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The Ore Vacketta Collection of 11000 Different Illinois Trade Tokens.

NCTA Mail/Email Sale 2. Closed June 24, 2006

RARE Trade Tokens from the VACKETTA Collection, and others, mostly ILLINOIS.
Usual NCTA rules, no bid reductions, except bids over $100 are reduced (but not to less than $100 and not more than 50%)
MINIMUM BID: $4 per lot, or $3 per token for lots with more than one token per lot (unliess otherwise specified: MB=Min.Bid)
Information shown within brackets ( ) is NOT on the token.
The town name is ON each token, but the state is sometimes missing, except as follows:
Where the listing is, for example, IL (Chicago), the city AND state are NOT on the token.
Vacketta numbers are shown on IL tokens, R1-6 rarity scale for Illinois tokens.
Abbreviated descriptions!!
You do NOT have to be a NCTA member to bid.
Please bid your maximum amount via email to me at
Postage and insurance are extra. $1 for 1-3 tokens, $2/postage for 4 or more tokens.
Payments by CHECK, money order ONLY (NO Paypal, Sorry!)
EMAIL Me if you have any questions!
Tokens from the Ore Vacketta Collection, author of the IL Trade Token book.
About 11,000 Different IL tokens, to be sold on eBay, NTCA and World Exonumia mail sales.
PLEASE email me your 'wants' to get on my mailing list. LOTS more coming up!


NOTE! Some towns might be out of alphabetical order, sorry! Please check carefully.

331. IL 100 Different non-Chicago IL. Nice variety, great beginner lot. (MB $250.00)

332. IL Alorton: UNLISTED TOWN. "Alorton/Volunteer/Fire/Department//5cIT" AL
333. IL Alpine: UNLISTED TOWN. "Carl Schoepfer//GF5cIT" BR Cook Co, ca.1900, pop. 50 (!)
334. IL Alvin: RARE TOWN, UNLISTED MERCHANT. "C.C.Brown/Up To Date/Store//GF1cIM" AL,oct. Holed.
335. IL Argo: Single Variety Town. Club Elgin, 10c V-01, AL, corrosion.
336. IL (Athens) UNLISTED TOWN. "Bednarko Tavern" incuse GF5ctsIT, Schmidt back mark. Dark, cleaned long ago.
337. IL Auburn UNLISTED TOWN. Bruno's Beer Parlor//GF5cIT AL, dark.
338. IL (Beardstown) CHAS. PICK & Co. Phillip Zahn GF5cIT Sq. N-S, Pick rev.
339. IL Boone Co. BELVIDERE: Ikes, George & Eddies, Smith & Renz. CAPRON: North Side Tavern, Swede's.
POPLAR GROVE: Bill's Place, Boondocks. LOT of 7pcs.
340. IL Bement. Lum Groff V-02, R6. Pre-1914 Livery, GF5cIT, AL.
341. IL Berdan Single Merchant Town. C.W. Broadmarkle's Big Bargain Bazaar (large B), AL, V-01
342. IL Bridgeport UNLISTED MERCHANT. "H.G.Johnston//GF5cIM", AL.
343. IL Brimfield RARE TOWN Single Variety. Cady Bros, 1c, V-01 AL Gen. Store, pre-1914 Corroded.
344. IL Byron UNLISTED MERCHANT. "Smith's/Recreation/Parlor//GF5cIT", AL F/VF.
345. IL Cahokia. Sonny's Village 15c V-01 BR R5
346. IL Cardiff: RARE TOWN, Unlisted. "Club/Lavoratori/Italiani//5 (early, ornate!)" AL. Vacketta paid $37.
347. IL Chebanse. Mac's Tavern V-A02, 25c R4 AL
348. IL Pre-1901 Chicago 21pcs LOT. James Fisk, Grand Central, Hannah&Hoag(9,varieties), Hotel Bismark(2,no loop),
Lyceum Theatre, NW Show Case, Royal Tailors, Tilt-Smith Shoe, Willoughby Hill(4,vars). possible dups,VG-XF,some damaged.LOT of 21 (MB $40)
349. IL (Palestine). Unlisted "H.Miesenheiter//GF5cIT" BR, scalloped, dirty.
350. IL (Chicago) Barker's Pharmacy. Lot of 3: 5,10,25c V-BB15, R5/each BR. Toned AU/Unc. ca.1935.
351. IL (Chicago) Neat "5" Cutout. Bel-Pine Inn 5c V-BE33, R4 BR
352. IL Chicago: Brand BREWING Co, 1900. RARE early "1" brewery token. V-B84, R6 BR, edge cut.
353. IL (Chicago) Breakstone DRUG Co. V-B89, ca. 1934 AL R4
354. IL Chicago: Good For One SPRINTER Cigar. H.C.Fisher V-F25 AL R6. XF, but darkish
355. IL Chicago: French CASINO. V-F48 BR R5
356. IL Chicago: Gateway Recreation BOWLING Ball/Pins Pictorial. V-GA08 BR R4
357. IL (Chicago) Unlisted M.S.Gordon (was a Saloon). "931/W. Madison St.//This Check & 10c GF 15c IT" AL.
358. IL (Chicago) George J. Kappes CIGARS. V-KF03 AL R5 Ca. 1914
359. IL (Chicago) Knoll's Piccadilly Hotel. V-K35-25 25c BR, scalloped R5
360. IL (Chicago) Armitage Bros. 5c V-AB39 AL scratches, dirty.
361. IL (Chicago) Lyric CIGAR Store. Early! V-L51 AL R5
362. IL (Chicago) Geo. Kuehl & Bro. Billiard Mfg. "Martins" GF5cIT, with Kuehl stock die. BR, Unlisted, dark.
363. IL (Chicago) Novak's Place (was Saloon). V-NA34 5c BR, probably a slot machine token. Ca. 1914
364. IL (Chicago) P.P.P. Relief. Shoes. V-Pa75 BR R6
365. IL Chicago: The Riviera PICTORIAL Bathing Girl. $1.00 V-RB36 "3000" BR, R4
366. IL (Chicago). Chas. Schultz 2 1/2c V-SE28 R6
367. IL Chicago: Schwaben. VS-28 5c AL oct. Dings.
368. IL (Chicago) ODD SHAPE Bread. L. Spratt, One Loaf, Fully incuse, SHIELD shape BR V-SI108 R6
369. IL (Chicago) J.Stach (incuse) Unlisted. Early ca. 1880-1900 style, GF5cAtTheBar, uniface. John Stach, was a Saloon. BR
370. LA (Newellton) Kenilworth Plantn. NEAT Ca.1890, 5c c/m "2", F-05 Rarity E-10 RARE!
371. IL (Chicago) Grand Pacific Hotel. 5c Unlisted, attribution uncertain. AL.

