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X-REF: Wooden Money (nickels, flats, etc.) Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900

189. Political Wood Lot. Nice lot of 19 different political woods, mostly locals, one for Reagan, all about XF.


X-REF: Religious/Theology/Church/Bible Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901 Countermarked Coins: US Merchant Hard Times Tokens 1833-44

374. See Deuteronomy. Hard Times R-467B, R 1997, p.150, R-7. An enigmatic Biblical verse, which may be a veiled attack on an antebellum poltician (see Rulau). "See Deutero-/Nomy 23: 1,21" Very bold XF c/m, but last '1' weak; on Guatamala Charles IV two reales, 17??, large planchet lamination rev.

ex-Krueger Apr 1991; lot 1680. Color Cover Photo. Rulau Plate, p. 151; valued at $90.

X-REF: France Satirical/Humorous Political: Non-US Countermarked Coins: Non-US/Canada

683. France: Battle of Sedan. These c/m satirize of the defeat of the French army by the Prussians at Sedan, a small town near the border with Belgium. It was the crucial battle in the 1870-71 Franco-Prussian War, and became a rallying cry for the French anti-monarchists. Emperor Napeoleon III gave the order to hoist a white flag at Sedan, formally surrendered to the Prussians the next day, and was sent into exile in Germany. The battle was commemorated by many countermarks, engraved coins and satirical tokens that copied French 10 centimes. All of the following pieces are the variety without an accent mark over "E". "SEDAN" VF c/m; on AG 1853 French 10c.

See lot 2784 for a medal of the Prussian Siege of Paris, and lot 687 for a print of the French surrender.

X-REF: France Satirical/Humorous Political: Non-US Countermarked Coins: Non-US/Canada

684. France: "Sedan". As above, F/VF c/m; on worn date 186? silver France 50c.

X-REF: France Satirical/Humorous Political: Non-US Countermarked Coins: Non-US/Canada

685. France: "Sedan". As above, VF c/m; on AG/G 1866 French franc.

X-REF: France Satirical/Humorous Political: Non-US Countermarked Coins: Non-US/Canada * Image-1 * --

686. France: "Sedan". As above, VF c/m; on Good 1867 French 2 Franc.

Color Cover Photo. Brunk estimates $50-75+.

X-REF: France Satirical/Humorous Political: Non-US Countermarked Coins: Non-US/Canada

688. France: Royalist Fleur-de-lys. F/VF c/m on neck of Napoleon III; on VG 1864 French 10c. Unusual pro-monarch political c/m.

Brunk estimates $30-50+.

X-REF: England-Great Britain Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901 Satirical/Humorous Socialist/Socialism Countermarked Coins: Non-US/Canada * Image-1 * --

719. GB-London: Thomas Spence. The famous activist, known as 'the world's first Socialist', who was imprisoned in Newgate Prison for his political aggitation. Part of it consisted of stamping political slogans, such as this: "Land/And/Liberty". Bold VF c/m; on AG 177? evasive imitation copper. Rare.

Brunk Plate, lower left.

X-REF: Mexico Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901 Countermarked Coins: Non-US/Canada

743. Mexico: "Este/Pais/Chupa". Individual letter punch, VF-XF c/m; on VF 1970 1 peso. A political c/m?

X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900 Elongated Coins

873. P&PC-1 Alton B. Parker For President. Dark XF, on 1901 cent.


X-REF: S-AK Political: Locals Encased Coins: non-World's Fair

904. AK Anita Garnick For Senator. AU, 1947.


X-REF: S-MO Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900 Encased Coins: non-World's Fair

992. (MO: St Louis) George N. Daugherty. Alderman, Election Apr. 1 1947. HS, TH, VF, 1947.

X-REF: Political: 3-D Collectibles Bahamas Encased Coins: non-World's Fair

1114. Nassau: Republican $100 Dinner 1962 ENCASED DOLLAR. Round plastic lucite encased 1882 Dollar, polished.


X-REF: Label Coins Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900

1142. Maverick: Manion For Assembly. 50th Dist. Let me Guard Your Pennies - Vote June 5. Black on white, about F/VF; on 1962-D cent.


X-REF: Jackson, Andrew Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901 Hard Times Tokens 1833-44 * Image-1 * --

1267. Low 3 Andrew Jackson. Nice Fine/VF, fields darker than raised devices, even color, some rev lettering weak, as usual.


