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X-REF: S-MD Hard Times Tokens 1833-44 Countermarked Coins: US Merchant Large Cent & Half Cent related * Image-1 * --

323. "6/Baltm." Hard Times 149. Five dotted lines after "6", which many describe as an oyster crate. Deep bold XF c/m, overlapping double struck on AG brown 1825 Half cent. Probably Baltimore, MD. Only 5 known, the latest dated 1834. Hard Times Token R-149, R7 (Rulau 1997; p105), Rare!

Brunk Plate (right). Rulau suggests this is perhaps the token of an oyster shucker, indicating 6 quarts shucked. Color Cover Photo. A lesser specimen realized $205 in Coin Galleries, July 1994.

X-REF: S-MD Silversmith/Goldsmith Countermarked Coins: US Merchant * Image-1 * --

349. (MD: Baltimore) "H.S. Burges". Attributed to a silverplater in Baltimore by Rulau. Nice VF c/m. One of the most prolific US stampers of coins, so many that the top of 'B' broke and is missing on this specimen. Probably struck in 1858 as that is latest coin date known. On brown VG 1851 Large Cent.

A similar c/m on a 1845 cent brought $68 in the Nov. 1989 Coin Galleries auction.

X-REF: S-MD Silversmith/Goldsmith Countermarked Coins: US Merchant

350. (MD: Baltimore) "H.S. Burges". Very sharp XF c/m, mint red in letters, 'B' top broken; on nice brown F/VF 1852 Large Cent. A popular c/m.

Brunk Plate. TAMS Aug 1990 plate.

X-REF: S-MD Silversmith/Goldsmith Countermarked Coins: US Merchant * Image-1 * --

351. (MD: Baltimore) "H.S. Burges". "Burges" (coin too small for full c/m). Bold VF c/m, 'B' top weak; on Good Flying Eagle Cent, date removed.

X-REF: S-MD Silversmith/Goldsmith Countermarked Coins: US Merchant

352. (MD: Baltimore) "H.S. Burges". Bold VF c/m, top of 'B' complete! On worn AG 185? quarter.

X-REF: S-MD Patent Medicine Hard Times Tokens 1833-44 Countermarked Coins: US Merchant Bust US Half Dollar * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

438. (MD: Baltimore) Houck's Panacea. Hard Times 141. Jacob Houck was born in Frederick, MD, and moved to Baltimore in 1828, where he had a dry goods store at 121 W Baltimore St. In 1834 he started selling his panacea, and advertised in the 1835 to 1842 city directories that it was prepared solely from vegetable matter. A bottle cost $1.50, and Houck stated a liberal discount would be given to those buying for resale. Eventually his shop was located at No. 16, the corner of German and Hanover Sts. In 1851 Henry T. Houck became proprietor of the business. He must have sold the rights to produce the medicine, as a bottle exists with a Goddletsville, TN address, with another made in Nashville. The 1855 Nashville city directory carried an ad by A.G. Goodlet (presumably Goodletsville was named for his family) who stated he now sold Houck's Panacea, popular in both the South and North. "Houck's/Panacea/Baltimore" BAR-PUNCH, in loaf shaped indentation. Bold, clear VF c/m fully in field; on choice Fine 1834 Bust Half Dollar. One of the most sought after US c/m, a classic collected for over a century! Also listed as Hard Times Token R-141.

A lower grade 1832 example sold for $665 in the Stacks Sept. 1996 sale. An 1835 half in a recent Bowers & Merena sale brought $1452, substantially above the values in Brunk & Rulau.

X-REF: S-MD Patent Medicine Hard Times Tokens 1833-44 Countermarked Coins: US Merchant

439. Houck's Panacea BOTTLE. RARE wonderful large round bottle, with large letters embossed vertically "Houck's/Patent/Panacea/Baltimore" Light green tint, 6.5" tall, 3+" wide, iridescent, uneven, large pontil off at base (as made), minor crack at mouth. With label from the Greer collection, sold by Harmer-Rooke, NY. See Rulau PLATE, 1997; 104. Nice condition! Excellent display item! Rare!


Brunk reports RARE, one of only 3 seen in 20 years. Rulau plate of this specimen, p.104; Journal of American Culture, 1991, "Coins Stamped with Advertising: A Forgotten Chapter of 19th Century Midwestern History" plate.

X-REF: S-MD Early American Tokens 1700-1832 Countermarked Coins: US Merchant Bust US Half Dollar * Image-1 * --

446. "F. Hunt". Struck twice, one VF, other weak VG, in fields (see Brunk photo). On nice, clean AG-Good to Fine at edges, 1806 Draped Bust Half Dollar, with prominent die-break through date, stars. Only known example on half; one of 3 known. Rare.

