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I COLLECT and seriously want to buy, for my personal collection Rockford area bottle openers.

I am a long-term collector of exonumia: tokens, medals, badges, ribbons and other small collectibles. I am seriously interested in adding to my collections, and would like to buy your items. PLEASE offer any items in the following categories:

Rockford Illinois AREA items I collect:

I collect mostly small items from Rockford area towns, such as Belvidere and Freeport, as well as all towns in the three counties. This includes Pecatonica, Kishwaukee, Lena and other towns. This list details bottle and other openers, can openers, corkscrews, cigar box openers, etc. This is a list of beer openers, bottle openers that I have, I am seeking similar items from other merchants, as well as duplicates. I also collect all openers with the word "Saloon" on the opener (must have that word on the opener).



ROCKFORD AREA Openers Wanted to Buy -
I HAVE the following OPENERS:
Crown Liquor Shoppe, Inc. Wood-cased corkscrew.
C. M. Wait. Naked Lady metal.
City Hall Liquor Store/Package Liquor/221 W. Stephenson St./Freeport, Ill. Wood-cased cork screw
Hawes Bottling Works. Plastic-handled metal opener.
Senate ???? Buffet 10 Stephenson St. Metal opener, need upgrade.
Walnut Hill Liquors. Short plastic-handled opener, cap.
Western Newell, Freeport, Ill. Pat. 1,996,550//Regel Pale Beer Flat type regular opener.
The Main Tap - Jum - Pete. Plastic handled metal opener.
Blackhawk Electric. Nail Cutter/file/opener.
H.A. Block Fuel. Shoe-opener, cigar cutter, button-hook
Compliments of/Busy Bee Lunch/Rockford, Ill. B-22
Central Liquor Store. Opener and corkscrew.
Crown Liquor Shoppe, Inc. Wood-cased corkscrew (also Belvidere).
Bill Hembrough Buick. Plastic-handled opener.
Tom Kelly "You Know" Clothing & Men's Wear.
84 Steps off State St./Rockford, Ill.
Combo opener, cigar cutter and button hook.
Fay Lewis & Bros. Co.
Tom Moore -- Henry George.
Cast iron cigar box opener.
Fay Lewis & Bros. Co. Milwaukee & Rockford. Alligator opener, Prest-O-Lite Key hole
Park & Shop Driv-in Liquor Store. Oversized jar, bottle opener.
Pet-Ritz Beer Rockford Brewing Co. Bottle opener.
Pioneer Liquor Store. Opener with corkscrew.
Rockford Malt Ext. Co. Use Energy Malt. Opener with corkscrew.

exonumia: Rockford bottle opener

Rock River Dist. 1611-15 Seminary Rockford Ill. Good Old Rheingold Beer.