X-REF: Jackson, Andrew Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901 Hard Times Tokens 1833-44

1268. Low 4 Andrew Jackson. VF, light color, some mottled areas, top hole.


X-REF: Jackson, Andrew Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901 Hard Times Tokens 1833-44 * Image-1 * --

1269. Low 4 Andrew Jackson. Nice F/VF, light color, minor toned spots, planchet crack.


X-REF: S-IL Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901

1380. IL 102 Chicago: William Loeffler, 1899. "Vote For...City Clerk" AL, VF+.


X-REF: S-NY Garfield, James Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901 Hard Rubber Tokens

1495. NY 340var Union Coffee: James A. Garfield HARD RUBBER. Bearded bust right, name; rev as NY340. Red Hard Rubber, top hole as made, choice XF+, one minor rim chip. Nice!


X-REF: S-PA Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901

1551. PA 306var Philadelphia: UNLISTED Union League. Obv same, rev: Organized Philadelphia December 27th 1862. W-M, holed as made, with original hanger and rwb ribbon, nicely toned steel, AU. The Union League was originally a Republican Political club.


X-REF: S-SD Prohibition Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901

1558. SD 1 Constitutional Prohibition Organization, 1889. Fountain, For God, Home & Native Land. Brass, bright Unc.


X-REF: U.S. Merchant Tokens: 1845-60 Spiel Marke Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901

1569. Y3C Non-Local: Contrahendo et Solvendo, 1857. Imitation of a suspender button. One of the interesting series referring to the financial panics of 1837 and 1857! Brass (possibly gilt), top hole, Choice bright AU.


See long article in Rulau, 1997:301.

X-REF: U.S. Merchant Tokens: 1845-60 Black/Negro/Colored Spiel Marke C.W. Related Exonumia Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901 Lincoln, Abraham Slave/Slavery

1570. Y3E Non-Local: Contrahendo - Thursday, 1863. "Contrahendo et Solvendo/S.P." "S.P." has been identified as "Slave Power", a pro-Southern catchphrase of the 1850's. Similar to above, but 1863. Refers to the Emancipation Proclamation. Brass, lightly toned AU.


See Rulau 1997:301.

X-REF: Masonic: Paper/Books/etc. Bryan: William Jennings Bryan Political: Paper/Books S-IL

1752. PAPER: St Bernard Commandery Chicago Early Lot. Interesting and rare lot of early paper items, some in color: 9th Annual Conclave 1879 folder; Programme, 1880; Invitation, 1880 (2); Saragota Conclave Welcome trade card with St Bernard dog, 1907; Pilgrimage booklet, 1907; Easter Service booklet, 1907; small blue 4p pamphlet (6); Concert booklet, 1908, w/ads, including one for Victor Talking Machine picturing TAFT and BRYAN (NICE!); Easter Service booklet, 1909. Lot of 15, mostly nice, a few with minor edge damge.


X-REF: Indians/American Native Indians US Mint Indian Peace Medals Jefferson, Thomas Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901

2222. Possibly UNIQUE Jefferson Indian Peace Medal. Rare and previously unknown Thomas Jefferson Indian Peace medal. Similar to Julian IP-3, but a galvano SHELL, not a solid medal. Undoubtedly made from an original 1876 dies copper impression. Nicely toned silver-plated copper, with only a few traces of copper. All the different sizes of the original early Jefferson Peace medals were also struck as shells, joined together. This middle size medal was struck in copper as a solid piece, for collectors beginning in 1861. This unusual specimen is an electro-type galvano shell, with the two sides joined together, as were the original pieces. There is a very fine die crack on the reverse, though the bowl of the peace pipe to the thumb. The medal has some very light wear, and does have some depressed area, as is quite normal on a shell. Choice About Uncirculated, Wonderfully toned silver-grey, 74mm, a couple of high points with some minor rub. A small reverse section at lower right on the rim shows copper, as do some minor high points which are the only hints it is not a solid silver strike. Unholed. Unlisted and previously unknown to researchers. All Jefferson Indian Peace Medals are rare to extremely rare, with early silver pieces bringing over $15,000. For the advanced collector, or for the person seeking any Jefferson Indian Peace Medal, this possibly unique piece should be of interest.


X-REF: US Mint Presidential Washington, George Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901

2224. PR-27 Washington Fame. Baker-91, Bust l; Time Increases His Fame. Chocolate brown Unc.


X-REF: US Mint Presidential Jackson, Andrew Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901

2225. PR-34 Jackson Second Term. Small silver medalette, 18mm. Restrike from ca. 1861. DeWitt AJACK 1832-4. Toned AU, tiny srcrath rev.


