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The Ore Vacketta Collection of 11000 Different Illinois Trade Tokens.

NCTA Mail/Email Sale 3.
Closed July 29, 2006

RARE and Scarce Trade Tokens from the VACKETTA Collection and others, all ILLINOIS.

This is a MAIL/Email BID SALE of Illinois Trade Tokens. A trade token, or "Good-For" token is a metal, plastic or wood token with the merchant name, usually with city and state, and a denomination. Tokens are similar to coins, but were used due to a shortage of coinage, or to encourage return business. Tokens without city/state are mavericks, with some being identified as Illinois tokens and depicted below with the city within brackets, ie. (Chicago).

If you are interested in buying any of these, you must place a bid prior to or on the closing date. See below for bidding rules. If you bid severeal days PRIOR to the closing date, I will send you a link to a daily-updated custom web page of your bids, if you are the high bidder or have been outbid, and the new opening bid. To bid, you MUST send me your name, address and phone number. If you are successful, I will mail you a statement at the end of the sale with the balance due.

This is the VACKETTA Collection: The late Ore Vacketta was the author of the standard book on IL Trade Tokens (I have copies if you need one). These tokens are consigned to me by the family for sale to the highest bidder. The descriptions below ASSUME you have the book, with "V" numbers and abbreviated descriptions. Where there is only one token from a merchant, I have only briefly listed the merchant name. This is a ONCE in a LIFETIME Opportunity to buy! While there are common tokens from IL, this collection has many scarce to rare tokens, and represents a VERY RARE chance for you to acquire new tokens for your collections, at YOUR price. There are NO minimum bids, other than the excessively cheap $4 per lot, or $3 per token. While the larger lots of 20-50+ tokens might seem initially to be expensive, careful consideration will reveal this is truly a rare chance to buy! Try buying scarce to rare tokens for $4 or so from your local coin dealer! Don't miss these sales, bid today!

WOODEN NICKELS: I have recently gotten another box from the family with Good-For wooden nickels, and have incorportated them into the lots below. ALL of the wooden nickels in the descriptions below have a stated denomination, NOT just the implied 5c reverse. The GF woods are generally fairly scarce, and should be more widely collected (as should the plastic tokens). If you collect a regional area, you really need to buy the woods and modern plastic tokens, as they quickly go out of business and become rare. Don't limit your collecting to the metal tokens!

Estimates: There are none, sorry, but there is a $4 minimum bid per lot. Generally, the smaller the town and the less tokens known from the town, the higher the value. Bids in the $20-50+ range are usually successful on most tokens, but some rarer towns have been bringing $100-250+. I strongly recommend you bid early and check your daily updates, and increase your bids as necessary.

This SALE: I have put a number of tokens by CITY into single lots. If you collect that city, but only need a few tokens, please be sure to bid to get your desired tokens, and sell the balance to your local collectors. I don't know every collector, and some lots in every sale go quite cheaply. Don't miss this chance to buy!

BIDDING RULES and Information:
Usual NCTA rules, no bid reductions, except bids over $100 are reduced (but not to less than $100 and not more than 50%)
MINIMUM BID: $4 per lot, or $3 per token for lots with more than one token per lot (unliess otherwise specified: MB=Min.Bid). Bids below the minimum bid cannot be entered into our computer, sorry.
Information shown within brackets ( ) is NOT on the token.
The town name is ON each token, but the state is sometimes missing, except as follows:
Where the listing is, for example, IL (Chicago), the city AND state are NOT on the token.
AND, where there is more than one token in a lot, AND it is listed in Vacketta, the existance or not of the town name is not further noted. Unlisted tokens are generally FULLY described obv/rev.
Vacketta numbers are shown on IL tokens, R1-6 rarity scale for Illinois tokens:
R1=common, R2= 30-50 known; R3=20-30 known, R4=Rare, 10-20 known, R5 Very Rare, 5-10 known, R6 Extremely Rare, 1-5 known.
Abbreviated descriptions!!
You do NOT have to be a NCTA member to bid. Your name/address/phone MUST be on file to bid.
Please bid your maximum amount via email to me at
Postage and insurance are extra. $1 for 1-3 tokens, $2-4/postage for 4 or more tokens.
Payments by CHECK, money order ONLY (NO Paypal, Sorry!)
EMAIL Me if you have any questions!


Metal: BR: Brass (bronze), AL: Aluminum, N-S: Nickel-Silver
obv/rev: Obverse/Reverse.

Grades: Unc: Uncirculated
AU: About Uncirculated
XF: Extremely Fine
VF: Very Fine
F: Fine
VG: Very Good
G: Good

GF: Good For (denomination)
IT: In Trade, IM: In Merchandise
Tokens from the Ore Vacketta Collection, author of the IL Trade Token book.
About 11,000 Different IL tokens, to be sold on eBay, NTCA and World Exonumia mail sales.
PLEASE email me your 'wants' to get on my mailing list. LOTS more coming up!


NOTE! Some towns might be out of alphabetical order, sorry! Please check carefully.

NOTE: The NUMBER BEFORE the town name is the number of tokens from that town in that lot.

