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Being a short list of some items FOR SALE at fixed prices. I am attempting to locate an affordable shopping basket system to list items, but no luck yet!

All prices are POSTPAID (to the USA). Please check our PAYMENT information.
Exonumia FOR SALE.
Mardi Gras Tokens: Lot of 100 DIFFERENT. $24.95
100 Mixed O.P.A. Tokens: All red OPA tokens. Unsorted, mixed. $13.95
1000+ Mixed O.P.A. Tokens. All red. Unsorted, mixed. $92.50
BLANK Blue OPA token, scarce! 9.95
Transit Tokens, Transportation Tokens. .
Society of Medalists Medals: Write for availability of individual pieces. .
Slave Hire, Slave Tags, Slave Hire Badges. Write! .
Franklin Mint History of United States Coins: 200 different bronze Proof medals with case. $299.00
Sales Tax Tokens .
Video Arcade Tokens .
Exonumia BOOKS .
240 Mixed Telephone Tokens: Goetz nickel-sized, duplication, nice variety, some better. 245.00
300 Different CAR WASH tokens: nice lot 425
15 sets of 60 Different CAR WASH: Great Dealer lot, only 61c/ea 550
100 Different Siamese Gambling Tokens: Average condition, from old collection of 1500 different. 699.00
10 Different Siamese Gambling Tokens: As above. 59.95
20 Different US Trade Tokens: "Good-Fors", all with city and state, all metal. 38.50
50 Different US Trade Tokens: As above, from an old hoard, some better pieces 99.95
100 Diff. US Trade Tokens: As above, from an old hoard. 199.95
31 Different DOG TAGS: All metal, fairly modern, mostly unused. 17.95
200 Mixed DOG TAGS: As above, nice dealer lot. 59.95
19 Different Busty-Betty - Heads and Tails Flipper Tokens: All brass, different varieties (some minor), average condition. 9.95
100 Mixed Busty-Betty: Interesting mixed lot, for resale. 29.95
2 Diff. Dr. Hugo Eckener ZEP Medals: Pictures Eckener, 1929 Z127 Zep on globe. 24.95
200 Mixed Amusement Tokens: metal, older pieces for slot machines, duplication. 27.50
500 Mixed Amusement Tokens: As above, metal. 54.95
10 Masonic Chapter Pennies: All the same, but priced right! AU/Unc. 49.95
American HORSE Shows Assoc. Winged-Horse Art Medal: Neat high-relief, silvered, uniface. 19.95
George Bush Official Inaugural Medal Die Trial: Scarce, double-struck BZ medal, about AU. 9.95
50 Different Russian Znachki Pins: Interesting, colorful lot of pins, mostly metal, some enameled. 25.00
200+ Shell Presidents/States/Space Tokens: Mixed lot of quarter-sized tokens, ave. 29.00

GUARANTEE: All exonumia, tokens and medals items offered for fixed-price sale come with a full 10 day unconditional money-back guarantee, INCLUDING your postage. You MUST be happy with your purchase! More info

Check PAYMENT for information on how to pay for your order.

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