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Bawdy House Tokens - Whore House Tokens - Brothel Tokens- FANTASY:

These cute tokens are ALL fantasy items. There NEVER were any original pieces, despite the existance of a book on these. Most are silver-dollar sized, most are uniface, with incuse letters, "Good For All Night", "$3.00 Screw", etc.

About 1990-2000, token dealers noticed an influx of unusual tokens, often appearing at flea markets. Genuine, original tokens from whore house or bawdy houses are extremely rare and highly prized by token collectors. MOST, if not all, original bawdy house tokens DO NOT have any reference to the occupation, and are often "Good for a Drink", or "Good in Piano".

The new tokens are generally silver dollar sized, most all have incuse lettering, and all are with inscriptions "too good to be true". Such leg ends as "All Night Check $3", "Screw Check", "Good For all Night", have NEVER been seen on original tokens. There are NO originals of these pieces. They are NOT copies, they are FANTASY pieces. These new pieces were made up to sell to flea market dealers, to sell to the public as novelty pieces. I have seen them available retail at $2 to $10 each.

Often the story that goes with the token is worth more than the token! I've heard lots of stories, about the age of these pieces. Out of a Civil War battlefield, or handed down from a grandparent. Sorry! These ARE MODERN FANTASY pieces. I believe all were made within the past 25 years, but it is remotely possible they might have been made slightly earlier. Early tokens from the era supposed by these fantasy pieces were entirely different in style, size and composition. There is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE that these fantasy pieces were used before 1950.

They are cute, interesting and unusual. They are NOT genuine, they are FANTASY pieces, they are made specifically for collectors.

There is a book issued by one of the manufacturers of these tokens, which lists original and fantasy pieces side by side, and basically attempts to prove the fantasy pieces are old. Just because it is in print doesn't make it true.

I have a photographic price list of a California company that issues all types of fantasy pieces (Hitler items, Coke Door push-panels, etc.). They list 10 token fantasies, priced at $1. each, less 50% in quantity. If genuine, I could sell 100 of these for $100 each, within 48 hours!

So, Sorry!, but these tokens are modern fantasy pieces, not an original, not a reproduction. Enjoy them as an interesting novelty piece. Sorry, I do not buy these.

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