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The Ore Vacketta Collection of 11000 Different Illinois Trade Tokens.

NCTA Sale 1. Closed 30 May 2006.

RARE Trade Tokens from the VACKETTA Collection, and others, mostly ILLINOIS.
Usual NCTA rules, no bid reductions, except bids over $100 are reduced (but not to less than $100) to 10% over.
Information shown within brackets ( ) is NOT on the token.
The town name is ON each token, but the state is sometimes missing, except as follows:
Where the listing is, for example, IL (Chicago), the city AND state are NOT on the token.
Vacketta numbers are shown on IL tokens, R1-6 rarity scale for Illinois tokens.
Abbreviated descriptions!!
You do NOT have to be a NCTA member to bid.
Please bid your maximum amount via email to me at
Postage and insurance extra.
Payments by CHECK, money order ONLY (NO Paypal, Sorry!)
EMAIL Me if you have any questions!
Tokens from the Ore Vacketta Collection, author of the IL Trade Token book.
About 11,000 Different IL tokens, to be sold on eBay, NTCA and World Exonumia mail sales.
PLEASE email me your 'wants' to get on my mailing list. LOTS more coming up!
VARIOUS STATES: Chas. Pick, BBC, other BILLIARD MFG tokens!

101. DT (DAKOTA TERRITORY!) Chas. Pick. Casselton: "M. Ringrose. Pro.", 10cIT at Bar. N-S, F.
102. IN (Middlebury) Geo. Kuehl & Bro. Billiard. M.C.Wright, 5cents IT, BR, cleaned, holed.
103. IA (Muscatine) Geo. Kuehl Billiard Mfg. Geo. A. Schaeffer, 5 cents IT. BR
104. KS (Irving) Brunswick & Company. (BBC) In KS book: J.C.Whitney, 5c. BR.
105. KY (Louisville). Senning's/Park (incuse). Old style, TAMS 10599. BR.
106. MI (Lake Linden) Chas. Pick. Syriac Lanctot, Heckla House, 5c IT. BR, dark
107. MI (Lake Linden) Chas. Pick. J.B. Toupin, 5c IT, oct. BR.
108. NY (Schenctady) Chas. Passow Billiard Mfg. Fred. Balfant, 5c IT. BR.
109. OH (Toledo) Geo. Kuehl Billiard Mfg. Stephan & Co. 5c IT. BR, scalloped.
110. SD (Yankton) Chas. PICK! Jno. Behm, 5c At Bar. Dark.
111. WI (Juneau) BBC. Listed in Rulau 1700-1900, A. Veling, c/m "CN",5c. N-S.
112. WI (Colby) Brunswick & Company. (BBC): Conrad Orth, 5c IT. BR.

The TOWN NAME **IS** on the token,
UNLESS the town name is in brackets ( ).

