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I COLLECT and seriously want to buy:

Hudson's Bay Blankets, Pendleton Woolen Mills Blankets, etc.

I am most interested in puchasing all types of 100% WOOL BLANKETS, including those from:

Hudson's Bay Point Blanket.
Hudson Bay Point Blanket Labels:
Coat of Arms encircled by "Hudson's Bay Company" and "Incorporated 1670"; "All genuine Hudson's Bay Blankets bear this trade mark"
1920-34: "bear this seal mark"
last line: "The Seal of Quality"
ca. 1920's: "Made in England" added below Link
later: "100% Wool" Link
1980's: "Laine" added
recent: "CA00234" as last line Link
2000: "Dry clean only"
Pendleton Woolen Mills.  
J. Capps and Sons.  
Oregon City Woolen Mills.  
Buell Manufacturing Co.  
Racine Woolen Mills.  
Beacon Manufacturing Co. North Carolina.

If you have any wool blanket you think might be of interest, PLEASE SHIP, as I am seriously interested in buying additional blankets for my personal collection.

I am not really interested in NAVY blankets, nor am I interested in any military or those missing the label (paying $3 each, and not really wanted, sorry). DO NOT ship any damaged, torn or partial blankets, or part-wool blend blankets. Older blankets with minor problems will be considered, but thin areas, spots, holes and problems greatly detract from the value, and may not be worth shipping. I am NOT interested in non-wool blankets, at any price.

PAYING $20-40 and up for nice, near mint Hudson's Bay wool blankets, depending on size, color, age and condition. I cannot make a firm offer without seeing your blanket. Queen size and larger HB blankets in new condition, and older, bright-colors will bring $30-50 up. Smaller HB blankets, those with minor problems, or gray, brown, khaki will bring $10-35 up. Other brand wool blankets from the above companies will bring $10-50. Please SHIP for my top offer. Thanks!

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