 W-M Vacketta PLATE; unlisted "Wm. Peura/Dekalb/Ill.//GF5cIM" BR; unlisted "Wm. Peura//GF5cIT" BR; Keith & Ralph V05; Ralph & Keith Scotties Tav. (Vacketta PLATE); Ralph & Keith V07 5c, 10c; The Subway VA08; Teen's Tap 10c V08; unlisted Wurlitzer Old Fashioned Piano Days wood (2pcs); unlisted screwdriver round from DeKalb Corn, 1950. 17pcs (MB $50.00)
859. IL Delavan. The White Front Tavern, AL V01-10 UNC. AL R4
860. IL DePue: Nice Lot of 33, Unlisteds! Bosnick's B, V-01; unlisted "Bosnick's/DePue,/Ill.//GF50cIT" BR, scallops; Bosnick's Tavern V-02 5c & 10c; Bosnick's V-03 BR; Art Foster V-07-10 BR; unlisteds Foster, but AL 5c (2 diff, 5pcs); Chas. Isaacson (2 var); Lake View V08; Lindquist Tavern 5c, 25c VA09; Rex Tavern V10 5c, 25c; Silver Dome, 3 diff, one with "V" cutout; Vic's Tavern V-I11 (2); Vic & Joe Merkel V-11, V12 OVAL BR; Vitaphone (3 diff); Yuvan's (5 diff, one with "50" cutout). 33pcs. (MB $125.00)
861. IL DesPlaines: Lot of 4 Different, 3 Unlisted! Loyal ORder of Moose, V-01 AL Unc. Unlisted: "DesPlaines/(elk)/1526//Lucky/25/Elks Bucks", AL; same, but "Five Bucks", BR, large; "Booth 78 NAMA 1970", etc., attr. to DP by Ben Odessa, BR. 4pcs. (MB $15.00)
862. IL Diamond: Single Variety Town! Diamond Jack's Tavern, V-01 R6. Nice!
863. IL Dixmore: Single Variety Town. English Standard, V01
864. IL Dixon: 2 Unlisteds, ca. 1900. "Harry Osborne/Dixon, Ill.//GF5cIT", and SAME, but 25cIT, both brass. Vacketta: '1900 Billards, Cigars' 2pcs.
865. IL Downers Grove: Lot of 3, Two Unlisteds! DG Fire Department, V-01, BR, dark; unlisted DG Pharmacy GF5cIT wood; "Downers Grove/July, 1966//Graphic/Gold" BR, dark. 3pcs. (MB $10.00)
866. IL Downey: Single Variety Town! W.F. Downey V-1, AL R6, edge dings, rev. damage.
867. IL Dundee: Lot of 5. Busy Bee V01 BR; F.C.Ihrke V-05 BR R6 (bad edge cut); N&B V-06 R5; unlisted Stan-Wood Mfg. Co. wood (2pcs). 5pcs. (MB $15.00)
868. IL Dunlap: Single Variety Rare Town. L.H. Shehan V01 R6. Small Town! XF.
869. IL DuQuoin: Nice Lot of 16, Unlisteds. BPOE 884 V-01-5 BR 5c (2pcs); unlisted "B.P.O.E. 884/Duquoin, Ill.//GF10cIM" AL; Brayfield Bros, V-C02-25 AL R5; DuQuoin Mercantile V02-5 R5; unlisted Egyptian Music Co GF50c wood (2pcs); unlisted "Geiger Bros/DuQuoin,/Ill.//GF10cIM" scalloped/square AL (2pcs); Pope And Co. V03 5c, 50c, $1. R5/ea; Home Bakery (ca. 1914) V-06 5c, 10c(3pcs) R5/each. 16pcs. (MB $65.00)
870. IL Dwight: Two Different, Unlisted. unlisted Bakers Fine Furniture, LARGE BR, as V-A01, but $5.00; Hallock Rec, V-01 AL. 2pcs (MB $10.00)
871. IL Earlville: 24 with Unlisteds. Dupee Bros V-A01-10 AL dug; unlisted Eder's Knotty Pine Tap wood; Louis Michelini (5 diff.); Mickey's Tap (5 diff); Muleer & Hughes V-07; Myer's (5 diff. one zinc unlisted); Ray's Tap (5); Schammel's tavern V11. 24pcs. (MB $90.00)
872. IL East Alton. Quality Dairy Store, AL, V-03. On Milk Purchase. Unc.
873. IL East Dubuque: Lot of 5. The Circle, V-01-25 BR R4; Hilltop CASINO V-02 5c, 25c BR R4; Sherman Hutton AL R5 (2). 5pcs (MB $20.00)
