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X-REF: S-MO Bust US Coinage: 5/10/25c Slave/Slavery Tool Maker/Metal Worker Countermarked Coins: US Merchant * Image-1 * --

448. (MO: St Louis): 'I.B.B.' Isaac B. Burbbayge. Burbbayge was first listed in the St. Louis business directory of 1839, and advertised a wide variety of goods, including maps of western rivers, and negro slaves. In the 1840 directory he was listed as a partner in Burbbayge & Keller, which manufactured tin and copper goods at 160 N Main St. "I B B/St. Louis/Mo" Partially weak Fine c/m; on dark AG 1834 Bust Dime.

Rulau values at $150, but worth more, as bust coinage c/m are uncommon. An IBB on a Good 1807 two reales brought $880 in the Nov 1993 B&M auction.

X-REF: S-SC Black/Negro/Colored Slave/Slavery

1560. SC 10 Charleston: W.W. Wilbur. Slave Auctioneer, standing obv; Palmetto tree. CU, usual weak strike, brown Fine-XF.


X-REF: S-TN WF: Tokens/Medals Black/Negro/Colored Expositions/Fairs Other U.S. * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

1563. TN Nashville Centennial UNLISTED Fred Douglas, 1896. Negro bearded bust right; 100th Anniv Exposition. AL, 28mm, XF, toned/porous.


X-REF: U.S. Merchant Tokens: 1845-60 Black/Negro/Colored Spiel Marke C.W. Related Exonumia Political: Medals/Tokens: Pre-1901 Lincoln, Abraham Slave/Slavery * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

1570. Y3E Non-Local: Contrahendo - Thursday, 1863. "Contrahendo et Solvendo/S.P." "S.P." has been identified as "Slave Power", a pro-Southern catchphrase of the 1850's. Similar to above, but 1863. Refers to the Emancipation Proclamation. Brass, lightly toned AU.


See Rulau 1997:301.

SEE FULL PAGE writeup in printed catalog, introduction to SLAVE TAGS

X-REF: Slave/Slavery Black/Negro/Colored S-SC * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

3105. Square 1816 Servant Slave Tag by Lafar. A nice example of an early style Tag on a square planchet, with Lafar Silversmith backstamp. Square Tag, with top hole centered on top edge, four line bar-punch legend: "* Charleston *", with initial "*" missing due to weak strike. Some of the "Charleston" letter tops are weak, but overall quite legible. "1816" below, third line "Servant", last: "No 284", with "No" in script and number incuse. Backstamp "Lafar", centered under hole, last letter a bit weak. Each of the four edges have been clipped as made, to reduce the sharp edge digging into the wearer. The Tag has obviously been excavated and has a pleasant light green patina, and some minor uneveness. The green patina is somewhat mottled, but is overall quite satisfactory. There are some minor rust-colored stains on the reverse. Overall bowed out slightly, convex, as issued, and should not be flattened! The old style lettering, especially noticeable on "1816" and "No" is desirable. A visually striking Tag, and quite readable at a distance. Overall a nice, early Slave Tag. A scarce shape, and an early 1816 Tag. About Very Fine or better, and as nice as they come for an early, excavated Tag.

Estimate in catalog.

Color Cover Photo.

X-REF: Slave/Slavery Black/Negro/Colored S-SC * Image-1 * --

3106. Scarce 1845 Mechanic Slave Tag. A scarce occupation, with "Servant" and "Porter" being the most common. A diamond shaped Tag with bar-punched lines: "Charleston", curved, some letters weak, "1845" with the "4" weak due to a fold in the metal, now unfolded, "Mechanic", with center letters weak and on the fold, hard to read. Below, an incuse bar punch "239" serial number, sharp and bold. On a 44mm square/diamond thin copper planchet, holed for wearing on top, edges clipped, slightly bowed/convex. Planchet bent and expertly straigtend, with fold-marks showing along left side. A small bit is missing from the right side, just above the serial number. Small crack under the first two digits of the serial number. Excavated, darkish brown. About Very Good to Fine. A scarce occupation, and a reasonable example of a Slave Tag.

Estimate in catalog.

Color Cover Photo.

X-REF: Slave/Slavery Black/Negro/Colored S-SC * Image-1 * --

3107. 1849 Porter Slave Tag. Somewhat scarcer than "Servant", this is another diamond shaped Tag. Four lines, bar-punches: "Charleston" curved, just a bit weak, with "1849" below, bottom portion just a little weak. "Porter" below, very weak and hard to read, some letters obscured. Serial number "105" below, bold and clear. On a 40mm copper planchet, holed at top, egdes clipped, with significant overall pitting from being in the ground. About Very Good to Fine. Nice light brown, bowed out/convex, some pitting also on reverse.