X-REF: Lincoln, Abraham Garfield, James Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901 US Mint Presidential

2226. PR-40 GOLD Medal - Lincoln & Garfield Death Medal, 1881. Bust r of Lincoln; bust l of Garfield. Made after the unexpected death of Garfield. The Mint charged $9 for the gold medal, a significant sum in 1881. GOLD, 25mm, proof-like AU/UNC, minor hairlines, NICE!


X-REF: US Mint Presidential Garfield, James Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901

2227. PR-43 Garfield Born/Died. Bust l; dates. Silver, nicely toned Unc.


X-REF: India Religious/Theology/Church/Bible Political: Non-US

2627. Lot of 2 India. Mahatma Gandhi 1932 token minted secretly by the Congress Party in Bombay; facing lions, shield. BZ, 22mm. Celluloid "Christ for India", 1909 button, multi-colored.


X-REF: England-Great Britain Death (other than funeral) Political: Non-US

2719. Sir Robert Peel Prime Minister Death Medal, 1850. Brown-2396. Bust 3/4 r; born/died, etc. W-M, 39mm; Bright XF+.


X-REF: England-Great Britain Bulk Lot/Quantity/Resale Political: Non-US Death (other than funeral)

2761. Great Britain Lot of 6 Different. The remains of Brunk consignment: Gladstone Campaign medal, Irish, 1880; Death of Duke of Clarence, 1892; Duke of York Marriage, 1908; English-French Alliance, 1908; Balfour & Chamberlain for Tariff Reform, 1910; Charles Dickens, undated, uniface. BZ, most w/top hole, About XF.


X-REF: France Kings/Queens of FRANCE Political: Non-US

2771. France: Elaborate Pro-Monarchy 7-Part Badge, ca. 1824. Top medal is well-executed cast copy of 1660 portrait medal by Mardi: Attractive armored bust right "Gasto Henrici Magni Filivs"; rev "Ecce Plvsqvan Salomon Hic 1660", in wreath. Pin attached to use as badge. Joined below by three chain links to three poorer copies of miniature coronation medals of Charles X. Bust l, legend; rev crowned 16 Sept 1824, etc. These in turn are attached by chain links to elaborate cutout relief of two griffins supporting a fleur-de-lys on scepter, a symbol of the French monarchy. Finally, two more small medals as above attached below. Very elaborate badge, original gilt worn, about VF-XF.


X-REF: So-Called Dollars S-IL Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901

3083. 765 IL: Chicago Mayor Carter H Harrison Statue, 1893. Bust obv; plaque, receipt for $1 to memorial. CU, toned VF/XF.


X-REF: Washington, George Political: Inaugurals Eagle (bird, not FOE) * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

3351. Washington Inaugural Button. Rare clothing button worn at Washington's inaugural! Rulau-Baker-1009 (unpictured); Albert WI-12B; DeWitt-1789-3. Eagle with Star, border of 54 marks; rev raised impression of obv! Shank intact. Rarity-5; 6-10 known. BZ, 34mm. Excavated, Choice Brown Very Fine, some very fine pitting as usual, Sharp and bold, a nice, presentable specimen of this scarce variety. Rare, with intact shank!


A popular and rare souvenir from Washington's first Inauguration.

X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901 Lincoln, Abraham

3354. Lincoln King-56. DeWitt AL 1860-59. Success to Republican Principles, eagle; etc. Brass, 24mm, Toned AU.


X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901

3357. Charles Sumner, 1874. Bust r, "Take Care of My Civil Rights Bill"; In Memory, etc. W-M, 19mm. Bright AU, top hole.


X-REF: Political: Celluloid Buttons Roosevelt, Theodore McKinley: William McKinley Bryan: William Jennings Bryan * Image-1 * --

3358. McKinley-Roosevelt Full-Dinner Bucket, ca. 1900. Hake III-3192. Jugate busts on Dinner Pail. Brown and gold on blue. About XF, surface somewhat uneven, slight scratches on celluloid, rev rim some minor rust.


Catalogs $125 in Hake.

X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900 Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Play Money

3359. Roosevelt Mixed Lot. Lot of 5 TR, 9 FDR: TR Womans Roosevelt Memorial Association large 3" BZ medal, high relief bust l; born/died dates, XF, discolored. Plus similar small 19mm pin, 2 octagonal Sagamore Hill tokens; US Mint modern medal. FDR: 6 small play money tokens, dups; elongated on Indian cent; 1946 Savannah GA token, small New Deal. 14pcs, VF-Unc.


