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X-REF: Canada: Breton/Charlton Listed Numimatists

7278. BR-585 Jos LeRoux MD Coin Cabinet. CU, Toned Red AU.


X-REF: Made-from or Relic Ship/Sailing/Steamship/Nautical England-Great Britain Canada: General

117. HMS Victory Ship Medal, 1905. Obv 3-masted sailing ship; rev "From BFSS Nelson Centenary Containing Victory Copper E.H. VII." Copper, 17mm, top loop. XF


X-REF: Made-from or Relic Ford, Henry Automobile/Automotive Ontario Kings/Queens of ENGLAND

126. Ford Motor Company Canada Medal, 1937. Obv busts of King/Queen, rev Windsor, Ont. Canadian copper used in 1937 Ford V8. Copper, 33mm. Choice XF.


X-REF: Made-from or Relic British Columbia

132. Aluminum Company of America Dedication Medal, 1950. Rod, Wire and Cable Mill, Vancouver B.C. Works. Obv pioneer with reel of cable. AL, 32mm. Unc. Does not specifically state "made-from".


X-REF: Made-from or Relic Mining/Metallurgy/Mineralogy Canada Trade Tokens * Image-1 * --

135. Cominco Tadanac Zinc Medal, 1956. Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co of Canada, 1906-1956. Zinc, 36mm. AU.


X-REF: Made-from or Relic Manitoba * Image-1 * --

137. First Nickel Production Medal, 1961. Inco-Thompson, Manitoba. Obv scribe divides medal in three, with smelter, elk & trees. By D. Pedery-Hunt. Nickel, 3", with original leather presentation case, Medallic Art Co. Unc.


X-REF: Made-from or Relic Canada: General

140. Sherritt Mint Nickel Coinage Souvenir, ca. 1971. The Nickel Story, with nickel blank, Sherritt Mint token, Canadian 1971 nickel and partial coinage strip, all in booklet. XF, minor folds.


X-REF: Canada Trade Tokens Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant

335. "I.S. Bingham." Partly weak, but fully readable Fine c/m on nice brown VF Upper Canada Penny. Only known specimen on a token, one of 4 total.

X-REF: S-VT Gunsmith/Guns/Pistols Canada Trade Tokens Countermarked Coins: US Merchant Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant * Image-1 * --

411. (VT: Clarendon) "E.M. Glynn./Gunsmith." Glynn was a maker of percussion half stock guns in Clarendon. Two lines, Bold XF c/m; on Canadian Banque du Peuple Sou Token, brown G/VF, center hole, rim dings. One of only 5 known total.

Brunk Plate. Ex-Koppenhaver, June 1979, lot 246. Likely the finest known piece, and an unusual host token.

X-REF: Canada: General Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant

655. Canada: "J.T. Allan". Struck OBV & REV, F/VF c/m; on GB AG 1816 shilling. One of 2 known specimens, other on New Brunswick cent.

Ex-Fayville, March 1970, lot 677.

X-REF: Canada: General Drug/Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Quebec Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant * Image-1 * --

656. Montreal: "Bolton's". This may be Bolton's c/m before he became a partner in Devins and Bolton, in 1863. On obv & rev, VF-XF c/m; on VG 1853 British Halfpenny. Only known specimen on halfpenny, one of 3 total.

Obverse and reverse Brunk Plate. Cover photo of Canadian Numismatic Journal, June 1998. Brunk catalogs at $90/VF.

X-REF: Canada: General Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant * Image-1 * --

657. C Ontario: Cobourg: "T.B./Clench". One of Canada's finest cabinet makers, Freeman S. Clench moved to Cobourg in 1825, with his son Thomas joining his firm in 1848 (See Brunk, with advertisement). First example verified to read "T.B./Clench" (the others read: 'Clench/T.B.'). An unusual two part c/m. Bold VF-XF c/m on VG US 1861 seated half dollar. Clench is one of the Ontario merchants who commonly marked US coins. Only 4th known on half.

Brunk estimates $75-125+.

X-REF: Canada: General Countermarked Coins: US Merchant Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant Hard Times Tokens 1833-44

658. "J. Cook." Partially weak VG c/m; on good "T. Duseamen" HTT (Low 148)/Canadian token (Br 670).

Brunk Plate.

X-REF: Canada: General Medicine/Medical Drug/Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant * Image-1 * --

659. Montreal: Devins & Bolton. The partnership of Devins & Bolton were well-known druggists (see writeup in Brunk). "Devins/&/Bolton/-/Montreal" Bold VF/XF c/m; on nice F/VF 1837 US Large Cent.

Cover Plate photo, Canadian Numismatic Journal, Aug, 1988 Brunk article.

