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Exonumia Defined

THANK You for your interest in VERIFYING or AUTHENTICATING your exonumia:

Slave Tags
Indian Peace Medals
Other Tokens, Medals, etc.

Option One: Quick Review
We will review a LARGE, clear digital picture of your item and provide an immediate response for a nominal fee of $20.00, payable via PayPal. I will tell you if I think it is NOT genuine or possibly genuine, via email. Why do I charge? Because my web site costs me $50 a month, plus about 10-25 hours of work, and I no longer have time to provide free information. I have LOTS of free info on my web site. There is NO CHARGE if I buy your item. Write FIRST BEFORE sending pic. Nobody can authenticate any item via a photo. This is a quick and inexpensive method to determine if your material deserves further study.
Option Two: Detailed Review and Letterhead Reply
Ship me your item, I will carefully review it, and provide a written response on my letterhead, for a fee of $70.00, plus the cost of return postage. I can generally respond within a few days. There is NO CHARGE if I buy your item. This is NOT a photographic authentication, but only a written review.
Option Three: Formal Certificate of Authenticity

If you would like a formal, photographic certificate of authenticity, you MUST ship your item. If you are unwilling to ship, see Option One. If you would like a formal certificate, you need to ship your item to NCS/NGC via registered mail. The fee runs $30 per item plus $20-25 return postage per order, and will take one to three months for return.

NOTE! NCS is well regarded in the coin business, they are reputable and your items will be safe with them.

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation - NCS

While they offer other services, NCS/NGC does NOT offer authentication on Slave Tags and Indian Peace medals, but does on other exonumia. You get a photographic certificate, picturing your item obverse and reverse. NCS/NGC is the only organization that I am aware of that is currently formally authenticating exonumia.

HOW TO: If you would like to have NGC issue a formal certificate, you must go through an authorized NGC dealer.

If your item is genuine, I want to buy it!

OTHER Formal Authentications of Indian Peace Medals and Slave Tags:
Unfortunately I am not aware of anyone producing formal photographic authentications as of 2016.

Option Four: Do it Yourself
Research your item yourself: See this LINK for suggestions on researching your item.


The ANAAB (American Numismatic Association Authentication Bureau) has gone out of business, and no longer will authenticate coins, tokens or medals.

SELLING Your Exonumia: Tokens, Medals, etc.

I am MOST interested in BUYING your genuine Slave Tags, Indian Peace medals, all tokens, medals and other exonumia. I pay TOP PRICES for genuine items! If you have a Slave Tag or Indian Peace medal, I am unable to make any offer unless you either SHIP for my top offer, or have it formally authenticated by NCS or me. About 97% of the Slave Tags and IP medals offered to me are modern fake or fantasy items. See my pages on FAKES and Indian Peace.

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