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Elongated Coin Sites.

A comprehensive list to ELONGATED Coins internet sites (sometimes incorrectly listed as 'smashed coins'). If you collect other EXONUMIA, please check our ultimate link site to exonumia.

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World Exonumia Sale #10 Elongated Coins. Listing of all elongateds in the June 1999 mail bid sale, with some pictures.

Elongated Coin Groups:

TEC: The Elongated Collectors, with publication. Mostly modern pieces. The main publication for collectors. Recomended. I've been a member for many years. On-line membership application form. $10 per year.

Copper Memories Collectors Club Elongated coin club, sponsored by elongated rolling machine manufacturer. Membership is $24/year.

ANA Dealership Specialties Listing List of dealers in elongates who are also members of ANA.

Elongated Coin Articles:

The Elongated Story A brief history and overview of elongates by Lloyd E. Wagaman.

Profitable Collecting Article on collecting elongates. 1893 Columbian Exposition Elongated Coin Image and some info on an 1893 WCE elongate.

Elongated Coin Personal Pages:

Carl Webster Modern elongates and rerolls.

Chelsea's Penny Page Personal page, elongated coins to trade.

Penny Design Gallery Images of elongates and the original art, designed by Lurene Haines. Items for sale.

Mike's Penny Page Mike Penick's trade list and a few images as well.

Elongated Coin Gallery Contacts Collectors who would like to talk or trade. Last updated 1998

Elongated Coin Gallery Catalog of elongates, very out-dated.

Roberts Penny Page. Elongates available for trade.

The Elongated Coin Collection Maggie Nguyen. Well designed list of elongated coin collection, includes guestbook, trade list, links, etc.

Elongated Cents Brief trade page, some images available.

Elongated Coins A personal collection of elongates.

Lurene Haines' Penny Design Gallery Imags of coins (and the original art) designed by Lurene Haines.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum This page of souvenirs from the gift shop at the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum includes images of two elongated coins

Plinko Trade List Some modern elongates available for trade.

Picture of Roller With original dies for elongates from Golden Gate Bridge, Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge and Golden Gate International Exposition.

Thom's Elongated Coins Some items for trade, auction site for elongates.

1933 Century of Progress Elongates Mike Penick's list of CoP elongates, lots of images.

Vintage Golden Gate Expo Penny Rolling Machine Catherine Yronwode's rolling machine.

The Penny Page Elongated coins, images, message board, links, etc.

The Squished Penny Museum Virtual museum devoted to elongated coins, with newsletter The Centinel.

The ECG Vault Stocked with elongates for trade or sale.

Stuart Liss: The Elongated Collector Checklists of Rarities, Disney and Universal Studios.

Kristina's Elongated coin trade list.

The Mashed Penny Personal pages.

Jeff Buda Personal pages.

Christopher's Penny Page And Trade page.New Listing!

Elongated Coin Discussion Groups:

Penny Peddler: Elongated coins On-line discussion group.

Elongates Discussion Group Obsolete, some old messages available for viewing.

Elongates Discussion Group Glossary The place to find out what all those obscure terms mean and interpret what these people are talking about.

Penny Page Message Board Images and message board for elongated coin enthusiasts. This message board was the birthplace of the on-line elongates community.

Elongated Coin Locations:

Penny Page The largest on-line photo collection of Elongated Coins

Florida Penny Press Locator Locations of elongated coin machines in Florida.

The Elongated Coin Collection Images, locations of machines.

Carl Webster Modern elongates and rerolls.

Disneyland Pressed Penny Guide Locations of all the rolling machines within Disneyland.

Walt Disney World Catalog of Elongateds Similar to above.

Elongated Coin Locater Also see the coins currently being rolled by Bert Creighton.

The Penny Atlas Database of known public elongated machines.

The Elongated Coin Collection List of elongated machines and links.

Elongated Coin Supplies and Machines:
Elongated coin holders, 2x2" fold-over cardboard holders for most elongateds.

Copper Memories Manufacturers self-standing machines: coin-press machines.

Cross-Refences Code cross-references for elongated coin catalogs/listings. The Elongated Story A brief history and overview of elongates by Lloyd E. Wagaman.

Elongated Literature Page Synopses and reviews of every known book and booklet devoted to elongated coins. If you need books on elongates, contact me! BOOK LIST.

Commercial Exonumia Manufacturing: Sources to manufacture elongated coins and other exonumia, etc.


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Definition of Elongated coins.

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