X-REF: Canada: General Medicine/Medical Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant

660. Montreal: Devins & Bolton. As above, mostly bold VF, lower line weak; on 1856 Nova Scotia half penny.

Brunk Plate, upper right.

X-REF: Canada: General Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant

661. "G. Hutton". Stuck on BOTH SIDES, F-VF c/m; on Good 1886 Canada Cent. One of 3 known.

Brunk Plate. Ex-Nadin-Davis Nov 1982, lot 180.

X-REF: Quebec West Indies Countermarked Coins: US Merchant * Image-1 * --

662. Quebec: "I B". Previously attributed by various auctioneers to the West Indies, and interpeted as meaning "Isle Barbados", but now reattributed to Canada, as one is known on a token also stamped "Quebec", and another overstruck by Devins & Bolton. Bold, large XF c/m; on Good 1816 US Large Cent.

X-REF: Canada: General Watch/Clock/Jewelry Related Ontario Seated US Coinage: 5/10/20/25/50c Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant * Image-1 * --

663. Ontario: Toronto: J.W. Millar. Millar was a watchmaker, from 1856 to 1880. "J.W. Millar/Toronto" His c/m are only known on US coins! VF c/m; on US 1854 Seated Quarter, minor scratches over c/m. One of 2 known on quarters.

Ex-Koppenhaver, Aug 1982, lot 409. Brunk catalogs at $150 in 1987.

X-REF: Canada: General Jewelers Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

664. St John, Newfoundland: Nicholas Ohman. Ohman was a jeweler, listed in the 1882 directory. This "N O" BAR PUNCH is his hallmark. Like the highly sought 'J.O.P.' hallmark c/m of Joseph Patenaude of British Columbia, Ohman's "N O" c/m were probably used for local advertising. VF c/m; on worn date AG Newfoundland half dollar. RARE, one of only six known.

X-REF: Canada: General British Columbia Silversmith/Goldsmith Jewelers Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

665. B-C: Nelson: Joseph Oliva Patenaude. In 1871 Joseph O. Patenaude was born in Iberville, Quebec, and moved to Nelson in 1897. There he owned a jewelry store on Baker Street which employed 13 people. In local newspaper accounts he was remembered not only for his artistic creations, but for his good acts as well. Patenaude was a devout Catholic and a contributor to many charities. In 1947 Pope Pius XII personally honored him in recognition of his altruism. Toward the end of WWI Patenaude invested in an inexpensive way of refining silver ore. A patent infringment suit followed, and after a long delay made its way to Canada's highest court. Patenaude and his fellow investors lost the judgment, and he was forced to sell most of his operations in 1930, remaining in business only as an optician. After these difficulties he became interested in improving the condition of Canadian mining through the free coinage of silver (Gingras 1959, 1965, 1982). In 1935 Patenaude optained a thousand Canadian silver dollars and stamped them in the center of the voyager's canoe with his 'JOP' hallmark, giving them out in change at his optometry business. The usual explanation for these coins is that by countermarking them he attempted to show the extensive circulation of silver dollars, and by so doing encourage the government to coin more of them. But this may have just been an inexpensive form of local advertising. Patenaude continued counterstamping dollars until 1949, but seems to have stopped when he sold his business (Gingras 1982). Two varieties exist, this "J.O.P." bar-punch in oval with relief letters, and 'JOP' incuse. This specimen is struck just below the canoe, slightly double struck, and a bit angled, on a 1935 Canadian silver dollar. Only 25 total recorded specimens, but not listed by variety. Highly sought by Canadian collectors. Another Canadian hallmark with a similar advertising purpose is by Nicholas Ohman (see lot 664).

X-REF: Canada: General Music/Piano/Composer/Organ Wagons/Buggies/Carriages Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant * Image-1 * --

666. Kingston: Robinson's Carriage Works. George W. Robinson sold carriages, pianos and organs. "Robinson's/Kingston/Carriage Works" Bold VF c/m; on Fine 1884 Canada cent.

Brunk Plate, right; Plate, Canadian Numismatic Journal Brunk article, Aug. 1988; plate, CNJ, June 1998.

X-REF: Canada: General Music/Piano/Composer/Organ Wagons/Buggies/Carriages Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant

667. Kingston: Robinson's Carriage Works. As above, VF c/m; on Fine 1884 Canada Cent.

Brunk 1987 catalog $90/VF.

X-REF: Canada: General Soda/Soda Fountain/Soda Water Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant

668. "Squirt". Probably an early adverstisement for the Canadian soft drink Squirt. Bold XF c/m; on nice VG 1916 Canada Cent.

Brunk Plate; catalogs $45; plate, Canadian Numismatic Journal, June 1998.