372. IL 2000 DIFFERENT Chicago IL Trade Tokens. Impossible to duplicate, rare opportunity! (MB $6000.00)
373. IL 100 Different CHICAGO Tokens. (NOT available if above lot sells). Some early pieces. (MB $300.00)
374. IL 100 Diff. Chicago Tokens. (NOT available if 2000 lot sells). More modern pieces (MB $200.00)

375. IL (Chrisman) UNLISTED TOWN. "City/Bakery/Chas. Parks//GF1LoafofBread" AL, scalloped, old, dug.
376. IL Columbia: UNLISTED DAIRY. "L.P./Columbia Dairy" incuse GF1PintMilk AL Blanke backmark.
377. IL Cottage Hills SMALL TOWN, UNLISTED 10c. Red Star Tavern V-02, but 10cIT. AL
378. IL (Cramer) UNLISTED TOWN. "Cramer's Tavern" incuse GF5cIT Schmidt backmark. Cleaned, dings.
379. IL Crest Hill: Unlisted 25c 1 Merchant Town. Bianco's Tap. As V-01, but 25c. AL UNC.
380. IL Crystal Lake: New 25c. Moose 1188. As V-02 but 25c AL
381. IL Dana & Flanagan DUAL TOWN. R.E.Grimm V-02-500 $5.00 AL. Nice. R6
382. IL DeLong RARE Single Variety TOWN. McCoy's Pool Hall V-01, R5 AL Nice.
383. IL (Divernon) UNLISTED TOWN. "J.K./Jutelis//GF5cIT" AL James Jutelis saloon, 1914. Dug, poor.
384. IL (Dixon Springs) UNLISTED TOWN: Ingle. "I.N.Clemens/50"//Ingle, N-S
385. IL (Dorsey) RARE TOWN. O.G.Bohlen V-01 Messmer Mfg mark. 2 var. town! R6 cleaned.
386. IL Dowell SMALL TOWN. Verteran's Inn V-02, R5 AL.
387. IL (Earlville) UNLISTED Merchant. "GF/5c/IT/August Kossert//5" Ornate old style, was saloon 1905, BR, tiny hole.
388. IL (Eddyville) UNLISTED MERCHANT, RARE TOWN. "Robb's Coffee Shop (incuse)/GF1cIT//Schmidt mark AL, oct. Unc.
389. IL Edinburg RARE TOWN. Max Wilson V-02 2var. Town! BR, R6, XF, cleaned/toned.
390. IL (Edwardsville) Unlisted Vanzo's 1967. (incuse)/GF10cDrink, AL, oct. Schmidt rev.
391. IL (Eldred) Ingle RARE TOWN. "Martin & Son/1" CU, VG, crud, wear.
392. IL El Paso. Thos. Doyle, one loaf V-01 BR R6 cleaned, odd color
393. IL Evansville. J.A. Wagner (name, city incuse) GF5cMdse. AL, V-03-5, R5
394. IL Fairbury Bakery: Loaf Bread. V-A03 Ca. 1914, AL R6
395. IL Fairfield. C.A.Frier Grocer OLD STYLE V-A03-100 $1.00 AL Ca.1914
396. IL Fairview: Single Variety Town. James Betar, GF2 1/2cIM, AL R6.
397. IL Forest SINGLE MERCHANT Town. H.H.Tavern V-01-10 AL, R4
398. IL Fayettevlle: UNLISTED TOWN. "Fay Inn//GF10cIT" AL, oct. small.
399. IL Stephenson Co. FREEPORT: Labor Club, Germania, Jerry's Bar, Schneiders (10), Steve, Terra Aqua Garden,
John Vaupel. LENA. ORANGEVILLE Our Place, ROCK CITY Tap. Lot of 19pcs. (MB $30)
400. IL Gardner: Unlisted Merchant. "Variety Lanes and Lounge//GF15cIT" AL, Unc.
401. IL (Geneva) Bottle Check. 3rd.St.Bakery/5c on return of bottle V-08 AL R5 dug/dark.
402. IL Glenview. Country House, $1.00 V-A01 BR R4.
