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Important Links:

News Groups and Mailing Lists:

Deja News Newsgroup listings for Civil War Tokens.

Deja News Newsgroup listings for Exonumia (or search for your own interests).

rec.collecting.coins Discuses currency, tokens, medals, and anything else related to numismatics.

Elongated Coins Discussion Mailing List Sign up and get all emails to the full group.

rec.collecting.pins: Mostly modern pins, including Olympic, etc.

Casino Tokens

CW Dog Tag Roundtable Discussion group on Civil War dog tags, etc.

The E-Sylum An electronic publication of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society.

Conder Tokens Yahoo newsgroup.

ModernAmusementTokens Yahoo newsgroup: For collectors of Modern Amusement Tokens

How to Find Articles:

American Numismatic Society and Harry Bass Research Foundation Search for articles on numismatic topics.

AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY CATALOG The American Antiquarian Society has an online catalogue of its extensive collection: ISAIAH, for Internet Sources for Access to Information on American History. Over 350,000 records are included in the index.

General Articles:

Society of Medalists Medals and Designers Brief listing, images obverse and reverse.

The Words "TOKEN" and "JETON" A short article.

Director and Engraver Edge Marks of the Paris Mint.



Ingle Tokens of Illinois

Lithuanian-American Tokens of Illinois

Collecting U.S. Tokens: Challenges and Rewards Article by Robert Leonard, good general introduction.

The Coins of Colonial and Early America Main link page to many articles on early coins and tokens.

Amusement Token List Supplements Link to download updated lists of new discoveries

English Columbia Farthing

Elongated coins Article and links.

English Merchant Tokens Article by Richard G. Doty, ANS.

Old Gaming Counters Whist for Fish

Brewery and Mardi Gras Tokens Brief Article, beer tokens, brewery tokens, Mardi Gras doubloons.

Sales Tax Tokens Brief Article

Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine Ask Mark Parker

Jetons: Their Use and History By Bert Van Beek

Trade tokens of Strachan & Co The Forgotten South African currency

FTC Trade Regulation Rules Hobby Protection Act

Medals of Robert Burns In the Hunterian Museum Coin Gallery, Glasgow

Danish Exonumia Various articles by Jorgen Somod

Bi-metal Exonumia Short articles with pictures.

Beer Tokens - Mardi Gras Short article.

German Notgeld Article and introduction to the topic by Cortney Coffing

Fantasy Tokens Steve Alperts list.

Lesher Referendum Medals Article by Wilde.

Coin and Currency Collections in the Department of Special Collections University of Notre Dame Libraries

Washington Tokens A Project of the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment University of Notre Dame.

Collecting U.S. Tokens: Challenges and Rewards: General intropduction to tokens and medals, known books listed, topics defined, etc.

An Introduction to Telephone Tokens: Goetz and other phone tokens.

Magic Tokens: Brief introduction, photos.

Inaugural Medals Each pictured, briefly described, since 1949.

The Coin & Medal Collector's Asylum Various articles on coins, medals (space medals), etc. Medals for sale, etc.

Cyrus Field History of the Atlantic Cable & Submarine Telegraphy.

Countermarked Coin Copies Pictures of ancient coins, information, etc.

Time Dollars and Bone Money By Michael E Marotta.

Kentucky Coal Script Very brief article on script and scatter tags.

Civil War Dog Tag From the 76th NY regiment.

A Short History of Token Use in South Carolina By Tony Chibbaro.

Numismatics International Publications, mostly coins.

The Royal Mint Records for the Silver 1813 Tokens of England.

Jersey England Tokens With die studies, links.

Guernsey & Sark Tokens including spurious tokens of the Channel Islands occupation 1940-45.

A History of World's Fairs Good Introduction.

Observations on a Canadian Tiffin Token Review of Tiffin tokens, photos.

Columbus OH Civil War Token Issuers By women merchants.

1892 Columbian Exposition: Scenes from the Fair.

1892 Columbian Exposition Article, pictures.

Ceylon Coffee Mills Tokens 1841 - 1890 era issued tokens.

18th Century Provincial Token Coinage General introduction to Conder tokens.

Medals of the Panama Canal With pictures.

Countermarked Greek Coins Article with pictures.

Dating French medals by edge-markings. All the information you need!

Napoleonic Medals Pictured, described, patina, edge marks, books, coins, paper money, prints, etc.

New York Transit Tokens And subway passes, etc.

Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society. Picture, information. Life Saving Awards Research Society (LSARS)


Texas Trade Tokens General article.

Congressional Gold Medals A listing of those given between 25 March 1776 through to the present day.

Conder Tokens News and more for the Conder Enthusiast.

Symbolic Counting Tokens from the Early Near East Clay counters used in the Near East from about 9,000 B.C. to 1500 B.C.

Communion tokens Scottish numismatic items.

Contemporary Counterfeits British counterfeit halfpence and more.

The Medallions and Timeline of Saw Manufacture Covers the medallions on Disston handsaws.

Arcade Tokens. Supplements to the Smith book (in stock!)

Imitation Spade Guineas and half Guineas Brief article.

Colliery Checks: An Introduction to UK, Wales mining checks.

Pit checks or Pit Tallies UK Coal mines.

Fine Medals Art Nouveau and Art Deco medals.

London Bridge in Lake Havasu AZ. London Bridge Rotary Commemorative Coins, each pictured.

Griqua Tokens of South Africa.

Street Car Transfers Transcript of the book by Folupa, with images.

National Maritime Museum in London has a variety of items dealing with England's legacy as a naval, military and commercial power. Roughly 3000 coins and medals, with a web page devoted to each, with extensive descriptions, historical information, and excellent obverse and reverse images.

List of prizes, medals, and awards From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

How the West was Faked: False Western Gold Bars and other Forgeries by John M. Kleeberg.

Cliff House Project California.

Food Stamp Tokens of the US Virgin Islands

Austrian Calendar Medals Kalendermedaille produced by the Austrian Mint probably had their origin in 1933. They have been minted annually ever since.

History of OPA Tokens and Ration Books A first hand history of rationing.

Petroleum Related Medals and Tokens A listing, with photos.

Mexican Arras Tokens Marriage tokens.

Olympic medals and other stuff

Olympic medals site - with Participation feature area.

Franklin Mint Investments: A quote from Joseph Segal.

Black Americana: Slavery, Anti-Slavery, Slave Tags:

Slave Tags An introduction to Slave Tags and the many fakes.

Low 54 - Am I Not a Woman and Sister An anti-slavery token.

Slaves on circulating paper money Beyond Face Value: Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency, a project of the U.S. Civil War Center.

Kansas State Historical Society Slave Shackle

Known Slavery and Anti-Slavery Objects

Political Americana:

CAMPAIGN CHRONICLES Various articles on political buttons, etc.

Indian Peace Medals:

Indian Peace Medals: Fakes and genuine medals.

Indian Peace Medals A Project of the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment University of Notre Dame.


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