500. IL 3 Abingdon. Faralli's Billiards, V-02 10c & 25c, V-03 5c. AL, 3pcs
501. IL Addison (2 variety town). Midland Die & Engraving, Cup Coffee V-02, PW, R4
502. IL 4 Akin Mercantile. V-01 10c, 25c, 50c, $1, BR R3/each Lot of 4
503. IL 2 Albers. Behrman's Tavern V01 & Dulle's V02 (V PLATE Specimen) 2pcs AL.
504. IL Alexis. J.W. Britton, 5c V01, AL R3
505. IL Algonquin. Joe's Green Front Taver, 10c AL R2
506. IL 26 Alton. Choice lot of 26: Alton Buffet 5c (unlisted); Bon Air 5c; Bund's (7, 1 dup); The Comet; Faulstich; FOE 254; Harry Getsinger; Jack's Place; Geo. Noll Loaf Bread; Oakwood Tavern; Pie Town; Pearl Market, wood (2); Prima Brewing; Wedge Tavern; Winkler Cigar (2var); Winkler's Cigar; Yungck Drug Store, wood, W.L. Zerwas/Ingle. 23pcs. (MB $75.00)
507. IL Alvan Unlisted Town. Should be Alvin! "Allison & Roberts...Alvan, Ill" V-01 25c, nice old style, BR R6 Rare!
508. IL 3 Alvin, Scarce Town, UNLISTED. Homer C. Carter, 1c IM, V-A01-1, AL R6; F.M. Ogden 5c BR R6 (corr.); unlisted: "C.C.Brown/Up-to-Date/Store//GF$1IM" Oct. BR, Grocery Store, ca. 1900 (Dun), Good, pitted. 3pcs.
509. IL Amboy. O.A.Dickinson, 5c V-01-5 AL R4
510. IL Andover. J.A. Engnell 1c IM, V01 BR R5
511. IL Anna. Elkins Billiards, 10c V02-10, BR R4
512. IL 2 Annawan. Art's Place 5c; Chet's Tavern 5c. 2pcs.
513. IL Antiock. Y. Vangura, 5c Drink (was a Saloon) V02 BR R4
514. IL 4 Arcola. Dutch Hutch (wood); John Gee, 5c AL; Al. Magnusson 5 cents at the fountain; 1/4c sales tax token, dark. 4pcs.
515. IL 10 Arenzville (UNLISTED Merchant). J.H. Nieman, 5c V-02 (2pcs); "Onken Bros. & Meyer/Arenzville, Ill." 5c,10c,25c,50c (2 diff),$1 (2 diff, 1 duplicate).
516. IL 2 Arlington. Thompson's Tavern 5c and 25c V01 BR 2pcs.
517. IL 5 Arlington Heights. Park Dist. V02 R4 N-S; Arlington Grill, wood (2); G.O. Gas, wood (2), 5pcs.
518. IL Ashkum SCARCE TOWN, Scarce Merchant. H.C. Morel & Co., 1c IM. BR R6
519. IL (Ashland) Unlisted Merchant. "E.C./Farmer", GF5cIT BR. (Elza C, Billiard, Cigars & Beer, ca. 1937 D&B) Dark.
520. IL Ashley. Triangle Inn V02 AL
521. IL 3 Ashton. Ashton Recreation 5c, 10c BR; Bill & Vera's Tap AL. 3pcs.
522. IL Athens UNLISTED TOWN. "Bednarko's Tavern" (incuse) GF5ctsIT, Schmidt rev. John Bedarko, TAMS 13294, ca. 1937 D&B. BR, a bit cruddy.
523. IL 3 Atkinson. F.H.Floming, 5c; L&R Bar V05-10 (red plastic); Tony's Pool, AL R6. 3pcs.
524. IL Atlanta. Harris Tavern, 5c V01 AL R4
525. IL Atterberry SCARCE TOWN. Potter Bros., 10c V01 AL R5 (pre-1914).
526. IL 13 Augusta, UNLISTED!. F.M.King V01, 5c,10c,25c,50c, Unlisted $5.00 (!), square AL, all 5 c/m with "KE"/logo; King A01; King Co VERY OLD, VERY NEAT Style (ca. 1900) V-B01, 25c,50c,$1; Venable's Bargain Basement V03 5c,10c,25c,50c BR. 13pcs.
527. IL HUGE Lot of 83 Aurora. Aurora The City of Light, 1910 (2pcs); Athletic Club (2 vars); Aurora BREWING CO, KEG TOKEN, Bright AU; Berghoff Tavern 5c; Biff's R5; Bowman's Cafe (8pcs,vars,dups); Braun & Patterman (unlisted with "5" cutout), AL, poor; Bull Room; Clemen & Gengler; Cocoanut Inn; The Colonial (3, 2 with Star cutout, dup); Corner Grill 5c,10c; Thos J. Curry (square cutout); UNLISTED "C.O.M Aurora, Ill." w/"M" cutout BR; Pete DeKings; Dew-Drop Inn; Elmer's Dog House 5c,25c; Ethel's Bierstube; FRZ Poker Bet; I AM FOR MEN Henry George; Greg & Jerry; "Hi's" Place 2pcs BR & AL; John Hopp; Jay Tee Bee; K.of C. 3 diff, 1 dup; Leon & Koos, corr.; Lincoln Grill, 10c; Marine Grill; Millen Bros. V25, 5c & V26, 50c; UNLISTED "Otto Muschler" Ingle, corr.; Newton; North End Inn; J. Reder; Ritter's; Riverside Inn, oval; St. N (Saint Nicholas Church); 7th Ward 5c & 25c; Sherman's Shoe Repair GF 1 SHINE; T.C. Smith; Stag Inn 5c, 25c; Steve's Barber Shop; Stoney's; J.F. Sullivan (3pcs); Sylvandell Smoke Shop; Thon's (8pcs, vars,dups); Tillitson; White Horse (3diff, one UNLISTED); Yeoman's Insurance; Youngen Bros. PICTORIAL. PLUS: Shriley's Drive Inn, wood (2); Archer's Walgreen Drug Store, wood. 80pcs plus 3 woods, 83total, some duplication (MB $240.00) $300.00-400.00+