113. IL Albers. Norrenbern's, 10c, V-A02, R3 AL
114. IL Albion RARE TOWN 1 CENT. J.F.Stewart, 1c, V-01, R5 AL. Ca. 1902, Grocery
115. IL Allendale. Ott's Place, BR, V-01, R5, Small town
116. IL Alton. J. Georgantas, 5c. V-A12, R6, old style, "X" scratch.
117. IL Alvin. SMALL TOWN: Homer C. Carter, V-01-100, $1, AL, R6, F.
118. IL Arlington UNLISTED. "Jay/Thompson/Tavern//GF5cIT" BR.
119. IL Atkinson. R. DeSchipper, 5c, V-A10, R6, BR, EARLY STYLE
120. IL Atkinson UNLISTED. "Gulf Plaza/25//(same)" AL.
121. IL Atlanta: Ary's THIRST PARLOR. Odd Name! V-A01, 25c, BR, R5 Two token town.
122. IL Aurora. L. Thon/5c, V-C38-5, R4. Was a Saloon. AL.
123. IL Ava. Ava Pool Room, V-01, Schmidt, R5, 2-token town!
124. IL Batchtown RARE TOWN. S.A.White, 5c, V-01, R6. Ca. 1910. Single variety town!
125. IL Beardstown I.D. Token. Letter punches around triangle center, made in machine. AL.
126. IL (Belleville) Tavern & Bowling Alley. Kissner's, 5cDrink, V-A11, R5
127. IL Benton UNLISTED. "Town Club/711 W./Main/St.//GF5cID" AL, rev. grungy
128. IL Benton & W. Frankfort. Young's, 25c. DUAL TOWN. BR.
129. IL Buckner RARE TOWN. Mike P. Crnovich, 5c, V-A01, R6, BR.
130. IL (Cambridge) SOFT DRINK PARLOR. Fred Borkgren/GF 5c IT. BR, old!
131. IL Campbell Hill. Geo. Tegtmeyer, 50c V-04-50, R6, AL
132. IL (Campbell Hill). L. Rubach (incuse), V-02-5, SCHMIDT mark, AL, R6
133. IL Carbon Hill SCARCE TOWN. L.Enrietta, 10c V-02, AL R6. WITH Match book for Lil Bum's.
134. IL Cardiff RARE TOWN. UNLISTED: Arthur/Comarey//GF/5c/IT. BR, corr.
135. IL Casey RARE TOWN. R.Frantz & Co., 5c, V-01, BR, R6, Single Variety town. Ca. 1900.
136. IL Catlin. Cook Bros., 2 1/2c V-A01, R6 ca. 1915, center holded. AL.
137. IL Cedar Point UNLISTED. "Anton Bertetto//GF5cIT", "5" cutout, AL.
138. IL Channahon UNLISTED. "Steve Rittof/Rittof's Tavern//GF15cIT", AL scalloped.
139. IL Charleston. Smoke House, 2 1/2c V-02, R5 AL
140. IL Chatsworth. O'Neils Tavern V-01. RARE TOWN. BR.
141. IL Chestnut UNLISTED. "Grimes Tavern/Chestnut/Ill.//GF5cIT", BR, sq, bad spots.
142. IL Chicago: OLD STYLE, ca. 1900, TWO pcs. Britten/Coop/$1.00/Check/Chicago//(blank), BR, beaded border. Same, $2.
143. IL Chicago. Casacabana Cocktail Lounge, 3pcs: 25c,25c, $1. AL
144. IL (Chicago) EARLY "CASINO". The Cafe of Tomorrow, V-CC-31, 25c, BR. R4
145. IL Des Plaines. El Reno Cafe, 25c. BR, oct.
146. IL (Chicago?). Little/City//25c/IT. BR.
147. IL (Chicago). Square Deal Tavern, 2pcs 5c, 10c. AL, Unc.
148. IL (Chicago) Unlisted. 'Thompson's/"16" Club/123/N. Crawford Ave.//GF/25c/In Drinks, OVAL AL.
149. IL Chicago Heights. Regas Bros., 10c. V-A05, R6. BR.
150. IL (Choat) UNLISTED TOWN! W.R. Morgan, Ingle (attributed by Ingle records), BR, minor corr.
151. IL (Chrisman) UNLISTED TOWN. Just south of Danville/Westville, where Vacketta lived. "City/Bakery/Chas./Parks//GF/1/Loaf/of/Bread" OLD style, AL, scalloped.
