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Personals and Short-run (under 1000): Plastic tokens, drink tokens, bar tokens, jewelry, etc.

Patrick Mint Will issue tokens in limited quantities at reasonable cost. They did one for me! Samples available. Santa Rosa, CA.

The Tokenfactory Manufacturer of plastic tokens. They did some for me years ago, and were quite reasonable on prices.

Coin Enameling Business offering color fill and color detail enameling. Color detail enameling is the process of applying color enameling to the high relief area's of the selected piece. Elongated coins can be enameled. .

Armsco Company Plastic tokens (minimum order 1000pcs, $158.),

Trophy Central Sport medals, with neck ribbons, very simple, mostly stock items, minimum order $10.

AT Designs Lapel pins, rings, medals, luggage tags, key tags, dog tags, other advertising items. Apparently all casted pewter items, also with enamels, Cloisonne.

Kustom Castings Low to high volume cast medals, buckles, plaques, reproductions, etc.

Grunal Moneta Hand struck dies, historical demonstrations, in Great Britain.

Stateside Shopping Custom military medals (jobbed out).

Kardwell International: Does not make their own tokens.

Encased Pocket Mirrors 2.25" round encased coin advertising mirrors at reasonable prices. 800-448-6593

SilverTowne Really good people, highly reputable AND they do great quality work. They produced a superb medal for CSNS (I was in charge of the committee for design). Silver rounds, Military coins, school awards, etc. They also are a full service coin dealer. Recommended!

Encased Coins Made by Kuchler Quality Coin encasements for anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations or commemorations. Web site dead 5/2017

Encased Coins The Gage Corporation 803 S Black River St. Sparta, WI 54656 Hans Schroeder 1-800-786-4243. Aug/2010: Not currently doing encased coins.

Maxwell Medals and Awards Spin cast medals, enamel and lapel pins.

SmartBar Drink Tokens Offers souvenir-quality promotional tokens customized for bars, restaurants, and special event marketing. Full-color tokens!

Moffatt and Co. Eureka Springs AR. Formed in 2007 to provide high-quality custom tokens and medallions at low prices. Includes silver rounds, club medals. Has high-speed equipment for large volumes.

Wood Imprinters: Wood Nickels, Wood Dollars, wood coinage:

Old Time Wooden Nickel Co. Wood nickels, wooden dollars, museum, etc. The best prices I've found to date. (back link, 3/00)

Armsco Wooden nickels: $236/1000.

Extra Mile Wooden nickels, 2500 minimum ($300), mini souvenir baseball bats, hockey sticks, key tags, other advertising novelties.

Wooden Coin Wood nickels from Canada, glossy finish, $600/1000.

Novelties: Elongated Coins, Bottle-Coins:

Rockholt Elongated Machines Manufactures elongated coin rolling machines, has over 300 different elongated coins in stock, and provides custom made elongated coins for any occasion.

EurolinkGB England: Installers of Penny Press Machines and Pressed Coin Makers.

Eurolink US Installers of Penny Press Machines and Pressed Coin Makers, with links to U.S. list of sites.

Penny in a Bottle Manufacturers of cents in bottles, other items in bottles, etc.

Ventures in Glass: Manufactures of cents in bottles, etc. Manufacturers of the fantasy brothel tokens, and old west badges Luck"E" Penny Elongated coin manufacturer. Smashed Coin Locator List of known sites issuing elongated coins.

Transportation Tokens - Large Production

To the best of my knowledge, these are the only major producers of transit tokens still making tokens.

Osborne Coinage of Cincinati. Mintmark "cc".

Roger Williams Mint Mintmark "rwm", and earlier used a "pilgrim hat" mintmark. Now taken over by Osborne.

Hoffman Mint Mintmark "hh" (Hoffman and Hoffman) and "hm"

Large Production - High Quality Dies: Tokens, medals:

Regency Mint Full custom mint, being able to produce a wide variety of products. (back link 7/01)

ArtVac Corporation Manufacturer of die cast products: customized zinc die cast products: medals, coins, key tags, etc. Good in volume orders over 5,000 pieces. Automatic die casting offers good quality parts with very low pricing. (back link 7/01)

Hoffman Mint Largest private mint on the West Coast, and produces millions of tokens, coins, medals, medallions, key tags, name plates and ID plates. Tokens for arcades, car washes, batting cages, transit tokens, sports coins and advertising specialties. (back link 1/03)

Roger Williams Mint The largest privately owned mint in the U.S., issues key tags, belt buckles, transit tokens, medals, casino tokens and amusement tokens. Attleboro, MA

Pobjoy Mint Specializes in the manufacture of coinage and medals.

