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BUYING all Modern Mint issues, including Franklin Mint®, Danbury Mint, American Heritage, Wittnauer Mint and other modern issues. BUYING medals, tokens, silver bars, gaming tokens, silver plates, ceramic plates, figurines, spoons, bowls, Model Cars, etc. I BUY it ALL.

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  EXACT PRICES I will PAY for FRANKLIN MINT Sets and other Modern Mint Material.    

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I am MOST interested in purchasing all modern Franklin Mint® and other bronze, silver and gold private mint singles, sets, and other collectibles (including official coins, medals, ingots, plates, bronzes, sculpture, spoons and any other limited edition issues) in any quantity. Please ship for my top offer. Over the past several years I have purchased virtually EVERY silver set sent to me. Prices are for original condition, undamaged items, with original packaging and literature. Please note I WILL buy ALL items, even those missing pieces packaging/literature, but prices will generally be somewhat lower.

FREE Quote on Prices Paid on your Modern Mint items: If you need a price before you ship, I will send you a link to a page with my FIRM BUY PRICE. Send me an email:

The topics most in demand, and those that will bring the most money, include Space, Boy/Girl Scout, most Norman Rockwell items, all gambling tokens/medals, medical and pharmacy sets and other "Art" or TOPICAL subjects. Items including "States of the Union" and "Presidents" and other common sets are of less interest, although still wanted. Most sculpture, jewelry, lithographs and other such issues are worth substantially less than issue price. However I do have collectors for ALL items, and welcome your shipment of ALL material. All pieces must be in good, undamaged condition.

UPS Shipment: Collectors are often unwilling to ship their material, wrongly believing the shipping cost will be high. In the continental US you can ship me 50 pounds of material for under $22.00, sent regular UPS commercial rate. Take your package to the UPS office, not to a Pack-N-Send, which charge high premiums. Do NOT order GroundTrac, as every UPS package already has a trace number, and it is a needless expense.

Special NOTES on Packing your items.

FREE Offers on your List.

I HAVE purchased virtually every modern mint set sent to me over the past several years, so I know I am paying reasonable prices. I just want to BUY! I do try to pay current market prices (this is not the original retail price). However collectors who paid $10 for a medal are generally not willing to sell at the current market value of (for example) $4 to $5. The modern mint material is beautiful, a wonderful collection, and nice to look at. However, much of it has NOT gone up in value! And, sorry, it won't go up from current levels for a few decades to come!

Generally, most ALL modern material including plates, "limited editions" of whatever nature and other made-for-collector items are now worth less than your original cost. You do not generally expect to make money on a $300 painting you hung on your wall and enjoyed for years. Why do collectors expect to make money on metallic artwork held only a few years? Enjoy the modern material, but do not expect to make a profit after holding only 25 years. There are many collector medals over 50 years old that sell for less than their original price. YES, many pieces DO bring more, but most do not, Sorry!

Prices I will pay for your list of Modern Mint collectibles:

If you really want to sell, SHIP for my top price. If you prefer, send only a few sets at a time, rather than everything. Always send complete sets, as partial or damaged sets are worth less. I want to buy it all !!! Ship everything!

  EXACT PRICES I will PAY for FRANKLIN MINT Sets and other Modern Mint Material.  

I AM most interested in buying ALL modern mint products, at current values, in ANY quantity. Please SHIP for our top offer. For UPS shipment, click here. I have been buying for over 30 years!

My References: Please see AWARDS.

I also SELL Modern Mint, Franklin Mint®* and other items. If you would like to buy material, please write for our competitive price list of available items. Please specify your topical or specific interests.

If you want to SELL similar items, one piece, a collection or a hoard of 10000 or more of the same item, PLEASE Write (AND INCLUDE a S.A.S.E.) or e-mail me today. Please SHIP your material for our top offer by return mail. Quality and Quantity are always wanted.

CONSIGNMENTS are invited to our quality mail bid sales. Mail Order Only.

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