528. IL Bardolph SMALL TOWN. Two Merchant/variety town: H.N.Jackson, 5c, AL, R6
529. IL Barry: 2pcs. S.G. Miller, 1 & 4, BR, R4/each, 2pcs.
530. IL 3 Bartonville. 2: E.P.Herman, BR R4 (dark, corr, 2pcs); Gup Bar, BR, R4 3pcs.
531. IL 11 Batavia. Batavia Liquor BR UNC; Bob & Bills, 5c, 10c (2pcs); Lincoln Tavern, 5c,10c,25c AU; UNLISTED: Riverview Confectionery Co. set of 3: 5c,10c,25c, AL; Wally's Town House, AL Unc. 11pcs.
532. IL Bath SMALL One Variety TOWN!. Allen & Co, V-01, BR, nice Toned XF, R6.
533. IL 4 Beardstown, 2 UNLISTED!. "Walter P. Meyer/Meyer/Hotel//GF5cIT", BR, 2pcs; A.W. Perrin NICE OVAL BR R5; "Anton/Rink//GF5cIT", BREWERY, 1902 Dun, BR. 4pcs.
534. IL Beecher: RARE Single Variety Town. Hank & Eds, AL, AU. R5
535. IL Belgium Town: UNLISTED, Small Town. "Blue Lantern/Tavern/Belgium/Town,/Ill.//10cIT" AL XF
536. IL Large Collection of 57 BELLEVILLE. UNLISTED: "At Chas. C. Beck's/Resturant//GF?IT" BR, added center hole; Bretz & Sons GF one Bottle A.B.C. Beer (!), AL R6; UNLISTED: "Buettners/Tavern/Belleville/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL; Club Smoke Shop; Creotina (2pcs); Delaney's Bar; Dolman's Candy Store; First National Bank/etc. BR Oct; Helmut-Peters; Johnny's Inn; Toots Joffray (dug,poor,partial); Joe. Krieg (13pcs/vars/dups); Lee's Tavern V-16; UNLISTED: "Lonestar/Inn//GF5cIT" Sq Red Fiber; UNLISTED: "Marge's/Tavern/Belleville/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL Oct.; M.H. Tavern; J.A. Meyer; Patsy Meyer's (2 diff.); Nold's; Noll's (4pcs,1dup, 1corr.); Ohl Tavern; Red&Hazel; Sauer's (2diff); Schaefer 5c,10c; Shorty's Place; Skip & Joe's; Sophia's Place; UNLISTED: "Sophia & Al/Belleville/Ill.//GF5cIT" BR, beat; UNLISTED: "South/&/Spicer's/Smoke/Shop//GF5cIT" BR scallops; South Side Cafe (2 diff); Spicer's Cafe; Star-Peerless BREWERY (3pcs); Bud Webers Tavern; Al Wilson's Tavern (2). 57pcs, a few duplicates. (MB $170.00)
537. IL 6 Bellwood, UNLISTED. "Republic/1/5c IT//(same)" BR, corr.; Friendly Oil Co; John's Resturant 10c,25c,50c.; The Republic V-D01. 6pcs.
538. IL Belvidere UNLISTED. "5% Off On/Any Cash/Purchase/Over $50.00/Countryman/Lumber Co./Belvidere, Il.//Wooden Nickel/(Indian)"
539. IL Belvidere. Geo. & Eddie's, VB02, AL R4
540. IL 2 Belvidere UNLISTEDS. "Belvidere/(man with tuba)/Oktoberfest//(same)" Black & Green plastic, 2pcs.
541. IL Belvidere. Smith & Renz, V-D02 BR R5.
542. IL 2 Bement. American Legion; Lum Groff, AL R6. 2pcs.
543. IL Benld UNLISTED. "Benld Billiard Hall/2 1/2c/IT//(same)" AL, old.
544. IL 3 Benson. Geo. G. Flessener, 25c,$1 (2pcs, AU); Stine's Tavern BUDWEISER BEER, 10c, c/m "G". 3pcs.
545. IL Bensonville SMALL TOWN 2 varieties. Wm. H Koebbeman 5c, BR R5. (Ice Cream, pre-1914). AND: American Legion Post 1205, wood. 2pcs.
546. IL Benton: TWO UNLISTED MERCHANTS. "Town Club/711/W. Main/St./Benton, Ill.//GF5cID" AL, AU. AND: The Winston Lounge, wood (2). 3pcs.
547. IL Benton: Set of 6. Young Merc., all varieties, 3 dups, 6 diff., 9pcs (MB $20.00)
548. IL 13 Berwyn, UNLISTEDS. Charley's Tavern, 10c(2), 25c; Peterson's Tap; Peterson's Tavern;The Pier (2); Ridgeland Tavern; UNLISTED: "The Whitehall/6615/Roosevelt/Road//GF5cIT" scalloped AL, 10c,25c, 50c, all Unc. 12pcs. PLUS Queen's Lumber, wood, total 13pcs. (MB $35.00)
549. IL 3 Bethalto. Flat-Top Inn; Larry's; Villa Rica. 3pcs