152. IL Christopher Elementary School UNLISTED. GF 1 Lunch. AL
153. IL Cissna Park UNLISTED TOWN. "Ben R. Weidner's/Pool/Hall//GF2 1/2cIT" AL.
154. IL Clayton UNLISTED TOWN. Hank's Cafe//GF5cIM" AL, old style
155. IL Collinsville. Belt Line Tavern, 10c, V-A01, R4, AL.
156. IL Conant UNLISTED TOWN. "A.F.Beck & Sons/General/Merchandise//GF50cIM" Oct. AL
157. IL Coulterville UNLISTED. "The Department/Store/Wilson Bros.//GF10cIM" AL.
158. IL Cowling UNLISTED. J.M.Trash, as V-01, but 50c. AL. Others are R6, Scarce Town
159. IL Cropsey. WE Austin V-01, R6 RARE TOWN! AL, tiny hole.
160. IL Cullom UNLISTED. "J.M.Jeyte//5" Sq.BR, Barber/pool ca. 1914.
161. IL Dana. C.E. Schwartz, 5c, V-03-5, R6, BR.
162. IL Dowell: RARE TOWN. Veteran's Inn, 5c. UNLISTED. AL
163. IL Dunfermline RARE TOWN Pool Room. Gus Tevenor, 5c V-01 R6 Single Variety Town. AL.
164. IL Dwight UNLISTED. "Seymour &/Thompson//GF50cIT" AL, rev. crud.
165. IL Earlville UNLISTED. Dupee Bros., as V-A01, but 5c. AL.
166. IL Easton. A.F.Crum, $1 V-A01, R6, AL.
167. IL East Dubuque. Norris & Sendt, 5c. V-05, R6. BR.
168. IL (East St. Louis). Geo Ruff, 5c, V-A09, R5, AL. Ca. 1914 Saloon.
169. IL East St. Louis UNLISTED. "Roy Sturdevant/In Mdse. (incuse)/5c" BR, Schmidt mark, scalloped, OLD style, ca. 1900
170. IL East Whasko $50 GOOD LUCK. Odd piece! Transylvanian Mortuary, GF $50 IT//Luck symbols. N-S.
171. IL Elgin. Brown Bros. The Crescent, 15c, V-A02-15, BR, R4
172. IL Elizabeth. H.Goldhorn Old Tavern, 5c V-B01 BR, not holed. R6
173. IL Elmhurst UNLISTED "GF One Shot of RED EYE". "Elmhurst/1531/Elks" AL.
174. IL (Elmwood Park). 1850 N Harlem, V-02, R4, Two merchant town.
175. IL Eureka UNLISTED TOWN! "The White Store/Carl Haecker/Prop.//GF/1.00/IM. AL, punch marks. Ca. 1900
176. IL (Fairmount) Home Bakery UNLISTED. GF One Loaf Bread, all incuse, oct. AL, top hole as made.
177. IL Forest Park UNLISTED CANDY. "Mareen's Candy/Shop/etc//GF10cIT. Oct. AL, dug, corr., edges bad, pitting.
178. IL Freeburg SET, 19th Century "P.Herman Jr.". 4pcs: 10,25,50,$1. INCUSE Brass, RARE.
179. IL Freeburg. Valentine's, 5c, V-03, R4, AL.
180. IL Fults RARE TOWN. Fults Tavern (incuse, OLD style), 5c, V-01, BR R6 Single variety town!
181. IL Galatia. Limerick Bros., 10c V-02-10, BR, R6 POOR,Corroded
182. IL Galena UNLISTED Vienna Bakery, Loaf Bread. "C.Henning//Only Good For/1/Loaf/of/Bread" BR,scallops, ca.1915
183. IL Garden Prairie. G.W. Hendrickson's Store, V-01, R6 RARE TOWN.
184. IL Georgetown. Baron & Roesch, V-01, R5, AL, corr/pitting.
185. IL Gibson City. Gibson Canning Co, Husking, V-01c, 5c, R5, BR, holed as made.
186. IL Granville. Aragon Tavern, B. Ziano, 25c, V-06-25, R6, BR
187. IL Grape Creek. Perry Jumps, 25c UNLISTED. BR, old.
188. IL Green Valley UNLISTED. "O.J.Watts/Pool/Room//5" Scallops AL, AG, worn, 2 holes. Ca. 1919