Nevada Coin Minting - Independence Mint Casino Tokens, mostly. Makes full color slot machine tokens using Kaleidoprint process. Manufactures custom coins, tokens, medallions, and commemoratives

Osborne Coinage The oldest mint in the U.S. Produces medals, tokens and custom minted premiums. Some info on the new X-mark optically encoded gaming and transit tokens.

Slot Machines New and antique Slots, Pachinko and pachislo machines

Alaska Mint Anchorage, AK, Manufactures Medallions and Jewelry

Paris Mint Official site for this old mint, with some medals for sale.

The Danbury Mint / Postal Commemorative Society
47 Richards Avenue Norwalk, CT 06857 (203) 853-2000
(203) 838-6600 (Postal Commemorative Society) (203) 852-0819 (Danbury Mint)

The Franklin Mint Issues quality jewelry, crystal, replica auto models, dolls, Star Trek items, knives, collectibles and sculptures, as well as medallic issues. 800-523-7622. Be sure to see my web site on Franklin Mint items if you want to buy or sell on the secondary market.

Alberice Supplies coin, token, magnetic card and smart card operated pre-payment metering systems

Baublys GmbH (Germany) Laser marking machines. CNC marking and engraving machines. Systems for the medal and coining die industry. In German.

Continental Coin Corp. Manufacturers of gold and silver bullion rounds, Tokens and Commemorative Medallions, Gaming Tokens, Bi-Metallic, etc. Does refining.

Cape Mint (South Africa) SPORTS MEDALLIONS (PTY) LTD: Medallions and custom designed trophies. THE CAPE MINT (PTY) LTD World renown for proof quality coins and medallions. M. PAGLIARI (PTY) LTD: Industrial engravers and die sinkers for a variety of applications.

Tower Mint (England) Products for the commercial commemorative market: Medallions, Key rings, Spoons, Paperweights, Pill Boxes, Desk pen stands, Armada dishes

Spanish Mint (Spain) FNMT produces bank notes, coins, passports, identity cards, postage stamps, drafts, game tickets, government publications, chip and telephone cards, smart cards, medals and securities.

Mexico Mint (Mexico) Manufacturing of blanks, current mold coins and commemorative medals in fine and industrial metals, including bi-metals.

North American Mint Coins, medallions, trade dollars and tokens for casinos, transportation, parking and gaming. Strikes up to 33mm diameter in precious metals such as platinum, 24kt gold, and .999 fine silver to base metals including copper, bronze, cupro-nickel and aluminum.

Discount Ad Specialties Discounts all advertising specialties, including tokens, medals.


American RCS Group. Commemorative medallions, military coins.

Northwest Territorial Mint Custom minting of medallions and coins for governments, corporations and individuals. Military coins. Auburn Precious Metals issues gold and silver bars and rounds. Auburn, WA.

Maxwell Medals Custom spin cast medals.

National Transport Tokens Ltd. Produces transit tokens for concessionary travel, via local mints. England.

Lawrence Medallic Art Trade dollars, casino chips, etc.

Hanjoo Military medals, sports medals, enameling, etc. Korea.

The Colorado Mint .999 silver and bronze round medals.

CERA Manufacturer of ceramic medals and badges, metal medals, pins and plaques. Lithuania.

Sunshine Minting, Inc. A full-service precious metals minting facility capable of producing large volumes of very high quality blanks, coins, bars, and medallions. Coeur d'Alene, ID.

Indiana Metal Craft Pewter castings and struck medals.

Classic Medallics Manufactured by die-striking, die-casting, centrifugal casting, and etching. Military medals.

Mint Masters Die struck medals, medallions, coins, key tags and lapel pins. Military medals.

Great Canadian Mint Tokens, medals, Lapel pins, medals, coins, key tags, zipper pulls and a wide variety of other pressed metal products.

