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X-REF: Made-from or Relic Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy Canada Trade Tokens * Image-1 * --

135. Cominco Tadanac Zinc Medal, 1956. Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co of Canada, 1906-1956. Zinc, 36mm. AU.


X-REF: Made-from or Relic S-AZ Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy * Image-1 * --

142. AZ Arizona Mining Association. Obv historical faces over AZ map; AZ Copper. CU, 28mm. XF.

X-REF: Made-from or Relic S-MI Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy * Image-1 * --

143. Arcadian Copper Mine Medal. Ripley-Hancock, MI, miner w/drill; rev map of Copper Country, MI. CU, 34mm. Does not say "made-from". Unc.

X-REF: Label Coins S-CO Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy

1126. CO Leadville: The World's Richest Mining Area. On SILVER DOLLAR. "I'm Leadville Silver Bring me Back...", black on silver label, VG/VF, but small portions missing. On 1889 NICE silver dollar, XF/AU.


X-REF: S-MT Made-from or Relic Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy

1438. MT 2 Butte: Anaconda Mine, 1896. Stamp Mill bldgs; Miner's tools. Great pictorial piece! Incorrectly listed in Rulau as BZ, but is actually CU, most likely made from mine copper. CU, VF, cleaned long ago, toned.


Also listed as H-K 734.

X-REF: S-PA Coin Dealer & related Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy Autographs/related

1528. PA 230F Philadelphia: William Idler. Dealer in Coins, Minerals, Autographs. Brass, lightly toned XF/AU, some mottling.


X-REF: S-SD Made-from or Relic Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy * Image-1 * --

1559. SD 2 Deadwood: Cleveland Tin Mining Company. Nigger Hill Tin Bear Gulch 1890. Undoubtedly made from tin from the mine! Tin, worn Good, darkish, top hole.


See Fuld, Token Collectors Pages, 1972:46.

X-REF: Masonic: U.S. Chapter Pennies S-PA Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

1836. PA P: Pottsville Mountain City #196 SILVER. Exceptionally fine detail of bldg on mountain, arch, with mining pick and shovel. Marked Sterling, choice XF/AU, minor rim ding. NICE!


X-REF: Masonic: Badges Ribbons S-PA Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy Knights Templar Made-from or Relic * Image-1 * --

2149. PA Pittsburgh: 27th TC Official Badge with QUARTZ, 1898. Great 2-part enameled badge, with layers! Top pin enameled black, w/QUARTZ keystone under PA state seal. Lower round BZ medal w/KT cross over rays, 3 layers, enameled blue/white/black. About VF/XF. Rare composition for a badge!


X-REF: S-CO Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy Railroad/Train/Locomotive Military: Non-GAR CW Vet Organizations * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

2320. CO Colorado Mine Disturbance Veteran Badge. In 1901 the miners of Telluride, Colo, walked out, calling for a set daily wage, and for union representation. Mine owners refused and hired non-union men to reopen the mines. Some 250 armed strikers confronted the scab miners and after killing three, forced the rest to leave town. The owners were forced to agree to a $3 minimum daily wage. This fair settlement did not bring peace to the mines, for in 1903 there was a general strike of the mill and smelter workers and miners. In Colorado City the Western Federation of Miners called a strike demanding wage increases and the eight-hour day. A strike of miners in Cripple Creek involved 3500 miners from 50 mines. The mine owners brought in outside miners and appealed for martial law. On 4 Sept. 1903 Governor Peabody ordered Brig. Gen. Sherman Bell to proceed to Cripple Creek with the militia to maintain peace and order. On 6 June 1904 (10 months later) an explosion at the Findley Mine railroad station killed 13 non-union miners. The mine owners were quick to blame the union, precipitating lynching, censorship and destruction of the local newspaper. Mobs stormed the union hall and the militia arrested union men and sympathizers. By the 10th over 200 men were forcibly deported from the Cripple Creek District. Soon the mines started up again with non-union miners and the militia left 26 July. A three part badge, with top pin: "Colorado City/Cripple Creek/Telluride-Trinidad/1903-1904", with red/white/blue ribbon in excellent condition; lower medal with "James H. Peabody Governor of Colorado/(bust)/1903-1904"; reverse miner with pick at left, eagle above column, CO state seal below, armed militia man to right, mine shaft with railroad car in background, "Law & Order" below. Medal is 38mm: Choice uncirculated, chocolate brown color. Overall superb condition. In original cardboard box. Rare.


X-REF: S-CO Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy * Image-1 * --

2321. CO Cripple Creek: Gold Strike, ca. 1971. High relief bust of Bob Womack; rev miner w/mule. Silver, XF.


X-REF: S-CO Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy Horses/ Horse Racing Anniversary/Centennial/etc. * Image-1 * --

2324. CO Land of Promise Centennial Medal, 1976. Miner on horseback, Colorado above; 1876-1976 Centennial, mountains, '76' center. BZ, 33mm, UNC.