189. IL Griggsville UNLISTED TOWN. "Harry Carnes/Griggsville,Ill.//GF/50c/IT." AL.
190. IL Hahnaman RARE TOWN. A.P.Newhoff, 5c, V-01 AL R6. Single Variety town, ca. 1890.
191. IL Harvey. Maine Billiard Hall, 5c. V-03A, BR, cut on edge.
192. IL (Havana). New Madison Billiard Parlor (incuse) GF 15 Cts IT. SQ. BR, Schmidt rev.
193. IL Hegeler RARE TOWN. Chic & Fish Tavern, 5c, V-01. Dark, cruddy.
194. IL Herrick RARE TOWN. Torrence & Nance, 1c V-02. BR.
195. IL Herrin. BPOE No. 1146, V-01, R4, AL
196. IL (Herrin) Branson's/SHINING/PARLOR. GF 2 1/2c IM" AL.
197. IL (Hillsboro). Moonlight, V-03, R4. AL.
198. IL Holyeton. Fark Brothers, 5c. V-A01-5 AL, R5
199. IL Hume: Loaf Bread. Max Cohen, V-01 R6, RARE TOWN. BR.
200. IL Ivesdale RARE TOWN, UNLISTED 25c. Pembroke's Tavern, 25c as V-01
201. IL Johnston City. W.J.Harris, 50c V-C02-50 BR R6
202. IL Joliet. BPOE Elks Club No. 296, 2pcs: 5c, 10c. AL
203. IL Kankakee Unlisted Denom. Rialto Gardens, as V-B14, but 5c. BR.
204. IL Kickapoo UNLISTED TOWN. "Gilles/Kickapoo/Tavern//GF5cIT", AL.
205. IL Kinkaid: RARE TOWN, SOFT DRINK PARLOR. Enrico Staffaroni, 5c. V-01, AL.
206. IL Ladd UNLISTED. "Armando Lanute//GF5cDrink" Sq. AL, Unc.
207. IL Lebanon Cafe. 5c, V-02, R6
208. IL Lacon. Craig's Tavern, 5c, V-01-5, R4
209. IL Lawrenceville. L. Recreation, V-03c, 5c, AL, R5
210. IL Lenzburg (Miss-spelled!). L.F.Stahlman, 5c, V-02-5, AL oval, R6
211. IL Lincoln (Blacksmith, ca. 1914). A.H.Kavelman, 5c, V-A02, AL, R6
212. IL Lincoln UNLISTED Knights of Columbus. "K of C 1250/(KC logo)//25" BR, uneven color.
213. IL Lincoln. Howard Langenbahn, Trade check Only, V-B02, R6 BR
214. IL Lockport UNLISTED. "Freehauf's/823/State/St.//10cIT" BR.
215. IL Lyons UNLISTED. Lyons/Recreation/4007/Joliet/Ave.//GF5cIM" AL.
216. IL Maeystown. Ken's Corner, 10c V-01, R5 Single variety town. AL.
217. IL (Marseilles) (Slot Machine Token!). "Nimee & Mahassel//GF10cIT", BR, 5c-size, c-h.
218. IL (Mark?). Ugo Malavolti//GF/5c/IT. BR, dug.
219. IL Mascoutah: Kolb & Son 19th CENTURY. VERY RARE set of 4: 10,25,50,$1, AL, VF-XF.
220. IL McHenry. My Place, 5c V-I01 R4. AL
221. IL McNabb. Pop's Place, V-02, BR, R4
222. IL (Mermet) RARE TOWN! Morris & Bonifield, $1.00, V-01, R6. Listed as BR, but N-S, dirty, will clean.
223. IL Millstadt. Carlo's Tavern, 25c, V-02, AL R5
224. IL Moline. Coppens Tap, 5c. AL
225. IL Moline UNLISTED "Don't Worry Club" Good Luck. J.H.Mueller & Son, 40th Anniv., 1915, rev Horseshoe, etc. BR, 31mm
226. IL (Moline) UNLISTED OWL (Pictured!) Billiards. 1510 1/2 3rd Ave.//GF 5c IT. BR, Neat Owl.
227. IL Monroe Center RARE TOWN. A.L,Knighton, 5c V01 AL R6 Single variety town.
228. IL (Morris) UNLISTED. "Al's Place/144 S. Main (incuse)/GF5cIT" Br, oct. Schmidt