550. IL Bethany Single Variety RARE TOWN. Redman & Deupree, BR R6. Choice XF.
551. IL Bismarck: SMALL TOWN. 2pcs: Bismarck High School 1/2 Pint MILK; Kiser's Place. 2pcs, both plastic.
552. IL 13 Bloomington, UNLISTED. Nice lot: Alton Club; The Empire; John Feicht; Peter Frisch (soft drinks, pre-1914); Hills House; UNLISTED with neat "5" CUTOUT! "Meitzler & Co./Bloomington, Ill.//GF5cIT", AL; The Oak, 5c; Saratoga; 2 UNLISTED: "Schenk Bros./208/W.Front/St./Bloomington, Ill.//GF 2 1/2c IT" AL, crud, pitting (2pcs); W&P. PLUS: Coachman Motel Resturant, wood (2). Lot of 13 (MB $35.00)
553. IL Bloomington: UNLISTED $1.00 on New TIRE. "World Tire Stores/C.P. Wikoff/Mgr./115 S. Main St./Bloomington, Ill.//GF/$1.00/On/New Tire/One Check on Each Tire" Large AL, dark, scratches.
554. IL Blue Mound SCARCE TOWN. McNelly & Ferguson, ONE CENT Token! V-01, Rare R6. Scr,Dings,pitting.
555. IL Bluff: RARE One Variety TOWN!. Rays Recreation, V01. Nice dark XF, but obv scuff.
556. IL Boaz: VERY RARE Single Variety TOWN. Cummins & Son, V01, R6. RARE! Dark, dug, raised pitting. Vacketta paid $20 (!).
557. IL Bonfield: Small Town. Only 2 varieties listed (but see next lot): Both: Leo J. Riegel, 5c,10c. BR 2pcs.
558. IL Bonfield: UNLISTED Merchant Set of THREE. "Oesterle & Obrecht/Gen./Mdse./Bonfield/Ill." Scalloped AL, 5c,10c(2pcs),25c. 4pcs, 1 dup. Some wear. Vacketta marked "R6" on 2x2's.
559. IL Bradford: SMALL TOWN. Dorgan & Flood, AL, 10c, worn AG/G.
560. IL Bradley: Rare Merchant. Bertrand & LeDuke, V-A01, AL Rare R6 (was a saloon), dark, cruddy, pitting. AND: Bires Inn, V01, BR, R4, nice!
561. IL 2 Breese. Dick's Tavern, GF10cIT; Red's Tavern, 10c.
562. IL Brereton. Brereton Mercantile, $1.00, AL, Unc.
563. IL Bridgeport: 3 R6 Variety Town. W.C. Catron, 2 1/2c IT, AL, AU. Rare R6.
564. IL Brighton. Rodell's Pool, 5c, V03, BR R3. Nice.
565. IL 4 Brookfield, 2 UNLISTED. Candle Light Lounge, V-B01 10c, UNLISTED 25c & 50c; Cordial Inn. 4pcs.
566. IL Brooklyn. Saltser & Weinsler, BR R5, spotting.
567. IL Buffalo: Set of 2. Knotty Pine Inn, 5c, 25c. BR R3/each minor spotting.
568. IL Bunker Hill: Small Town. W. Rull, BR R5, nice.
569. IL 2 Bureau. The Rocket Bar; The Rocket Tavern. 2pcs.
570. IL Burton's Ridge: Single Variety TOWN!. Wilson's Tavern, AL, nice XF. (V: Population 150). McHenry Co.
571. IL Bushnell: 4 Different. Emabassy Club; Chas. F. Frank; Bird Lieurance (choice!); Owl News Co. 4pcs.
572. IL Byron: ALL 5 Listed!. Complete town set: A.D.Blanchard; Dell's Recreation; P. Hohendadel, Husking 1 Basket Corn; Francis Newhausen; J.T. Yuill. 5pcs.
573. IL 5 Cabery. Complete set of Chet & Lou's, 4 diff.; Miller & Clayton. All R5. 5pcs.
574. IL Cahokia: 2 Different, UNLISTED. Sonny's Village Stop; UNLISTED: "Ronnie's/Tavern/Cahokia/Illinois//GF15cIT", oct. AL, UNC. 2pcs.
575. IL 8 Calumet City. Nice lot: Club Saratoga; Club Tiny; E&M Lounge, 10c,25c (both GEM UNC; Marie & Lloyd's; Paddock Club; Rip Tide, 5c,25c. 8 diff. (MB $24.00)
576. IL 11 Cambridge. Farmer's Home; Farmer's Inn, 5c, 10c; Hunt & Johnson, 5c (2), 10c,25c,50c,$5 (oval), all R6; Dick Johnson; Sportsmans Tavern. Lot of 11 (MB $33.00)
577. IL (Campbell Hill). Ruback's Place, V-03, AL R6.
578. IL (Campus) UNLISTED Merchant. "Campus/Inn/215 Lewis//GF5cIT", AL. Vacketta marked as Campus, IL unlisted, but I have doubts. XF,scr,pitting.
579. IL 15 Canton, UNLISTEDS. Nice lot: UNLISTEDS "Black Eagle Aerie/No 580/Canton, Ill.//Black Eagle Aerie/5" AL. ALSO 25c; UNLISTED "Canton Coin Exchange"/etc. wood; Canton Elks Club V01-10; Canton Elks' Club; Dave & Dick, bust of WASHINGTON (neat PICTORIAL!); The Elk; UNLISTED "Goodtime Pizza Games"/etc. video; Gus. and Tom.; The Hub 5; Finn Everly The Hub; UNLISTED "The/(axle hub)/Hub//GF 2 1/2 cts IT", OLD STYLE; UNLISTED "Hub Cigar Store//GF 2 1/2 cts IT", OLD; Miller Bottling Works; The Pfister. 15diff. (MB $45.00)