874. IL East Lynn: Small Town! BOTH Varieties: A.H. Hofer, V01, 5c & 10c, old style R6/each AL. 2pcs.
875. IL East Moline: Lot of 9 Different. Brown Owl (4 diff.); Louis DeSoete VF04; Sportsman's Inn V04; The Arcade 2 1/2c IT old style, V05; Ben VanDamme V07 BR; Vic & Sue's Tavern, V08. 9 different (MB $30.00)
876. IL Easton: Lot of 4. R.H. Johnson V-01, V-02; McDowell's Cafe V-03 (2pcs). 4pcs (MB $15.00)
877. IL East Peoria: Nice Lot with Unlisteds! Unlisted: $5 on A-B Gas Range (long inscription, from Abrahams & Burns, 1915-1926), dated 1926, large gilt Bronze; Joe Anthony's V01; Center Tap Room, V02; Glee Club V04 & unlisted in red fiber; unlisted "Paul Murphy/East Peoria,/Ill.//Bottle/5c/Deposit", Zinc (2pcs); unlisted "Tazewell Inn/E. Peoria,/Ill.//GF5cIT", BR, center hole, bottom gone. 8pcs. (MB $23.00)
878. IL East St. Louis: INGLE Set of 6. "Daniel Koenigstein/(Ingle)" A pre-1914 Saloon, positive id to ESL. Set of 5: 1c in copper, plus 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c, $1.00, Probably Silvered Brass, rather than W-M. Nice VF-XF. 5pcs. (MB $15.00)
879. IL East St. Louis: Lot of 11 with Unlisteds! Unlisted "B&W /Smoke Shop/729/Collinsville Ave.//GF5cIT", 4-scalloped Brass, older; unlisted Century Cigar Store/35c/etc. BR; East St. Louis High School (2, one with strange '5' reverse, very odd); Jack Lewis V05; Mecca V06; unlisted very old style "C.A. Ortgier" (incuse)/GF25c" uniface brass, nice!; Royal Tavern V08; J. Schwab 2 1/2c IT V-D09; unlisted "412 State St./TWS(large bold initials)/East St. Louis//GF25cIT", severe scratches; 421 Missouri V-12. 11pcs (MB $50.00)
880. IL East Whasko. Transylvanian Mortuary GF $50.00 IT, good luck symbols. Interesting fantasy token for East Whasko, located east of Chicago (!). Made up long ago by a Rockford watch dealer. Unc.
881. IL Edelstein: RARE Single Variety Town! Wm. A. Rigdon, 5c. Population 130. R6 AL. Nice toned XF.
882. IL Edinburg: Rare Two Variety Town. Mas Wilson Tavern V02, BR 5cIT, R6. XF, red nail polish on rev.
883. IL Edwards: Small Town. R. Munro V-01, BR, old style, R5
884. IL Edwardsville: Lot of 8, Unlisteds. Joe Berdick V-02 (2pcs); Chas. Brendle V-03 and V04 (MOST unusual with city name in "U" shape! VERY ODD, NEAT!), BR, worn; Lautner's V-06; Mays Billiard Room 2 1/2c; unlisted "Mine Run University/Edwardsville/Vanzo's//GF5cIT", BR; Ben. Wood V-11, BR, several edge cuts, R6. 8pcs
885. IL Effingham: Lot of 3, 2 Unlisted. Gammon & Cummins V01 and unlisted "25", BR R6; Southeast Districk 1967 wood. 3pcs. (MB $10.00)
886. IL Eight Mile: Rare Single Variety Town! James Newlon, V01 AL R5.
887. IL Elco: Single Variety Town! Kerr's Place V01, BR R5. XF.
888. IL Elkville: Complete SET of 7 INGLE. Geo. A Holliday V01 5c, 10c; V-02 25c, 50c, 1.00, 5.00, 10.00. Last two in COPPER, unusual metal for Ingles. Toned XF. 7pcs (MB $30.00)
889. IL Elmhurst: 5 with Unlisted. The Casino, BR; Wilson Crain Golf wood (2 diff, 1 dup); Sultana Billiard Hall 2 1/2c IT BR R5. 5pcs (MB $10.00)
890. IL Elmwood: Loaf of Bread. Hall's Grocers & Bakers, AL R6, but cancelled by slicing left side (2 known, both with left-side cut). Ca. 1914.
891. IL El Paso: SCHLITZ Beer. Kil's Tavern 5c V-02 AL R5
892. IL Elwood: Lot of 5. Bill's Inn, 5 different, AL & BR. (MB $20.00)
893. IL Emington: UNLISTED TOWN! Harold Haack/General/Merchandise/Emington,/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL 4-scallops, VF/XF.