229. IL Morton House. Love Kamp, 10c V-06 AL R5
230. IL Mt. Auburn UNLISTED. Bob Bramel's, GF 10c IM. BR.
231. IL (Mount Olive). Dragovich & Son (incuse), Was a saloon, ca. 1914, HEART SHAPED, AL, R6
232. IL Mt. Vernon. Jiggs & Maggies, 5c V-B02-5b BR, R5
233. IL Mt. Vernon OLD. Ridlen & Tippe/Everything, 50c V-03-50 W-M R5
234. IL Mt. Vernon. T&D Cigar, 5c, V-05, BR, R4
235. IL Mulkeytown RARE TOWN. Cook Bros, $5.00 V-01 AL R6, Single variety town.
236. IL Naperville. Lounge Co., 20c Packer's Check, V-07-20, AL, R6, picker
237. IL Neunert UNLISTED TOWN. H.D. Miesner/Neunert, Ill.(incuse)//C.K.Schwizer/St. Louis. Old style! AL.
238. IL New Canton UNLISTED TOWN. "H.A.Massie//GF5cIT" AL, old.
239. IL Nokomis UNLISTED. "Madison/Billiard/Parlor//GF2 1/2cIT", AL
240. IL West Chicago. La-Verne's Lounge, 25c IT. AL.
241. IL Oblong UNLISTED TOWN: LARGEST 1c EVER SEEN! "Randolph & Douglas//GF/c1c/IT" GIANT 1.5" AL, AU.
242. IL (Oglesby). John Arboit, 5c, V-C02, N-S, c-h, R6
243. IL (Old Marissa) RARE TOWN. F.E.Beltz, 5c, V-01, BR. Single variety town.
244. IL Onarga UNLISTED. Onarga Mercantile Co, as V-B01, but $2.50. AL.
245. IL Oraville UNLISTED. "Floyd Cox/Merchandise &/Truck Services//GF$1.00IM" BR, large.
246. IL (Oregon). K.A.Bechtold, 5c, all incuse V-B01 BR oval, R6, tiny scallops, odd!
247. IL Orient. West Frankfort Mercantile Co., $1.00 BR.
248. IL Orient. West Frankfort Mercantile Co., $5.00. BR.
249. IL Ottawa UNLISTED TRIANGLE Shape. "A.H. Irion Bar//GF5cDrink" BR. Was Saloon, ca. 1914.
250. IL Palatine. L.F. Schmidt, Lot of 2: 10c, 25c IT. BR. Unc.
251. IL Palestine UNLISTED. "The Saratoga" (i)/GF5ctsIT" OLD style, ca. 1900 BR, oct. Schmidt mark.
252. IL Palmyra. O.L.Nifong, 10c, V-02, BR, R6
253. IL Paris CIGAR Store UNLISTED. "E.N.K.//GF2 1/2cIT" AL ca. 1914 (E.N.Keehum)
254. IL (Paris) Ca. 1900 "Waldorf Smoke House". W.J. Menke, 2 1/2c. OLD style, V-B02, BR
255. IL Pekin DAIRY. J.H. Pfanz, 2pcs: Pint, Quart Milk. OLD Style! AL.
256. IL Peoria UNLISTED 50 Lbs Ice, ca. 1915. "E. Godel & Sons", GF At Ice Plant, Square/klippe, top hole as made, AL.
257. IL Peoria. Jake's Pour House, V-B28, R5, BR.
258. IL Percy UNLISTED. "J.C.Brown/Percy,/Ill.//GF25cIM, AL, sq., bent.
259. IL Pierron UNLISTED TOWN. Wm.F. Mewes/Pierron,/Ill.//GF5cIT. AL, VG-F
260. IL Pinckneyville UNLISTED. "L.W.Brostmeyer//GF50cIM" AL, a bit dark, Ca. 1900
261. IL Pittsfield BAKERY ca. 1895. Heck Bros, Loaf Bread, SINGLE MERCHANT TOWN, AL V-01, R6
262. IL Pleasant Plains. Irwin, Atherton & Irwin, $1, V-01-100, AL R5
263. IL Portland RARE TOWN, Unusual Cut-out! Elio Cardani, 5c V-01, BR R6 Single Merchant town, crescent-moon c/o.
264. IL Princeville UNLISTED. "Stewart/Hybrids//Worth/50c/On Purchase/of one Bu./Seed Corn" AL, AL-pest/corr.