Pointing hand aluminum spinner, opener.
Sun Ray Fixture Mfg. Co. 2110 11th St. Spoon and opener.
7th St. Palm Gardens 306 7th Street. Opener.
Em and Trudy's/White Star Inn. red plastic handled.
Openers with the word "SALOON":  
Club Saloon Geo. Helbert 374 So. Main St. metal opener with Prest-o-lite key.
John Rammes Saloon Mt. Olive, Ill. Ladies high heel boot opener.
Cissna's Saloon Zach. & Cap. Props,... Quincy, Ill. B-18.
“Ben Haverland, Proprietor., BUDWEISER SALOON, Family Wines & Liquors, Mail Order Trade a Specialty., Phone 1218, 125 S. Fourth St., Quincy, - Ill.”. wood cased corkscrew.
Henry A. Gerken/Saloon./St. Peter, Ill's. Ladies high heel boot opener, with Prest-o-lite key.
Quackenbush & Pearson Hunters Home Saloon Grand Rapids, Mich. B-21
G.W. Duller's Saloon & Restaurant Akron, Ohio with corkscrew.
Blue Front Saloon Pocahontas, Va. B-21
Fred Hewett Humboldt Saloon Aberdeen Wash. Wood cased corkscrew.
O.J. Thompson, Saloon, Bangor, Wis. Ladies high heel boot opener.
Compliments of A.B. Durocher Saloon, Coleman, Wis. Ladies High heel boot opener
A. C. Hagen Saloon Hartford, Wis. car shaped opener.
Compliments of/Pohls & Meier,/Main & Church Sts,/Union Hotel Saloon,/Mt. Olive, Ills. Wood cased corkscrew.
Two Brothers Saloon,/Fine Whiskey, Wine, Cigars, Etc./C.W. & J.J. Flanagan,/124 South Third Street,/Waco, Texas. Wood cased corkscrew.
Plastic-Handled Openers with bulb-ends:
Generally I pay $2-5 for these:
exonumia: Rockford bottle opener
Belvidere Illinois:
Boone County Farm Bureau.
The Corner Tap/Linie & Junior
Eddie's Smoke Shop.
Arnold Johnson/Kyanize Paints
Revolinski's Sunoco.
Salley Bldg. Co.
Smith Bros. Cigar Store.
Smith Oil Service.
Town Pump.
Cedarville Illinois:
Davis Illinois:
Davis Floral
Freeport Illinois:
E. & T. Standard Service.
Freeport/True Value Hardware
Jerry's / 111 No. Van Buren (with ice pick, matched set)
J-J's Dining Dancing Cocktails Pkg. Liquors
Newell Employees/ Federal Credit Union
Pretzel Inn Lounge/Joyce and Dick Nichols
Rath Feed - H.A. Hillmer Co.
Round Up Inn Liquor Store.
Tiger's Tap/20 E. Spring St.
Timber Inn - Grooming & Boarding
Garden Prairie Illinois:
Jon's Painting Service.
German Valley Illinois:
Die Saufen Haus/Kathy & Hermie
Lena Illinois:
Marty's Tap Ron & Diane
Loves Park Illinois:
Rockford Antenna & Electronic Mart, 5415 No. 2nd St., Loves Park, Ill.
McConnell Illinois:
The Friendly Corner.
Orangeville Illinois:
J & S Hide-Away.
Orangeville Farmers Mktg. Co.
Pecatonica Illinois:
Walt & Lorraine Lizer Tavern.
Poplar Grove Illinois:
Bill's Place.
Ridott Illinois:
Ridott Corners Tav.
Rockford Illinois:
B & L Tap/3007 Auburn St.
When Low on Spirits/Shop At/B & L Tap
Forest City Oil Co./Acme Fuel & Heating.
Mitchell Radio & Appliance.
North End Package Shop -- Highcrest Package Shop.
Olympic Tavern.
The Olympic
Rockford Standard Furniture Co.
Royal Liquor Mart / 3714 East State St.
Roy's O.K. Liquors.
Stones Grocery.
Sunny Boy Bakery: Sam & John Rinaldo.
West End Tavern & Package Shop (red, blue varieties).
West State Sea Foods.
South Beloit Illinois:
Beloit Beverage Company/Joy and Don Morelio
Everett's Liquors/426 Gardner

