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Bi-Metal Tokens, Bi-Metal Items in Mail Bid Sale #10

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X-REF: S-IL Bi-Metals

1371. IL Chicago: Fritzel & Streeter BI-METAL. 1701 W. Madison St.; 25c. Unlisted in Rulau and Schenkman (see F180-5). Bi-metal, VF, rev stain.


X-REF: S-IL Bi-Metals

1381. IL Chicago: UNLISTED BI-METAL: Marco's Cafe. "336-338 Dearborn St."; $1.00. Bi-Metal, XF.


X-REF: S-IL Bi-Metals

1382. IL As above, UNLISTED Marco's Cafe. Same, but 50c. Bi-Metal, VF/XF.


X-REF: S-IL Bi-Metals

1383. IL As above, UNLISTED Marco's Cafe. Same, but 25c. Bi-Metal, XF.


X-REF: Masonic: Badges Ribbons Bi-Metals Knights Templar

2051. MA Boston: Souvenir K.T, 1895. 3-part badge, top pin; b/w ribbon w/legend; lower KT cross, center brass insert (bi-metal). BZ, VF, faded ribbon.

X-REF: S-NM Bi-Metals Coal * Image-1 * --

2438. NM (Dawson) Southwestern Mercantile Company COAL BI-METAL. #751 A5, R-9. Nice Bi-metal, 5c, about VF.


Color Cover Photo.

X-REF: S-NM Bi-Metals

2439. NM Yankee: The Yankee Mercantile Co. BI-METAL Set. Nice set of 5, 10, 25, 50, 1.00 bi-metals; About VF-XF. 5pcs.


X-REF: S-WA Bi-Metals * Image-1 * --

2480. WA Spokane: UNLISTED BI-METAL. "W.H. Brower, Prop./Spokane/Wn."; GF/25c/IT. 28mm Bi-metal, not listed in Schenkman; Choice XF.


X-REF: England-Great Britain Bi-Metals

2759. Spitalfields: R.B. Webster Bi-Metal. Square storecard, 2 shillings. Brass & CU bi-metal, 24mm; F/VF.

X-REF: So-Called Dollars Bi-Metals Coins: Patterns * Image-1 * --

3087. 835 Bickford Dollar - Currency PATTERN, 1897. A privately issued coinage pattern, the idea approved by the US Mint. "Combination coin... Good in all Nations, etc"; values of dollar in different countries. Interesting pattern piece which should probably be listed in the Red Book. Bi-metal AL/BR, F/VF, nice.


X-REF: Medicine/Medical Patent Medicine U.S. Trade Tokens: 1866-89 Bi-Metals

3448. Boyd's Battery Quack Medical Device, ca. 1878. Neat "Boyd's Miniature Galvanic Battery", see Rulau NY-33. Supposedly when worn around the neck, the current generated by the diverse metals purified the blood! Ring of gilt brass encircles 12 small, varicolored metal rounds, with centerpiece. Early quack medical device. About VF/XF, lettering partially weak.


X-REF: U.S. Trade Tokens: 1866-89 Patent Medicine Made-from or Relic Bi-Metals * Image-1 * --

3449. Rare Sagendorph's Galvanic Battery. Similar to Boyd's Batteries with same patent date of Jan. 17, 1878. Nickel containment ring around circular amulets of various metals, 30mm. "Sagendorph's Battery". Rulau: "The battery's electric current purified the blood when worn around the neck". About XF. Rare.


See Rulau NY-NY-33 for Boyd's battery (see Rulau cover). Unlisted in Rulau.



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