580. IL 2 Capron. North Side Tavern; R. Olson's Tavern. 2pcs both R4.
581. IL 6 Carbondale. American Legion; BPOE 1343 with PICTORIAL Elk Head; Wm. Kayser, large 35mm; Unlisted Town & Country Game Farm, wood (2); VFW 2605. 6pcs. (MB $15.00)
582. IL Cardiff: UNLISTED, was 1 Merchant Town!. "Arthur/Comparey/Cardiff, Ill.//GF5cIT", BR, old, VF, mottled color.
583. IL 10 Carlyle, UNLISTED!. Bills Automatic Music, set 5c,10c,25c; UNLISTED "Gray's/The Carlyle/Store/Carlyle, Ill.//GF5cIT (2 diff. 5c var); Smitty's Tav.; Smitty's Tavern; VFW Post 3523 V-03, V04 (2pcs). 10pcs.
584. IL Carlyle: $1 on a TIRE. Carlyle Produce and Feed, GF $1 on Tire and Tube, $10 on Radio Set, etc. Large 39mm AL, nice XF, but 2 edge cuts.
585. IL 3 Carlinville. Marie & Bert's; S.W. Trover Billiards, AL, edge damage; Manning Wetzel, XF. 3pcs.
586. IL Carrier Mills Set. Geo. W. Fife, 10c, 25c, $1.00, BR, ca. 1914, R6/each.
587. IL 2 Carrollton. John's Tavern; P.J. Vaughn. 2pcs.
588. IL 5 Carterville, all R6. Carterville/Mercantile V01-25; Carterville Mercantile V-02 5c, 10c, 50c, $1. 5pcs, all AL, R6.
589. IL Casey: Was 1 Variety Town, UNLISTED Merchant!. "Casey Moose/1545//GF5cIT", AL, XF.
590. IL Caseyville: Both Merchants. Mamie's Tavern; Reilley's Tavern, 25c. 2pcs.
591. IL Casner: SINGLE Variety Town, WITH UNLISTED!. Monty's Cafe, wood, V01 with Indian, AND with Buffalo. 2pcs.
592. IL 2 Cazenovia: Both OVAL. Neff's Tavern, dark,cruddy; Shady-Side, slight bend.
593. IL Large Lot Cedar Point, LaSalle Co. Joe Cerri (2)(was a Saloon, ca. 1914), R6; V. Cerri, R6; Frank & Roman's, 5c,10c; Jack's Place (8 diff.,10pcs); Jack & Mary (5diff); Ken & Pat's Tap; Lena's Tavern (4diff); L&M Tavern (2diff); Bill McGunnigal (6diff); Michele Visione (ca. 1914). 34pcs mostly different! (MB $100.00)
594. IL Cedar Lake. Fish & Game Club, BR. Possibly Indiana.
595. IL 4 Cedarville: Single Merchant Town. Not R6 as listed: J.D. Strohm 5c, 10c (2), 25c. Full set! BR, R6/each, 4pcs. (MB $12.00)
596. IL 3 Centralia. LOOM 1219; Saratoga; West Side Pool Room. 3pcs.
597. IL Chadwick: SCARCE TOWN!. Two merchant town, both R6: Green Bros., VF/XF.
598. IL LARGE Lot Champaign. Biedermans (2 diff, both dark); Furr's/Bishop (video?); Congress Cigar Store; Corner Recreation; The Cort (3 c/m); Jim Craig's (2); GG Billiards, 10c; Peter Hagen Buffet (2); UNLISTED "Checker/IGA/School//1c",BR; UNLISTED "Illini Union/Foodservice/Token//Illini Union"AL; UNLISTED "Bert Kennedy/Billiards//GF5cIT",BR,ch; Lincoln Memorial; L.O.O.M 1288 (12, 7diff); Loredo Grill; Main Recreation; Mallows, 10c; McQuire's; UNLISTED "B.F./Moorhous//GF5cDrinkatBar",BR, old, TAMS 13303, Vacketta: R6; Playmor, 2crude holes; UNLISTED "Puff Cigar Co./415/Main St.//GF10cIM", AL; Raida's Ranch, Quart MILK (DAIRY); Sambo's; Sheequon (2); G.P.Vriner Billiards and Cigars (2, one UNLISTED in brass, old); White house, 5c,10c. 42pcs (MB $125.00)
599. IL Chandlerville: Single Variety TOWN. Wilma's, V01, nice XF.
600. IL Chebanse: Small Town. Doc's, choice toned XF, BR.
601. IL 5 Cherry, UNLISTEDS. J-B; 4 Keenan/K unlisted varieties, all different (was a saloon, ca. 1914), one with heart cutout, R6/each.
602. IL Cherry Valley: Small Town, UNLISTED. "Cherry Valley Inn/(cherries)/Cherry Valley, IL/etc.", plastic, Scarce.
603. IL 5 Chester. UNLISTED "F.O.E. 3252/GF/One Drink/Chester,Ill.",BR; Landmark Tavern, Unc.; Wittenbrink's Tavern; UNLISTED Wittenbrink's Mug of Beer, wood (2). 5pcs.
604. IL LOT WITHDRAWN! Wrong name, is Chestnut, not Chester. See V#4.