Brunk Plate.

X-REF: S-MD Tool Maker/Metal Worker Countermarked Coins: US Merchant * Image-1 * --

458. (MD: Baltimore) "C. Kidd". Probably one of the stamps of Charles Kidd, who ran an edge tool factory in Baltimore on Pratt St 'At the Sign of the Axe'. during the 1850's. See the Update for Kidd's advertisement. Large, bold XF c/m, but bottom of "DD" weak; on AG 1848 Large Cent. One of two known, both on large cents.

Brunk Plate. Color Cover Photo.

X-REF: S-MD Saloon (on item) Soda/Soda Fountain/Soda Water Countermarked Coins: US Merchant * Image-1 * --

463. (MD: Baltimore) Knight's Mineral Water Saloon. Albert Knight sold mineral water on the corner of Eagle and Hamilton streets, and later at 99 Baltimore St. until 1860. During the Civil War he sold mineral water to the Army Quartermasters Dept. He died in New Bern, NC in 1863. "A. Knight's/Mineral/Water Saloon/99/Balto Street" Partially weak at edges, otherwise F/VF c/m; on 1777 Lima two reales, nice AG.

Color Cover Photo. A similar example on a AG 1808 two reales sold for $227 in the 1985 B&M sale.

X-REF: S-MD Theater/Drama/Vaudeville/Opera/Minstrel Lind: Jenny Lind Lincoln, Abraham Countermarked Coins: US Merchant * Image-1 * --

466. (MD: Baltimore) "Kunkel's/Opera Troupe". At one time John Wilkes Booth was part of George Kunkel's company at the Jenny Lind Theater in Richmond. In 1855 he moved to Baltimore, and there managed a number of establishments, which included the Holliday St and Old Front St Theaters. In the late 1850's his Baltimore company became known as the Kunkel's Opera Troupe, specializing in minstrel shows. This is the 2 line variety. Mostly bold VF/XF, but "upe" weak; on AG 1777 Lima reale. One of only 2 known on one real.

From Coin Galleries, Feb 1993, Lot 2026. Color Cover Photo. A similar VF c/m on a F 1772 two reales brought $250 in the March 1989 B&M sale.

X-REF: S-MD Countermarked Coins: US Merchant * Image-1 * --

468. "W.S. Lacey" and "C.H. Johnson". Two line punches, first bold VF, second weak G/VG, last letter "n" not showing. On AG 1840 Large Cent, rev scratches. Only known specimen of Lacey on cent, total of 2 known of Johnson.

Brunk Plate. Ex-TMC, Feb 1979, lot 313.

X-REF: S-MD China Countermarked Coins: US Merchant * Image-1 * --

478. (MD) Baltimore Lyon-Hall Company. An unusual piece, on a Chinese Cash! The Lyon-Hall Co sold carpets and matting, listed in city directories until 1894. Obv: "China - Lyon-Hall & Co. - Japan./Baltimore."; rev: "China - India - Japan./Matting Importers." F/VF c/m; on hard-to-grade Fine Chinese cash.

Color Cover Photo. Rulau values at $50-75.

X-REF: S-MD Beer/Bier/Beverage/Brewery Encased Coins: non-World's Fair

979. MD Cumberland: Queen City Brg. Co. Old German Beer. HS, UNC., 1968-D.

X-REF: S-MD Birds (except eagles), etc.

1416. MD 6C Baltimore Oriole Celebration. Bird; bldg. UNHOLED, W-M, bright XF.


Rulau pictures a holed specimen!

X-REF: S-MD Bookseller/Book Medals/Printing/Press

1417. MD 23 Baltimore: J.F.W. Dorman Printing Presses. Unlisted in Rulau, S-D86. Liberty head rev. N-Brass, VF+.


Why is this unlisted in Rulau, when the Schenkman book was published in 1986?

X-REF: S-MD Post Office Military: Other US wars

1418. MD 220 Baltimore: Post Office. Bldg; Bombardment of Fort McHenry, scene. G-Brass, top hole for ribbon, Bright XF.



1419. MD 149 Baltimore: Jacob Seeger. Brass, toned XF.


X-REF: Masonic: Badges Ribbons S-IL S-MD Enameled item (not coin)

1968. IL Chicago TC: Baltimore MD Beauseant #8, 1910. Enameled black/white/red pin, banner shape, "8" center. BZ; XF.

X-REF: So-Called Dollars S-MD Other US Famous People * Image-1 * --

3049. 407 Pan-Pac: Maryland State Fund Dollar, 1915. State seal; James Ryder and Francis Scott Key busts. BZ, CHOICE AU/UNC.




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