Known Openers Wanted.
I am seriously interested in buying any of these.
Description. Opener code.
WANTED to BUY: These area Openers:  
Blumer Beer Pleases Eisenhower Beverage Co. Freeport Ill. A-021-134
Franz Bros. Brewing Co. Freeport, Ill. A-015-061
Franz Bros. Brewing Co. Freeport, Ill. A-016-017
Franz Bros. Bwg. Co. Freeport, Ill B-014-083
B & O Beer Freeport, Ill. B-007-015
Key to the Famous B.& O., Freeport, Ill. B-018-431
Franz Bros. Brewing Co. Freeport, Ill. B-018-137
Key to Franz Bros. Brewing Co. Freeport, Ill. B-18 28
Key to Franz Bros. Brew'g Co. Freeport, Ill. B-018-670
Key to Schmich Bros. Select Beer Freeport, Ill. B-018-379
Key to Franz Bros. Brewing Company. Freeport, Ill. B-018-343
Eisenhower Blumer Beer Freeport. C-008-004
Fritz Brewing Co. Freeport, Ill. E-014-364
You Pay :: Blumer Beer Pleases/Eisenhower Beverage Co. Freeport, Ill. hand spinner
The Budweiser/Chas. T. Olander, Prop./122 West State St./Rockford, Ill. Wood handle
Billy Celebron/Loop Tavern Rockford, Ill. metal opener, knife
Fay Lewis & Bros. Co./Cigars/Rockford, Ill Milwaukee, Wis. (cigar box opener) RND-1
Rockford Malt Ext. Co. 1030 S. Main St. Rockford, Ill. B-36 6
Rockford Malt Extract Co. 1030 So. Main St. Rockford, Ill. B-36 2
Key to Coca-Cola Bottle / M. N. Nelin Rockford, Ill.  
Rockford Brewing Co. Pet Ritz Beer (bottle) C-013-189
Crown Liquor Shoppe Inc./220 S. Main St., Rockford (& Belvidere). Wood cased corkscrew.
Everetts Liquor Store/426 Gardner St./So. Beloit Ill. Nude woman metal
Bush Motor Experss/Daily Service/Belvidere,Ill. - Chicago, Ill./(phone #s) plastic, bulb end
Corey's Bluff/Tavern & Package/2529 S. Main St./Rockford, Ill./Phone 962-9011 plastic, bulb end
Rockford Standard Furniture Co./Harry C. West, etc. plastic, bulb end
Arnold Johnson/Kyanize Paints/etc./Belvidere, Ill. plastic, bulb end
Bill Fisher's/Appliance & T.V. Center/Service After the Sale!/Cherry Valley, Illinois/RCA Victor Color T.V./Telephone 332-5053, etc. plastic, bulb end
Bush Motor Express/Daily Service/Belvidere, Ill. - Chicago, Ill./Belvidere Phone Lincoln 4-3868/etc. plastic, bulb end
I'm/On My Way/To/Zinnecker's Tavern/Rockton, Ill. plastic handle.
Saloon Openers WANTED to BUY:
I am interested in buying these SALOON openers for my personal collection.
Saloon: Adam Keim's/Saloon/104 E Madison St. /Ottawa, Ills. Wood handle with corkscrew.
Saloon: Ben Haverland, Proprietor., BUDWEISER SALOON, Family Wines and Liquors Mail Order Trade a Specialty. Phone 1213 125 S Fourth St. Quincy, - Ill. metal with corkscrew
Saloon: A Specialty Muehlebach's Beer on Draught The Owl Saloon and Lunch Room/ Lisiecki Bros....Kansas City, Mo. P-10 59
Saloon: Compliments of Coney Island Saloon, Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Enid. O.T.  
Saloon: Duquesne Beer and Large Whiskey A Specialty Edward N. Dittmer Saloon and Restaurant 26 Warrington Aventue Pittsburgh, Pa. P-54 22
Saloon, Ed. Hughes, Belleville, Illinois, 807 Schul St.  
Saloon: Adam Kein's Saloon 104 E Madison, Ottawa  
Saloon: Henry A. Gerken/Saloon/St. Peter, Ill's.  
Saloon: Waldorf Club Saloon, J.A. Reed Prop. Fine Wines Liquors & Cigars, Waldorf Club Rye, Alamo and Blue Ribbon Beer a Specialty/Cotulla, Texas P-054-059
Saloon: Stag Saloon,/Bryan Bros., Proprietors,/Fine Wines, Liquors & Cigars./16 Front Street;/Bristol, Va.  
Saloon: Brewery Saloon, J.C. Krenik, Proprietor Fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars Etc. 700 Washington Street Vancouver, Wash. P-019-125
Saloon: The Old Post Office Saloon/O'Reilly & Milton, Props./Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars, 708 Houston Street/ Bath Phone 82, Fort Worth, Texas,/Mullich(?) Nov. 4 Paper Co. Dallas, Texas. Wood handle with corkscrew.
Saloon: Fred Hewett/Humboldt Saloon/(?)/Aberdeem, Wash. Wood handle with corkscrew.
Saloon: Key to Bottles from/T.H. Scoggins/Palace Saloon/122 Mangum St. Durham, N.C. metal
Saloon: Compliments /B. & L. Saloon (no city or state, but possibly Wisconsin). Blue and white striped celluloid ladies legs. M. Wormser, Germany.
Saloon: Kentucky Home Saloon/G.H. McWhirk, Prop./Walla Walla, Wash./I.P.G.Co, San Francisco Cal. Pat, Oct. 16, 1900, Wood handle with corkscrew.
Saloon: Tavern Saloon/W.H.Sherry/ Catlettsburg,Ky./Outing C.T.SO.02 B-22 metal
Saloon: Angelo Saloon Wine & Beer Plattsburg (MO) A-035-999
Saloon: Richeys Saloon St. Peter IL A-035-999
Saloon: The Club Saloon,/Steve Kurowski,/Prop. Lady Leg with Prest-o-lite
Saloon: Hart's Saloon/Bonded Whiskey, $1.00 Quart/Phone Nat'l 41 J,/Sixth St./McMechen, W.Va. Wood handle with corkscrew.
Saloon: Call on Joseph Zurwell/Saloon & Bottler/High St. Nashua, N.H. Metal, Prest-o-lite hole.
Saloon: O.E. Hatcher/Hotel Saloon,/111 North Union St.,/Danville, VA,/Fine Liquors For Family Use,/Packham Bros., Balt/, Md. P19 Wood cased corkscrew

Do YOU collect? If so, e-mail your name and address for a possible club of Rockford area collectors.
If you have any items you think might be of interest, PLEASE call or send an e-mail, as I am seriously interested in buying additional items for my personal collections.

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