7 Chester, UNLISTEDS. Unlisted "Grimes Tavern/Chestnut, Ill.//GF5cIT",Sq BR (2, 1w/spots); LF McCann; Williams (all 3var, 1 dup). 7pcs. (MB $20.00)

605. IL 3 Chestnut. At Humphrey & Allen, 5c,10c(2). 3pcs.
606. IL (Chicago). Club South-Town, BR V-CA101-25b, 25c R4
607. IL (chicago). Otto's Grill, V-O34, Zinc, R4.
608. IL Chicago. Town House, Dollar sized N-S, V-TA51, R6
609. IL 6 Chicago Heights, UNLISTED. Bocci Tavern; UNLISTED "C.W.V./C.H. Post 1080/2525 Halsted/chicago Hts.//5cIT" AL; HB Potts; 20th Century Lanes (oversized 50c BR); Weber Bros.; John Zagone, dark. 6pcs.
610. IL Large Lot CICERO with UNLISTEDS. Acme Confectionery Cigar Store, 5c; UNLISTED "American/Liquor/Stores, Inc., etc", 10c BR; Bea's & Gene's, 5c,25c; Black Cat Cafe V03; Border Lounge; Central Billiards; Cicero BARBER Shop 2 1/2c, early R6; Cicero LOOM; Club Cicero; Cobra Cocktail Lounge; Cypress Lounge 5c,25c; Danny's Aurora Grill; 4811 Club OVAL; The Frolics; UNLISTED SET "Ben H. Giever/2846/48th Ave./Cicero//GF5cIT", 10c,25c R6/each; Harmonica Tom's; Hi-Hat Lounge, 4diff.; UNLISTED Thor Metered Washers, etc.; Hunt Club; Joe's Sandwich Shop; Tom Kazakos; Klas' Rest.; Magic Lounge 5c(2),25c; Maitred Resturant; Modern Cafe; Paddock Lounge, 5c,25c; Phenix Grill; Roosevelt Tap, 4diff; Spiega's; Steve's Lounge; Town Club; Turf Club (Al Capone's HQ), 5diff; Vana's Tavern, 2diff; Van-Der-Aue's Crowbar. 51pcs (MB $150.00)
611. IL Clifton: R6 Set of 5. Gleason & Morel, 10c (UNLISTED 10c!), 25c,50c,$1.00. Set of 5, 1 unlisted, each R6.
612. IL Chillicothe: Cigar Mfgr. Louis Stahl, Cig. Mfr., AL, pre-1914, R6, VG, crud, will clean up.
613. IL Clinton: Small Town. A Reynolds, 5c AL R5 (hole at edge).
614. IL Chrisman: UNLISTED TOWN. "Chas. Parks/Chrisman/Ill//GF5cIT", AL, resturant, ca. 1914. About Fine, but dinged up well.
615. IL 16 Christopher. Raymond Arro; Boots Tavern (6, 3 diff); UNLISTED "B. Gusmeri/Smoke/Bar/Christopher,/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL; UNLISTED "Bob Gusmeri/Tavern//GF5cIT",BR"; Vic's Place (6, 2diff); White Front. 16pcs, some dups. (MB $40.00)
616. IL Coal City. L&M Pizza Palace, One Drink, wood, V-03 R4; Unl maverick: "McKinley House GFOneMeal", BR. 2pcs.
617. IL Coal Valley: Small Town!. Kran's Tavern, BR R5, nice.
618. IL Cobden: Small Town. Nathaniel Green, 5c (nice), $1 (corrosion). 2pcs, both R6
619. IL Coffeen: RARE Single Variety Town!. R.E. Newsome Meet Me Face to Face (NOT "Fave" as listed). R6. Toned UNC.
620. IL Colmar: SMALL Single Merchant Town!. Leo's New Cash Store, 5c, BR R5. Choice XF.
621. IL 8 Collinsville. Cuba Lane Tavern; UNLISTED McDonald Office Supplies 25c wood (2 each 2 diff, woods); Rich's Stop; The Hide-A-Way Ruth & Esther (2). 8pcs (MB $20.00)
622. IL 6 Columbia. American Legion 1969 wood (2, plus one w/blank rev); Clark's Bar (punch mark); Hill Top Inn. 5pcs. (MB $10.00)
623. IL 2 Compton. The Cave, BR; John Tribbett, AL
624. IL Conant: UNLISTED TOWN. "A.F. Beck & Sons/General/Merchandise/Conant,/Ill.//GF10cIM" AL, octagon, slightly dark.
625. IL Cornell: Small Town. "W.-- Butler", the Vacketta specimen, damaged so 2nd initial unkown, edge cuts. Must be rare if this is the best he had!
626. IL 3 Cottage Hills, UNLISTED. Red Star Tavern, 5c (2), UNL. 10c. 3pcs.
627. IL Coulterville: UNLISTED Set of 5. "J.C. Tate/Coulterville, Ill.//GF5IM" (note no 'c' sign), 10,25,50,1.00. Ca. 1905-08. AL, diff. shapes, minor AL pest. 5pcs. (MB $15.00)
628. IL 2 Coxeyville. Bert's Tavern; Buss Tavern. Both AL R5.