265. IL Rice RARE GHOST TOWN. J.O.Hunter, 50c V-01 AL R6 Single variety town, ca. 1900.
266. IL Ridge Farm R6 Merchants/Town, UNLISTED. "Hueston & Co. Of Course", As V-01 but $3.00, AL.
267. IL Roanoke. Sauder & Co, 10c V-05-10 BR R6
268. IL Rockdale UNLISTED. "Shep's/Tavern/1500/Belleview//GF10cIT" Sq. AL
269. IL Rock Grove RARE TOWN. G.O.F./Rock Grove/Ill.//GF/5c/IT. BR. G.O. Frankberger, ca. 1927.
270. IL Rock Island SLOT MACHINE TOKEN. UNLISTED "M.O.Griswold", $1.00 AL.
271. IL Rossville. Whitey's, 5c (incuse) V-09 AL sq. R4, Schmidt mark.
272. IL Royalton UNLISTED. "Bobby's/Tavern//GF5cIT", Oct. AL
273. IL Ruma: RARE GHOST TOWN. Bev and Dot's, V-01, R6, AL
274. IL Rutland SET of SEVEN Denominations. Callvetti Bros. 5,10,15,20,25,50,$1. AL, some cruddy.
275. IL St. Jacob RARE TOWN. St. Jacob 5c Drink T.V., V-02, R6, Two variety town. BR
276. IL (Sandwich) UNLISTED. "The/Gletty/&/Kesslar/Bar//GF5cIT. BR, old style
277. IL Sawyersville UNLISTED TOWN. "Macoupin/Merchantile/Co.//GF5cIM" BR, old
278. IL Schram City. Al's Emma's, 5c, V-A01, R4
279. IL Shelbyville. Chas.H Beetle, 5c V-A01 AL R6. Ca. 1914
280. IL Shermerville DAIRY TOKEN, RARE TOWN. 1 Quart, V-02, R6, AL.
281. IL Sidell. Quality or Central Cafes, V-03-10, not holed, AL.
282. IL Sigel SET of Five. Kaufman & Rodgers, V-A02, 5,10,25,50,$1 BR, 5pcs.
283. IL Silvis. "Triangle/Inn//GF5cIT" Oct. AL.
284. IL Skokie Valley RARE TOWN. New Gateway, V-01, R6, BR, UNC.
285. IL Somonauk SET of SIX. I.L.Lockhart, V-A03: 1,5,10,25,50,$1, AL, XF-Unc, R5/each
286. IL Springerton. G.W. Adams, 5c. V-01-5, R6. Small Town! AL, pest.
287. IL South Pekin. A.H.Shugrue, 5c, V-02, AL, R5
288. IL (Springfield?). "Venezia Resturant/J.T.//GF5cIT", Zinc?,Dark VF. Vacketta says: 'James Tunney?'
289. IL Spring Valley Oval! Baracani's, GF 50c IT. Oval AL, slight bend.
290. IL Spring Valley BEER. Bonucci Liquor, 50c Return of Case, V-I01, R6, AL, Unc.
291. IL Spring Valley UNLISTED Rectangular. Pep Frasco, 50c as V-U01, but rect. AL
292. IL Stewardson SCARCE TOWN. Barnett Cafe, 5c, LARGE OVAL, V-01, AL, R6, ca. 1914, beat, scr.
293. IL Stillman Valley RARE TOWN. S. White, 5c. V-01, R6, BR.
294. IL Streator. Thrasher's, 10c. Sq. AL
295. IL Streator:. Harry Wilson, 2pcs 5c, 25c. AL (25c bent)
296. IL (Stockton) CCC. "610th/Company/C.C.C.//GF5cIT" BR
297. IL (Stockton). "M. Rottler" incuse, GF 1 Loaf Bread, rev. F. Dresel Co. Br, ca. 1900.
298. IL Tamms. J.W.Joynt, V-01, R6, BR.
299. IL Tamaroa UNLISTED. "Tamaroa Store Co./Gen'l/Mdse.//GF10cIT". BR, scallops.
300. IL Taylorville. Henry Dorchy, V-02, R6, AL, bad scratches rev.
301. IL Terre Haute RARE TOWN. C.B.Tucker, 5c V-01, AL R6 Single Variety Town
302. IL Teutopolis. J.H.Uptmor, $1, V-01-100, AL, R6
303. IL Toledo UNLISTED. Snyder & Yanaway, as V-04, but 50c BR. Ca. 1914