X-REF: Political: Celluloid Buttons Bryan: William Jennings Bryan * Image-1 * --

3360. Bryan - Stevenson UNLISTED Jugate. See Hake III-3196, but large 44mm size, unlisted in Hake. Busts of Bryan and Stevenson, rwb stars and stripes. Rev. Whitehead & Hoag paper, damaged, with pencil inscriptions mentioning Texas, name, dates. Small hole as made at bottom on edge, probably for attachment. About XF, a couple of minor dents at bottom, some slight toning. Nice, unlisted, Rare.


X-REF: Political: Inaugurals Roosevelt, Franklin D. * Image-1 * --

3361. Franklin D Roosevelt Inaugural Medal, 1942. Obv head left in rough style. Second variety, "2" at top of rev. By Davidson. Choice AU.


Color Cover Photo.

X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900 Kennedy, John F.

3363. John F. Kennedy Inaugural Medal, 1961. Bust l, name around; "Inaugurated President" above seal, fasces, 6-line inscr, date below. Appears to be U.S. Mint Medal, CU, 33mm, CHOICE BU, with card.

X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900 Kennedy, John F.

3366. Robert Francis Kennedy. Bust left, "1969" below; rev "Born Brookline, Massachusetts, November 20, 1925/Died Los Angeles, California, June 6, 1968", around wreath, presidential seal. Reeded N-S, 37mm, Unc.

X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900 S-CA Vietnam

3367. Nixon-Reagan SATIRICAL Democratic Convention Medal, 1984. Bust left of Reagan, "Beruit", "Reaganomics", rev bust of Nixon, "Vietnam", "Watergate", San Fransisco, etc. Issued for 1984 Democratic Convention. N-S, 39mm, mint, in original plastic, with order form.


X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900 Satirical/Humorous S-TX

3368. Jimmy Carter SATIRICAL Republican Medal, Dallas TX, 1984. Unusual satirical medal with grinning Carter obv, Mondale rev. "In Party Line We Trust", "Four More Years?", Avatolla bust to left, etc. Issued for 1984 Convention. Nickel-Silver, 39mm. Mint, in original plastic with order form.


X-REF: Political: Celluloid Buttons S-IA

3369. Iowa Democrats 6 Button Set on Cardboard, 1980. Original set of 3" buttons, each with Carter, Mondale, Culver and 6 different canidates in oval quadgates, multicolor Mint, on original green cb display board, XF, minor edge dings.


X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900 Watch Fobs Elephants S-LA * Image-1 * --

3370. LA New Orleans Republican National Convention Watch Fob, 1988. Neat elephant center, above domed bldg where convention was held. Gilt BZ, 38mm, struck a hair off-center, Unc.

(MB $15.00) $20.00-30.00+

X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900 Political: Inaugurals * Image-1 * --

3371. Bush-Quayle Inaugural Lapel Pin, 1989. Neat BZ small lapel pin with capital bldg obv, inscr. around, date below, rev pin. AU.

(MB $10.00) $20.00-30.00+

X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900 Political: Inaugurals

3372. George Bush Inaugural Medal, 1989. Bust obv, name around; statue on capitol bldg, 41st President, etc. BZ, 38mm, AU/Unc, partially weak strike, minor spots.


X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900 US Mint Presidential Error (Double struck/incuse, etc.)/Trial

3373. George Bush Presentation Medal. Rare unfinished example of this large 3" BZ presentation medal: "Vice President of the United States" around eagle/seal, center; rev "George Bush" signature in plain field. Unfinished BZ, AU, some minor dings, scratches from contact, partially incuse impression on reverse. A Medallic Art trial strike!

(MB $50.00) $75.00-100.00+

X-REF: Political: Celluloid Buttons Political: Locals Bulk Lot/Quantity/Resale

3374. Massive Early "Locals" Political Pin-Back Lot of 115+. Wonderful dealer lot of over 115 early political celluloid pin-backs, apparently all locals, from the Brunk collection. Various states, mostly 1895-1920, some up to 1940, only a few from later years. Most are identified by name, office, date, city/state, etc. Includes 7 jugates, 2 trigates, all but 7 with with bust of candidate. Virtually all locals, for govenor, House, US Senate, mayor, etc. Some nationally known tie-ins, such as "Elect Roosevelt Governor" and "100% Roosevelt - Petitti For Congress", etc. Some multi-color, mostly quarter size, a few ovals, all in 2x2" holders, marked and priced for quick resale. Total (years ago) retail as marked is over $2000 (plus a few rarer pieces are unpriced!). Mostly in nice condition, but some are foxed and/or damaged. In 11 page binder, ready for sale. Photocopies of all pages only $3 postpaid (call!). This should be a great dealer lot for resale, or an instant collection. Some duplication, but mostly different. An EARLY lot of locals.


