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Due to the untimely passing of Rich Hartzog, this web site’s creator, the web site has not been maintained in a current status. We are trying to maintain it on a limited basis because it contains a great deal of information useful to many people, including students of numismatics and exonumia. However, price lists, book quotes, and any sort of active offers to buy or sell cannot be honored since Mr. Hartzog is no longer living.

If you have items priced that you would like to offer us we will be happy to respond to your offering. Please send us the information you have on such items to the email address listed, including photographs.

Thank you.

Robert Rhue Numismatics

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Exonumia: Tokens and Medals for sale, badges and ribbons including World Fair items and Political Americana, celluloid buttons cello advertising buttons, fraternal, Franklin Mint ®* and other Modern Mint items such as medals, bars and plates. Countermarked coins and counterstamped coins featuring the Brunk Collection, plus chopmarks. Civil War Tokens and Hard Times Tokens plus Civil War Dog Tags, military Indian trader and post trader, some Military orders and decorations, and military reunion items such as G.A.R.: the Grand Army of the Republic, Union of Confederate Veterans, Woman's Relief Corps and Sons of Union Veterans. Publishers of Sutler Paper Money, sutler tokens. Buying and selling Slave Tags or Slave Hire Badges, Slavery Medals and Tokens or Anti-Slavery items. Fraternal material includes Masonic medals and tokens and medals, BPOE, FOE, AOUW, ANA, IOOF, KKK (Ku Klux Klan), others. U.S. Mint Medals includes Indian Peace Medals for sale, other modern mint medals, Washingtonian medals, Washington medals. Pin-Back buttons or celluloid pin-backs sold, plus celluloid advertising mirrors (pocket mirrors) or paperweight mirrors and more. Exonumia BOOKS.


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Exonumia: Do YOU collect Hard Times, Civil War, slavery-related, elongated or encased coins, Masonic, plaques or medallions? E-mail YOUR interests! I buy and sell "Made-From" or relic medals, macerated, hand-engraved, shell-cards, wooden money and wooden nickels, box-coins, love tokens plus hobo nickels, popout-coins, encased postage stamps and So-Called Dollars, more! All topics including advertising, balloon or zeppelin, calendar medals, charge-cards and charga-plates, credit cards, chauffeur badges and apothecary weights. Other topics include daguerreotype, dog tags, game counters or spiele-marke, magic tokens, Monitor and Merrimac, Olympic medals and other sports medals, sport medals and tokens, papal medals and religious medals, patent medicine, stanhope, good-luck swastika, bicycle license plates. Buying all Mining medals and tokens and mining medals, carbide lamps, candlesticks (sticking -tommies), oil wick lamps (Sunshine lamps), safety lamps and mining union ribbons, badges and banners. Try our bulk lots of phone cards and telephone cards. I have sold more transportation tokens transit tokens and video arcade tokens than any dealer. Plus Canadian exonumia, advertising watch fobs, More!

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FAKE and FANTASY TOKENS: For a list of known fake and fantasy exonumia tokens, check this out. Also, check on FAKE SLAVE TOKENS.

If you want to SELL similar exonumia items, one piece, a collection or a hoard of 10000 or more of the same item, PLEASE Write or e-mail me today. Please SHIP your material for our top offer by return mail (UPS street address for bulky items). Quality and Quantity are always wanted. Exonumia CONSIGNMENTS are invited to our quality mail bid sales. Mail Order Only.

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I buy and sell Exonumia: medals and tokens, buttons, badges, tokens and medals, Médailles et jetons, ribbons, exographica, ephemera, medals, tokens, ribbon-badges, police badges, advertising mirrors, advertising pocket mirrors, tokens, medals, exonumia, medals and tokens, tokens and medals, more! See me for trade tokens, exchange coins, trade coins, token exchange, war tokens, cheese token, aladdin token,bee token, token coin, gold token, what is a token, game tokens, subway tokens, machine tokens, bus tokens, casino tokens, gaming tokens, love tokens, tokens for sale, arcade tokens, plastic tokens, drink tokens, post tokens, sheep tokens, brothel tokens, muni tokens, coins tokens, gold tokens, get tokens, parking tokens, tokens online, tokens of love, communion tokens, buy tokens, coins and tokens, online tokens. See me for medaille, medaile, muenzen, medailles, notgeld, wert marke, muenze, olympiade, medaillen, medailles, munzen, medaille d argent, medaille de bronze, medaille religieuse, goethe medaille, goetz medaille, meddal, medail, madal, medeal, medalle, medla, gotz, medale, medel, medall, medial, meadal, maedal, medalla, medallas, fidem, medar, medalje. Do you collect spielgeld, wertmarke, biermarken, marken, coins and medals, GAR Civil War, G.A.R. Civil War, coin medals, more.
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