404. IL (Grand Tower) SMALL TOWN. Al and Blanche's Tavern V-01 AL R5
405. IL Granville R6. B.Ziano 5c Zinc, V-05 R6
406. IL Graymont: RARE 1 var. TOWN, Unlisted 10c. Crow's Store, as V-01 but 10c. AL, scalloped, dark,cruddy.
407. IL Hamilton R6. C.E.Barnum 5c V-A01 BR
408. IL Harrisburg DAIRY RARE TOWN. GF 1 Quart Milk, V-01 R6
409. IL Holliday: UNLISTED TOWN. "Chas.W.Osborn//GF25cIT" Ca. 1900. BR, dug, pitted, punch marks.
410. IL Hull Garage FORD - RARE TOWN Single Var. Gray Bros. V-01 $1.00 (as listed, GF deleted) AL R6
411. IL RARE GHOST TOWN: Hutton. L.L. Stanberry/Gen'l/Mdse./Hutton,Ill.//GF 10/IM. BR, Single merchant town. XF.
412. IL UNLISTED TOWN: Jiesyville ( little village of 125 people in Christian County just west of Taylorville (near Bulpit).
"Que Rio/Pool Hall/Jiesyville/Ill.//GF5cIM" AL.
413. IL Kinkaid Soft Drink Parlor RARE TOWN single Var. Enrico Staffaroni 5c V-01, R6 AL Unc.
414. IL Kishwaukee: Single Var. Town. F.C.Johnson Sweet Cidar Vinegar V-01 R6 AL top hole as made.
415. IL Latham: Single Variety Town!. O.T. Buckles General Merchandise//GFc5cIT, AL R6. Rare!
416. IL Lensburg. L.F. Stahlman General Merchandise OVAL GF$1.00IT. AL R6
417. IL Lexington: UNLISTED TOWN!. "H.F.Davis/Grocer//GF10cIM" AL, octagonal. Ca. 1914
418. IL Louisville Single Variety Town. Palmer & Daniels, $5.00 BR V-01 R5 spots
419. IL Lynwood: 1 Var. Town. Svoboda's Tavern. V-01 AL R3
420. IL Magnolia Rare Town Unlisted 5c!. R.W.Spencer General Merchandise OLD style V-01 but 5c AL dug,dings.
421. IL Maple Grove DAIRY: RARE 1 var. TOWN!. A.R.Shinn, V-01 (all incuse) Sq.AL R6
422. IL (Martinton) Unlisted Merchant. "Johnnie/Newman's/Tavern//GF10cIT" AL Unc.
423. IL McNabb SMALL TOWN R6. L.W.Swain 5c, V-04 Zinc
424. IL Mattoon. V.S.Vandagrift//GF2 1/2cIT, AL R6
425. IL Media Single Variety Town!. Ed's Place//GF5cIT. BR R5
426. IL (Meredosia). Walsh Pool Room, 5c V-05 Schmidt backmark. AL.
427. IL Merritt RARE Single Variety TOWN. Six's Cash Store, 25c V-01 BR, dug/dark XF.
428. IL Morris UNLISTED Merchant "25" Cutout!. "Morris/Bureau//GFIT" with "25" cutout Zinc, Square. Dark.
429. IL Morrisonville RARE TOWN. One Pint Milk H.L.Deal RARE 2 Var. Town! Blue rect. cb (rev. writing)
430. IL Mounds City RARE TOWN. The Mounds Dairy//One Quart Milk V-01, R6 Single Var. Town! AL, worn.
431. IL Morton Grove: LOBSTER pictured, 1920. Neat dated $1: New Weller's Famous for Lobster, BR, Unlisted.
432. IL Newman UNLISTED MERCHANT RARE TOWN. "At Newman/Bakery/GF Bread Only//GF1Loaf of Bread" AL, OLD!
433. IL Noble Scarce Town. Bates Pool Hall V-01 AL R5
434. IL North Henderson RARE TOWN!. W.N.Sturgeon, 5c V-02, R6 AL,dug, dirty, minor corr.
435. IL Ogden. Dock's/Place/Ogden, Ill.// 2 1/2c, V-01. Single merchant town. BR, R6