X-REF: S-IA Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy

2398. IA Waterloo: Foundry Advertising Ashtray. "Headford Bros. & Hitchins Foundry Co./Waterloo Ia." around foundryman using large hand ladle to pour iron into mold. About 6.5" ladle ashtray, gilted iron, about XF with some wear on gilt. Lettering partially doubled from shift in pattern when the sand mold was made. Unusual.


X-REF: IOOF: International Order of Odd Fellows S-MN S-VA Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy Watch Fobs * Image-1 * --

2413. Minn. IOOF 84th Annual Convention, Virginia, 1936. Three part badge, top name-pin, red ribbon, watch-fob diamond-shaped uniface lower with IOOF symbols in circles around center with "Queen City", large mining earth-mover, etc. BZ, Mint, on original card of issue. Whitehead & Hoag


X-REF: S-MT Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy Made-from or Relic * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

2428. MT Montana Hotel - Anaconda, 1896. Hotel pictured, name above, city below; "Lower Works of the Anaconda", view of mine, "Copper Mining Co.". CU, 37mm, toned XF. Probably made from the copper of the mine.



X-REF: S-UT Explosive Checks Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy

2477. UT Exploder Lot. of 6pcs, 3 different, all brass, CES Co; Mohrland, about VF.


X-REF: England-Great Britain Ireland/Celtic Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

2687. Cronebane, Wicklow: Irish Mine Company, 1789. DH-48b, Unlisted in GILT-BZ. Bright XF.


X-REF: Chile Nitrate Mine

2930. Compania Salitrera Rimac. Rulau-Tpc-205, p.307. Nitrate mine, 40c. VF+.


X-REF: Chile Latin American Tokens (By Rulau) Nitrate Mine

2931. Lot of 2. Rulau Tpc-22, p.300. Oficina Alianza/1/Pulperia; rev same. BZ, 2 cut-outs as made; VF. Santa Laura London Nitrate Co. Ltd. N-S, VF.


X-REF: Chile Hard Rubber Tokens Latin American Tokens (By Rulau) Nitrate Mine * Image-1 * --

2932. Nitrate Token Large Lot. Includes 34pcs of Leslie-51f, Rulau-Ant-28, p.288, $1 Salitres Hard-Rubber, red one side, blue the other, all About XF, plus one broken. Plus 2 Salitreera El Loa, $1, Rulau-Ant-157, p.282, Hard-Rubber, green & red; London Nitrate Co 2 peso, Rulau-Tpc-71, p.303, C-N; plus small silver Chile token with 3 people with guitars. 39+pcs, About XF-AU.


X-REF: Mexico Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy Autographs/related

2947. Mexico 1897 Mining Deed Signed by President Diaz. Large deed signed by President Porfiro Diaz, with map. Important autograph of Diaz, who was four times Mexican President during the period 1876-1911. Large 10.5x16" double sheet, folded, torn at creases, with cancelled revenue stamps, multiple signatures, notations, etc. Plus map of mine, wiht rubber-stamps, signatures, notations, etc. 2pcs.


X-REF: So-Called Dollars 1904 St Louis Expo Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy

3034. 320 LPE: Exhibition Palace Dollar: Palace of Mines and Metallurgy, 1904. Bldgs, etc. AL, bright XF/AU, scr.


X-REF: So-Called Dollars Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy Indians/American Native Indians 1909 AYPE

3043. 362 AYPE: WH Seward - Chief Seattle Dollar, 1909. Expo seal; Chief Seattle, Indian & bust of Seward, mining scene. BR, choice XF, toned.


X-REF: So-Called Dollars S-MT Nudes/Human figures Ship/Sailing/Steamship/Nautical Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy

3050. 409 Pan-Pac: Montana State Fund Dollar, 1915. Nude winged Victory on prow of ship; ag and mining tools, etc. BZ, choice XF, very minor rim dings.


X-REF: So-Called Dollars Anniversary/Centennial/etc. S-PA Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy Farm Related (Tractor/Plow/etc.)

3066. 600-A? UNLISTED: PA: Dauphin County Centennial, 1885. Old log cabin, men shaking hands, two Indians in canoe foreground, Latin legend around; factory, miner w/pick, farm tools below, inscr. WM, 38mm, top hole as made, Lightly toned VF/XF.


An example in BZ has been reported by W. Swoger.

X-REF: So-Called Dollars Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy S-MT Made-from or Relic

3079. 734 MT: Butte Anaconda Mine, 1896. Mine bldgs, legend above; 7 mining tools, Butte Montana. Probably made from Anaconda copper. CU, toned VF, minor rim bumps.


X-REF: So-Called Dollars S-CO 1933 Century of Progress Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy * Image-1 * --

3089. 870 Colorado Century of Progress SILVER Dollar, 1933. Detailed mining scene, "Use Silver to Restore Prosperity..."; state seal. Silver, one ounce, Choice XF, Nice.


X-REF: Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy Made-from or Relic

3473. Rough Flow Bronze Splash. Massive 5+ pound rough flow splash of metal, with tendrils of rough metal poking out, rough knob



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