I COLLECT and seriously want to buy, for my personal collection.

I am a long-term collector of exonumia: tokens, medals, badges, ribbons and other small collectibles. I am seriously interested in adding to my collections, and would like to buy your items. PLEASE offer any items in the following categories:

Rockford AREA items: I collect mostly small items from Rockford area towns, such as Belvidere and Freeport, as well as all towns in the three counties. This includes Pecatonica, Kishwaukee, Lena and other towns ( LIST of TOWNS I WANT) . I am generally not seeking items MADE in the Rockford area, but items FROM area merchants, as there are tons of items made here. For example, I am not seeking items made by Rockford SilverPlate Co., but would buy a sign advertising the company. NO postcards, and most paper items (except posters/signs). Specifically, I seek:



ROCKFORD AREA Items Wanted to Buy:
Tokens, drink tokens, bar tokens, "Good-For" tokens. All types of metal and plastic tokens wanted, by variety.
Ribbons. Event ribbons, parade ribbons, etc.
Badges. Event badges, 2-part, 3-part badges, etc.
Security Badges. Police badges, fire badges, security, etc.
I.D. Badges. Ususally round, identification badges, ca. WW II, usually metal-rimmed (but not fully plastic).
Pocket Mirrors. Advertising mirrors from local businesses.
Pocket Knives. Any from local businesses.
Advertising banks, still banks.
Still Bank Collectors Club Of America.
Issued by banks to foster savings, all savings banks from local banks and merchants wanted.
Druggist bottles. Rectangular bottles, by merchant.
Police and Fire patches. Uniform patches used by local departments.
Bottle openers, can openers. Issued by local businesses.
Shoe button hooks/shoe-horns With local business names.
Letter openers. Advertising local businesses.
Advertising buttons, celluloid buttons, cello buttons. For events and businesses. Samson Wind Mills, E&W Clothing House, Tebala Temple, The Namm Store, Thor Electric Shop, Rawleigh Club, Faust Hotel, Rockford Dairies, W.W. Kimball Co. Pianos, Roxo Ice Cream, Camp Grant, Rockford Safety League, Rockford Labor Day, etc.
Advertising match safes. For local businesses.
75th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Civil War unit from Rockford, all items wanted.
Spark plugs.  
Tins, food tins, older spice tins, paper-label tins, talcum tins, etc. Various products, including:
Meyer's Cider Vinegar, Chas. E. Meyer & Co. Freeport
Guyer & Calkins Co., Freeport, Ill.
Rockford Wholesale Grocer Co., Rockford, Ill.
Strutz & Sons, Pecatonica, Ill.
Henne Food Products, Rockford, Ill
Rockford Seed Co. boxes
Insurance and other SIGNS. All area, older signs.
Ice Cream Trays. Eat Allens Ice Cream, Burt M. Allen.
Roxo Ice Cream.
Beer Trays Rockford Brewing, Baier and Oldendorf, etc.
Beer Signs, foam scrapers, etched glasses. Freeport, etc.
Crocks, advertising crocks, jugs, pottery, advertising jugs, advertising bowls, advertising mugs, from area towns. Star Mfg. & Coffee Co, 7th St, Rockford, Ill.
Johnson Vinegar, Kishwaukee.
Pickle crock, Rockford. By H.S. Snow
Union Dairy.
Muller Dairy (and other area dairies).
Rockford Malt Extract Co. mug.
And all others!
Cigar boxes, cigar tins. Such as: Rockford Push, S. Christopherson, Maker.
Moffat Cigar Co., Rockford, Ill.
C. R. Poole, 728 W. State St, Rockford, Ill.
T & B Renowned, Jno. E. Tucker & Son, Freeport.
Nelson's Bird, Fay Lewis Brand, Fay Lewis & Bros. Co.
Advertising Paperweights.  
Dog Tags. and Rabies Tags from area towns.
Automotive Insurance Tags.  
Milk bottle lid removers.. metal, from local merchants.
Souvenir glass and souvenir novelty items. Older, only, but no plates.
Rubber tire ashtrays.  
Area items. Burgess Battery Company, Freeport, Ill.
Emmerson Carriage Co. All items wanted, signs, etc.
Rockford Watch Company advertising Signs, tins, match-safes, etc.
Straight-edge Razor boxes. From area merchants, with or without razors.
Lady's compacts, with advertising.  
Stick Pins Emerson Brantingham Foot Lift, Woodmanse
Fire Marks All wanted from this area.
Spoons Neat, high quality spoons wanted.
Rockford area fraternal items. Blackhawk No. 76 esp. wanted!
Cast Iron Seats
Cast Iron Tractor Seats
(from farming equipment)
Emerson Brantingham (Rockford)
Scholfield & Co., Freeport (small size)
Rockford (cut-out letters)
Fraternal Items: Camp 51 MWA: Modern Woodmen of America
Rockford Italian Legion
FOE #394 - Rockford IL
FOE #579 - Freeport IL
John A Logan Camp 26 - GAR: Rockford
Camp Grant/Rockford IL items Seeking tokens, medals, paper chits, celluloid buttons, police badges, fire badges, ribbons, etc. Seeking large ca. 2.5" medal with Uncle Sam.
Collectibles Wanted: I am seeking, for my personal collection:
Pre-1901 Illinois Tokens, Storecards. Merchant Tokens, medals, etc.
Illinois Bi-metal tokens. All types.
Illinois Saloon Tokens. Must have the word "Saloon" on the token.
Saloon bottle openers. Metal or wood, with word "Saloon" on opener.
Pre-1901 Illinois World's Fair items. But not Columbian Exposition items.
Pre-1901 Illinois Dog Tags. Any city.
Pre-1901 Illinois Ribbons and Badges. Must be dated.
Shell-card tokens of Illinois. Seriously wanted!
Masonic hand-engraved badges, pre-1901. Silver, fully hand-engraved, Masonic award medals, any type.
Illinois Countermarked Coins Wanted by variety.
U.S. Mint Medals. All types, esp. Indian Peace Medals, early only.
Wall plaques, bronze plaques, etc. Wall hangings, bronze and other items.
Trade tokens, drink tokens, "good-for" tokens. One from a city, in Illinois, with city and state.
George Washington axes, G.A.R. axes. Souvenir axe, ca. 1876-1926.
Embossed Tin, cigar signs, showing cigars. Want: "Devilish Good Cigar" sign, excellent only, others.
Illinois sales tax tokens. Illinois cardboard sales tax tokens especially wanted.
Illinois hard-rubber tokens. Mostly pre-1901.
Coins in glass bottles, cent in bottle. All types wanted, paying $1-2 each.
Encased Coins of IL. Collected by variety, seriously wanted!
Louis Matsen, Ludvig Madsen items LINK
Edward O. Drane, ENARDOE magic palming coin LINK