436. IL OSwego UNLISTED MERCHANT Scarce Town. "W.J.Morse/Gen./Mdse.//GF5cLoafBread" AL, scalloped. Dug,corr.
437. IL Ottawa: EARLY 12 1/2c FULLY INCUSE!. C.J.Metzger, V-21 AL R6 uniface. Was a saloon.
438. IL Chicago: State Bank. 10c, V-S115 R5 very dark.
439. IL Palmer RARE TOWN One Var. W.M.Covert General Merchandise 5 ORNATE! V-01 BR R6
440. IL Pana: Unlisted. "C.W.Allen/Billiards//10c" BR, dark, pitted.
441. IL Percy: Unlisted Merchant!. "J.C. Brown/Percy,/Ills.//GFcIM" AL, square.
442. IL Perry One Var. Town, UNLISTED 10c. Daigh's Billiards V-01, but 10c AL.
443. IL Peru: Star Union BREWING Co. GF50c w/return of 25 bottles/etc. V-16 AL
444. IL Portland: RARE TOWN, UNLISTED MERCHANT. "Ale Phelps//GFIT" BR, added center hole.
445. IL Posen: RARE TOWN. Rheingold Gardens 25c V-02-25 R5 AL
446. IL Prairie Center: RARE TOWN One Var. Tom Mahle, 5c, V-01 Zinc, minor corrosion.
447. IL Ransom. Nagle's Tavern V-01-10b AL R6. Dings, corrosion.
448. IL Renshaw: Scarce Town UNLISTED 5c. Cox's Grocery, as V-01 but 5c. BR.
449. IL Ridgefarm UNL. HArrold & Reese, as V-A01, but $1.00. BR, dark
450. IL River Grove: Scarce Town. Torch Club V-01-5 AL, R4
451. IL Rockford: NEAT BUFFALO/Donkey Rubic. The Office RUA (buffalo)//Donkey (rubic). AL, 31mm V-09 R6 ca. 1900. PLATED in Vacketta.
452. IL 17 Rockford. Anger Jeweler ,BPOE 64, El Main(3 diff), Eagles Aerie 392, Grand B&B(2), IL Machine, Peter Kutra(2),
LaFayette Hotel(2), Rockford Dairy(2 different,both poor). 2dups. LOT of 17pcs (MB $35)
453. IL Rock Island TRANSIT. Centennial Bridge, lot of 3. BR
454. IL Rosemont: UNLISTED TOWN. "O'Hare East/Pub/9501 E./Devon Ave.//GF/One/Free Drink..." BR
455. IL Rosiclare: RARE Single Var. TOWN. Rosiclare 5 & 10c Store, V-01 AL R6
456. IL Royal: UNLISTED TOWN!. "Freeman's/Tavern//5cIT" BR. Champaign Co., pop. 200. RARE!
457. IL Royalton: Unlisted Merchant. "Bobby's/Tavern//GF5cIT" AL, oct. UNC.
458. IL (Sadoras): Scarce Town. Fritz's Tavern (i) 5c, FIBER Schmidt backmark V-01-5 R6 Champaign Co.
459. IL (Sadoras): Scarce Town. Ike's Place 10c V-02, R5 AL.
460. IL Salem: UNLISTED Merchant. "The Brunswick//GF2 1/2cIT" BR, oct. rev. slick.
461. IL 2 UNLISTEDS St. Jacob SCARCE TOWN. "E.F.Jackson//GF25cIT" & Same, but 25cIM. AL IDM
462. IL Schiller Park: RARE Cook Co. 1 var. TOWN. Manheim Inn 25c V-01, R5 Pre-O'Hara Field. AL
463. IL Seneca Billiard Parlor. V.A.Wheeler 5c V-03 AL R6
464. IL Sheffield UNLISTED MERCHANT. "Good At/Sheffield/Club/Room//GF25cIT" AL, old.
465. IL Shelbyville: UNLISTED MERCHANT. "J.Wm. Klauser/& Co.//GF5cIT" AL Unc.
466. IL Sheldon: UNLISTED TOWN!. "Doval's//GF25cIM" AL, AU.
467. IL Sidell. Porter's Place V-01, 5c AL oct. Schmidt backmark
