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Being a short list of some items people have looked for on this site that we DO NOT sell. Sorry, I cannot help you with these items. Try a general search engine:

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Exonumia we do NOT sell
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Indian Head Pennies, Indian Head Cents Indian Head Penny, Lincoln cent, Wheat pennies, nickel, nickle, v-nickel, quarter dollars, silver dollars, copper coins, JFK half, indianhead penny, gold coins.
NO COINS!!! Just Exonumia!
Georgia slave tags, Kemp Plantation 1804: These are MODERN Fantasy pieces. Slave.
Birch half disme, half dime. .
Silver bars, troy ounce bars. panda coins, panda bear coins
Canadian coins, World coins, Polish coins,US Coins, U.S. coins, silverstrikes. Hummels, porcelain figurines.
gaming chips, poker chips, gaming tokens. Butterfly stamps.
CDV (Sorry no carte de vistas). Dessert Storm
HRAM (See RAM) Tieclips, tie clips
. .
. .
Rabies tags (we do sell DOG TAGS). .
. .
. .
. .
. .


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