304. IL Troy Grove UNLISTED MERCHANT. "W.H.W.//GF5cAt the Bar", Klippe AL, dug, bad pitting/corr. Was a Saloon.
305. IL (Two Patch) UNLISTED TOWN. I was unable to find any info on this town, but Ore attributed this "Pop" token to John Pop, of Two Patch, Saline Co., ca. 1948. Ornate "5" rev., older style. BR.
306. IL Trowbridge. Doll & Kennedy, 5c, V-01-5,R5, AL.
307. IL (Urbana) Clark Grave Vault (!!!). "No 2/Crating/Check" AL, uniface, top hole as made. Ca. 1914.
308. IL (Vernor) UNLISTED, UNKNOWN TOWN. Vernor's Pool Hall (incuse)/GF/5 cts/IT, BR uniface. Attributed by Ore to Vernor, Ill., but town not found!
309. IL (Villa Grove) UNLISTED. "Wilburn - Cox (incuse) GF5CtsIT" Oct.BR, Schmidt type, uniface
310. IL (Virginia). The Country Club, V-B01-25, R4
311. IL Warsaw UNLISTED. "Wisch & Bruder/Tavern//GF5cIM", BR.
312. IL Waukegan. Lithuanian Auditorium, Lot of 4: 5,10,25,$1. AL
313. IL Wenona. Kane's Smoke House, 10c, V-01-10, BR, R6. Was Saloon.
314. IL West Brooklyn. Geo. Meurer, 5c, V-A02-5, R6
315. IL West Frankfort. Mercantile Co., Lot of 2: 50c, $1. BR.
316. IL Woodstock. C.W. Ritt, V-04-5a, R6, AL.
317. IL West Union SCARCE TOWN. W.H.Marvin, 10c, V-02-10, R6, AL.
318. IL Winfield SCARCE TOWN. Herbert Zeier, 5c, V-02, R6, AL
319. IL Wyoming UNLISTED. "James Harty//GF5cIT" BR, nice.
320. IL Wyoming UNLISTED. "Humphrey/One Stop/Service/Wyoming, Ill.//GF 5cIM, AL, small chunk cut out.
321. IL 7 Different BANK tokens. Mostly Chicago, one duplicate.
322. IL 3 Different Spinner Tokens. Lot of 3, about half-dollar sized.
323. IL 2 CIGAR Tokens. HC Fisher, Chicago, One Sprinter Cigar, AL & Oakford & Fahnestock, Peoria, Fontella Cigar BR
324. IL 15 Different BI-METALs. Evans, Winter-Book, Woodlawn, 1933 Grill, Grab-it-here. VF-XF. Duplicates of eBay listings.
325. IL 17 Diff. Bi-metals:. Evans Console, 1933 Grill, Stone/O'Brien, Fort Sheridan, Ginzel, mostly Chicago, one w/o center, F-XF.
326. IL 20 Chicago Tokens. About half-dollar/Dollar sized Brass 25c-$5, with logos/designs: Millers Steak House, Stweart, Trade Winds, etc.
327. IL Mixed Lot Chicago Fibre. Mostly Chicago fibre/composition tokens, 12 diff. some with burn marks.
328. IL 15 Billiard/Other Manufacturer, etc. Includes Chas. Pick, BBC, Boche, etc., various initials, names, some possibly identifiable, previously id'd to Chicago. AG-VF.
329. IL 10 Illinois Encased Cents. Various towns, some better, Indian cent to Memorials, VG-XF
330. IL Lot of 7: 19th Century IL:. Alpha Portland Cement (GEM BU), The Colonel, Dallemand & Co., Thomas Kane, Majestic Bar, Morgan & Bollenbach, North West Show Case.

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Rockford, Freeport, Belvidere & Area Tokens, other "Stuff"

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