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The ULTIMATE Guide to EXONUMIA Links & Resources.

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Fake and Fantasy Exonumia: Tokens, medals, etc.

Fake and Fantasy Slave Tags

FAKES and Fantasy Tokens, Medals, Exonumia. A variety listed.

KL&L Website: Key Lock & Lantern: Railroad related fakes: badges, globes, reverse-glass signs, milk bottles, locks.

Tag Town: Railroad and other fake/fantasy fobs, badges, etc.

Just For Openers: Bottle openers

LINK to Civil War Collectors Fake and Fantasy Pages.

Guernsey Tokens Including spurious tokens of the Channel Islands occupation 1940-45.

CW Dog Tag Roundtable Discussion group on dog tags, etc.

ATA 4-F LIST - Civil War Collectors Fake Alerts Some fake, fantasy items in different categories listed. Good listing!

Mitch Reis Boy Scout fakes listed, defined.

Hanover Brass Manufacturer of over 400 Civil War belt buckles and other items.

Civil War Dag, CDV images List of fakes. Also sells military items.

How the West was Faked Purported western American gold ingots.

Fake, Counterfeit and Fantasy Ancient Coins:

Gallery Of Modern Replicas Ancient coins selected from his own 'black museum'. The coins are for illustrating the types currently on the market.

Numism-Fakes-L is a discussion group about the problem of modern fakes and counterfeits in the ancient coin community. The group discusses known and possible counterfeits. For more information you can contact the listowner at:

CGB/CGF Gallery of Fakes Mostly ancient coins, some later pieces.

Modern Forgeries of Ancient Coins. Pictured.

Countermarked Coin Copies A guide to identifying common reproductions of ancient countermarks.

Slavey Catalog A partial listing of known issues of the Bulgarian master Slavei.

Counterfeits and Forgeries Counterfeits of Ancient Parthian coins.

Database of Modern Fakes and Forgeries Greek and Roman coins.

Forging ahead: How to avoid buying a forgery, by Bernard Wells, on the site of Arthur E. Noot Numismatics.

Numismatic Fakes Especially ancient coins.

Modern U.S. Fake and Fantasy Coins:

Known Confederate Note Facsimiles List of serial numbers of counterfeit Confederate notes. (back link 12/2001)

Unmarked Coin Copies A guide to identifying common reproductions.

Other Fake and Fantasy Collectibles:

Fake and Fantasy Locks. Nice listing of fakes/fantasy locks.

Repro News Antique and Collectors Reproduction News, monthly newsletter on fakes and reproductions

Fake or Fabulous Latin American crafts and antiques.

Fake Cannons Lots of photos of fake VOC cannons, fake Philippine Lantakas, other fake cannons.NEW Listing.

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