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Internet and Mail Bid Sale 11 of Exonumia:
Tokens, Medals, Political, Masonic, More!
Closed 7 November 2006.

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This 120 page color-cover catalog of some 2800 lots of better EXONUMIA is over, but some items are still available.


COLOR PICS: Full color pictures of almost every lot are on-line. The sale closes 7 November 2006

Sale 11 World Exonumia Mail Bid Sale Catalog in TWO PARTS
(Due to size, Search BOTH!)

Part A Lots 101-1449

Part B Lots 1450-2844


This is a PREVIEW of a few items in this sale.

PHOTOS Are NOW on-line with each lot (click on "image")

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Bidding Rules and information

Sale 11 Preview.
  The balance of the BRUNK collection of Countermarked Coins. Includes the remainder of the collection (see Sale 9A for part I, and Sale 10 for part II, the major listing). About 400 merchant c/m, including one on a GOLD coin. Many important rarities will be included.
Thomas Jefferson Indian Peace Medal

Exceedingly RARE Thomas Jefferson SILVER SHELL Indian Peace Medal.

LINK to larger pics

Grover Cleveland Indian Peace Medal SILVER Indian Peace Medals, RARE oval Peace Medals!
  The John Curtis collection of Canadian transportation tokens, tickets and passes, etc.
  U.S. and World Medals.

Printed World Exonumia Catalog Sale 11:

Historical Americana: Tokens, Medals, Ribbons, Badges, More!

You do NOT need a catalog to bid, but you must be a registered bidder (Supply your name, address, phone number, etc.). If you email your INTERESTS, I will provide a custom web page for you, with a list of all items matching your interests, with links to color photos (no charge!).

A printed copy of this sale catalog of EXONUMIA is available with color cover, detailed descriptions, comments, price estimates on most items, photographs, etc. Send only $5 for this 2700+ lot catalog.

Full Text of Mail Bid Sale #10 is NOW ready

Download Full Text for Off-line viewing

Click below to download the full 2500+ lot catalog to your computer for off-line viewing. NO photos, text-only. Again, with cross-references before each lot. This is available in two forms, both are compressed with PkZIP. To automatically uncompress, simply double-click on the downloaded file name, or execute the file (sale11a.exe or sale11b.exe). These are TEXT ONLY files. You DO NOT need PkZip to uncompress these files. This is the final catalog, and lots are in the correct final order.

Simple ASCII format: NO formatting, just plain text. Use your word processor to view and search this file "SALE11a.TXT". The compressed file is 265K.

Browser Format: With browser control codes. Use your web browser off-line to view the file "SALE11b.HTM". The compressed file is 281K.

Part I
Part II

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