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THIS IS the Thomas JEFFERSON INDIAN PEACE MEDAL and other Thomas JEFFERSON items in Mail Bid Sale #10

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X-REF: Indians/American Native Indians US Mint Indian Peace Medals Jefferson, Thomas * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

2222. Possibly UNIQUE Jefferson Indian Peace Medal. Rare and previously unknown Thomas Jefferson Indian Peace medal. Similar to Julian IP-3, but a galvano SHELL, not a solid medal. Undoubtedly made from an original 1876 dies copper impression. Nicely toned silver-plated copper, with only a few traces of copper. All the different sizes of the original early Jefferson Peace medals were also struck as shells, joined together. This middle size medal was struck in copper as a solid piece, for collectors beginning in 1861. This unusual specimen is an electro-type galvano shell, with the two sides joined together, as were the original pieces. There is a very fine die crack on the reverse, though the bowl of the peace pipe to the thumb. The medal has some very light wear, and does have some depressed area, as is quite normal on a shell. Choice About Uncirculated, Wonderfully toned silver-grey, 74mm, a couple of high points with some minor rub. A small reverse section at lower right on the rim shows copper, as do some minor high points which are the only hints it is not a solid silver strike. Unholed. Unlisted and previously unknown to researchers. All Jefferson Indian Peace Medals are rare to extremely rare, with early silver pieces bringing over $15,000. For the advanced collector, or for the person seeking any Jefferson Indian Peace Medal, this possibly unique piece should be of interest.


X-REF: US Mint Commemorative Jefferson, Thomas 1876 Centennial * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

2237. Jefferson Memorial Association of US, 1903. Bust l, "Tribute to the Author of the Declaration of Independence", 1776; 11 line inscr. Chocolate Brown CU, 33mm, XF, some rim dings, darker area obv.


X-REF: Advertising Mirrors: Product S-IA Washington, George Jefferson, Thomas

2399. IA Whitten: White House Shoes Advertising Mirror. Colorful cello mirror with George and Martha Washington dancing at a White House ball, with Thomas Jefferson, other notables in background (large crowd!). Lyon & Hauser, Whitten, Iowa (small town of 200 people!). The Brown Shoe Co., Makers. Colorful 35mm, very light foxing around rim, one edge chip, F/VF.


X-REF: So-Called Dollars 1904 St Louis Expo Jefferson, Thomas Napoleon

3028. 301 LPE: Official Souvenir Dollar in COPPER, 1904. Scarce CU, struck in US Mint exhibit. Toned XF/AU, some mint red.


X-REF: So-Called Dollars 1904 St Louis Expo Napoleon Jefferson, Thomas US Mint Post-1892 Maps & Globes/Charts/Atlases

3029. 303 Louisiana Purchase Expo US Mint Official Dollar, 1904. Busts left of Napoleon and Jefferson; relief map. BZ, toned VF/XF.




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