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Internet and Mail Bid Sale 10 of Exonumia:
Tokens, Medals, Political, Masonic, More!
Closed 29 June 1999.

This catalog is DONE, finished and completed, with most items SOLD!. The World Exonumia Sale 10 of 3000+ lots of fine exonumia is over.

Some items remain UNSOLD: Please send an email with lots you are interested in.

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What is YOUR exonumia worth? PRICES REALIZED
are available for $5 in printed format only, and will NOT be available on-line.

PHOTOS are on-line:
Almost 1000 color photos are available, linked to each lot description.

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Bidding Rules and information

Printed World Exonumia Catalog Sale 10:

Historical Americana: Tokens, Medals, Ribbons, Badges, More!

A printed copy of this 112 page sale catalog of EXONUMIA is available with color cover, detailed descriptions, comments, price estimates on most items, photographs, etc. Send only $10 for this 3000+ lot catalog, only $15 with prices realized.

Full Text of Mail Bid Sale #10 is On-Line:

PART I: Lots 101-764 Hard Rubber, Relic, Shell Cards, Wood, Box, Countermarks (H.T.T.)

PART II: Lots 765-1709: Elongated, Enameled, Encased, Label, Love, Pop-out, BY DATE: Early American, Hard Times, 1700-1900, Civil War, Sutler, Centennial/Anniversary

PART III: Lots 1711-2241: ISSUER: Masonic/Pennies/Centennials/ Badges/Ribbons, Society of Medalists, U.S. Mint

PART IV: Lots 2301-2988: BY STATE: Billiard, World Tokens, Medals

PART V: Lots 3000-3608: BY SIZE: So-Called Dollars, BY TOPIC: Alamo, Black History, SLAVE TAGS, Calendar, Coins, Casino/Gaming, Magic, Military, Olympic, Political, Swaskita, Telephone, Mixed, WORLDS FAIR, Mixed/Remainders

Bidding Rules and information

Click above to view the entire text (in 5 parts) of this 3000+ lot sale on-line, WITHOUT photos (with links to photos), in BROWSER FORM: text-only. Each part is 200+K and will be SLOW to download! This will take just under ONE minute at 56K to download (Press PAGE-DOWN when it finishes downloading!).

{AOL Users: You may not be able to view this!}. This is not exactly the same as the printed version, as it contains all the cross-references for each lot. Thus, if you use your browser SEARCH feature (usually "Ctrl-F"), you can find all lots with specific words or any cross-references. Please note you can e-mail me at me to get a full FREE list of only your specific interests. Please send your full name and address to get on my mailing list.

Download Full Text for Off-line viewing:

Click below to download the full 3000+ lot catalog to your computer for off-line viewing. NO photos, text-only. Again, with cross-references before each lot. This is available in two forms, both are compressed with PkZIP. To automatically uncompress, simply double-click on the downloaded file name, or execute the file (sale10a.exe or sale10b.exe). These are TEXT ONLY files. You DO NOT need PkZip to uncompress these files. This is the final catalog, and lots are in the correct final order.

SIMPLE ASCII format: NO formatting, just plain text. Use your word processor to view and search this file "SALE10a.TXT". The compressed file is 265K.

Browser Format: With browser control codes. Use your web browser off-line to view the file "SALE10b.HTM". The compressed file is 281K.

Part I
Part II
(Large- 500+K ea. &

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