Catania Medallic Designer and manufacturer of custom cast medals, medallions, emblems, belt buckles, letter openers, paperweights, lapel pins and other cast specialties.

International Token Distributors (Belgium) Manufacturing of gaming and other tokens, including bi-metal tokens

Shire Post Fantasy Coinage FROM fantasy worlds, including those which are mythological or fictional.

H B Sale England: Commemorative medals, coins, badges and tokens.

Coin Korea Pressed metal products specializing in coins, medals, badges, belt buckles, lapel pins, key holders, etc. Korea.

BEX Engraving Co., Inc. Custom minting, dies and engraving. Produces medals for police, fire and government entities, as well as commemorative medals.

Collectors Mint Custom work, does hand-engraved steel dies. Email

Evergreen Mint, Alaska. Custom minted medals and medallion jewelry.

Highland Mint Produces commemorative medals, tokens, award medals and bullion products.

Medalcraft Mint Design, engraving and striking of high-relief medals, plaster models to finished product, up to six inch diameter.

Medallic Art Co., Ltd. Founded 1903, produces commemorative pieces, bas-relief works, more.

New Orleans Mint. Makes many of the Mardi Gras doubloons, and other privately commissioned tokens and awards. Makes die struck metal cloisonne medals with hard enamel colorfill. New Orleans, LA.

V H Blackinton & Co., Inc. Art medals, uninform insignia and fraternal regalia. Attleboro Falls, MA

The Washington Mint Private Mint. Deephaven, MN

Wendell's Medals, tokens and badges. Ramsey, MN.

Moffat and Co. Eureka Springs Ark. High quality custom tokens and medallions.

Medallion Consultants Inc, Osborn ID

Nevada Coin Minting Custom tokens, medals, full-color casino tokens. Las Vegas, NV

Silver Creek Minting Custom mints pieces for advertising. Buhl ID

LINK DEAD: Mary's Business and Parking Machines Sales, service and installation of parking gates, card readers, revenue control systems, token units, intercoms, meter boxes, parking tickets and more.

Other Sources for High Quality, High Production:

World Coin Mints List Manufacturers of coins by country.

Dies for stamping coins and medals in Latin America Some 135 listings, contact information, phone/fax numbers, etc.

Other manufacturers, web addresses unknown:
Nelson Boone Co Inc
Green Duck Corporation
Hi-Tech Graphics
Imagery Group Inc.
Jani Mint/The Olde Phila Mint
Osborne Coinage Co
Universal Designs Inc.
Adams & Westlake Ltd
Encore Metals Inc.

Police, Fire and Law Enforcement Badges:

Blackinton The largest manufacturer of badges and insignia in the United States serving the majority of police, fire, and public safety departments through a national network of authorized Blackinton dealers.

Police Badges. Ordering information, but appears to job-out their work.

Ace Badge All shapes and sizes available.

Embroided Badges, Crests, Emblems, Hand made Items, etc.

Badges, Buttons, Pins, Cusom-made short-run buttons:

Badgecrafters Short run custom badges.
Chelle's Buttons, lapel pins, plus many other personalized products: hats, T-shirts, etc.
Pin Promotions Buttons , many other types of pins and insignia
Button Source Buttons In a wide variety of sizes and shapes
Badge Brigade Specializes in 1-inch buttons. Not all of them qualify as mainstream.
B2 Promotions Eight different processes for all-metal buttons. Many other items.
Jerry Manufacturer of buttons in his home.
Ace Lapel Pin And Badge, Inc Manufacturer of lapel pins, key chains, buttons, badges, embroidered patches, and many other promotional items.

Aabot's Lapel pins Custom made pins.
Button Guy Custom made buttons.
The Great Canadian Mint Commemorative tokens: trade, anniversary, machine, pins, etc.

Sources of button-making machines and supplies:
U.S.A. Buttons
TECRE Button Making Machines and Components

Poker Chips, Casino Chips and Gaming Chips: Personals Poker chips and home casino equipment, in England, distributors.

Poker Chips Manufacturer of the original "American Style" clay poker chips, roulette wheels, and other gaming devices.

Personalized Casino Chips Short runs, modest cost, in England.

International Token Distributors Casino chips, bi-metal tokens, other tokens, in Belgium, web site in English.

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