X-REF: Canada: General Masonic: World Chapter Pennies Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant

669. Halifax: St. Andrews Chapter - Masonic. Issued by the St Andrews Masonic Lodge before striking their own mark pennies. "St. Andrews/Chapter." VG-VF c/m, center weak; on nice VG 1856 Nova Scotia Penny.

Ex-TMC, Dec 1980, lot 13. Photo, Brunk, Canadian Numismatic Journal article, May 1998. Worth $40-50.

X-REF: Canada: General Masonic: World Chapter Pennies Countermarked Coins: Canada Merchant

670. Halifax: St. Andrews Chapter. As above, VG-F c/m, center letters weak; on nice VG 1856 Nova Scotia Penny.

Brunk Plate, p.165. Worth $35-50. Plate, Canadian Numismatic Journal, June, 1998.

X-REF: 1892 Columbian Expo Newfoundland Elongated Coins * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

783. IL WCE-1e R4on Newfoundland Cent. Unusual denomination! Nice XF, on clear 1890 cent. Scarce!


X-REF: 1892 Columbian Expo Canada: General Elongated Coins * Image-1 * --

785. IL WCE-3a R4on CANADIAN CENT. Nice XF, on very clear 1889 cent. Scarce!


Color Cover Photo.

X-REF: Quebec Elongated Coins

871. CANADA-2: Quebec Ter. Centenary, 1908. On 1908 Canadian large cent. XF.


X-REF: Canada: General Encased Coins: non-World's Fair

1115. CANADA: Souvenir of Canada. UNC, 1929 Canadian Cent. Scarce!


X-REF: Alberta Masonic: Centennial BiCentennial Etc. Encased Coins: non-World's Fair * Image-1 * --

1116. CANADA: Calgary, Alta: The Al Azhar Shriners. Redeemable 1920 with Interest at 100 Per Cent per Annum. Imperial Council Meeting. Nice XF/AU, 1913 Canadian LARGE Cent. Scarce denomination!


X-REF: Canada: General Encased Coins: non-World's Fair

1117. CANADA: Eaton's. The Store for Young Canada. XF/AU, 1947 Canadian cent.


X-REF: Canada: General Encased Coins: non-World's Fair

1118. (Canada): Wesley Mason Fabrics. XF, 1948 Canadian cent. Scarce!


X-REF: Alberta Masonic: Centennial BiCentennial Etc. Encased Coins: non-World's Fair * Image-1 * --

1119. CANADA: Al Azhar Temple of Alberta. Calgary, 1920 - Imperial Council Meeting. Nice AU, 1920 Canadian LARGE Cent. Scarce.


Color Cover Photo.

X-REF: Label Coins Canada: General

1140. Canada: "Cardston's Colossal Dollar Days". Feb. 26-7-8. Light green round label on AU 1959 Canadian Dollar, somewhat worn, small tear lower right.


X-REF: Label Coins Canada: General Chevrolet/Chevy Ontario

1141. Canada: Save More Plaza Chev Toronto RU 1-5272. Black on white, on 1917 cent (probably ca. 1960). About Fine, edges torn/thin.

X-REF: Love Tokens: Initials Canada: General S-MI Other Fraternal * Image-1 * --

1201. "Kingston Montreal Toronto F.S.R. Niagara Detroit Sept. 1872". In 7 lines, on Canadian quarter, in script with initials in gothic. Nicely done! About XF.


X-REF: Love Tokens: Initials Canada: General

1202. Canadian Silver Love Token LOT. Nice lot of 9 pieces, includes quarter with top loop, rest on dimes, 2 with holes, one poorer, rest nice.


X-REF: S-NY S-IL Canada Badges/Ribbons Award (other than listed) Ireland/Celtic Clasped Hands/Handshake Military: Non-Trade Tokens * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

1465. NY A117varUNLISTED Irish Republic, 1866. For the Fenian raid in Canada. Clasped Hands obv., sailing ship, "F B. Irish Republic"; rev "Ireland Amercica", shamrock. Holed as issued. Unlisted as Silvered-Brass. See Forrer, V:484. An important and early American/Canadian award medal. Choice AU+, lightly toned silvering. Rare.


Color Cover Photo. A Fenian Brotherhood Badge, struck by Sewell of NY, for presentation to association members. The Fenian Brotherhood was an Irish Political organization seeking the overthrow of English rule in Ireland. Initiated in the U.S. soon after the 1847 Ireland famine. An invasion of Canada in 1866 proved abortive.

X-REF: S-OH Canada: Breton/Charlton Listed Boot/Shoe/Feet

1511. OH 3Akron: Goodyear Welt. Also listed as Toronto, Canada. World Globe; Best Shoe for Family Use. AL, Bright UNC.


Also see IL Tilt Smith Shoe. Leroux 995X; McColl 129. Only a rubbing in Rulau, and unpriced in Unc.