X-REF: Political: Celluloid Buttons Political: Locals Bulk Lot/Quantity/Resale

3375. Another Large Lot of Political Local Buttons. Similar lot of "local" political buttons, but mostly more modern pieces, ca. 1940 up. About 150+ pieces, a wide variety with some minor duplication. Mostly all locals, but a few nationals, mostly all buttons, 3 tabs. Mostly all quite nice, a few with minor damage, a couple poorer. Overall nice lot for dealers or collectors. Some in 2x2" holders, priced $1-7.50 each over 10 years ago. 150+pcs.


X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901

3377. Older Political Token/Medal Bulk Lot. Balance of Brunk consignment: 2 Washington US Mint medalettes, one in silver, both poor/damaged; Millard Fillmore campaign medal, top hole, dark red, poor VF; B. Harrison W-M, top hole, very bad; 4 Washington/Cleveland Constitution Centennial BZ, top holes, VF/XF, some spots; Grant's monument, lower shield badge (no top), dark/dug; B. Harrison Hake-3326 BZ, top hole, XF; W. McKinley Memorial dedicated, Silver-plate BZ, 49mm, XF, rim dings; Grant mint medal, VF/XF; Harrison log cabin, dark/dug/poor; McClellon by Merrian, but 4 holes!; Washington bi-cent, XF; Sunday-American/Boston, Lincoln, XF, spots; tiny Lincoln New Salem home, XF; JG Blaine 15mm BZ, top hole, VF, spots; Adams-McKinley 1900 D.C. Capital Medal, BZ 44mm, nice, but XF, bad green corrosion; Peace Memorial 1897 3-pres. BZ, top hole, XF; small Taft clothing button, worn; two Washington-Lafayette Journey to Paris, 1917 (BZ, Silver), top loop, XF; National Congress Sons of the American Revolution nice uniface BZ 40mm medal, but large solder marks rev, XF; Seymour WM 18mm, DeWitt HS 1868-11, VF, dark, spots; Dedication of Grant's tomb, AL 22mm, XF; 1904 Roosevelt i.d. tag, blank, AL, VF; Grant, WM, USG 1868-39, XF, uneven, minor spots; Galena IL Grant AL, 34mm, top hole, VF/XF;


X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900 Bulk Lot/Quantity/Resale

3378. Presidential Bulk Lot. Includes two official Inaugural medals: Nixon-Agnew 1973, Mint, Ford VP, 1973, XF. Plus early Garfield (poor), Hancock, Washington 1932, Linoln, etc. 10pcs, culls to Unc.


X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900

3379. Modern Political Token/Medal Lot. Mixed lot of 34 mostly different metal tokens/medals with presidents, etc., various metals, sizes, issuers. Relatively modern items, some nice, some cheap. Two nice Ike "Peace and Prosperity" Dinner with Ike, 1960, high relief 33mm BZ, top loop, VF/XF. Balance of Brunk collection. 34pcs, about XF-Unc.

X-REF: Political: Celluloid Buttons

3380. Modern Pinbacks, Tabs, Etc. Lot. Includes 4 "Hart in '88"; 21 "LBJ/USA" tabs; 2 Goldwater 3-D pins, "Vote" pin w/rhinestones, 3 others. 31pcs, about XF-UNC.


X-REF: Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900 Political: Celluloid Buttons Buttons: Clothing Porcelain

3381. Strange Lot of Presidential Porcelain Buttons. Unusual lot of 25 buttons, each with president pictured, dated above, named below; appears to be porcelain, mounted in filigreed-edge golden-colored button mount. Appears ca. 1950's. 32mm, slightly convex. Interesting! 25pcs, probably all different.


X-REF: Swastika - good luck S-PA Political: Medals/Tokens: Post-1900

3428. PA Knoxville: POLITICAL: John P. Moore. For Controller of Allegheny County. BZ, VF/XF.

X-REF: Bulk Lot/Quantity/Resale Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901

3575. Mixed Lot. Remainder of consignor 25843. Includes Frederick William III of Prussia bronze medal of 1839, busts left, inscription and detailed scene rev, XF, one ding. Canada British Columbia Victoria Centennial medal, 1971, silver-plated, Unc. 1915 PPIE Expo spinner token with two bears, token only, no holder, XF. William McKinley political token, 1900, bust left, BZ, top hole. About XF, 4pcs.




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