Do YOU collect? If so, e-mail your name and address for a possible club of Rockford area collectors. bobcritterlover@gmail.com

I AM SEEKING MATERIAL: From Rockford, Freeport, Belvidere, and all other towns in these counties (Pecatonica, Loves Park, etc.) for my personal collection. I only resell duplicates. YES, I am paying RETAIL prices for items needed.

Rectangular Druggist Bottles, with embossed names are wanted. I am NOT buying Raleigh or Watkins of Freeport bottles. Please ask for my list of bottles I have. I will pay at least $10 for any complete bottle I need. I am also seeking older paper-label area liquor bottles. Other area bottles considered.

Area signs wanted, especially early. WANT: Insurance company, merchantiles, stores, etc. ALL Tin and reverse-glass signs wanted. I will pay top dollar for a mint condition Baier & Ohlendorf, Freeport tin sign. Product tins wanted from area merchants (not just made-in-area), such as FOOD tins. Older preferred.

Want to buy near-mint to mint condition Rockford Brewing Co. trays (I have two poor condition trays). Other area brewery trays, signs, glasses and advertising is wanted. I'd like to buy a collection of brewery bottles.

All area ice cream trays wanted! I have several and will purchase duplicates. Rockford brands include ROXO and ALLEN's ICE CREAM. The plain ROXO-logo tray is fairly common; others are wanted. I will pay at least $50 for any tray I need, more for nice graphics in good condition. Other Ice Cream advertising stuff is wanted.

All area cigar boxes are wanted. For duplicates, I am paying at least $5 for plain, $10 up for fancy labels in good average condtion. Will pay an additional $2-5 for boxes needed. Want older large wood boxes from area merchants.

I want the large SIGN, the small tin match-dispenser with celluloid front, a Rockford tip tray from a Rfd merchant and other advertising. No paper items, except signs, are wanted.

Known Rockford Watch Company Tip Trays:

Rockford Watch Tip Trays: see the above link for a brief list of the different known tip trays, by town. Others exist. I'd like to buy one from a Rockford IL merchant:

I am strongly interested in buying all area trade tokens, such as "Good For 5 cents In Trade", and similar tokens, esp. metal, but will also buy modern/current plastic pieces. All round table medals wanted. All multi-part medals/badges and ribbons are wanted. Celluloid, plastic or metal pocket and table advertising mirrors are wanted. I will pay $150+ for a nice Rockford "Good For" pocket mirror. I especially want area police, fire and other badges. I.D. badges from area companies are wanted. I really love area pin-back buttons advertising events or businesses. I'll pay AT LEAST $50 for any old area token WITH the word "SALOON" on the token. I have duplicates for trade/sale.

I am also interested in RAZOR boxes from area merchants, SPARK PLUGS, small BANKS issued by area banks (I have a large collection!) and other small collectibles such as letter openers, match safes, pocket knives, dog-tags, wooden nickels, bottle openers, shoe button hooks, compacts, etc. Please SHIP, or CONTACT ME if you have anything you think I might want. I don't buy everything, and I won't pay crazy prices for most stuff, but I am a strong buyer. I genereally am not interested in paper items, except large poster-sized advertising. PLEASE Leave Message, we can do some business. Thanks! I am a SERIOUS collector, and want to buy!

If you have any items you think might be of interest, PLEASE call or send an e-mail, as I am seriously interested in buying additional items for my personal collections.


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