X-REF: Masonic: World Chapter Pennies Canada: General Hand-Engraved Tokens * Image-1 * --

1869. Canada: Hand-Engraved on Cent. Keystone with "HTWSSTKS", initials center, on rev of 1876 Canadian cent, all nicely hand-engraved, flourishes, VF, top hole, VF-XF.


X-REF: Masonic: World Non-Pennies Canada: General British Columbia Knights Templar

1870. Canada: Vancouver Columbia Preceptory #34. Chartered May 23rd, 1895; K.T. AL, 38mm, worn VG.


X-REF: Masonic: World Chapter Pennies Canada: General

1871. Canada: Rocky Mountain #125 RAM. B. Columbia. VF, cleaned Red/brown.

X-REF: Masonic: World Chapter Pennies Canada: General

1872. Canada: Antiquity #91 GRC. Complex shield cntr; brown VF.

X-REF: Masonic: World Chapter Pennies Canada: General

1873. Canada: Ganadoque Leeds #132 GRC. Finely done, radiant triangle obv. Toned Red AU.

X-REF: Masonic: World Chapter Pennies Canada: General

1874. Canada: Stirling Keystone #72 RAM. Red/brown XF, cleaned.

X-REF: Masonic: World Chapter Pennies Canada: General * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

1875. Canada: Warkworth RA #110 GRC. GEM FULL RED UNC.

Color Cover Photo.

X-REF: Masonic: Badges Ribbons Canada Badges/Ribbons S-ME Knights Templar * Image-1 * --

2042. ME Lewiston Commandery #6, 1899. Lot of 2: 2-part Gilt BZ pin, with KT cross, enameled red center cross, UNC. Attached to white ribbon, gold stamped "Richard Coeur de Lion Preceptory #7 KT Montreal", crossed US/Canada flags, date, etc., XF.

X-REF: Masonic: Badges Ribbons Masonic: World Non-Pennies Canada Badges/Ribbons * Image-1 * --

2162. C Calgary: Alazhar Temple, ca. 1900. Nice early multi-colored enameled pin, white, red, green, red, blue, yellow! BZ, XF.

X-REF: Masonic: Badges Ribbons Masonic: World Non-Pennies Canada Badges/Ribbons S-NY * Image-1 * --

2163. C Montreal: Karnak Temple AAONMS, 1903. Nicer multi-colored enameled maple-leaf pin, rev "Saratoga July 1903", BZ, AU.

X-REF: Masonic: Badges Ribbons Canada Badges/Ribbons Watch Fobs

2164. C Toronto: Rameses AAONMS Imperial Council, 1930. Tall 6" Badge, top standing lady on globe, tri-colored ribbon; Watch-Fob bottom, enameled w/badger on top, maple leaf. BZ, XF.


X-REF: Canada: General Nickel composition - magnetic Nudes/Human figures * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

2514. Mond Nickel Company Ltd, 1925. Unusual nude male elf, rising from flames; rev 3 lilies, 1900-1925. Magnetic Nickel, 44mm; Choice Unc.


X-REF: Canada: Breton/Charlton Listed Canada: General

2517. Canada Consignment Remainder Bulk Lot. Mixed lot, includes 5 old Colonial Tokens, ca. 1820; 3 oversized coin replicas; 5 modern commemoration medals; 1885 Exhibit Souvenier, WM, holed; 9 others. 22pcs, mostly F-Unc.


X-REF: Germany Satirical/Humorous Zeppelin/Lighter than air (rigid) Nudes/Human figures Coin Dealer & related Canada: General

2821. Lot of Two, ca. 1916. Prussian Atrocity medal: Obv Nude man (Fury), bearing torch, on horseback, To Paris, 1914; rev in English: The Zeppelin Victims, The Prussian is Cruel by Birth, etc. BZ; Berman-330. Based on A. Lowenthal's gedenkthaler on anticipated fall of Paris; created by Winnepeg dealer A.A. Elder. Reichsbank Gold for Iron Medal: obv kneeling maiden offering jewelry, chest of gold, "in iron times"; rev ins honoring donors of gold to war effort. Iron, organic black patina. 2pcs.


X-REF: Submarine Panama Ship/Sailing/Steamship/Nautical S-GU Guam S-HI Canada: General S-CT * Image-1 * --

3250. U.S.S. Apollo AS-25 Submarine Tender Service Medal, 1945. Ship to left, 5 submarines to right, rayed clouds above; "Sub Sqdn 28/New London Panama Diego Pearl Guam", around numerous symbols, propellors, anchors, etc. Interesting crude style. Large 51mm, AL, XF. Nice!


(New London, CT, Fort Trumbull; Diego Garcia island)



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