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EXONUMIA Defined: "Exo-numia": "Exo-" or "Out-of", and "Numia" or "Numis", numismatic or a coin. Thus EXONUMIA basically refers to coin-like objects, such as tokens and medals. It has been expanded to include all similar non-coin items, including odd-shaped, badges with lower medals, counterstamped coins, dog tags, etc.
Frankly I use the term EXONUMIA to include an even wider range of collectible topics, including:

Tokens and Medals, Badges and Ribbons including World's Fair items and Political Americana, Celluloid Buttons, Countermarked Coins and Counterstamped Coins, plus Chopmarks. Civil War Tokens and Hard Times Tokens plus Civil War Dog Tags, Military Indian Trader and Post Trader, Military Orders and Decorations, and Military Reunion items such as G.A.R.: Grand Army of the Republic, Union of Confederate Veterans, Woman's Relief Corps and Sons of Union Veterans. Sutler Tokens. Slave Tags or Slave Hire Badges, Slavery Tokens or Anti-Slavery items. Fraternal material includes Masonic Tokens and Medals, BPOE, FOE, AOUW, ANA, IOOF, KKK (Ku Klux Klan), others. U.S. Mint Medals includes Indian Peace Medals, other Modern Mint Medals. Pin-Back Buttons or Celluloid Pin-Backs, plus Celluloid Advertising Mirrors (Pocket Mirrors) or Paperweight Mirrors.

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Exonumia: Do YOU collect Hard Times, Civil War, Slavery-related, Elongated or Encased Coins, Masonic, Plaques or Medallions? "Made-From" or Relic Medals, Macerated, Hand-Engraved, Shell-Cards, Wooden Money and Wooden Nickels, Box-Coins, Love Tokens plus Hobo Nickels, Popout-Coins, Encased Postage Stamps and So-Called Dollars, more! All topics including Advertising, Balloon or Zeppelin, Calendar Medals, Charge-Cards and Charga-Plates, Credit Cards, Chauffeur Badges and Apothecary Weights. Other topics include Daguerreotype tokens, Dog Tags, Game Counters or Spiele-Marke, Magic Tokens, Monitor and Merrimac, Olympic Medals and other Sports Medals, Sport Tokens, Papal Medals and Religious Medals, Patent Medicine, Stanhopes, Good-Luck Swastika, Bicycle License Plates, MINING Tokens and Mining Medals, and Mining Union Ribbons, Badges and Banners. We have sold more Transportation Tokens Transit Tokens and Video Arcade Tokens than any dealer. Plus Canadian exonumia, Watch-Fobs, More!

Exonumia in German = Medaillen, Marken und Abzeichen (Gesamtbezeichnung).

Exonumia: The word "Exonumia" was coined by Russ Rulau in 1960. Russ is a founder of TAMS, well-known exonumia researcher, Numismatic Ambassador, received the ANA Medal of Merit and is in the ANA Hall of Fame. He is the author of numerous books on exonumia, including his massive "United States Tokens 1700-1900", available from me on my book list. The definition of "exonumia" is in some modern dictionaries.

Exonumist: A person who collect exonumia.

Exographica: paper items of interest generally to paper money collectors, including many issues of paper tokens and good-fors of all sorts. Included but are not limited to: checks and other fiscal documents, stagecoach, horsecar and trolley tickets, railroad passes and tickets, food stamp change, receipts of all kinds, most engraved items of paper, lottery tickets, labels, coupons of all sorts, military passes, pictorial advertising, letterheads, souvenir cards, diplomas, announcements, autographs, insurance policy forms, various awards, and the like. This material is also known as ephemera.

Definitions of EXONUMIA:
Coin. Pieces issued by a Government or other authority to serve as money in commerce. Generally metal. Not exonumia, but included for reference.
Token. Issued by entities other than governments, with an exchange value, with a denomination stated or implied. Circulated as money, generally in a specific region.
Medal. Generally a circular or round piece, issued for artistic or souvenir purposes, not for commerce. Created for awards, commemoration, recognition or tradition, without exchange value. Did not circulate and are generally found in near-mint condition.
Medallion. A large medal, over 15 centimeters.
Medalet. A small medal, generally 32mm or under.
Plaquette. An oblong, square or angular shape.
Plaque. A larger rectangular pieces, at least 20 centimers in one direction.
Jeton. A gaming token (jetton)
Badge. Worn on clothing, often consisting of a top pin and medal or fob, for events, membership, etc.
Watch fob. Used with leather strap attached to watch, to pull watch out of watch pocket. Often advertising various products, generally uniface (one sided).
Ribbon. Cloth or fabric ribbon, imprinted on one or both sides, sometimes with top pin, identifying wearer as member of a group, or to express agreement.
Pocket Mirror. Small celluloid covered mirror, sometimes given to ladies. Generally imprinted with advertising. Larger paperweight mirrors also exist. Round and oval mirrors exist. Rectangular mirrors are more modern.
Button. Metal or celluloid button with reverse pin or attachment device, advertising political parties or products, events, etc. Not a clothing button.
Love Token. A governmental coin, usually with one side shaved off and hand-engraved with name, initials or scenes.
"Made-From" or Relic Medals. Medals made in whole or in part from other items, usually stating their origin, generally sold to raise funds.
Counterstamped. A governmental coin, stamped with letters, names or devices, to change the value or for advertising. Also, countermarked. Chopmarked coins are generally stamped Oriental marks.
Elongated coin. A governmental coin, elongated in a press to impress wording or devices onto the coin, as a souvenir.
Encased coin. A governmental coin encased in an outer ring, with advertising on the ring.
Macerated. Shredded paper money, made into an object, generally with bits of the money design still visible.
clackers, flickers, chinky-tin, dugaloos Coal mine script, coal script, coal tokens.
Numismatic Coin, token, medal or paper money related. Alternative spellings: numatic, numisatic, nunisatic, munismatic, numesmatic, pneumatic, numismaitic, nunisnatic, numimatic, nomismatic, newmismatic, amunistac, numusmatic, nuismatic, numastic, numerismatic, numistic, numistatical, numismastic, numismatical, nunismetic.. Numismatology.

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