468. IL Somonauk ONE CENT. I.L. Lockhart General Merchandise, V-A03-1b "1 Cent". AL R5
469. IL South Beloit: Single Var. Town. Pete's Tavern 10c V-01 R5 Choice UNC.
470. IL Sparland: RARE Single Var. TOWN. Scardon's Tavern 5c V01 BR R6
471. IL Spring Bay: RARE 2 var. TOWN!. W.D.Hoshor 5c Drink or Cigar! BR, AU, added small top hole.
472. IL (Spring Valley) Majestic. 5c Attribution uncertain. AL oct, worn Good.
473. IL Standard. T.Bertoni 5c V-01-5b BR R6 Was a Saloon.
474. IL Sterling: GF $1.00 on TIRE and TUBE. L.E.Long, V-03 Large 39mm AL, R6 Scr,dings,dark.
475. IL Steelton: COAL SCRIPT. H.Snyder set of 3: 25,50,$1 AL R6/each
476. IL Sugar Grove RARE TOWN. Dairy J.H.Briggs//GF1Quart Milk. BR, oct. V-01 R6 Single Var.Town. Partially Dark.
477. IL Tallula. J.O.Beck V-01-5 R6 BR. Probably a slot machine token!
478. IL Toledo Unlisted. "C.W.Humphrey General Merchandise//GF25cIM" BR,scalloped, c/m
479. IL Trivoli: Scarce Town. O.L.Glasford 5c V-A01-5 R6 AL
480. IL Valmeyer. Cowbell Tavern 10c V-01 R5 BR
481. IL Vienna: PRISON TOKEN. Correctional Center, 10c AL AU.
482. IL Virginia. Wm. Stafford 5c V-03 N-S R6 Ca. 1914.
483. IL Wenona. Mark's Bros. 5c V-05-5 R5
484. IL Westmont: UNLISTED TOWN. "Little Bohemia/Dine &/Dance...//GF25cIT" BR.
485. IL Westville: CIGAR STORE. Herman & Harrold 25c V-19-25 BR, dark.
486. IL White Hall: RARE TOWN, NEW MERCHANT. "White Hall/Kelly's/Tavern/Illinois//10cIT" BR
487. IL Williamsville UNLISTED TOWN. "Bob's Place//GF5cIT" AL oct. Unc.
488. IL Willisville: Scarce Town. T.J. Smith 50c V-02 R6 Ca. 1914 Square AL
489. IL Winchester: Unlisted Merchant. "Whitie's/Tavern//GF5cIT" Zinc. XF
490. IL Windsor. The Windsor Fleskovitch Tavern V-03 Zinc R5 dark
491. IL Woodworth: UNLISTED TOWN!. "Elmer's/Tavern/Woodworth,/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL XF.

492. IL Key Tags. Lot of 4, 2 Chicago, Danville, Duquoin.
493. Pictorials. Lot of 10, mostly Chicago, AG-XF.
494. IL Incuse Tokens 10 Different. Some of the Schmidt identified mavericks, others, various towns. 1 damaged. (MB $20)
495. IL (Chicago) 20 Different with "TAVERN" on token. 16 Brass, 4 AL, some varieties by merchant (MB $100.00)
496. IL 17 Spinner Tokens. 1 MI, 15 Chicago, mostly "You Pay" reverses, mostly BR, F-AU. (MB $20)
497. IL Military. 10 IL, 2 NCO Ft.Sheridan, 3 Scott AFB, 4 Chanute Field (dark).
498. 30 Mixed US/World. Varied lot, Trade tokens, storecards, no rarities. AG-Unc. (MB $30)
499. Maverick Tokens. Interesting lot, initials to names, duplication, some junk, some better. NO billiard/BBC/Pick/etc. 131pcs. (MB $30)

Wanted to BUY:
Rockford, Freeport, Belvidere & Area Tokens, other "Stuff"

Rich Hartzog
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