894. IL Enterprise: RARE Early Single Variety Town. Zindel Feller & Co. 5, BR, AG/G, pitted/worn. R6
895. IL Erie: Rare MILK Token. L.G. Fadden GF One Quart of Milk. AL octagonal, VG, Dings.
896. IL Esmond: Rare TWo Merchant Town. Ray J. Eychaner 5c. AL R6
897. IL Evanston: Lot of 12, Unlisteds. ETHS 1 Lunch; ETHS One Lunch in BR and same, unlisted in AL; Evanston Beaches: 1939; 1955; 1971; 1973; Evanston Buffet; unlisted storecard: National Foundation of Funeral Services, BR, bldg; North Western House; unlisted "Northwestern University/N.U./Beaches 1947//(blank)" AL; St. George High School. 12pcs (MB $40.00)
898. IL Evansville. Nicholas Braun, AL R6
899. IL Farina: Mostly UNLISTED Set of 20. J.P. Haley General Merchandise, set of 20 (probably) all different, includes 5c,10c,25c, 50c, $1.00, $5.00, with significant and minor die varieties, all written up. Early 1900's, all Brass, about XF, a couple less. 20pcs. (MB $60.00)
900. IL LaSalle: The Vacketta Collection: PART ONE: 49 Different. Joe Ajster "A" cutout; unlisted Baugherty Hotel wood; Beanie's VH02 5c, 10c; Bernardi's Log Tavern; Chip's Tap, 25c; Dew Drop Inn 50c; E&M Tavern 25c; Essel Tavern V-A16; Ferretti's Food stamp 1c; Frank's Cigar V19; Marion Gawarecki V-E20; Joe Goresheck V-A21 5c, 25c (spots); Happy's Tavern as B23 but 25cIT; Hi-Way Tavern 5c (faded), 10c; Holiday Inn (2 diff.); Knotty Pine Tavern 5c, 25c; Little Orchard 5c; The Nut House (cracks); Orsingers 5c in BREAD (red finger-nail polish), same 10c; Paramount Club (dancing girl); OVAL Ray Pikula's 5c (2 holes as listed); Frank Pirnat 25c; Rainbow, 5c; R&S Tap 5c; Ravnikar's 10c; Rose Bowl 25c; Scotty's B42 in red, & unlisted in black; Frank Setinz 25c; Sportsmens Tap; Stacy's Place C-44a; Tony's Tavern 10c,25c; Tony's Tap D45; The Top Hat; United Cigar Store V45-5, VB46; Uptown Tavern; Urbanowski's IGA food stamp 1c; Wasilewski (2 diff); Witzemans (2 diff). 49 different. (MB $150.00)
901. IL Morris: Lot of 10 Different. American Legion; Black Bros; Ed's Tap; Harry's Tavern; "K and R" Tap, 5c, 10c; Morris Recreation, GEM BU; Lincoln medal, bust right, Rotary, 1920, nice; Joe Shock; Jones Cafe. 10 different. (MB $40.00)
902. IL Neunert: Unlisted Town. "H.D. Miesner/Neunert Ill.(incuse)/10c (in center)//(Schweizer back stamp). 12 scallops AL.
903. IL Ogelsby. Roda Bros. Tiny 25c token, only 16mm square. AL, XF/AU. R5.
904. IL (Oglesby). Roda's Nite Club. BR, UNC, minor spots. R5
905. IL Rockford: Unlisted. "The Grand B&B Co./The Home/of/Clean/Recreation/326-28-30 7th St.//GF5cIT". AL.
906. IL Springfield: Unlisted SET of 4. "Curt Winters/Tavern/201/E. Washington/St./Springfield, Ill.//GF5cIT". Brass set of 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c, XF-AU, minor toning/spotting. (MB $15.00)
907. IL Spring Valley: Lot of 15 Different. Campus Inn, 5c, 25c, 50c; Mat Mattes (1914 Saloon), BR, part dark/corr.; McKown's Grill; Mike & John; Mule's Tap, 25c; North End Tap; Pep Frasco RECTANGULAR 50c, AL bend; unliste Sally's Chateau as V-A15 but 25c; SV Elementary School; Tieman's Tavern, 5c,25c,50c; Valley Lanes V-K17. 15 different. (MB $50.00)
908. IL Streator: Lot of 16 Different. Anderson & Trapp, NEAT "25" Cutout V03-25; same, V08-100; Same, EARLY Fully INCUSE style V-B09; unlisted "J.I.Brannon/Pool & Billiards//GF5cIT" with NEAT "5" cutout, AL, AND same, but 50c with "50" cutout; unlisted Chalkey's Tavern wood; Cottage Inn 25c; Hirkala & Galick; unlisted "Liberty Inn/Streator/Ill.//GF25cIT", AL; Paddock OVAL $1.00 V-A55, R5; unlisted "Parkway Club/110/N.Clark/Streator, Ill.//GF25cIT, RED Fiber, 6sided; Patrick & Amell V56-5; Proud's V66; unlisted "Stacy's/Place//GF5cIT" AL; Trapp Bros. V-A81; Cud. Wilkinson TRIANGLE SHAPE! AL. 16pcs. (MB $55.00)

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