629. IL 3 Crainville. A.A. Alexander, 25c,50c,$1.00, ca. 1914-16. AL R6/each, 3pcs.
630. IL Creston: UNLISTED Merchant. "W.L. Sanders/Barber/Shop/Creston, Ill.//GF5cIM" Scalloped AL, R6.
631. IL 2 Crete. Burville Tavern; Chuck Listero's. 2pcs.
632. IL 3 Crystal Lake, Unlisted. Crystal Lake Rec. and Bowling; Moose 1188; Unl. Herbies Chicken & Steak House, One Martini, silvered wood. 3pcs.
633. IL Cullom: Small Town. Amacher Bros., ONE CENT V-01, R6
634. IL Cuba: Small Town. Brownie's Tap, BR R5
635. IL Dana: Unlisted Merchant. "J.C.Roth//GF5cIT" AL, ca. 1900. Small size, dings,dark,crud
636. IL Danville: UNLISTED Merchant. "Pointer-Coburn/Specialty/Mfg. Co./Danville,Ill.//GF5cIM" AL, XF
637. IL Danville: Oversized Loaf Bread, R6. Herendeen's Fresh Loaf Telephone 216 (Early!), 10c, Large 35mm, AL, nice! V-50.
638. IL Davis: Small Town. Meirs Tavern, 10c, R5. Only 4 varieties for whole town.
639. IL (Farimount). Mack's Place (incuse), Schmidt mark 2 1/2c V-02 R5
640. IL (Freeport) UNLISTED. "Burgess/Employees/Club//GF5cIT" AL, positively ID to Fpt. Dark,crud.
641. IL (Freeport) UNLISTED. "Good For/5c/B.O.E./679//(eagle)" OLD style, BR, Scarce!
642. IL Freeport. Cramer & Lucke, 5c, V-A02, AL R5.
643. IL Freeport UNLISTED. "Hannah & Brubaker/117/S. Galena/Ave./Freeport,Ill.//GF5cIT", AL, old, scarce.
644. IL (Freeport) UNLISTED. From the Hid-away, Steve Strohecher & Carl 'Suds' Sutterlin, "Steve//Suds", red large plastic, acquired AT the bar by me, 2/85!
645. IL Freeport UNLISTED. Hotel Senate, as V07, but unlisted 50c. BR, dark, rev. scr.
646. IL Freeport. Labor Club, 25c, BR 6-sided, R4
647. IL (Freeport) UNLISTED Incuse!. "Lloyd's Place(incuse)/GF/10c/IT", rev. Schmidt mark, Sq.AL, positive ID to Fpt, 126 E Stephenson, ca. 1958.
648. IL Freeport: UNLISTED $1 on TIRE. "Good For $1.00/At/Noeske Bros./On A Tire And Tube/Or/Philco/Storage Battery/Or/5 Gal. Can/Mobiloil/Freeport, Ill.//Good For/$10.00/On/A Used Car" LARGE 39mm AL, dark, crud, dings,pitting. RARE. 1927 Dun.
649. IL Freeport. Schneider's Service, V-A08-1, 1cent, AL, R3, nice!
650. IL Freeport. Schneider's Service, VA08-5, R3
651. IL Freeport. Schneider's Texaco, V-B08-5, AL R3
652. IL Freeport. Schneider's Texaco, V-B08-25, 25c R3 AL.
653. IL (Freeport) UNLISTED DAIRY. "Ed. Sieferman/South Side/Dairy//1/Quart", AL, Rare! Positive ID to Fpt.
654. IL Freeport with HEART Cut-out. Terra Aqua Gardens, V-A10, N-S with heart c/o, neat!
655. IL Freeport UNLISTED, Old Style!. "C.W. Zipse/Freeport,/Ill.//GF/5/Cents/At the Bar", Scalloped AL, neat old style, a bit dark.
656. IL Herrin. BPOE No. 1146, V-01, AL R4
657. IL Herrin: UNLISTED. "B.P.O.E./No. 1146/Herrin, Ill.//GF5cIT", AL (NOT V-01 var.), G/VG, beat.
658. IL Herrin: UNLISTED. American Legion No. 1146, same as V-01, but unlisted 25c, Scalloped AL, neat old reverse "GF 25 Cents IT", center circle.
659. IL Hyde Park: Unlisted Town. Hyde Park - Kenwood Centennial medal, 1962, 50c, BR, Unc.
660. IL (Kansas) Small Town. W.C. Wooten V03-25 25c AL R6 (Hardware, c1920).
661. IL LaSalle. Rose Bowl, Zinc, V-E39-25 R3
662. IL Louisville: UNLISTED Merchant, Small Town. "A.W. Montgomery/Louisville/Ill.//GF5cIM" AL, dark, crud, well pitted.
663. IL Orangeville: SMALL TOWN. "Our Place", V-A01, R4
664. IL Pecatonica: RARE Single Variety Town: $1 on TIRE. J.A. Colberg Sons, V-01 GF $1.00 on New Tire, etc., Large AL, 38mm, R5 (but rare!). nice.
665. IL Pekin: Unlisted MILK. Pfanz, as above, 1QuartMilk, Scalloped AL.