Estimate in catalog.

The most affordable Tag in this offering. Color Cover Photo.

X-REF: Slave/Slavery Black/Negro/Colored S-SC * Image-1 * --

3108. 1850 Servant Slave Tag. While all of the above Tags have the serial number last, this and the next Tag have the number after "Charleston". A diamond shaped Tag with four lines. "Charleston" curved, end letters bold, center letters weak. "1266" serial number incuse, very strong and bold. Below, "Servant" in bar-punch, clear and strong, "1850" below, strong, one ding on bottom of "0". A 39mm square copper planchet, top hole, edges clipped, bowed out/convex. Glossy darker brown, but quite visable and clear, except for center letters of "Charleston". A number of small punch marks randomly on obverse, some minor pitting from being in the ground. About Very Fine to Extremely Fine. A choice Tag, and quite legible from a distance.

Estimate in catalog.

Color Cover Photo.

X-REF: Slave/Slavery S-SC Black/Negro/Colored * Image-1 * --

3109. 1861 Civil War Servant Slave Tag. A scarce Civil War Tag, also diamond shaped, with four lines. "Charleston" curved, bar-punch, center bold, first and last letters somewhat weak. "2022" serial number, incuse, very bold. "Servant" below, just a bit weak, last letter weak, "1861" date below. Copper Tag, 41mm square, top hole, edges clipped, bowed/convex. Some light, overall pitting from being in the ground, some roughness of the edges. About Fine to Very Fine. Light brown, nice legible Slave Tag.

Estimate in catalog.

Color Cover Photo.

X-REF: Slave/Slavery Black/Negro/Colored

3110. Low 54: "Am I Not a Woman and a Sister". The "Weak Date" variety, with last digit of 1838 weak. A kneeling female slave in chains, inscription around; rev "United States of America" around wreath, "Liberty" and 1838 date center. A popular Anti-Slavery token from the Hard Times era, which circulated as a cent (comparable in size to the circulating Large Cents, about half-dollar size). Copper, 28mm. A choice Fine to Very Fine specimen.

(MB $80.00) $100.00-125.00+

X-REF: Slave/Slavery Black/Negro/Colored

3111. Low 54: "Woman/Sister". As above, "Weak Date" variety, but a nicer About Extremely Fine, some original Red luster.

(MB $110.00) $130.00-150.00+

X-REF: Slave/Slavery Black/Negro/Colored * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

3112. Low 54: "Woman/Sister". As above, "Weak Date" variety, but a Choice Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated, almost as made, with some original Red luster, reverse mostly brown. About as nice as they come, scarce.

(MB $200.00) $250.00-300.00+

X-REF: Slave/Slavery Black/Negro/Colored * Image-1 * --

3113. Low 54: "Woman/Sister" Strong Date Variety. As above, but the strong date variety, with fully struck reverse "1838" date. A choice specimen, fully legible, about Fine to Very Fine or better. Scarcer than the "weak date" variety.

(MB $110.00) $125.00-150.00+

X-REF: Slave/Slavery Black/Negro/Colored * Image-1 * -- * Image-2 * --

3114. Am I Not a Man and A Brother. Similar to the above "Woman/Sister" pieces, but the English variety. Kneeling male slave in chains, inscription around. Reverse legend: "Advocates for the Rights of Man/Thos. Spence/Sir Thos. More/Thos. Paine/1795. Also copper, 21mm, struck somewhat off center. A choice Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated specimen, with some original Red luster, Nice! Very scarce.

(MB $100.00) $125.00-150.00+

X-REF: Slave/Slavery Black/Negro/Colored * Image-1 * --

3115. Man/Brother and Adam and Eve. As above obverse, kneeling slave in chains, reverse: Naked Adam and Eve in Garden of Eden, "Man over Man He Made Not Lord" around. Copper, 20mm, Choice Very Fine to Extremely Fine. A nice brown, clearly legible specimen. Scarce.

(MB $100.00) $125.00-150.00+

X-REF: Black/Negro/Colored England-Great Britain Slave/Slavery * Image-1 * --

3116. "Am I Not A Man and A Brother". English Conder Token, similar to US Low 54, which is the later copy. Kneeling male slave in chains, etc; Clasped Hands on rev. Nice Brown VG.


X-REF: S-SC Slave/Slavery Black/Negro/Colored

3117. SC W.W. Wilbur - Slave Auctioneer. R-SC-9. "Going at only a Penny", standing auctioneer (of slaves). Nice brown XF, center weak as always.




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