666. IL Pekin: Unlisted MILK. J.H. Pfanz/Pekin/Illinois//GF1PintofMilk", Oct. AL.
667. IL Peru. Happy Corner S&B V-09-5 BR scalloped, R5
668. IL Peru. Pirc's Tavern, OVAL AL, V-A13-25, 25c R5
669. IL Poplar Grove: Two Variety Town. Bill's Place, V02, BR, R4.
670. IL Ridge Farm: UNLISTED. Hueston & Co. as V-01, but unlisted $1.00 (and token shows "Ridge Farm" two words, Vacketta lists as Ridgefarm). AL, bent.
671. IL Rock City: Single Merchant Town!. Rock City Tap, 10c, V-01-10, R5, scarce.
672. IL (Rockford) UNLISTED. "The Grand B & B Co./The Home/of/Clean/Recreation/326-28-30 7th St.//GF/50c/IT" AL, nice. Positively Rockford!
673. IL Rockford DAIRY, RARE!. V-12, One Pint Milk, AL, R6. Dark, pitting,crud.
674. IL Rockford UNLISTED DAIRY. "O.M. Ferm/Dairy//GF1Pint/Milk", BR, old, positive ID.
675. IL Rockford: MENTER CLOTHING on CREDIT. One of the series of MENTER tokens, with large EAGLE. V-A09, R4, BR.
676. IL Rockford UNLISTED DAIRY. "Nyman Farm Dairy, Inc./Rockford, Ill.//(blank)" BR dark.
677. IL Rockford UNLISTED. "Valid Only At/Roco Tire/3135 N./Rockton Ave./Rockford, IL/877-3811/Expires 4/30/84/Valid Only At//etc. 25c. Yellow plastic.
678. IL (Rockford) UNLISTED. "Verdi//GF/50c/IT", AL, dark, crud. Positive ID, I've been there!
679. IL (Rock Island) Billiard. Grand Billiard Parlor, V-B08, AL R5
680. IL (Rockton) UNLISTED TOWN. "Bee/Hive//5cIT", BR. Rockton is a few miles north of Rockford, purchased there: Bill (deceased) & Phyliss Peckham, soda fountain. Ca. 1940-50 style, minor spots.
681. IL Roscoe UNLISTED TOWN, SALOON!. "Gold Mine Saloon/Roscoe/Illinois//GF/1/Draft" BR, post-1950.
682. IL Rossville. Cornell's Recreation Parlor VA01 AL R4
683. IL Rossville. Sid Watson's, V-07, BR R3
684. IL Rutland. F. Calvetti & Bros. V-03-5, 5c AL.
685. IL Rutland. F. Calvetti & Bros., V03-10 AL R4
686. IL Rutland. Callvetti Bros. V-01-50, 50c AL, R4
687. IL (Rutland). F. Calvetti Bros., V-02-50, AL R4
688. IL Rutland. F. Calvetti & Bros., V-03-15, 15c AL, dark.
689. IL Salem. Salem Billiard Parlor V01, 2 1/2c, R6. Dark, crud.
690. IL Sidell. Quality or Central Cafes, V-03-10, holed by issuer, AL R4
691. IL Sidell Unlisted. "Ralph/Stark Bar/Sidell/Ill.//GF10cIT" red plastic, ca. WWII.
692. IL (Westville). Steve & Pat's, V-39-5 5c AL, AU, R3
693. IL Westville Baking, Loaf Bread. V-43, 10c loaf, AL R5
694. IL Westville. Charlies Place V-11-5 BR 5c R6
695. IL Westville: Fiber. John Lutchka's Sportsmen Inn V-36, red fiber R4
696. IL Westville. American Legion Post 51 V-01-10a AL R4


697. Bulk Lot of Mavericks, Quantities of Each. Vacketta's bulk mavericks, possibly IL, but no i.d., all unlisted in maverick database. "Striker & Marvel, American Box Ball Club", BR, 1c (12), 2 1/2c (14), 5c (12), 10c (17). "DE" with neat old GF5cIT rev (16). "Koch & Buy, General Merchandise", BR, $1.00 (all holed)(22, spotted), 25c (21, holed, spotted). "The Chimneysweep/LI9-8986" AL (52). "Paul Darzink",10c (46). About 212pcs, count approx., some better than others. (MB $10.00)

698. 25 Different Illinois Tokens: DEALER CHEAP LOT. All metal lot of 25 different, priced right for resale. Duplicates of this lot available at $25. (MB $25.00)
699. 50 Different Illinois Tokens. All metal, all different, great dealer or beginner lot. (MB $100.00)
700. 100 Different Non-Chicago. Nicer lot of 100 all-metal IL tokens, good variety. Multiple lots available. (MB $250.00)

===== end of sale.

Wanted to BUY:
Rockford, Freeport, Belvidere & Area Tokens, other "Stuff"

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